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Sailormoon S Episode 100

Episode 100: "Sailor Senshi wo yametai?! Minako no nayami"
"She wants to quit being a Sailor Senshi?! Minako's worries"
Victim of the Day: Asai
Monster of the Day: Haikyuun (Hi-Cue)
Summary by: Robin based on translations by VKLL. First written 09.05.00. Last modified 10.02.00.

Minako is putting her books away in class after school. A girl is asking her boyfriend to accompany her someplace, and Minako is feeling upset at them. Outside, she walks alone while couples pass by talking to each other. Minako stops and yells at them (apparently for showing off their love in front of her).

Suddenly Artemis jumps out of nowhere and tells her he tried using the computer to find the enemy but discovered nothing. He wonders what the daimons are. Minako sighs. Artemis says they lack information on the enemy, and Minako says she's lacking something else. Artemis looks at her confused. Minako wonders which philosopher said, "Those who watch love will be watched by love." Artemis says no one said that. Minako ignores him and says she wishes that a man would come up to her with roses, bend on one knee, and say, "Pretty girl, would you go out with me?" She acts out the part while Artemis jumps out of her way. Artemis sweatdrops and thinks no one would do that. Minako gets starry eyed and wonders when she will meet her destined love.

A volleyball bounces out of the gym and stops at Minako's feet. She picks it up and sees a tall, dark haired boy in the gym door. She recognizes him: "Asai-kun!" Asai says, "Aino!" Minako hits the volleyball to him, and he says "Thank you" in English. Minako asks him if he's still playing volleyball. Asai says he wants to practice for the summer and win at least one game, then he can concentrate for the entrance exams. Minako says, "Is that right? Good luck!"

Asai turns and is about to leave but pauses and turns back around. He asks Minako why she stopped playing volleyball after she returned from England. He says her "flying roll receive" was really good but she just stopped playing. Minako says that she does actually want to play but... They stare at each other, Minako blushing a little, Asai smiling. Then a female voice yells at Asai to stop slacking off; Asai grins and says that the manager is noisy. They say good-bye, and Minako is blushing a lot now. Artemis looks up at Minako and says: "Mina..." Minako looks at him, and he says nevermind.

That evening, Minako takes the red ribbon out of her hair as she gets ready for bed. She looks at the volleyball sitting on the shelf with her stuffed animals. She remembers when she played volleyball- she did her flying roll receive, then made a victory sign. Asai smiled at her and returned the victory sign. Minako continues to think about Asai as she stares out the window. Artemis sits on the window sill and looks at her, then looks back at the stars. A shooting star falls.

In the Professor's lab, the Professor is studying some blood samples. Kaolinite appears carrying some tea and cookies. The Professor tells her that she hasn't yet found the Talismans; he says he didn't want to say so before, but her method of searching isn't very good. He drinks some of the tea, then stretches his muscles, commenting that his body isn't working that well since he's been researching so much. He says that there's an expression "a sound mind equals a sound body." Suddenly, he has an idea: target the pure-hearted athletes. Kaolinite says it's a good idea. The Professor says he'll create a daimon then. He then says maybe he should pick up sports again. Kaolinite asks him what his favorite sport is, and he says "stepping stone." Kaolinite opens her mouth but no words come out, and then she falls forward a little (^^;)

Minako is walking with Artemis to school. Asai comes running up and walks with her, teasing that it's surprising she's early because she's usually late to school. Minako says she hasn't been late for a while. They walk in silence, and then Asai asks her if she has a boyfriend. She blushes a little and says no, why? He says he was just wondering. Minako asks Asai what kind of girls he likes; he says one that plays volleyball. Then Asai says that when he was a substitute on the volleyball team during their first year, he liked Minako; he says he was going to tell her when he became a regular on the team. Minako stops, turning completely red. Asai is blushing too; Minako tries to act cool, saying that it's a surprise since he's such a good player, but she can't think of anything else to say. Asai looks at her and asks her if she's going to play on the volleyball team. Minako says they're third yearers, and he says it doesn't matter. Minako says she's busy though; Asai asks if it's studying, and Minako says, "Something like that." Asai says it's a shame, then says he has morning practice and runs off.

In the gym, Asai is practicing volleyball. Kaolinite appears and watches him before vanishing.

At the Hikawa Jinja, the girls are in the study session. Minako, however, is reading a Sailor V manga and laughing hysterically. She tries to get Usagi to look, but Usagi's half-asleep dreaming of Mamo-chan. Minako laughs some more about Sailor V being commercialized while everyone else stares at her. She asks them what's wrong, then says she brought "Sailor V diet chocolate" and "Sailor V vitamin drinks." She gives a chocolate to Makoto who accepts it reluctantly; Mako opens up the wrapper and tells Minako it says "win." Minako tells her with three "Wins" Makoto can get a Sailor V badge. Makoto laughs nervously and says, "Lucky..."

Ami says, "Minako-chan" and Minako looks at her. Ami says that Minako's behind in her studies; Minako says that's Ami-sensei's favorite words. She clasps her hands together and says dramatically that she's sorry, she's a bad soldier of love and justice who doesn't like studying and who sometimes cheats but doesn't feel bad about it. She then falls onto the ground and stares at the ceiling. Quietly, she says that she wants to quit being a senshi for a while.

