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Sailormoon S Episode 101

Episode 101: "Usagi namida. Tanjoubi ni glass no kutsu wo"
"Usagi in tears. Glass shoes for her birthday"
Victim of the Day: Tsukino Usagi (Sailormoon)
Monster of the Day: Senishienta (Pun on "Cenicienta", which is Spanish for Cinderella.)
Summary by: Robin based on translations by VKLL. First written 09.05.00. Last modified 10.02.00.

In the Death Busters' lab, the Professor asks Kaolinite if she has found a new target. Kaolinite says yes, and this time she's certain it has a Talisman. The Professor says, "Oh?" and Kaolinite says that this heart crystal is the purest ever, so it definitely has the Talisman. The Professor says he'll give her his strongest daimon and creates a daimon egg. He tells Kaolinite he's counting on her, and she thanks him.

Usagi's super-excited, telling the other senshi that today is June 30th, her birthday. The others are reading books and look up disinterestedly. Rei says, "Oh, happy birthday," and Makoto says, "Good for you." Minako says, "Oh, it's your birthday?" and Ami tells her she should act more mature now. Usagi sweatdrops, saying they're cold. She falls backwards. The others close their books and stand up in unison. They leave the park, and Usagi tells them to wait, is that all they're going to say? Rei tells her that even if it's her birthday, she should be at their four o'clock study session. Usagi falls to her knees and starts crying.

Usagi walks past a display window with a pair of glass shoes on display. Usagi thinks they're beautiful and wonders if someone could buy her a pair. She remembers that the prince gives Cinderella the glass slippers (??) and says she'll get her prince to buy them for her. Kaolinite watches her.

Haruka and Michiru are sitting in a cafe and see Usagi running past outside.

Usagi sees Mamoru near a telephone booth. She snuggles him while he asks why she's so eager to see him. Usagi thinks he's playing dumb. She tells him that she wants glass slippers, saying they're on sale and where to buy them. Kaolinite is in a telephone booth across the street and says Usagi wants glass slippers? She disappears. Meanwhile, Usagi is tugging on Mamoru's arm, but he tells her Christmas is a long time off. Usagi gets upset, asking if he doesn't know what today is? Mamoru sweatdrops and says he couldn't forget such an important day. Usagi is happy, but then Mamoru says today is the day they first met, right? Usagi slaps him across the face and runs off crying. Mamoru stands, stunned, while everyone in the street crowds around behind him.

Usagi is in the park, sitting on a bench and crying. Haruka puts her hand on her shoulder and asks her what's wrong. Michiru says that tears don't suit Usagi and gives her a handkerchief. Usagi thanks her and blows her nose into it. Haruka and Michiru are surprised, then laugh. Usagi tells them what happened, and Michiru says, "Forgetting a girlfriend's birthday? That's terrible of Mamoru-san." Usagi says that Mamoru's not her boyfriend anymore, and Haruka says, "Does that mean I have a chance?" Michiru gets an annoyed look and says, "Not again, Haruka." Usagi is looking uncomfortable and blushing while Haruka says she's not joking, she finds Usagi attractive. Usagi suddenly remembers she has to be at Rei's; she stands up and says bye, then runs off. Haruka laughs, saying Usagi's very cute. Michiru says, "But what if she has a Talisman?" Haruka looks stunned, saying, "That's impossible...!"

At the Hikawa Jinja, Rei gets a phone call. It's Mamoru. He tells Rei he made Usagi angry and doesn't know why; Rei tells him he's still the same, he doesn't understand a girl's pure heart. She tells him today is Usagi's birthday, and Mamoru says that's why she got so upset.

Usagi is climbing the steps to the Hikawa Jinja. She looks at her hand and wonders if she did a terrible thing to Mamoru by slapping him. She slides open the door to Rei's room apologizing for being late, then is surprised as the girls shout, "Happy birthday!" She looks around, stunned, as Minako tells the birthday girl to sit down at the table, which has a lot of food on it that Mako says she baked with her heart. Ami gives Usagi a present, saying it's an exam book with questions often used on real exams. Usagi thanks them. Rei asks Usagi why she isn't more excited after they organized a surprise party for her. Usagi smiles and says, "Hai!" As Rei serves Coke to Ami, Usagi looks at the present and thinks she actually wanted a gift from Mamo-chan.

It's night, and Mamoru is running towards the store Usagi told him about. Kaolinite is inside the store with a uniform on, the body of the real sales clerk lying on the ground. She watches as the daimon egg enters the slippers. Mamoru runs in and asks if he can buy the glass slippers. He runs out with them. Michiru and Haruka watch him from behind a telephone booth. Kaolinite appears outside of the store, then vanishes. Michiru says that was Kaolinite. Haruka wonders if Mamoru is the next target.

