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Sailormoon S Episode 103

Episode 103: "Yattekita chicchana bishoujo senshi"
"She Came. The Tiny Pretty Soldier"
Victim of the Day: Tono Maya (drummer)
Monster of the Day: Soyaa
Important Events: Chibi-usa returns! "Pink Sugar Heart Attack" first used. Eudial is shown out of shadow. Witches 5, the group name Eudial belongs to, is named. The other Witches 5 are shown in shadow. The Professor changes how he creates daimons.
Summary by: Robin based on translations by VKLL. First written 09.06.00. Last modified 10.02.00.

In the Professor's lab, the Professor is using the telephone. At the other end of the line is a room with the sign "Witches 5" on the door. Inside, several women in shadow, all with white lab coats and glowing glasses, use various scientific instruments. A woman answers the phone saying this is the Witches 5. The phone is handed to Eudial, a woman with long red hair in three ponytails, red star earrings, and red eyes who sits down in front of a computer. The Professor greets Eudial, saying he finished reading her report. She asks him if he likes it, and he says it was pretty good. Eudial says that she has already found a new target; she types on the keyboard and a picture of a brown haired girl appears on the monitor. She says the target is a girl who is skilled at the taiko (Japanese drum). The Professor says he expected no less from her; he will create a new daimon as Eudial suggested in her report. A taiko is put in a strange oven with a black star on it. Over the oven are dozens of test tubes filled with pink liquid; one test tube is injected into the machine and a daimon egg passes into the oven. Electricity sparks madly around the oven and pink smoke is released. Inside, a new daimon calls, "Soyaa!" The daimon is put into a white box with a black star on it and is released onto a conveyer belt; the belt leads to the trunk of a white car with black stars. Eudial waits outside, then gets into the car, putting on her seatbelt as the car is pulled out of the lab. A door opens, and the car drives out, exiting from a subway entrance onto the street.

Usagi, Minako, Makoto, and Ami are walking down the street. Usagi asks the others if they want to go to the Summer Festival being held that night. Minako and Makoto say they want to, and they should wear yukata (informal summer kimono) to the festival. They ask Ami if it's okay to take a break since their studying session was canceled; Ami says that they need a break sometimes. Meanwhile, someone is frantically peddling on a bike. The girls wonder what happened to Rei and if she's alright. The person on the bike breaks suddenly, and the girls see Rei fly by. Rei crashes into a sign, managing to pull herself off the ground and limp into the nearby cafe. Usagi says, "Rei-chan..."

Inside, a brown hair girl is sitting in a booth; she's the same one that appeared on Eudial's monitor. She sees Rei and greets her with "Hino-san!" Rei apologizes for being late, but the other girl says it's alright since she just got there. Usagi-tachi creep in, see Rei, then sneak by and sit down at another table. Usagi and Minako stare at Rei and the girl. Minako says that the other person is female; Usagi says who said Rei was on a date? Minako says you can't tell by looks, though, using Haruka-san as an example. Makoto asks if this person is the opposite- a man dressed as a woman? Ami says she doesn't want to think about them that way. Minako says from here they can't hear their conversation.

Rei asks the girl if she'll help her. The girl is reluctant, but Rei says she really needs Tono-san's help. The waitress arrives with the coffee; Rei looks down, then suddenly looks back up with a weird look on her face. Her four friends quickly pull themselves behind the waitress. Rei sticks her head out to the right of the waitress but doesn't see anyone- the other senshi are hiding on the waitress' left side. Rei wonders if it's an illusion but continues to stick her head around the waitress as the other girls shuffle to the opposite side of where Rei is looking. This continues while the poor waitress says, "Customer..." as the others loop around her in a circle. Finally, the coffee on the waitress' tray falls onto Rei's head. Rei screams about how hot it is; the waitress tries to clean her hair, and Rei demands why the other girls are here. Tono says, "Hino-san..." and Rei knocks over the waitress. Tono smiles and says she'll help Rei; she thanks her. Rei thanks her instead while the waitress pulls out a handkerchief to wipe the tear from her eye.

