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Sailormoon S Episode 102

Episode 102: "Ubaareta pure na kokoro. Usagi zettai zetsumei"
"The Stolen Pure Heart. Usagi in Trouble"
Victim of the Day: Tsukino Usagi (Sailormoon)
Monster of the Day: Senishienta
Important Events: Death of Kaolinite. First appearance of Eudial.
Summary by: Robin based on translations by VKLL. First written 09.05.00. Last modified 10.02.00.

Usagi is standing in the garage facing Kaolinite and Senishienta. The Sailor Senshi appear, and Kaolinite starts to vanish with Senishienta and Tuxedo Kamen. She tells the senshi that if they want Tuxedo Kamen, they should come to Tokyo Tower where they will meet their deaths. The enemies disappear. Usagi falls to her knees saying, "Mamo-chan..." The other girls run to her side. They see Uranus and Neptune leave the garage. Jupiter says that they're after Usagi's pure heart, and Mercury says they're like hyenas. Usagi stands up and starts to run away, but the others stop her. Mercury says she'll fall into the enemy's trap; since Usagi can't transform, they need a strategy. Usagi says Mamoru was trying to save her, so she has to go rescue him. She runs off before the others can say anything. The other Senshi run after her.

"Ai no Senshi" starts to play in the background.

Usagi reaches the garage entrance. Haruka and Michiru drive up in a white convertible. Haruka wonders where Usagi where she's going so late at night, and Usagi asks her for a ride. Haruka and Michiru look at her, worried, but Haruka says okay. Usagi gets in and they drive away; the other four Sailor Senshi arrive too late. They call, "Usagi-chan!" Mars yells after Usagi, "Do you think you can do everything by yourself?!"

In the car, Michiru asks Usagi if she made up with Mamoru. Usagi makes a sound, and Michiru watches her sadly. Haruka, her eyes in shadow, says, "Odango atama." Usagi looks up, and Haruka says that people sacrifice others for those they love. Usagi asks her what she is talking about, and Michiru says, "For example, someone puts themselves in danger to protect you. That person wants you to be safe no matter what happens to them." Haruka says that person could be a friend or a parent; people stay alive because of another's sacrifice. They drive through a tunnel, and Usagi looks at Haruka, who suddenly looks a lot like Uranus. Usagi gasps and remembers previous conversations with Uranus and Neptune, who talked about sacrifice for the sake of the world. Those two look like Haruka and Michiru- They drive out of the tunnel, and Michiru asks Usagi what she thinks about what they just said. Usagi says even if you can justify it, what about the people being sacrificed? Can you just forget about them? She can't save herself while others are in trouble; by yourself, it might be difficult, but if everyone works together, there can be a way to save everyone without making sacrifices. Michiru tells her she's a nice girl.

At the Tokyo Tower, Haruka asks if Usagi will be alright going alone. Usagi says yes and thanks them. She turns and runs towards the tower. The other two watch her. Michiru asks Haruka if it's okay since Usagi will die. Haruka, obviously very upset, replies that they don't have a choice. To get the Holy Grail and to prevent the Silence, odango atama will have to be sacrificed. She slams her fist on the windshield.

Usagi enters the tower. Behind her, the door slams shut and barriers come down, blocking all exits. Kaolinite's voice welcomes Usagi and tells her to enter the elevator. Outside, the Sailor Senshi can't open the barriers. Jupiter wants to break in, but Mars says to use the stairs. The senshi head there, but Luna tells Venus to wait. Their success depends on her. Venus nods.

Inside, Usagi reaches the top. Kaolinite is standing next to Tuxedo Kamen in glass. She tells Usagi not to come closer or else she'll shatter the glass into pieces. Usagi replies she doesn't care what happens to her as long as Tuxedo Kamen is unhurt. Kaolinite says, "Senishienta" and the daimon takes Usagi's heart crystal. The crystal floats towards Senishienta, but Uranus and Neptune appear, grabbing it. Neptune stands in front of Usagi while Uranus examines the crystal. Uranus, surprised, says that it isn't a Talisman. The daimon and Kaolinite are stunned; they're certain that it is because of the shine. Neptune says that the shine is just a "barometer" of the purity and is unrelated to whether it's the Talisman. Uranus, looking very happy, says that they've wasted their energy again. She returns Usagi's heart crystal.

Usagi awakens. Neptune gently asks her if she's alright. Usagi asks them if they saved her. Kaolinite says that even if she doesn't have the Talisman, she will take Tsukino Usagi's life. Then: "No... Sailormoon!" Usagi, Uranus, and Neptune look stunned. Uranus stares at Usagi: "What did she say?!" Then a voice says, "That girl isn't Sailormoon!" Everyone looks up to see four senshi in shadow. "Sailormoon" says that Kaolinite chased an innocent girl, thinking she was her, and for that, she'll punish them! Usagi thinks: "It can't be..."


Kaolinite says, "You are..."

The screen scrolls up, revealing Venus in a fake Sailormoon outfit. Usagi gets a funny, gagged look on her face, thinking: "Mi- Minako-chan!" Kaolinite says, "But somehow.. you look different." Venus-Moon, indignant, protests: "What are you talking about? This is the perfect disguise-" Mars puts her hands over Venus's mouth, saying that this is the real Sailormoon. Jupiter, Mercury, and the cats frantically agree. Kaolinite says then who is this other girl? Venus-Moon shrugs, saying that Usagi must be her fan. Mars says that Usagi's a stupid crybaby so she can't possibly be Sailormoon; Jupiter agrees. Venus says you have to be smart and beautiful to be Sailormoon. Usagi is fuming, thinking that Venus is mouthing off. Kaolinite gets angry and says that Usagi's brooch is fake.

