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Sailormoon S Episode 104

Episode 104: "Tomodachi wo motomette! Chibimoon no katsuyaku"
"Search for a Friend. Chibimoon's Activity"
Victim of the Day: Tamasabaro
Monster of the Day: Chagama
Important Events: "Moon Prism Power Make-Up" is used for the first time. Two words: Elephant dance. Oh yeah, and also: transvestite-in-training.
Summary by: Robin based on translations by VKLL. First written 09.06.00. Last modified 10.02.00.

Chibi-usa formally tells the Sailor Senshi that she has returned to the 20th century to train and that it's nice to see everyone again. She and Luna-P bow. Makoto, Minako, Ami, and Rei sweatdrop. Usagi stands apart from them and gives Chibi-usa a look, asking who decided for her to return? Chibi-usa remembers she has a letter from her mother. Usagi holds out her hand and tells her future daughter to give it to her, but Chibi-usa walks by her and asks Minako to read it. Minako does. The letter says that Chibi-usa has been sent back for training so please take care of her. The Queen appreciates it and wishes them success. Minako says that's it. The others sweatdrop and say that Neo-Queen Serenity is a lot like Usagi. Usagi demands to know what they mean.

Minako points out that they're right- the letter has no kanji. The others say, "EH?!?!" in surprise. The girls and the two cats surround Minako while Usagi sweatdrops. They see that Minako was right. In one place, Neo-Queen Serenity wrote the wrong kanji and erased it; Artemis says she should have used a dictionary, but Rei bets she was lazy. Usagi asks them if they can talk about Chibi-usa now.

Minako wonders what Chibi-usa is supposed to do. Makoto says that if it was training to be a princess, Chibi-usa wouldn't have to come back. Rei and Luna hope that Chibi-usa doesn't pick up any of Usagi's stupidity; Chibi-usa says that future Mars hoped that too and told her stories about how dumb Usagi was. Usagi gets really angry and starts strangling Rei, yelling for her to tell her what she said. Rei beats her with her broom and says she doesn't know, it was future Mars, but Usagi says they're the same. The others sweatdrop. Chibi-usa cheerfully says that she won't do stupid things like Usagi. Ami tells her to come to them if she needs help with anything. Chibi-usa says okay, then leaves to do her "training." Minako, Makoto, and Ami watch her go, then turn to watch Usagi and Rei.

Minako notices that the envelope has a "PS" inside to Usagi. Usagi and Rei pause, still pulling on each other's faces and hair. Minako reads: "To Usagi of the 20th Century. I should have studied more when I was younger. Please study hard." The three girls and cats sweatdrop, muttering together that Neo-Queen Serenity really is Usagi. Usagi, with Rei pulling on her cheek, cries that she hates studying.

Chibi-usa and Luna-P are running happily down the street. Chibi-usa remembers how in the future, her mother told her that her training is to learn how to make friends. Chibi-usa repeated, "Tomodachi (friends)?" Neo-Queen Serenity smiled at her and said that her making friends would help her progress and would also bring about important meetings.

Chibi-usa stops in the park and watches little kids running around her. Suddenly, a small doll drops at her feet. She picks it up- it's Crayon Shin-chan. A beautiful young boy stands in front of her. She blushes. She asks him if the doll is his. The boy says it is and starts acting exactly as annoying as Shin-chan, doing the same voice, same annoying remarks, and same annoying dancing. Chibi-usa gets a weird look on her face, sweatdropping. She falls over, and the boy says, "Ultimate attack! Look at this!" He drops his pants and does the "elephant dance." [Note: Crayon Shin-chan is a little boy; he's the main character of an anime/manga series of the same name. He's REALLY annoying. His "elephant dance" is where he drops his pants and shows off his genitals, which are drawn as an elephant face.] Chibi-usa freaks. The boy's mother comes up and hits him on the head, pulling him away. The boy asks if she'll punish him in the name of the moon. Chibi-usa watches them with anime tears streaming down her cheeks.

Chibi-usa walks down the street, thinking she'll have to choose her friends more carefully from now on. She sees a young bishounen (who is so beautiful he looks like a girl) in a kimono walk by. She thinks he's cute and follows him. However, she loses track of him. She then hears a voice call, "Yo, Chibi-usa!" She sees Mamoru in front of a Takoyaki shop and screams, "Mamo-chan!" She skips to him and jumps into his arms. She tells him she's come to the 20th century to train since her mama and papa told her to. Usagi, with the flame aura around her, grits out that *she's* dating Mamo-chan. Chibi-usa wraps her arms around Mamoru and says he's *her* Mamo-chan. They start arguing and pulling at Mamoru, who tells them to eat Takoyaki together.