Tono is outside the cafe and bows to the girls through the window; all five girls, now sitting in the booth, bow back, the four troublemakers sweatdropping. The girls sip their drinks but Usagi is playing with her straw wrapper. Rei says that she's a member of a committee trying to promote the Summer Festival; her grandfather's friend asked her to do it. Usagi says she bet Rei came up with the whole idea since she likes being at the center of attention, just like a few minutes ago. Rei gets angry saying it was the other girls who caused that. Minako tells her to calm down since everyone makes mistakes. She says, "As the old saying goes, 'Even a kappa may get loose bowels.'" Ami says it's, "Even a kappa may drown in a river." Minako copies Usagi's earlier playing with her straw wrapper while Usagi looks at her. Rei says thankfully Tono-san is nice; Usagi asks who she is, and Rei tells them that her name is Tono Maya, a skilled taiko player. Ami says then Rei asked Tono to play at the festival, and Minako says if she does, then the festival will be a success. Usagi then asks Rei to let her play the taiko; Rei at first refuses, then gets a sly look and says she *does* have a drum for Usagi. Usagi says, "Really?!"

That evening at the festival, everyone is in yukata. Usagi is hitting a pufferfish drum, calling to everyone to have fun playing the goldfish scooping game. She sighs and wonders why she has to do this. Minako, Makoto, and Ami are helping children play the game. Minako tells Usagi the drum suits her, and Usagi gets angry, telling her *she* can play it. Minako grins, saying Usagi's the one who wanted to play it. Makoto tests the paper scooper, blowing into it gently and handing it to a child, saying it looks strong. Ami helps another child catch a goldfish. Suddenly three little boys in street clothes say, "Obaa-san" to Minako; they tell her they want to play and overall act annoying and rude. [Minako-chan doesn't have any luck with kids...] Minako gets angry, then whacks her fingers hard against three paper scoopers. She hands them to the kids, who find that the scoopers break as they try to catch goldfish. Minako feels very smug.

Usagi advertises the booth some more when someone calls, "Odango atama." Usagi turns around to see Haruka and Michiru (the screen scrolls up four times) looking very nice in their yukata. The other three girls greet them. Haruka asks Usagi if she's working part-time; Usagi says sort of, then asks them if they want to try goldfish scooping. She nods a few times while Michiru says they could do it for a little while. Haruka agrees. She easily catches a goldfish while the other girls and several little kids watch in awe. Haruka and Michiru walk away; Haruka says that Michiru must be happy since it's such a pretty goldfish. Michiru says, "Pretty?" Haruka asks her if she's jealous, and Michiru says, "Maybe."

The other four watch as they leave; Usagi says they're good at everything they do. She wants to try the scooping now. As she looks intently at the water, a black ball with eyes and a crescent moon appear behind her in the reflection. She turns around but there's nothing there, and she wonders if it's an illusion.

[eye catch]

Usagi is wandering around looking for Rei. She spots Rei near a building. Rei peers into the window, and Usagi comes up behind her and loudly demands to know how long they have to keep doing the goldfish scooping booth. Rei hushes her, and Usagi looks into the window too. Tono-san is practicing very hard on the taiko. Rei leads Usagi away to a nearby bench. She says that Tono has been practicing like that for three hours; she tried telling Tono she didn't have to since she volunteered, but Tono told her that in order to play well, she needs to be very focused. Rei says that she knew Tono would make the festival a success, but since finding out that such a talented person like her works so hard, Rei thinks she has to work hard too. Usagi agrees, and the two say they'll work hard to make the festival great. They laugh.

Eudial's car comes out of the bushes. Eudial says she heard that Tono was around here someplace. She stops the car in front of the platform with the drum on it. She says, "Testing, testing" on the loudspeaker on top of her car. Usagi and Rei wonder what the car is doing here. Eudial says in the microphone for Tono Maya-san to come out if she's here. Tono comes out of the building, and Eudial sees her in her rearview mirror. She backs up the car until she's in front of Tono, then pulls out a gun with a star at the end of the barrel. She shoots it, and a black beam comes out, hitting Tono in the chest. Tono's heart crystal comes out. Rei and Usagi transform.

