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Sailormoon S Episode 96

Episode 96: "Reikokuna Uranus? Makoto no pinch"
"The cruel Uranus? Makoto in a pinch"
Victim of the Day: Kino Makoto (Sailorjupiter)
Monster of the Day: Sukaa (Pun on 'sukaafu', which means 'scarf')
Important Firsts: (The animation in this episode is sooo bad, you'd think they'd fire the guy in charge of the character designs.) Haruka and Michiru's communicator watches are first shown. "The Silence" is first mentioned.
Summary by: Robin based on translations by VKLL. First written 09.01.00. Last modified 10.02.00.

Haruka starts up her motorcycle and drives off.

Usagi and Makoto are walking towards Rei's shrine. Usagi says that she's hungry but has to study. Makoto laughs and tells her to be strong, and she'll make roast beef sandwiches for everyone. Usagi says, "Really? Lucky!" and is happy, saying that it's great that they have a friend who is such a talented cook. Makoto looks away and says it's not really a talent. Since she's so tall and athletic, she thought she should at least learn to cook well, so she does it all the time. Usagi is surprised and says that she thinks even if Mako couldn't cook well, Makoto is still pretty. Mako says "Thank you." Usagi insists that Makoto is pretty, and the first time they met, she was surprised that Mako was so pretty. Makoto doesn't believe her and laughs, but says she'll make Usagi big sandwiches.

The two girls cross the street (the pedestrian light is green) when suddenly Haruka's motorcycle comes roaring towards them. Haruka sees them and tries to break; Makoto yells, "Usagi-chan!" and pushes her out of the way. Haruka manages to break just in time, stopping just before she hits Makoto lying on Usagi.

Makoto looks up to see Haruka take off her helmet; she blushes. Haruka puts the brake on and asks them if they're okay. Usagi sees Haruka and says she's alright. She looks to Makoto and is surprised to see Makoto all starry-eyed. Usagi sweatdrops and has a weird look on her face throughout the rest of the scene. Haruka notices Mako's hand is bleeding; Makoto looks at her hand in surprise. Haruka takes the scarf from around her neck and ties it around Makoto's hand. Makoto blushes and gets starry-eyed again; Haruka says that she was thinking about something else and wasn't paying attention. She apologizes, then says that Makoto cares a lot about her friends (to protect them like that). Mako just stares at Haruka.

Haruka is on her motorcycle again and apologizes once more. She then drives off, throwing them a kiss (big flirt). Usagi waves happily and turns to thank Makoto for protecting her. She instead sees Makoto's not paying attention and is still watching Haruka drive off. She pops up and gives Makoto a look, saying that even though Haruka looks cool, she's a woman. Makoto blushes and shakes her hands saying she knows so don't talk like that. The two pause, then burst into laughter. Usagi agrees- what is she talking about?

Michiru is floating alone in a pool. She and Haruka have a conversation about their mission. Haruka says that they have to find the Messiah by getting the three Talismans. Michiru asks even at the cost of the Talisman-holders' lives? Haruka says yes. Michiru says that it's for world peace, and Haruka repeats her. Haruka adds that the Silence is coming soon, so they don't have much time. They think of the scene from Rei's dream, and Michiru agrees that they have to find the Messiah at all costs. Michiru gets out of the pool and touches the communicator watch on the table. She tells Haruka that the sea is restless. Haruka, on her motorcycle, talks in her own communicator watch and says she can feel it too, but she hasn't seen anything yet.

Down the street, Usagi, Makoto, and Ami pass by without seeing Haruka. Mako asks Usagi if she knows where Haruka lives. Usagi says she doesn't know, and Ami asks if Haruka-san is *that* Haruka-san. Mako says yes, and Usagi wants to know what she's going to do with the scarf. Makoto blushes and says she just wants to return it, that's it. Usagi looks at Makoto suspiciously. They pass by Kaolinite, who looks at them and murmurs to the daimon egg if it's seen the target. The egg floats above them. Suddenly a gust of wind blows the scarf out of Mako's hand. She runs after it, telling it to wait, since otherwise she won't have an excuse to see Haruka-san. Ami says, "An excuse?" and Usagi laughs nervously.

