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Sailormoon S Episode 98

Episode 98: "Tomodachi wo sukue! Moon Uranus rengou"
"Save the friends! Moon and Uranus work together"
Victim of the Day: Katsutoshi Yamada (racer)
Monster of the Day: Tayaan (Tire)
Summary by: Robin based on translations by VKLL. First written 09.02.00. Last modified 10.02.00.

There are TV monitors everyone showing static. One by one, they turn on and show images of the Sailor Team performing their attacks. An image of Tuxedo Kamen appears as well. The Professor gives a voice over to Kaolinite, who is watching the monitors. An image of Neptune and Uranus appears on the many screens, and the Professor says that these two senshi are looking for the Talismans. Whenever a daimon shows up, they appear. Kaolinite says that they must have anticipated the attacks, and the Professor tells her to use that to lead them into a trap. The TVs disappear, leaving Kaolinite in the lab. She says she will get rid of them.

At a dirtbike racetrack, two riders on motorcycles race across the ground. The first racer is leading the second by a little bit and crosses the racing line first. The second crosses and takes off his helmet, cursing.

In the spectators' area, Usagi is excited, saying Haruka won with a big lead. Mamoru says that Haruka's control is excellent, and Rei says that Haruka must have a lot of talent to compete with men. Ami is reading a book and says, "Oh no". Minako asks what's up, and Ami says she got so excited that she forgot an English word. The others fall down.

Haruka has parked her motorcycle and takes off her helmet. Michiru hands her a towel to wipe her face, and Haruka thanks her. Usagi runs up, calling, "Haruka-san!" Haruka is surprised that odango atama is here. Usagi says that Mamoru brought everyone to the race. Suddenly, three angry motorcyclists come up with wrenches, telling Haruka she has some nerve to win the face and she should act more like a woman. Haruka tells them it doesn't matter if you're a man or woman, the fastest one wins the race. They get angry and come closer, and Michiru demands to know if they're going to attack a woman. Mamoru runs forward and tells them not to act like beaten dogs, it'll make them look bad. Then a man with brown hair and freckles tells the racers to leave Haruka alone and just to win the next race. They relunctantly pull away but warn Haruka to avoid getting hurt.

Makoto asks who the man was, and Haruka says it's Katsutoshi Yamada, the rider who came second to her. Michiru says he loves motorcross sports and is pure-hearted. Michiru leans towards Haruka and says that he is the type to have a heart crystal. Haruka says they should keep an eye on him, and Michiru says she'll take care of it.

Mamoru and the five younger girls start walking towards the bus stop. They pass by many vendors' tents, one of whom is selling Rider Dolls. Usagi is attracted by the dolls' cuteness and goes to hug them. As she's cuddling a doll, she hears the bus leaving and runs to the stop in time to see it drive away. She tries chasing after it. Inside the bus, Rei notices Usagi running next to the bus. The others thought she was already on but didn't notice her. Usagi can't run anymore and stops, and the girls wonder what they should do. Mamoru says Usagi isn't a child and will come later; Rei says Usagi is troublesome.

Usagi checks the bus schedule and sees she has to wait another hour. Haruka drives up (wearing a MUCH better uniform) and tells Usagi to get on. Usagi is relunctant, but Haruka says she'll give her a ride. Usagi pulls on a helmet and gets on. They drive off with a truck following them close behind. The truck starts to honk at them, and Haruka pulls to the side, and in the side mirror, one of the losing racers is seen. He laughs and drives to the side, forcing Haruka's motorcycle against the railing. Haruka thinks they've targetted her, then tells Usagi to hold on. She increases her speed and gets in front of the truck, then drives off.

She pulls into an opening in the railing where there's a clearing among trees and bushes. She gets off and kneels behind some bushes. Usagi wonders why the guys in the truck are after her, and Haruka thinks it must be the racers they met earlier. Usagi is doubtful, but the men in the truck get out and look for Haruka. Haruka holds Usagi protectively, and Usagi thinks it's like being held by a man. She says Haruka smells nice, and what type of cologne is she wearing? Haruka tells her to be quiet.

