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Sailormoon S Episode 95

Episode 95: "Koi no otasuke ha Moon ni omakase"
"Leave it up to Moon to aid in love"
Victim of the Day: Umino Gurio
Monster of the Day: Daihaato (Daiheart)
Summary by: Robin based on translations by VKLL. First written 09.01.00. Last modified 10.02.00.

In the Professor's lab, Kaolinite appears and says that she's found a new target: the pure hearts of lovers. She asks if the Professor has a new daimon egg ready. The scientist asks her how many daimon eggs she will waste to achieve their goal, since at this rate, they'll use many without success. Kaolinite says she'll be ready this time. The Professor gives her a new egg, and she leaves.

Usagi is at school, looking for Umino. She can't find him and wonders where he is. Then Umino calls Usagi's name from an alley. Usagi asks what he's doing there, and he tells her he has a secret story. He recounts how Naru has been acting strangely, but when he asked her if she was hiding anything from him, she laughed and said no. He's very worried and wonders if she has a new boyfriend, then says how he's been working hard to make fried shrimp for her everyday. He gets very emotional and worked up over the shrimp making, and Usagi comments how sad he is. Usagi says she'll ask Naru about it anyway, and Umino says he's counting on her.

Later, Usagi and Naru are sitting in front of a fountain. Usagi asks Naru how she's doing with Umino, and Naru says she's worried because Umino's been acting strange lately. Usagi says Naru feels that way too? and Naru's confused, but Usagi asks her what she means. Naru thinks Umino might have a new girlfriend, and Usagi reassures her that's not the case since Umino can't be *that* popular. Naru gets a bit angry, saying Umino is a good person, then leaves. Usagi thinks that the two of them just have a misunderstanding that needs to be resolved, so she'll go to Rei for help on the subject, since Rei told her to come to her anytime for help with love.

Usagi is at Rei's place telling her the story. Rei says that the problem is they just want reassurance from the other that they still love each other, so she has a solution: enter Naru and Umino in an Affection Contest. The winning couple gets to turn on the light on the heart monument in Lovers' Park. Rei figures that during the contest, their love will deepen. Usagi gets excited and wants to enter with Mamoru, but Rei tells her if they win, Naru and Umino's relationship will suffer. Usagi says, "Oh," then comments how Rei is so smart. Rei gets irritated but just tells Usagi that she should hurry since the contest is on a first come, first serve basis.

Usagi runs up the steps to where the contest is being held in Lovers' Park. Umino and Naru follow her, wondering where she's going, but Usagi tells them to hurry up. However, when she reaches the top, she sees a sign that says the contest is not accepting any more applicants, and she falls down, upset. She tells Naru and Umino that she hoped to help them by entering them in the contest. Naru and Umino both say at the same time, "Well, to tell you the truth..." and pull out tickets for the contest at the same time. They look at each other surprised and blush. Umino says he wanted to enter the contest all along, and Naru says that's why he was nervous. Usagi points out that Naru was the same though.

That evening, Umino prepares for bed by stretching. He gets into bed and starts counting sheep to fall asleep. (He also makes sheep sounds (baaing)). (A big poster of Naru's face hangs above his bed.) Meanwhile, the daimon egg enters the big heart statue. The next morning, Umino is still up and is still counting sheep (he's at 13,000), trying to fall asleep.

Haruka and Michiru sense the prescence of evil in Lovers' Park and think a daimon will attack there soon. Haruka says she won't let the enemies have the Talismans.

Usagi is with Naru and Umino at the contest. Umino is acting funny, still baaing, and unable to walk properly. Usagi spots Minako, Makoto, Rei, and Ami and asks them what they're doing there. Rei says they're here to cheer Naru and Umino on; Minako says whereever there is love, she will appear; Makoto says it looks fun; and Ami says it's for her "interest." The others ask "What interest?" and Ami says it's just a figure out speech but blushes anyway, covering her face in embarrassment.

