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Sailormoon S Episode 97

Episode 97: "Mizu no labyrinth! Neraareta Ami"
"The labyrinth of water! They are after Ami"
Victim of the Day: Mizuno Ami (Sailormercury)
Monster of the Day: Doburin (Dovelin)
Random Comment: This episode's animation is good. Michiru looks VERY beautiful throughout the episode.
Summary by: Robin based on translations by VKLL. First written 09.01.00. Last modified 10.02.00.

At Juuban Junior High, a man calls, "Mizuno-kun." Ami stops on the steps, and the man tells her she left her book in the audio-visual room. She bows and thanks him. He's surprised that she forgot the book and hopes that aren't any problems. Usagi sees them at the bottom of the stairs and listens. The man says that he heard Ami's been helping some poor students; Usagi gets an embarrassed look on her face. He continues by saying that if they're a burden- Usagi looks even more depressed/upset- to come talk to him. Ami says that even if the man is vice-principal, he shouldn't call the students a burden. The man waves it off and says he just wants her to study, then leaves.

In the locker area, Usagi thinks that she really is a burden. However, Naru pulls her up and tells her that Usagi promised to buy her pizza in exchange for copying her homework. Naru drags her away and tells her she has to buy for Umino too; Usagi says, "Eh?!" When they're gone, Ami comes down, looking depressed. She says, "Just study?"

Ami is sitting on some steps and sighs. A hand touches her shoulder and she sees Mamoru. Mamoru asks if there's anything wrong since she's not acting like herself. Ami asks him that without studying, what else is there to her? He looks puzzled, and she apologizes for saying weird things. Ami says that she's just been thinking. Her mother is a doctor, and her childhood dream is to be a doctor too. To get that dream, she's basically been studying without doing anything else, but now she wonders if her dream is good. Mamoru thinks it's an admirable dream, but Ami says that people with real dreams are better. Usagi, for instance, has many real dreams and shines; Mamoru relunctantly agrees that Usagi has more dreams than most people. Ami wonders how she can become a good doctor just by studying. Mamoru says that's too bad, he'd like a pretty girl like her to give him shots. Ami asks if he hates needles, and Mamoru affirms that he hates them. Ami laughs, and Mamoru asks if that's funny? She says yes. She gets up and tells him she feels better now. She's going to go to the pool and runs off. Mamoru says that Ami is radiant the way she is now.

Kaolinite watches and says that Ami is the genius girl. She thinks that Ami must have a pure heart filled with talent and confidence.

At the Sports Center pool, Ami gets into the water and thinks how no one is here. She starts swimming. Michiru is in the water too and sees her, thinking how animatedly Ami swims. She swims past Ami, who sees her and thinks: "How pretty...!"

The two surface for air. Michiru asks her if she was aligned with the water in a previous life too? Ami says, "Saa.." Michiru swims closer to her and gives her a look. She asks Ami for a little match, and Haruka's voice calls "Set." Michiru says they'll swim to the other side of the pool, and Ami agrees. At Haruka's "Go" they both swim. Michiru notes that Ami is fast. They both swim well, but Michiru notices Ami doing something. They both reach the other end at the same time. Ami smiles and says that they tied. Michiru doesn't answer her and swims past her. Ami says, "Ano..." then gets out of the pool.

Michiru is drying her hair and doesn't turn around to look at Ami. She asks Ami why Ami slowed down, then asks if Ami was purposely trying to lose? Ami gets upset and says she didn't mean to, apologizes, then runs out. Michiru is surprised as the girl leaves. Haruka, lying on the diving board, tells Michiru she was mean and made Ami cry. Michiru says she didn't do anything. Haruka says that Ami just wanted to be her friend. She has no self-confidence so unconsciously wanted to avoid conflict. Haruka says that Michiru was bad to Ami. Michiru defends herself by saying she just wanted to do the match seriously. Haruka laughs, and Michiru gets annoyed with her. But she says: "But, as it is, the poor girl..."

Ami is walking up the steps to the Hikawa Jinja, feeling depressed. She berates herself, then continues up. Inside, the girls are studying. When Ami enters, Minako, Makoto, and Rei launch themselves at her with questions and their books. Usagi, however, jumps up in front of Ami and yells at them to study by themselves. The other three are shocked that Usagi is actually talking sensibly for once. Usagi says that Ami is special and should just study to become a doctor; if they bother her, she won't forgive them. Ami says, "Just study?" and Usagi nods. Ami thanks Usagi and says she forgot something. As she turns to leave, Usagi notices that she has tears in her eyes. The other girls think Usagi and Ami have reversed roles- Usagi wants to study and Ami forgot something. Rei says they should study before Usagi's interest in it wanes, but Usagi says she forgot something too. The other three fall to the ground.