The three eat silently on a bench until Chibi-usa says she'll feed Mamo-chan. Usagi says no, she'll do it, and the two both stuff Mamoru's face. Then someone says, "You look like a family..." Usagi and Chibi-usa see Haruka and Michiru in kimono. Haruka greets Chibi-usa. Chibi-usa thinks that Haruka and Michiru are very beautiful and look like her parents. Usagi tells her that Haruka is really a woman. Also, Usagi is Chibi-usa's future mother. Chibi-usa stands up saying that she has been wondering about Usagi really being her future mom. Usagi gets angry, and the two make faces at each other. Mamoru finishes choking on his food and stands up, telling them to stop. Michiru laughs and says that they were going to drink tea; she invites them to come. Mamoru starts to politely refuse, but Usagi interrupts saying she wants to go. The five leave, and Usagi says how she wants cookies and cakes-

Usagi is surprised when the five of them are kneeling on the ground in a very traditional Japanese setting. Michiru, Haruka, and Mamoru have their hands clasped in their laps and their heads bowed. Chibi-usa looks at Usagi. A door slides open, and the beautiful boy in the kimono Chibi-usa saw earlier is kneeling on the ground. Chibi-usa, her hands on her face, says, "You are...!" Michiru says that his name is Tamasaburo, and he is the member of a family that does traditional Japanese tea ceremonies. Tamasaburo greets them and bows. Haruka, Michiru, and Mamoru bow appropriately; Usagi looks at them, then does a too-dramatic bow. Chibi-usa stares at Tamasaburo, starry-eyed.

The Professor is kneeling in his lab wearing a white kimono. Before him is a Japanese pot; he says that he enjoys making tea since it calms him. He drinks some, then throws the cup to the ground, breaking it, saying it's too hot. He then gets an idea. He calls Eudial, who says, "Japanese tea ceremony?" She does a search on her computer and comes up with Tamasaburo's profile. The Professor says he will make a suitable daimon and puts the tea pot in the oven. The daimon's box is put into Eudial's car; her car comes out of the runway of an airport with an airplane right behind her.

At the tea ceremony, Michiru, Haruka, and Mamoru are peacefully sitting on their knees as Tamasaburo makes tea. Chibi-usa's feet are a bit numb while Usagi's feet are very numb. Usagi, tears streaming down her face, tells Chibi-usa they should go home since her feet are numb. Chibi-usa says she'll stand the pain since she's not like Usagi. Haruka tells "Chibi-chan" that she's doing well and gives her some odango on a stick. Chibi-usa starts to scarf them down, but Usagi points to Haruka and Michiru who are delicately eating theirs with proper traditional manners. Chibi-usa blushes while Usagi snickers. Chibi-usa slams her fist down onto Usagi's numb feet; Usagi reels in pain while Haruka watches with a smile, Chibi-usa looks away disinterestedly, and Mamoru sweatdrops. Usagi finally falls to the ground, gasping for air. She sits back up. Michiru is drinking tea, and Haruka still watches them. At the same time, Chibi-usa and Usagi hit the other's numb feet. They both reel in pain. Tamasaburo smiles at tells them if their legs hurt, they should stretch. Usagi and Chibi-usa manage to say that they're fine.

Tamasaburo then asks them if they want to see something funny. He uses the tea scooper and balances a tea cup on it. Mamoru, Usagi, and Chibi-usa sweatdrop. Michiru and Haruka think that it's very honorable of him; the cup he is balancing is worth tens of millions of yen, but he is doing this to make Usagi and Chibi-chan more comfortable. Usagi freaks at the price and tells him he doesn't have to do this. She gets to her feet only to realize that they are numb, and she stumbles into Tamasaburo. The scooper and cup fly into the air. Mamoru, Haruka, and Michiru leap up to save it; the three of them manage to save it at the same time. They then realize they're standing on Usagi. They apologize while Chibi-usa is red with embarrassment.


Mamoru, Chibi-usa, and Usagi are sitting outside of a cafe. Usagi is eating a sundae while Chibi-usa has a drink. Chibi-usa complains that Usagi embarrassed her in front of Tamasaburo; Usagi counters that Chibi-usa embarrassed *her* in front of Haruka-san and Michiru-san. Chibi-usa says Usagi deserved it. Usagi gets mad but Mamoru says, "Usako..." and Usagi quiets down. Mamoru then asks Chibi-usa if she likes Tamasaburo-san; Chibi-usa blushes and says that her mother told her to make a lot of friends so that important encounters will occur. Mamoru says that Chibi-usa must not have a lot of friends in the future; Usagi says Chibi-usa should have told her so she could've helped her. Chibi-usa replies that then it would have been a disaster. Usagi gets mad again, but Mamoru puts his hands over her mouth and tells her they should have a truce. Usagi reluctantly holds out her hand to Chibi-usa; after a minute, Chibi-usa, equally reluctant, shakes it.

