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Sailormoon S Episode 99

Episode 99: "Otokono yasahisa! Yuuichirou Rei ni Shitsuren?"
"A man's kindness! Yuuichirou's heart broken by Rei?"
Victim of the Day: Kumada Yuuichirou
Monster of the Day: To-den
Summary by: Robin based on translations by VKLL. First written 09.02.00. Last modified 10.02.00.

Rei is chanting in front of the fire at the Hikawa Jinja. It's a windy night, and she is in deep concentration. She sees her vision again, and wonders what it is predictiong.

Yuuichirou watches Rei through the crack in the doors, and a weird voice behind him says, "Yuuichirou..." A hand falls on his shoulder and he turns around to see a hideous face- he screams and falls to the ground, then covers his mouth immediately. It's only Rei's grandfather. Grandfather asks Yuuichirou what he's peeping at; Yuuichirou says it's not like that, he's only worried about Rei's health. Grandfather admits that Rei has been praying all night for the past few days, but she won't stop even if they ask so they should leave her alone. Yuuichirou starts to protest, but Grandfather says there's no problem and walks away. Yuuichirou still watches uncertainly.

Rei is concerating very hard inside. Yuuichirou comes in and says he has some ramen for her, but she doesn't turn around. He sweatdrops, then says he won't give up. He proceeds to loudly and cheerfully announce (like a commercial) that he has all this food, saying how great each of them are, but to no avail. Rei hasn't heard him. He wonders what she's trying to see in the fire, and suddenly something vague appears in it. Rei leans forward, and Yuuichirou is alarmed to see the edge of her hair is burning in the fire. He goes towards her and she falls forward, then finally notices Yuuichirou. Yuuichirou stumbles over his words, and Rei asks if he can ask her later since this is very important. He says okay but takes off the rope of his robe, putting it on the ground and telling her she should tie back her hair so it doesn't burn. She thanks him. He leaves and thinks how he couldn't stop her; he feels powerless.

In the Professor's lab, the Professor creates a new daimon egg. He cuddles it, saying how soft and smooth it is. This is the creation of science. Kaolinite says it's like living art, and the Professor agrees, saying he's given his life to creating them. He suddenly gets angry with Kaolinite for wasting all the eggs. Kaolinite is unmoved, calmly stating that she bases her work on calculation and harmony, just like art. She takes the egg, saying that there are just some interferences, but she's sure to get the Talismans and get the Holy Grail. The Professor agrees and says that the Silence is very near. He laughs hysterically for a moment, then orders Kaolinite to go, which she does.

Rei stands before some railway tracks, yawning and thinking about how bad she feels. She wonders if she should skip the study meeting. Behind her, Yuuichirou watches. Out loud, he says Rei must be tired. Usagi pops out from behind him and mimics him. Yuuichirou is surprised by her arrival; Usagi says, hands clasped and eyes shining, that Yuuichirou is watching Rei from behind, then says he must want to keep watching his love. She knows the feeling and envies him. He says it's not like that, he's worrying for her health because she's been up all night for a while doing serious fortune-telling. Usagi gets a sly look, and Yuuichirou asks if she knows what Rei's up to. Usagi says it's obvious, Rei is trying to fortune-tell about her love. A big heart saying "Love" in English falls on Yuuichirou's head; he's stunned and demands to know who Rei loves. Usagi says he's silly, Rei's fortunetelling about being married to *him*. Yuuichirou is dazed- him and Rei, married? Usagi starts to talk about her and Mamoru, then smacks Yuuichirou and runs off, telling him not to tell Rei. Yuuichirou gets up and says triumphantly that him and Rei get married. Other people stare at him.

Kaolinite rides the To-den (Tokyo railway) and says that if she uses it, she can automatically check the pure hearts of people. She lets the daimon egg out and it enters the train.