Usagi notices Haruka and Michiru; Rei says they look great. Mako wonders if they're entering the contest, and Mina says, "Between girls?" But they say that Haruka and Michiru look like a real couple.

An announcer says that the contest will begin soon, so please come to the stage. Usagi says they'll go cheer Umino and Naru on, and the others agree. On stage, the MC begins the show and says that the couples on stage (five couples, all pretty goofy-looking except for Haruka and Michiru) are full of love, and the winners of the Affection Contest are the ones who are most pure-hearted in that love. Kaolinite watches from behind a tree in back of the crowd and laughs.

Usagi cheers for Naru and Makoto for Umino, but Rei calls to Michiru how great she looks, and Minako yells at Haruka to look at her. The other three look at the two, asking them who's side they're on. Ami says that that's what's called a "stumbled assassin." Rei and Minako bow their heads and grin, apologizing.

The first test is sort of a warm-up. The girlfriends are behind doors with only their hands visible through holes in the doors. The boyfriends must identify their girlfriend's hand. Haruka finds Michiru's hand within a few seconds. The MC's surprised at how fast Haruka is. The younger girls watch. Usagi says, surprised: "Haruka-san..." and Ami wonders if they really have such a relationship. Everyone looks at her and she blushes. On stage, the MC asks Haruka to tell them the name of her girlfriend. Haruka is irritated by the request, but the MC says he's just doing what he's supposed to. Haruka closes her eyes and says confidentally/arrogantly, "Michiru" and Michiru comes out. The MC says Haruka's right. The other boyfriends continue to search for their girlfriends.

Usagi says Umino is next. On stage, Umino is deciding between two hands. One has a bandage on it, the other doesn't. Umino remembers how one day Naru gave him a handkerchief and had a bandage on her hand, so he decides the bandaged one is Naru's. The MC tells him to call his girlfriend's name, which he does. The girl behind the door says, "You're wrong," and the MC repeats it. Umino is certain that it's Naru's hand and pulls on it; the girl says he's hurting her and punches him in the face. Everyone laughs, and Usagi says, "Yare yare..." Naru is exasperated, thinking that she had her bandage six months ago, then realizes Umino still remembers that even though it happened a long time ago.

The MC asks Umino, who's on the ground, how he feels. Umino says bad, but it's not as bad as Naru must feel in her heart. He lifts his arms up and yells to Naru to forgive him. The MC sweatdrops and says he'll move on to the next contestant. Haruka has her hand on her forehead, saying that this is just a game (so Umino shouldn't take it so seriously). Michiru looks away and says she thinks it's wonderful that Umino is taking it to heart. To him, it's not just a game. Haruka has on her face the look of a person who's been criticized.


Next is the "three-legged contest of love," which is a three-legged contest but the contestants apparently have to balance an egg on a ping-pong paddle (@.o;;;) Michiru and Haruka win of course. Following that is the "karaoke of love" contest, which Haruka and Michiru win again. Umino sings something about turtle eggs, while Naru sweatdrops and tells him that's wrong. Haruka says that Umino's horrible, but Michiru says that he's number one in love. Haruka agrees, and they hope that Umino wins the contest.

Afterwards, all the contestants are back on stage. The MC says it's the final part of the contest where the lovers have to confess their love for each other. The audience will be the judges through their applause. The MC points the microphone at Haruka, telling Michiru Haruka will confess "his" love for her. Haruka and Michiru are both smiling confidentally with their eyes closed, and Haruka says, "Show is over" (in REALLY bad English). The MC is surprised. Haruka says the show is over and they give up. They only entered for fun, but if they keep playing, they might win. The ones who should win are those who are truly in love. Haruka demonstrates her showmanship by saying with feeling, "Love... love is everything!" The audience stares at her in awe, and Haruka says, "That's all" and leaves. Michiru pauses, then follows saying, "Good-bye".