The scarf flies into a parking lot and lands underneath a car. Makoto looks for it, then spots it underneath a car. She tries reaching for it, and as she's doing so, the daimon egg enters the scarf. Makoto finally gets the scarf, but then it turns into a daimon, and she feels the claw around her hand. She sees the daimon, screams, and pulls her hand back, running to the wall. The daimon comes out and approaches Makoto. Usagi and Ami run up and see the daimon, and Ami pushes Usagi to the side so they can transform, which they do.

The daimon, Sukaa, has a weird mask on over a cloak. It wraps material around Makoto's body, binding her, and Mercury uses "Shine Aqua Illusion" to freeze the material. Makoto breaks out of it, and Sailormoon holds out her Spiral Moon Heart Rod, demanding to know what the daimon is doing at such an early time in the day. Kaolinite is upset that the senshi are already there and tells Sukaa to retreat. The daimon jumps in the air and runs away, laughing maniacally. Mercury and Moon sweatdrop. Makoto falls to her knees.

From a rooftop nearby, Uranus and Neptune watch. Neptune says Makoto's the next target, and Uranus says the Sailor Senshi are getting in the way so they don't know if Makoto has the Talisman or not. Neptune says why don't they just tell the other senshi what they know and fight with them? Uranus says that to prevent the Silence, sacrifices have to be made. Does Neptune think the other senshi can do that? Neptune says then what's Uranus's plan? Uranus says they should keep an eye on Makoto.


Usagi enters Makoto's classroom announcing that they should walk home together. A girl informs Usagi Makoto's already left. Makoto's in the parking lot searching for the scarf. Usagi runs up and asks what she's doing. Makoto tells her she's looking for Haruka's scarf from that morning. Usagi sweatdrops and tells Makoto to remember what she said yesterday, and Makoto tells her not to worry about it.

Haruka and Michiru drive up in a yellow convertible and greet Makoto. Haruka says that she has something she wants to talk to Makoto about and invites her to go on a drive. Makoto points to herself and says, "Me? Sure!" Usagi gets mad but Haruka asks her if she sees something wrong in Makoto going on a drive with other girls. Michiru laughs. Usagi turns red and gets nervous, saying no. Haruka says then there's no problem, they'll just have some fun. She looks at Makoto and asks if she'll join them. Mako, starry-eyed, says, "Hai," and Usagi gets upset again.

The three are driving in the convertible. Haruka introduces Makoto to Michiru, calling her her classmate. Makoto is surprised, wondering how old they are. Michiru says they're in the first year of high school (10th grade). Makoto is even more surprised and asks them if it's okay for Haruka to be driving. Michiru asks Haruka, and Haruka says, lamely, that she got a license overseas. Michiru looks back at Makoto and says that's her answer. Haruka then comments on how pretty Makoto's earrings are and how well they suit her. Makoto blushes, then asks what Haruka wants to talk to her about. Haruka says she just wants to be friends with Makoto. Makoto is confused.

Meanwhile, Usagi's told the other three girls that Makoto's on a date. Usagi says it's with another woman though. Ami says that's a problem, and Minako wonders if Makoto's changed her preferences. Ami says that's not what she meant. Usagi says it's Haruka-san, and Minako sweatdrops, saying she can't comment. Rei says she can't believe it, even though Haruka's cool looking. Ami says that's not the problem, but Usagi pulls out one of Rei's magazines with a picture of a woman dressed up as a man, and Rei yells at Usagi not to bring her stuff into it. Ami slams her fists down on the table and yells, "That's not it!" She turns completely red as the others sweatdrop, looking at her. Ami manages to say that Makoto shouldn't be alone because the enemy's after her pure heart crystal. The others nod.

Haruka and Michiru are standing together looking at the boats over the ocean. Makoto stands apart from them, talking into her communicator watch. She tells the other girls that she's at Marine Park. Ami says they'll come over, but Makoto says if any bad guys come, she'll beat them up, so please leave her alone. She looks at Haruka. Then Usagi pushes Ami out of the way, followed by Minako and Rei, who tell her not to give up, there are lots of men in the world. Makoto laughs nervously and tells them it's really not what they're thinking. She looks at Haruka again and thinks that Haruka looks cool, and she likes Haruka's coolness. Haruka looks up and waves at her. Makoto waves back, and Haruka gasps. Makoto turns around and sees the daimon.