Usagi runs after Ami, wondering if she said something wrong. Ami is on a bridge feeling even worse. Even Usagi told her to study... but she admits she has nothing else to do. Haruka drives up behind her on her motorcycle. Haruka says that her partner wants a rematch, so accept so Haruka won't get in trouble. She'll give Ami a ride to the sports center on her bike. Ami says stiffly, "No, thank you, I'll walk." Haruka says, "Whatever you say."

Luna and Artemis are walking on the street. Artemis says it's a beautiful sunset, and Luna says, "Really?" Peeved, Artemis says it's *not* a beautiful sunset, but Luna isn't paying attention because she sees Ami. Artemis says that Ami must be at the study group, but Luna is certain that she saw Ami. She runs after her and Artemis follows.

In the Professor's lab, a new daimon egg is created and released.


Ami walks into the Sports Center's pool area carrying a towel. Michiru, wearing a different swimsuit and hairstyle, doesn't turn around. She says she's glad Ami came... or did Haruka insist? Ami says coolly that she came because she wanted to, and she's sorry about the last match. But is Michiru teasing her? Michiru looks at her and says she just wants a rematch.

Artemis tells Usagi that Ami is at the Sports Center. Usagi wonders why, but Artemis doesn't know. He says Luna is watching Ami though. Outside the Sports Center, Luna hopes nothing is wrong.

Inside, Michiru says that they'll do a freestyle 100M race. They stand on the diving blocks and position themselves at Haruka's "Set." Haruka, sitting in a chair next to the pool, snaps her fingers and they take off. As they're swimming, Ami thinks that Michiru's fast. Michiru thinks that Ami is as good as she thought, but she won't lose. Ami is surprised that Michiru's smiling. The two hit the flip turn off the wall and start the other way. Haruka thinks that they're evenly matched. As they're swimming, Ami thinks that it's the first time she's met such a person, and she might lose. She wonders why she's taking this match so seriously and wonders if it's because she doesn't want to lose. She decides that it's not because she's afraid of losing, it's because she doesn't want to run away. She should do everything at her best and not run away.

After the match, the two catch their breath. Michiru's sitting on the ground at the poolside, Ami's still in the pool. Haruka puts a towel on Michiru's shoulders and tells them that they were tied. Michiru asks Ami if it wasn't that bad trying her best? Ami agrees. Michiru undoes her hair, then offers her hand to Ami, who takes it. Michiru pulls her out of the pool. Ami thanks her, and Michiru says, "My pleasure. It was fun. I'll see you around." She and Haruka leave.

Ami watches them, smiling, then stretches and decides to go back into the pool to swim some more. The daimon egg floats in through the ceiling glass and enters the pool. Kaolinite watches. Ami gasps as the pool water turns into a daimon, Doburin, which has an innertube around its center and snorkeling gear on. It tells Ami that it'll take her pure heart. The water sucks Ami underneath, then splashes her out of the pool against the window. The water turns into a glue-like substance. The daimon takes off its swimming cap, saying, "Lane one, I'm off!" and the black star underneath sends out a beam at Ami.

Outside, Usagi sees the lights from the pool's level. Luna tells her a daimon's appeared, and Artemis tells her to transform. She turns into Sailormoon. Inside, she tells the daimon she won't forgive it. Kaolinite tells Doburin to take care of Sailormoon. Doburin twirls around and lets loose an innertube, which holds down Sailormoon's arms. Doburin then takes out Ami's heart crystal. Sailormoon yells that they can't hurt Ami, she's smart, sweet, will become the best doctor, and is her important friend. Ami gets tears in her eyes.

Kaolinite says the heart crystal isn't a Talisman and is about to throw it to the ground when Tuxedo Kamen's rose knocks it out of her hand. He says he can't allow her to hurt the heart crystal. Kaolinite tells Doburin to get rid of them and leaves. Doburin lets out a stream of water from its head at Tuxedo Kamen, but he dodges it, then shoots out his cane, smacking the daimon's head into the water. The daimon says it's lucky it has a lifesaver, but the two cats pop it, and the daimon swims to the side of the pool. Tuxedo Kamen uses his roses to pop Sailormoon's innertube, and she uses "Moon Spiral Heart Attack" on the daimon.

The water releases Ami. Sailormoon gives the crystal back to Ami, who awakens. Sailormoon is relieved, and Ami thanks Sailormoon. Outside the doors, Neptune says that it's unfortunately not the Talisman. Uranus says she knows Neptune is relieved. Inside, Sailormoon apologizes for hurting Ami's feelings. Ami says it's okay, she thinks she can be herself again. Tuxedo Kamen asks if she's alright now, and she says yes, that she knows she has to try her best at everything and never give up. Sailormoon's disturbed by their friendly conversation, and she says Tuxedo Kamen is *her* Tuxedo Kamen. Ami says she won't give up and the two run around Tuxedo Kamen, Sailormoon saying he's hers, and Ami repeating that she won't give up. Ami then says they should stop playing and go study. Sailormoon falls to the ground.

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