Sailormoon says Eudial is an enemy to Japanese traditional culture, and she and Mars give their introductions. Eudial pulls off her white lab coat and glasses revealing a red strapped top that ends at her waist, a black skirt, and red pants. She introduces herself as Eudial of the Witches 5, then calls for the daimon. The trunk of her car pops up, and the white box opens, releasing pink smoke. A drum playing daimon, Soyaa, appears. Soyya dances towards the two senshi, who, confused, let it stop in between them. The long wick coming from the pack on its back lights up, and then when it reaches the packet, fireworks burst out. Mars and Moon are forced to dance to avoid being hit by the fireworks. Soyaa tells them if they don't dance, it's not fun.

Eudial watches them, then heads towards the crystal, but stops when she sees Uranus and Neptune. They introduce themselves. Eudial tells them to get away from the heart crystal, and Uranus says that it's too bad her first mission ended in failure. Neptune says that this isn't the heart crystal and returns it to Tono. Eudial gets in her car and drives away, telling the daimon to take care of everything. Uranus and Neptune watch Moon and Mars; Neptune asks Uranus if she doesn't want to help them today. Uranus shrugs and says if they help too often, it'll be too good of a service to them. Neptune smiles and agrees. They leave.

Moon and Mars continue "dancing." The daimon throws up her drum which splits into two. The two drums fall over Moon and Mars. Soyaa says it's time to beat the drums and takes out two spikey, black sticks. Moon and Mars ask the daimon if when it says beat the drums, does it mean them? Sailormoon asks if the daimon could beat Mars first, and Mars yells at her; Sailormoon says but they look painful. The daimon comes towards them, but a childish voice stops her. Luna-P rolls across the screen and a shadowy, small figure appears in the distance. The voice says, "Like I thought, you needed my help!" Sailormoon says, "That voice..." The screen shows Chibi-usa in a pink Sailor Senshi uniform. Chibi-usa says, "I'm the agent of love and justice, the pretty suited soldier in training, Sailorchibimoon! In the name of the future moon, I'll punish you!" Sailormoon and Mars get funny looks on their faces, their jaws dropping. Sailormoon says, "Chibi-usa..!"

The daimon goes for Chibmoon instead. Chibimoon holds out a heart wand and twirls, saying, "Pink Sugar Heart Attack!" However, nothing happens and she sweatdrops. The daimon comes up to her and trips her. Chibimoon falls down, groaning. The daimon kneels down and asks her what happened. Chibimoon holds out her wand and says, "Pink Sugar Heart Attack!" again. This time, the wand starts to glow. Both she and the daimon stare at it, then pink hearts come flying out, hitting the daimon in the face. The daimon cries, "Ow!", then turns away, but the hearts start spanking its behind.

Meanwhile, Sailormars helps pull the drum off of Sailormoon. She finally frees her, then tells her, "Now!" Sailormoon uses, "Moon Spiral Heart Attack" on Soyaa. The daimon is destroyed, turning back into a taiko and a daimon egg. The egg cracks and the spirit inside vanishes.

Later that evening, there are bright lights surrounding the platform with the taiko on it. Everyone is crowded around the platform. Chibi-usa is on Usagi's back, complaining that she can't see very well. Usagi tells her not to be so bratty since Chibi-usa's already on her back. Haruka and Michiru come up to them. Michiru says Chibi-usa is cute, and Haruka says that she looks like Usagi. Usagi and Chibi-usa both shake their head saying they don't look anything alike. Usagi adds that Chibi-usa is her cousin. On the platform, Rei introduces Tono-san. Everyone claps as Tono starts to beat the drum. Below, Usagi asks Chibi-usa why she returned, and Chibi-usa answers that her mother wanted her to train in the 20th century. Usagi gets a weird look on her face and yells, "What does that mean?"

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Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon 1992 Takeuchi Naoko, Kodansha, Toei Animation, TV Asahi, and Bandai. This is only a fan page and is not intended to infringe on any rights.

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