The racers are about to find Haruka when she stands up and demands to know what they want. They attack her, and Usagi says watch out, but Haruka beats them up easily. They crawl away while Haruka tells them to win fairly in a competition. They drive off, and Usagi says Haruka's great.

Yamada is practicing on the racers' training field. Afterwards, he stops on a cliff and looks over at the waterfall. He thinks that in the next race, he'll win for sure. Neptune watches him from tall grasses. Over the water, Kaolinite appears with a daimon egg. The daimon egg floats up and enters Yamada's motorcycle. The motorcycle turns into a daimon, throwing Yamada off. Neptune says it's just as they thought.

Usagi and Haruka are examining Haruka's motorcycle. Usagi asks if it's not working, and Haruka says something's wrong with the plug. Her communicator watch goes off, and Neptune tells Haruka that the sea is growing wild; Haruka has to get over to the training field. Haruka tells Usagi that she has to do something right away; since her bike is broken, she can't drive Usagi home. She says if Usagi goes onto the main road, a bus will come and pick her up. Usagi says she can go home by herself, and Haruka apologizes again as she disappears into the bushes. However, Usagi's curious why Haruka's in a hurry and follows her.

The daimon, a tire daimon named Tire, takes Yamada's heart crystal. Neptune appears and says she won't let the daimon have it, introduces herself, then uses "Deep Submerge." The daimon drops the heart crystal, and Neptune takes it, sees that it's not a Talisman, and returns it to Yamada. She tells him to find a safe place to hide. Kaolinite appears and laughs, saying she's been waiting for Neptune. Neptune says, "What?" and Kaolinite says that she didn't care about the heart crystal, she was just expecting Neptune to show up. Tire says, "Double Tire" and turns into two daimons. They transform into tires with heads and fly around Neptune, wrapping her in ropes and slamming her into a tree, tying her around that. They're about to kill her when Uranus's voice interrupts them. Kaolinite says Uranus has come, and she'll die too. The daimons attack Uranus but she dodges them.

Usagi's running through the forest thinking that Haruka runs too fast. She reaches the clearing, stops, and gasps.


Usagi sees Neptune tied up against the tree and Kaolinite sitting on one of the branches. Uranus is standing off against the daimons. Usagi transforms into Sailormoon. Meanwhile, Uranus dodges the daimons' attacks again, but Kaolinite tells her to stop if she wants her partner to live. Kaolinite is holding a knife underneath Neptune's neck. Then Sailormoon's tiara comes flying by, cutting through the ropes holding Neptune and knocking the knife out of Kaolinite's hand; Kaolinite falls backwards, and Neptune falls to the ground. Uranus turns to see Sailormoon, who gives her usual speech. The daimons rush Sailormoon, who somewhat clumsily manages to avoid them. Sailormoon tells Uranus to get Neptune and leave quickly, but Uranus tells her to stay out of this. She sees the daimons barreling towards Moon and shoves her out of the way, hurting her shoulder in the process. Sailoruranus tells Sailormoon to leave, but Moon grabs her hand and tells her she should leave.

Kaolinite notices that their "combination" isn't good, and orders the daimon to go. The daimons yell, "Chaining" and shoot light out of their mouths which creates handcuffs/chains around Uranus and Moon's wrists, tying them together. The daimons attack again but Uranus and Sailormoon can't get away since they pull in opposite directions. Kaolinite laughs and says that they're sad, looking like a bad three-legged race. Uranus and Sailormoon pull again in the opposite directions but are flung back against each other and fall to the ground. Kaolinite says they must hate each other for being in this situation and says they'll die that way.

The daimons are about to attack again, but Neptune yells to Uranus that she has to live and finish their mission. Kaolinite's hair wraps around Neptune's neck and tosses her over the cliff into the waterfall. Uranus yells, "Neptune!" and Sailormoon starts to run towards the waterfalls, but Uranus drags her the other way into the bushes with Sailormoon demanding to know where she's going. Kaolinite orders the daimons to follow them.