Yuuichirou happily walks down the street. Suddenly his jaw drops as he sees Rei with Haruka. Rei tells Haruka that she didn't yawn, but Haruka leans forward and tells her there are shadows under her eyes. Rei says really? Yuuichirou is stunned- the "man" touched Rei's cheek! Haruka holds out a helmet to Rei, telling her she'll give her a ride. It's safer that way to prevent accidents. Rei says, "Lucky!" and leans towards Haruka. Yuuichirou is heartbroken; he drops the grocery bags he's holding. He says that Rei is with such a man. His love is over. He stumbles home, tripping into the railing once. Meanwhile, Haruka and Rei are on the motorcycle; Haruka asks Rei if she's ready. Rei says to wait a minute, then takes out Yuuichirou's rope and ties it in her hair. Haruka wonders why she doesn't use a ribbon, but Rei says that it's a good-luck charm. Haruka laughs and says she's hurt since she's a safe rider. They drive off.

At the Hikawa Jinja, Rei is having her vision again. The other girls call her name, and she suddenly looks up. The others are worried; Artemis says she looks tired, and Ami says even if the exams are coming up, Rei shouldn't work so hard. Rei says she's okay and gets up to go wash her face. After she leaves, Usagi says girls should enjoy lives of love. Ami says love? The others wonder if she knows something about Rei's problem- Usagi says it's her intuition, and Luna says that's what's worrying them. The others start talking to Usagi about her exams, but Makoto looks worried.

Rei comes back to see Makoto standing outside. Makoto says it doesn't look like Rei's problem is love- she'd look happier if it was. Mako asks if Rei is stressing about the enemy; if she is, she should tell her. Rei thanks her but says she's not sure what's troubling her. When she finds out- Makoto says then the Sailor Senshi will go to work... but could Rei not say it the day before the exam? The two start to laugh.

Yuuichirou is jogging up the steps to the park, wondering angrily who the man with Rei is. He stops in the park by a water fountain when he hears music playing. Michiru is standing at the top of some steps a distance away playing the violin. Yuuichirou stands next to a tree listening to her music. He sees Haruka come towards Michiru and recognizes "him."

Haruka asks Michiru if what they're doing is in vain. Michiru asks her what's wrong, she's not acting like herself. Haruka asks if it's too late, then why are they making so much effort in their mission? Michiru takes Haruka's hand, and Yuuichirou gasps. (Yuuichirou is too far away to hear them.) Michiru says that they knew this when they started- the wheel of fate is already turning. The new awakening is approaching, and in order to stop the Silence, they need the Talismans. Haruka says to do that... Michiru wraps her arms around Haruka and says that they have to sacrifice everything. Haruka takes Michiru's hand and apologizes, saying that the moonlight must have affected her. They gaze into each other's eyes.

Yuuichirou slams his fist against the tree, saying that Haruka is a two-timer, and he won't forgive "him."


Yuuichirou is standing in the rain, getting soaked, opposite of Haruka, who is wearing her school uniform and holding an umbrella. Haruka asks if he's Kumada Yuuichirou; if he has something to say, make it quick since she's busy. Yuuichirou tells her to fight him. Haruka asks if he has a grudge against her, and he says to ask herself, then tosses his jacket to the ground. He runs towards her, but Haruka says "Yare yare" and just moves out of the way. Yuuichirou falls in the mud, and Haruka asks if he's okay. Yuuichirou brushes it off, saying the match has just started. Haruka smiles in exasperation and says, "Oi oi." Yuuichirou continues to lunge at Haruka, who simply continues to move out of the way. Yuuichirou, dirty and beaten, says Haruka's doing a good job. He cries out as he jumps again, and Rei, walking by, hears him and sees the two of them. Haruka asks Yuuichirou if he would mind stopping, but Yuuichirou says it's his way of life and runs again.

Suddenly Rei says, "Yuuichirou!" and he turns, triping on a rock. Rei throws down her things and runs to Haruka's side. After talking to her for a minute, Rei looks at Yuuichirou and demands to know what he's doing. Yuuichirou, on his knees, says that Rei must be with this guy. However... he gets to his feet and says to Haruka that even though he's a two-timer, he must be a man. Haruka tries to interrupt, but Yuuichirou tells him not to make Rei sad anymore and to break up with the other girl (Michiru). Rei turns red, putting her hands on her face. Yuuichirou says that's all and walks away, even as Haruka tries to stop him again. Yuuichirou thinks that he wishes Rei happiness. After he's gone, Haruka asks Rei if she's going to go after him. Rei picks up Yuuichirou's jacket and says she doesn't know, he's really a fool.