The others look shocked, and Minako sits up, saying she's just kidding. She stands up and apologizes: she's going home since she doesn't feel like studying. Artemis is about to stop her, but Makoto says quickly, "Artemis, look at this" and holds out a book. Artemis says, "What?" but after Minako closes the door, Makoto closes the book and says, "Nothing." Artemis, realizing he's been duped, is angry, but Luna calls him a fool. Rei tells Artemis everyone wants to be alone sometimes, but Artemis still looks worried.

Asai is practicing in the gym. Kaolinite appears with a daimon egg. The egg enters one of the volleyballs in the ball container.


Minako is the arcade playing "God Racing." She is obviously very agitated, and her car crashes a few seconds later. She hears someone behind her and sees Haruka. Haruka greets her and asks her what's wrong since she doesn't have any rhythm in her driving.

The two walk down the street. Minako asks Haruka if she has a boyfriend (!!!) Haruka says, "No. Didn't I tell you before?" Minako says there must be someone Haruka likes; what type of man does a genius female racer like her like? Someone with a special talent? Haruka sits down on the railing on the side of the road and asks Minako what she wants to ask. Minako asks her if she ever wants to be a normal high school girl (!!!) Does Haruka ever feel lonely because "ordinary happiness" is far away? Haruka asks Minako if she's sacrificing ordinary happiness. Minako says no... Haruka smiles and says she doesn't know what Minako means by "ordinary happiness" but doesn't feel different from other people. She likes herself the way she is now; Tenoh Haruka loves motorsports and can't live any other way. She says she has something more important than ordinary happiness. Minako says, "Something more important?" Haruka suddenly senses something and stands up, saying she has to leave now. Minako apologizes for asking her such weird questions; Haruka says she's Minako-chan, right? They'll play each other in Crown sometime. As she walks off, Minako wonders, "Something more important?"

Haruka meets Michiru on the street. They both have serious looks on their faces, and Michiru says the ocean is getting wild again.

It's near evening, and Minako is at her school gym. She straightens her hair, then peeks inside to see Asai. A girl, the team manager, comes in. Asai acts indignant, saying the girl is cold for going home by herself again. The girl stands on her toes and kisses Asai on the cheek. Minako gasps in shock. Asai tells the girl to walk home with him on Sunday, and she says she knows. She's leaving when Asai picks up the volleyball with the daimon egg. It starts to glow and turns into a daimon in a gym uniform with volleyballs on it, Hi-Cue. Asai and the girl scream.

Minako calls everyone on her communicator watch, then transforms into Sailorvenus.

The daimon volleys a volleyball at Asai, who shoves his girlfriend out of the way as the volleyball explodes, throwing them against the wall. The daimon's about to throw another ball at them when Venus tells the daimon to stop. She stands on the stage and introduces herself. The daimon serves the ball at her, but Venus uses her "Venus Love-Me Chain" to knock it away. Venus says those tricks won't work on her, but a net appears behind her and wraps around her body. Venus falls to the ground; the daimon says if Venus hadn't become a senshi, she would have lived longer.

The daimon takes Asai's heart crystal; Venus yells his name. Kaolinite appears and says the heart crystal isn't a Talisman. Usagi watches from outside the gym, and says, "Venus-chan!" She transforms into Sailormoon. The daimon is about to attack Venus when a flying tiara makes her stumble back and cuts the net holding Venus. Kaolinite says, "It must be..." and Sailormoon appears, giving a speech. Kaolinite vanishes telling the daimon to take care of the senshi. Hi-Cue puts the heart crystal into a self-made ball. She serves it to Sailormoon, who doesn't know what to do, but the other senshi arrive, and Mars catches it after Jupiter and Mercury volley it around. The senshi are triumphant, but the daimon draws back the ball, as the senshi try to avoid being hit by it.

Venus looks at Asai and challenges the daimon. Hi-Cue serves the ball to Venus using its "Service Ace Thunder Hi-cue" serve, a super hard, hi-speed serve. Venus watches the ball fly towards her, thinking that she's a Sailor Senshi, and there's things only she can protect. She uses her patented "flying roll receive". Asai watches and recognizes the move; he realizes that Sailorvenus is Minako. Mars catches the ball with the heart crystal, and Sailormoon uses "Moon Spiral Heart Attack" on the daimon. The other senshi tell Venus she did great, Mars saying, "Nice receive" (in English). On stage behind the curtains, Neptune tells Uranus they didn't have a chance to show up, and Uranus agrees.

Minako walks out of the school building and sees Asai with his girlfriend. Minako greets him, and Asai tells her if she sees Sailorvenus to thank her for him. Minako says if she sees Venus, she will. They smile at each other before Asai's girlfriend drags him off.

Minako continues walking until she hears a voice that says, "Pretty girl..." A bundle of roses are in a tree, and Artemis appears on a branch behind them. He asks Minako if she'll go out on a date with him tonight and tosses down the roses. Minako smiles and says she'll think about it, then laughs.

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Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon 1992 Takeuchi Naoko, Kodansha, Toei Animation, TV Asahi, and Bandai. This is only a fan page and is not intended to infringe on any rights.

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