The daimon says its name, then pulls open the blue cloak around her. Makoto gasps and covers her eyes, then looks up and sees that the daimon has a red dress underneath. The blue cloak floats away, and then the daimon's dress wraps around Makoto's body. Haruka and Michiru yell, "Mako-chan!" Haruka throws a rock at the daimon, which knocks the mask off of its face. Haruka tells the daimon to let Makoto go, and Makoto tells them to run away. Sukaa gets mad and tells them throwing stones is dangerous. She uses her dress to hit Haruka and Michiru, who fly into the bushes. Makoto yells their names. Kaolinite appears and tells them there are no more distractions so take Makoto's heart crystal. The daimon pulls open its dress, showing the black star on its right breast. A beam shoots out of it and hits Makoto, who starts screaming in pain.

In the bushes, Neptune and Uranus watch the scene. Neptune says it's going as planned. Uranus agrees, saying she feels sorry for Makoto, but there's no other choice. The heart crystal appears and Makoto's eyes blank out and her face falls. Neptune looks worried, and Uranus gets a pissed look on her face. The heart crystal floats into Kaolinite's hands, but a moment later, Uranus's "World Shaking" knocks it out. Neptune catches the crystal. Uranus tells them sorry, but they need the Talisman. Kaolinite gets angry and tells Sukaa to get rid of them, then disappears. Sukaa releases Makoto, who falls to the ground, and attacks Uranus. Uranus says she won't let them have the heart crystal. Makoto, meanwhile, lies on the ground motionless and thinks that Uranus and Neptune were waiting all this time for her heart crystal, watching as Haruka got attacked.

Then the other four Sailor Senshi appear. Venus uses "Venus Love-Me Chain" and Mars "Burning Mandala" on Sukaa, but it creates illusionary multiples of itself which block the attacks. Sukaa then uses its dress to body wrap the two senshi. Meanwhile, Neptune tells Uranus the heart crystal isn't a Talisman. Sailormoon tells them to please return the crystal. Uranus tosses it to her telling her to return it quickly. Sailormoon stares at them for a moment before Mercury reminds her to return it. Neptune notes that Mars and Venus are in trouble, and Uranus says they're pathetic. Neptune uses "Deep Submerge" on the daimon, and it releases Venus and Mars.

In the bushes, Mercury and Moon ask if Makoto is alright. She says yes, and Sailormoon says she should rest, but Makoto says she can't. She then transforms into Sailorjupiter and uses "Sparkling Wide Pressure" on the daimon. She tells Sailormoon now, and Sailormoon uses "Moon Spiral Heart Attack" to destroy Sukaa.

Uranus and Neptune are about to leave, but Jupiter tells them to wait. She's angry at how they're always around waiting to get the heart crystal; they're no different than the daimon. Uranus says, "So what?" and Jupiter says she'll beat them up. Jupiter attacks, but Uranus smirks and blocks her arm before punching her in the stomach. Jupiter falls to the ground, and her friends run to her side. Neptune and Uranus leave. As the two are running, Neptune criticizes Uranus for not restraining herself; she then notices the cut on Uranus's hand. Uranus says that Jupiter is strong.

Jupiter sees Haruka's scarf on the ground and wonders why it's here. Then she hears Mercury say that they found Haruka and Michiru. As Makoto, she shakes Haruka's shoulder, who's lying "passed out" on the ground. Makoto calls her name frantically until Haruka wakes up; Makoto says she's relieved. Haruka asks about the daimon, and Michiru says that the Sailor Senshi came and took care of it. Makoto throws herself at Haruka and hugs her, saying she's relieved she's okay; Michiru's smiling and Haruka looks surprised. Makoto is crying a little and thinks Haruka got hurt because she was with her. She then notices the cut on Haruka's hand and says Haruka got hurt. She ties Haruka's scarf around Haruka's the wound. Haruka recognizes it, and Makoto says she thought she should return it. Haruka smiles, and Makoto thinks Haruka's wonderful. Someday, she wants to be a wonderful woman just like Haruka.

Sometime later, Usagi, Minako, Rei, and Ami are walking down the street in their school uniforms. They're discussing Makoto's "situation," and Minako said that Makoto was doing the same "fall for sempai lookalike" thing she always does. They pass by a store, and Ami notices Makoto's inside. Makoto is trying on a scarf tied in a bow around her neck. She looks at herself in the mirror. She imitates the kiss that Haruka did before and smiles at her reflection.

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