Chibi-usa walks on the street with a kimono on. Usagi and Luna follow her. Chibi-usa says she wants to be Tamasaburo's apprentice; Usagi tells her just not to ruin her kimono. Chibi-usa reasonably says that Usagi can't wear it anymore so Usagi's just being selfish. Usagi says she's not, and Chibi-usa says she is. They argue some more but a white car nearly runs them over. Usagi sees that it's Eudial. The car enters Tamasaburo's place. Chibi-usa slips through a small hole in the plant wall with Luna close behind. Usagi, however, gets stuck and calls for Luna. Luna tells her she needs to go on a diet. A bird lands on Usagi's butt and starts pecking; Usagi begins to laugh.

Eudial crashes into Tamasaburo's yard. She gets out of the car, and Tamasaburo politely asks who she is. She takes out her gun and shoots him; his heart crystal comes out. Chibi-usa sees the flash of the gun and transforms into Chibimoon using "Moon Prism Power Make-Up!" However, she falls down during the transformation. She gets back up and runs in front of Tamasaburo's body. Eudial calls her daimon, Chagama, which has a kimono on, a weird top on its head, and sits on a flying mat. Chibimoon lunges for the heart crystal but the daimon throws a mat at her that wraps around her body.

Uranus does her "World Shaking" attack, but Eudial jumps out of the way. Neptune uses her "Deep Submerge" on the daimon; the daimon releases its hold on Chibimoon. The two senshi introduce themselves. Chibimoon thanks them for helping her, but Uranus tells her they didn't come to assist her. Chibimoon sweatdrops. Neptune says the heart crystal isn't the Talisman; Eudial tells the daimon to do whatever it takes to get rid of the senshi and drives off. Chagama sweatdrops. It turns and demands to know where the others are. Chibimoon looks around and sees that Uranus, Neptune, and Tamaasaburo are all gone. There's a silence.

Chibimoon then uses "Pink Sugar Heart Attack" but her attack doesn't reach the daimon. She sweatdrops. The daimon takes out a cup and starts to drink tea. Chibimoon slowly inches up towards her until the attack hits the daimon in the chin. Luna comes out and says Chibimoon is fighting by herself so Usagi should transform. Usagi, bruised and covered with leaves, agrees and does so.

Sailormoon tells Chibimoon she'll take over; she introduces herself as the original agent of love and justice. Chibimoon tells her she's late, and Sailormoon replies that she went off on her own. Chibimoon calls her stupid, then is smacked in the head by the daimon, who moved. The daimon flies towards Sailormoon throwing acidic tea at her. Chibimoon then hits the daimon in the face with her attack again. The daimon charges them, throwing more tea, calling, "Bumbuku Chagama!" Sailormoon picks up Chibimoon and runs; they reach a wall with the daimon closing in. Chibimoon uses her attack again, hitting the daimon in the chin. The daimon gets really mad and is about to throw the pot at them, but Tuxedo Kamen's rose knocks it out of its hand. The daimon says it has one final attack and starts to take off its kimono; Tuxedo Kamen says, "Now, Sailormoon!" and she uses "Moon Spiral Heart Attack" on the daimon just as it finishes taking off the kimono. It dies.

Tuxedo Kamen tells Sailormoon she did well. Chibimoon digs her foot into the ground a bit as she says, "Sailormoon..." Sailormoon looks at her and asks, "What?" Chibimoon says, quietly, "...Thank you..." In the bushes, Neptune and Uranus, who holds Tamasaburo in her arms, watch. Uranus says Chibi-chan did well. Tamasaburo murmurs, "Cool..."

Chibimoon walks towards Tamasaburo's, saying this time she'll be his apprentice. Usagi and Chibi-usa see Haruka and Michiru leaving Tamasaburo's place, walking very quickly. Chibi-usa says they look like they're running away. Inside, Tamasaburo appears with a green Sailor Senshi uniform on (complete with skirt and bow). Usagi and Chibi-usa flatten themselves against the wall, making gacking sounds. Tamasaburo introduces himself as Sailor Tamasaburo and poses with the tea cup balanced on the scooper. Usagi and Chibi-usa run away very quickly.

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Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon 1992 Takeuchi Naoko, Kodansha, Toei Animation, TV Asahi, and Bandai. This is only a fan page and is not intended to infringe on any rights.

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