Uranus and Moon run through the forest into a cave. They hide behind some rocks. Sailormoon says Neptune might be alive so doesn't Uranus want to try to save her? Uranus ignores her, trying to take off the handcuffs but can't. Sailormoon tells her it hurts, and Uranus tells her to be quiet. The daimons approach and beam their headlights into the cave; they see nothing and move on. Sailormoon then says the daimons are gone so they can go save Neptune; isn't Uranus worried that Neptune might die? Uranus says they'll die if they go out with the cuffs on. Sailormoon says that Uranus is betraying Neptune, she's horrible! Uranus stands up, angry, and tells Sailormoon she doesn't know what she is talking about. Uranus turns around and says that she and Neptune made a promise: if one of them was in trouble, the other one would leave her to complete their mission of finding the Talismans. Sailormoon asks what the Talismans are, but Uranus says she doesn't have to tell her. Sailormoon gets upset, saying that the owners of the heart crystals would die, so how can Sailoruranus be so cold? Sailoruranus snaps that Sailormoon is too kind- the Silence is approaching, and to prevent it, they need the Talismans. No one wants there to be any sacrifices, but if they have to be made for the world's sake, so what would Sailormoon do?! The two stare at each other in silence.

Kaolinite floats over the waterfall, wondering if Neptune is dead.

Sailoruranus and Moon are sitting on the ground. Some water drips from the ceiling rocks and hits Uranus's hurt shoulder. She winces. Sailormoon sees that the wound is bleeding. She puts her handkerchief into a small pool of water and tends the wound even though Uranus tells her not to touch her; Sailormoon asks what if it gets infected? Uranus says it's none of her business but Sailormoon ties the handkerchief around her shoulder anyway. Uranus is confused why Sailormoon is helping her. Sailormoon says she can't ignore an injured person. She then asks Uranus to do her a favor: her back is itching, so could Uranus scratch it? Uranus gets a weird look on her face but does it anyway. Uranus says Sailormoon's a strange girl; she thought Sailormoon was an annoyance, but when they're together like this-

The daimons return to the cave and look around. Sailoruranus pulls Sailormoon into a protective embrace (like Haruka did to Usagi earlier), and Sailormoon smells Sailoruranus's cologne. She thinks that it's impossible- Her thoughts are cut off when the daimons launch themselves at the rocks the two senshi are hidden behind. Sailormoon says they should go find Neptune and the two run out of the cave.

Kaolinite sees them and orders the daimons to kill them. Sailormoon and Uranus jump over the daimons at the same time. Sailormoon taunts the daimons, and then she and Uranus duck at the same time, the daimons flying over them. Kaolinite is shocked- they aren't acting like they were before, they are more synchronized now. The daimons yell, "Chaining" again, but Uranus and Moon lift up the chains so that the shot breaks the chains.

Kaolinite yells, "Baka!" at the daimons, then wonders how Sailormoon and Uranus can cooperate so well in such a short period of time. Below in the water, Sailorneptune swims to a rock. Kaolinite sees her: "You're still alive? Die!" and leaps down towards her. However, Sailormoon body slams her out of the way. Moon falls to the ground, and a daimon heads towards her. Uranus stands in front of Sailormoon and uses "World Shaking" to destroy the daimon. Sailormoon gets up and uses "Moon Spiral Heart Attack" on the other daimon.

Kaolinite says she won't forget this and disappears. Sailormoon smiles at Uranus and says they did well. Uranus smiles back, but then frowns, saying she'll respect Sailormoon a little, but no one will interfere with their mission. She goes down to see Neptune, who has climbed to shore. Uranus kneels down next to her, and Neptune asks her why she risked saving her. Uranus says that the one who saved Neptune is "her" and looks up towards the top of the cliff. Neptune says, "Sailormoon?!"

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