Back at the shrine, Usagi blows out the candles on her cake while the other girls clap. Usagi sighs, and Ami asks what's wrong. Usagi tells them she slapped Mamoru; the girls are shocked. Usagi says it was a mistake but she wasn't thinking when she did it. Rei says that maybe Mamoru didn't forget her birthday, he just didn't know. Makoto asks her if she told him her birthday. She says she didn't, and the others fall down. Usagi says but he should've felt it if they were truly in love. Minako asks her if she knows Mamoru's birthday then. She says of course, then goes through several dates as the others watch her. She then admits she doesn't know, and her friends fall over again. Usagi stands up and says she's going to apologize to Mamoru; she races off.

Mamoru is running down the street, and he and Usagi meet. They hug, and Usagi apologizes. Mamoru says, "I've been looking for you, my princess" and takes out the glass slippers. He asks her to try them on, but when she does, it glows and turns into an armored daimon, Senishienta.


Senishienta tells Usagi it'll take her pure heart that's thinking of Mamoru. Mamoru runs towards the daimon but it throws him into the fence. It grabs Usagi's shoulders, pushing her against the display window of a building. Usagi starts kicking its face but can't get free. She thinks there's no choice; she takes off her brooch and starts to say, "Moon Cosmic Power-" but the daimon slaps the brooch away onto the street, saying how Usagi is dangerous for trying to throw it at it. The daimon then pushes Usagi into the display window so she can't move.

In the alleyway, Uranus and Neptune appear. They see that Usagi is the target. The daimon starts to take Usagi's heart crystal. Neptune asks Uranus if she's not going to save Usagi? Uranus says it might be the Talisman. Neptune says she can tell that Uranus is torn, and Uranus tells her not to joke. Suddenly Usagi's heart crystal comes out; it's unusually bright and Uranus and Neptune watch it. The daimon says it must be the Talisman because of its shine. Uranus says she's never seen a Talisman shine like that; Neptune asks what she's going to do, and Uranus says if it's a Talisman, they must go and starts to run out. Neptune grabs her wrist and pulls her back, saying that's not what she meant. She says if it's the Talisman, Uranus isn't going to give it back. Uranus looks upset and says she won't. Neptune says that means Usagi will die. They both watch Usagi.

The heart crystal starts to float to Senishienta and almost reaches her when a rose flies by, hitting Senishienta's hand and embedding itself in the window over Usagi's head. The heart crystal reenters Usagi's body, and the window shatters. Uranus and Neptune say, "That's...!" Tuxedo Kamen appears, saying he will protect the shine of the pure heart crystal. He throws several roses which form a circle around Senishienta and release energy. Tuxedo Kamen shakes Usagi awake, then lifts her up and jumps up with her to the roof. He tells her to transform into Sailormoon, but Usagi says, "Well..."

Below, Kaolinite appears. Senishienta says there was some interference and the girl got away. Kaolinite sees the brooch and picks it up, realizing it looks like Sailormoon's. She thinks Usagi might be Sailormoon. Usagi says this is bad. Tuxedo Kamen says they should retreat; Usagi protests but Tuxedo Kamen says they're after her. He looks upset, saying it's his fault he got Usagi into this mess. Usagi says it's not his fault, and they should just leave. They jump onto another roof and Senishienta sees them. They enter the building through the roof top and run down the stairs with Senishienta following. Usagi tells Tuxedo Kamen to leave her, it's her fault they're after her, but Tuxedo Kamen tells her she's wrong.

They reach the parking garage, but Kaolinite is there. Usagi tries to call Luna on her communicator watch, but Kaolinite uses her hair to break it. Kaolinite tells her: "I won't let you call for help, Sailormoon." Usagi is stunned.

Nearby, Uranus and Neptune watch. Neptune asks Uranus if she's sure she wants to go through with this. Uranus says determinedly that their mission is to get the Talismans, so she has to ignore some sacrifices. Neptune watches her sadly.

At Rei's, the girls have eaten Usagi's cake. Minako wonders if it's okay, and Makoto says it is since Usagi's probably reconciling with Mamoru now. She and Rei say they envy Usagi. Ami isn't paying attention to them, instead going through some equations. Her wristwatch goes off, and Luna tells them something's happened to Usagi and to get going.

In the parking lot, Tuxedo Kamen and Usagi are backed into a corner between the wall and a car. Tuxedo Kamen tells her to run off when there's a chance. The daimon's hand turns into a sword, and Tuxedo Kamen pulls out his cane. The two fight. Usagi doesn't want to run, but finally does. Kaolinite is in front of her and says she won't let Usagi get away. She pulls out Usagi's brooch (it was in her DRESS, blech), asking her if she wants this. Usagi says, "That's-", but Kaolinite says if Usagi doesn't want it, then she can break it, right? She drops it and puts her shoe over it. Usagi yells at her to stop.

Tuxedo Kamen breaks Senishienta's sword and runs towards Usagi, but Senishienta opens her mouth and glass comes out, encasing Tuxedo Kamen in it. Usagi screams "Mamo-chan!" and runs towards popsicle Tuxedo Kamen, crying while Kaolinite and Senishienta laugh. Uranus is still torn over wanting to save Usagi and wanting the Talismans. The episode ends with Usagi holding Tuxedo Kamen on ice.

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