At the Hikawa Jinja, the girls comment that it's stopped raining. They're lounging about. Luna says Rei isn't back yet, and Usagi says that Yuuichirou is also gone, so the two must be sharing an umbrella and- Usagi makes kissing noises and says, "Right?" Makoto runs up and says there's a big problem.

Yuuichirou is saying good-bye to Rei's grandfather, who's a bit surprised at such short notice. Yuuichirou apologizes and thanks him for his kindness, then leaves. The four girls run up to them (in different clothes...) and ask what happened, where is he going? He says not to ask him. In the background, he starts to sing a sad song. He runs towards the steps just as Rei is coming up. Rei doesn't look at him, but he looks back at her before running down. Rei finally turns around, tears in her eyes, and says Yuuichirou is a big fool. She watches him run to the end of the steps.

The other girls surround Rei and say she should follow him. She says it's okay and turns around. Usagi says but Yuuichirou will leave if she doesn't talk to him. Rei says it's better for a rash man like him to go whereever he wants; Usagi says that Yuuichirou cares about her and was worrying about her. Tears flood Rei's eyes and she says then why can't Yuuichirou believe her in the end? Usagi smiles and says Rei should tell Yuuichirou that. Rei says, "Usagi..." then Usagi whacks her hard on the back and tells her to go after Yuuichirou. The other girls tell her good luck and she thanks them, then runs after him.

Yuuichirou walks towards the train station. He reaches there and waits on the platform for the train. Rei arrives at the station just as Yuuichirou is about to get on the train. He touches the side of the train, which suddenly turns into a conductor/train daimon, To-den. Rei gasps. Yuuichirou backs away from the daimon, but Kaolinite appears behind him, saying that the trap finally got something. She orders the daimon to get his heart crystal, which it starts to do. Rei transforms into Sailormars.

To-den removes Yuuichirou's heart crystal, and Mars tells them to stop, she won't forgive them for taking it. Kaolinite appears behind Yuuichirou and takes his crystal before disappearing and rematerializing elsewhere. Yuuichirou falls forward, and Mars cries his name. The daimon uses its chance to throw a long strap around Mars and fling her around. Kaolinite examines the heart crystal and realizes it's not the Talisman.

Venus uses her "Venus Love Me Chain" to knock the heart crystal out of Kaolinite's hand and to cut through Mars' strap. The five senshi gather as Sailormoon gives a speech. Kaolinite tells To-den to take care of them and disappears. To-den lets out electric lines which surround the senshi. To-den then "transforms", gathering train parts on her and gets on the tracks. She barrels towards the senshi, who jump out of the way. Jupiter uses "Sparkling Wide Pressure", but To-den sends it flying back. The senshi dive on the tracks. To-den uses its electric lines again which hit the senshi. To-den comes towards them, and Mars throws an anti-evil scroll at it, causing it to come to an "Emergency Stop." Mars stands and says the daimon will pay for taking Yuuichirou's heart crystal. She uses "Burning Mandala" on it, which fries it and the wires. Sailormoon stands up and uses "Moon Spiral Heart Attack" on the daimon.

From a rooftop, Neptune and Uranus watch as the senshi return Yuuichirou's heart crystal. Neptune says, "Not bad," and the two leave.

Rei is sitting on the bench at the station, cradling Yuuichirou's head in her lap. Yuuichirou awakens and asks where the monster is. Rei says he must have been dreaming- he slipped and fell. Yuuichirou winces at the pain in his arm. Rei says he's hurt and ties the rope around his arm. Yuuichirou says, "This is..." and Rei says that next time, Yuuichirou should give her a ribbon. He blushes and says okay. Rei stands and says they should go home. Yuuichirou is about to protest, but Rei says that he has to apologize to Haruka for wanting to fight a woman. Yuuichirou is shocked, yelling, "Josei (woman)?!" but winces at his arm. Rei says she'll carry his bag for him. Usagi watches them from a corner (wearing her original clothes again...) but is yanked back.

As the two walk home, Rei says Yuuichirou should lean on her for support.

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