The MC moves on to another couple: a man in a trenchcoat, Takao, and a round woman with pigtails and glasses, Hanako. The man tells the girlfriend that he wants her to come with her, and she says she's happy, but hugs the MC tightly instead. The man says her eyes are so bad. The next guy says love is a fight and runs towards his girlfriend; she shrieks and hits him with a hammer, and he says, lying on the ground, that love is to endure.

The MC moves on to Umino and Naru. Umino isn't sure what to say, but walks towards Naru and trips over the microphone wire. Everyone laughs at him. Umino, on the ground, starts to talk sincerely about how Naru is like the sun. He's probably not perfect enough for her and isn't sure why she's dating him, but he's always happy when he sees her smile, so to protect her smile, he'll dedicate his life to her. Naru and everyone in the audience is crying from his speech. Even the MC is stunned into silence from the moving words, and the audience cheers loudly for Umino. The MC says that Umino and Naru have, without a doubt, won.

Umino and Naru head towards the love monument. Umino thinks this is a testament of their love for each other and reaches out to touch it. Suddenly a bright light shines from it, and it transforms into a heart daimon, "Daiheart." Everyone runs away, and Umino stands in front of Naru. Naru tells Umino to run away, but Umino says that it's their love monument. Naru doesn't care, but the daimon says that Umino must be have a Talisman in his pure heart for thinking of his girlfriend. The black star under her eye shoots out a beam towards the two; Umino pushes Naru out of the way and takes the beam. Naru screams, "Umino!" and so does Usagi. The five senshi transform (Usagi's full transformation sequence, the other four thankfully have condensed versions).

The daimon is about to take Umino's heart crystal when the Sailor Team stops her. Sailormoon says that even if Cupid forgives the daimon, she won't. The other senshi say their names. Kaolinite laughs, and Daiheart puts its hand in its heart-chest. Suddenly five men appear and invite the senshi to dance: "Let's dancing." All the senshi but Mercury eagerly accept (Mercury clearly wants to but is too shy). Then the men turn into monsters and wrap vines around the senshi's bodies, electrocuting them. The daimon walks towards Umino, and Naru stands in front of him. The daimon slaps her out of the way and is about to get Umino's heart crystal again, but cherry blossoms and music somehow signal to the daimon that it's not alone. Daiheart turns around to see Uranus and Neptune behind her.

Uranus and Neptune introduce themselves. Kaolinite laughs and tells Daiheart to get them dancing partners too. Uranus says she'll find her own dancing partner and uses "World Shaking" on the daimon. The monsters holding the Sailor Team captive disappear, and Uranus tells them not to be fooled. Kaolinite laughs, and Uranus and Neptune turn to face her. Kaolinite says that even if the senshi defeat Daiheart, they (the enemies) will just produce more daimon eggs. Uranus and Neptune say then they'll defeat Kaolinite. Kaolinite laughs, saying, "Oh really?" and snaps her fingers. A bolt of lightning shoots down and Uranus and Neptune dodge out of its way. Kaolinite says they're 10 years behind her and vanishes.

Naru is cradling Umino on the ground, telling him to hold on. The five Sailor Senshi run forward to help him but are stopped by the daimon. Uranus says the heart crystal is not a Talisman. Naru asks who they are, and Neptune tells her to take care of Umino, returning the heart crystal to his body. Umino awakens, and Naru is relieved. Daiheart is about to repeat its old attack, but Sailormoon says they won't fall for it again. She uses "Moon Spiral Heart Attack" and defeats the daimon.

There are a few people left at the park, and they watch as Umino and Naru turn on the love monument's switch. It glows ghastly pink, and the two turn to applause. Usagi thanks Rei for her help, and the others say how happy Umino looks and how well he did. Ami says she envies Umino and Naru, and the others look at her as she blushes.

On stage, Naru tells Umino he isn't bad at all, then asks what's for lunch tomorrow. Umino says he'll make a big fried shrimp, and Naru gives him a look, then laughs.

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