Uranus laughs. She and Neptune are about to leave, but Kaolinite uses her power to break all the glass windows. She says she's going to have fun with them, and Uranus and Neptune jump through the roof. Kaolinite throws the brooch to the ground and tells Senishienta to take care of the senshi. She follows the other two senshi.

Senishienta faces off with the remaining four senshi. Meanwhile, Kaolinite and Uranus fight outside. Uranus says: "If you don't stop fighting us..." Neptune finishes: "We accept your offer." Kaolinite laughs at them. Inside, Senishienta's hand turns into a sword. It spits out glass shards at the senshi, who jump away. Venus-Moon uses "Sailor Kick" on Senishienta, which breaks its arm. The daimon pulls out a warranty, reads it, and is grateful that it kept it. It yells that the senshi are too violent. Venus-Moon uses a "Love Beam Chain" attack on the daimon. Usagi, with her mouth open, says that Venus doesn't have that attack! Luna runs up with Usagi's brooch and tells her to transform, which Usagi does.

The daimon says, "You really are Sailormoon!" Sailormoon says that's right, she's the *original* Sailormoon. "In the name of the moon, I'll punish you!" Sailormoon then uses "Moon Spiral Heart Attack" on Senishienta, who calls them liars before being destroyed. The glass around Tuxedo Kamen breaks and he falls to his knees. Sailormoon hugs him, crying.

Kaolinite sense that Senishienta is dead. Uranus uses "World Shaking" but Kaolinite dodges it. They jump up and try to attack each other. Uranus lands on her feet but with a wound on her shoulder. Uranus tells Neptune to be careful since Kaolinite is strong. Kaolinite laughs, then thinks the senshi should hurry up. The bracelet on her wrist glows, causing explosions on the Tokyo Tower. The other senshi realize that the battle is above them. Sailormoon says they should go help Uranus and Neptune; when the others wonder why, Moon says that they saved her and aren't bad. Venus says okay, they'll go, and Moon tells her before they leave, Venus has to get rid of that disguise. Venus asks if she looks strange; she used the Luna's transformation pen (why Usagi didn't have it, I don't know).

Kaolinite uses her long hair on Uranus and Neptune, who dodge it. The Sailor Team and Tuxedo Kamen appear; Sailormoon says in the name of the Japanese TV viewers, she'll punish Kaolinite! They jump down, and Moon asks if Kaolinite will run away as usual. Kaolinite laughs and takes out a vial. It has red liquid that she says she developed for raising daimon. She pours it onto the second glass shoe, and it turns into a sword like Senishienta had. She swings it, and glass shards fly out. Everyone ducks; Sailormoon pushes Uranus out of the way. Kaolinite says to please the Professor, she'll turn the senshi into glass statues. Sailormoon tells Uranus to leave; they'll take care of it. Kaolinite swings her sword again, letting more shards out. Building beams, frozen by the shards, fall to the ground; the senshi dodge them. Sailormoon again tells Uranus and Neptune to leave. Jupiter says for them to listen to Moon; there's no Talisman, so they can leave. Uranus finally agrees; she tells Neptune the other senshi are offering to be sacrifices so they should accept the offer.

Kaolinite says she can't let them leave; the bracelet glows and a field appears around everyone. She says there's no place to run. Mars uses "Burning Mandala" and Jupiter uses "Sparkling Wide Pressure," but both attacks are absorbed into Kaolinite's bracelet. The senshi are shocked. Mercury says Kaolinite has a strong shield around her. Venus says they should separate but Mercury protests, saying they should stick together and use "Sailor Planet Attack." Mars says that Kaolinite will absorb the attack though. Tuxedo Kamen flings a rose at Kaolinite, knocking the sword out of her hand. The two fight- Kaolinite with her sword, Tuxedo Kamen with his cane. Uranus and Neptune (supporting Uranus) watch.

The Sailor Team calls out their powers. Kaolinite uses the glass shards on Tuxedo Kamen again, who protects himself with his cape. Kaolinite is about to kill him when the senshi call, "Sailor Planet Attack!" She screams as she is hit. The senshi fall to the ground, wondering if they beat her. However, she isn't dead. She manages to get up, saying they used up all their power. She says, "Die!" and swings the sword, letting out more glass shards. Uranus watches, remembering how Usagi said that you can't forget about those being sacrificed; she uses "World Shaking" which goes through the shards and causes them to reverse their direction- the shards hit Kaolinite, freezing her. The Sailor Team watches stunned. Kaolinite screams, "Professor!" before the beams above collapse on her. She plummets to the ground. Mars asks where Uranus and Neptune are. Jupiter wonders why they helped them in the end.

At the bottom of the Tokyo Tower, Neptune asks Uranus why she helped the senshi. Uranus tells her not to bug her about it. She did it because Sailormoon looked a little bit like odango atama. She looks up, smiling.

Usagi and Mamoru are sitting outside Rei's room. Mamoru apologizes for losing the gift. Usagi says she's sorry for putting him in a dangerous situation; besides, she gets enough love from him already. The two are off in their own world while Makoto, Minako, and Ami talk loudly inside. Rei, Artemis, and Luna are upset at how noisy they are, and Rei, in bed in her pajamas, yells at them to go home.

A phone rings. The Professor picks it up. He says, "Is that right? Kaolinite-kun..." He then tells the other person to take over Kaolinite's position. On the other end, a woman in shadow sits in an underground room. She has long red hair, wears glasses, and is in front of a computer. The Professor says, "I'm counting on you, Eudial-kun..." The woman hangs up and smiles.

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Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon 1992 Takeuchi Naoko, Kodansha, Toei Animation, TV Asahi, and Bandai. This is only a fan page and is not intended to infringe on any rights.

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