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Sailormoon S Episode 94

Episode 94: "Pure na kokoro wo mamore! Teki mikata mitsu tomoe ransen"
"Protect the pure heart! The enemy/ally three way battle"
Victim of the Day: Furuhata Unazuki (Motoki's sister)
Monster of the Day: Owasooji ou-souji
Summary by: Robin based on translations by VKLL. First written 09.01.00. Last modified 10.02.00.

Usagi is in the park taking a break. Luna tells her she should go to Rei's to study or else everyone will get mad at her, but Usagi thinks that she's wasting her youth by studying on such a lovely day. She wants a date with Mamoru. It's then that she sees Mamoru on his motorcycle come by, and she thinks her dream has come true. She runs over to see him, then stops when she sees another girl on the bike.

Usagi is shocked, wondering who the girl is. The girl takes off her helmet, revealing red hair and green eyes. She turns out to be Furuhata Unazuki, Motoki's younger sister. Unazuki explains that Motoki forgot his ticket, and she ran out to give it to him. Mamoru came by on his motorcycle and took her to the station to give Motoki the ticket. Usagi is relieved, but covers up her embarrassment by telling Mamoru how good he looks in his outfit.

Later, at the Crown Fruit Parlor, where Unazuki works, Unazuki asks Usagi if she and Mamoru have ever kissed before. Usagi says "What?!" loudly and everyone in the parlor looks at them. Unazuki hushes Usagi and sits down across from the younger girl. Usagi isn't sure how to answer, and Unazuki thinks that means she and Mamoru haven't kissed. Usagi says that's not it, but Unazuki says it's better if they don't because Usagi's in junior high and her entrance exams are coming up; Usagi remembers how bad she is at test taking.

Usagi asks Unazuki if she's kissed her boyfriend since she's in high school. Unazuki lowers her voice and leans forward, blushing. She says she has a boyfriend who she loves, but they haven't kissed yet. Usagi's surprised and asks why. Unazuki says she wants her first kiss to be special and to someone she knows she really loves. Isn't that normal?

They hear light laughter and see Haruka and Michiru in a booth next to them. Haruka says they're cute, talking about first kisses. Michiru tells them that the first couple to kiss were Adam and Eve. Haruka explains about various types of kisses, and Usagi's impressed that she knows so much. Michiru says that in 15th century Italy, a couple that kissed were expected to get married. Unazuki says that's really strict. Michiru smiles and says that they should make the most of their first kiss. She looks at Haruka. Haruka smiles, then looks at her watch. The two leave, and Usagi and Unazuki sigh about high adult Haruka and Michiru are. Unazuki then invites Usagi and her friends to her apartment for cake later on; she goes back to work. Usagi gets very loud and excited, and people look at her. Embarrassed, she thinks that she's still childish.

Outside, Haruka has a serious look on her face and says, "First kiss..?" Michiru smiles and says that Usagi and Unazuki are cute to think about that. She envies them because they don't have time to think about love with their mission. Haruka says that it's dangerous though since Unazuki is a good target for a daimon. Michiru agrees, saying that because of her pure heart, they should watch Unazuki.

In the Professor's lab, the Professor tells Kaolinite that she keeps failing at her task so he hopes she has a new target. Kaolinite says yes, that her new target is a girl who dreams about her first kiss. The Professor says he hasn't had a kiss for many years and starts to laugh hysterically with Kaolinite.

In Unazuki's apartment, Unazuki is finishing up vaccuming. She looks at a picture frame and wonders if she's too sensitive with her dream about having her first kiss be with her true love. She kisses her picture frame. The daimon egg enters her room and goes into the vaccum cleaner. It transforms into a vaccum cleaner daimon, Ou-souji, and uses "Ou-souji Absorb" to take Unazuki's heart crystal. The daimon then leaps outside, triumphantly holding the crystal and says it has the Talisman.

Suddenly two voices say they won't let the daimon have it. The daimon turns to see Uranus and Neptune on the roof. They introduce themselves. The daimon says it won't let them take the crystal, using "Ou-souji Hurricane," its hand turning into a vaccuum and spitting out a gust of wind. Uranus uses "World Shaking" to knock the heart crystal out of the daimon's hand. She lunges to get it, but the daimon blows her and the crystal back. The crystal is blown away, and the daimon chases it, followed by Neptune, then Uranus. The crystal lands on a moving truck, but the three miss it when they finally make it to the street. They can't find the crystal. The daimon sees a dog, which barks at her, and it screams, "Where is it?"

Outside Unazuki's apartment, Usagi rings the doorbell, saying she's brought her friends. She continues to ring the doorbell while the other girls, Luna, and Artemis talk. Luna complains that Usagi worried everyone by being late, but Minako says it's okay because they got cakes out of it, and Makoto says she wants to clean Motoki's room again. Ami says they can study anywhere, but Rei asks if Ami really wants to study at Unazuki's house? Usagi's having conniptions ringing the doorbell, and everyone looks at her and says, "Usagi!" Usagi says that maybe Unazuki isn't back from her job yet, then pushes open the door since it's unlocked. The door swings open, and the girls see Unazuki lying on the floor.


Usagi and everyone run to Unazuki's side. Artemis says that her heart crystal has been stolen, and Minako says they must find the daimon so they can get it back, or else Unazuki will... Usagi asks where do they look though? All the girls look towards the broken glass of Unazuki's patio door.

The daimon is running through the city trying to detect the heart crystal's location by using its vaccuum. The vaccuum's lights starts to blink and whirl, and the daimon's found it, saying it's lucky it has a "Dai-Sensor" on it.

At Unazuki's house, the girls are in Unazuki's room with Unazuki lying in her bed. Usagi asks Ami if she can find the heart crystal. Ami uses her mini computer to discover that the radius of the crystal's location is 10km north, but that's all she can do. Rei says they have to split up. Luna says they should keep in contact, and Artemis asks if everyone has a communicator, which they say they do.

Unazuki's eyes become hearts, and she suddenly sits up, her eyes now blank. Eerie music plays in the background. Unazuki says, "Kissu... I want to kiss you!" and tries to kiss Makoto. Makoto manages to push her off, and Usagi helps push Unazuki down onto the bed. Usagi tells Unazuki she can't do this, remember her dream about her first kiss? Ami says that because her pure heart crystal has been taken, Unazuki is now unpure. Minako wonders if it's that simple, and Rei uses her anti-evil scroll on Unazuki to keep her subdued. She tells them that she'll take care of Unazuki, so find her heart crystal.

The other four split up and search for the crystal. Usagi wonders what to do, and Ami tells her to go straight 3km and she'll find the daimon. Mamoru comes by on his motorcycle and tells Usagi if she's in a hurry, get on. Meanwhile, Rei is chanting next to Unazuki's bed. Unazuki suddenly makes a sound and her skin turns grayish white. Rei gets worried and thinks that if the others don't hurry, Unazuki will die.

Mamoru, Usagi, and Luna are riding on the motorcycle; in the background, the sun begins to set. Ami tells them that the daimon should be straight ahead, and Usagi and Luna freak as they see a huge car dump. Usagi wonders if it's really in there, and then there's a loud explosion. Uranus, Neptune, and the daimon jump on top of cars. Luna sees the daimon's holding a heart crystal, and Mamoru says it must be Unazuki-chan's. He looks at Usagi, who nods and transforms into Sailormoon.

Uranus and Neptune are fighting the daimon. The daimon is annoyed, calling them ticks. Uranus tells it to hand over the Talisman, and the daimon says the heart crystal belongs to it, so they'll have to get it by force. Suddenly, Sailormoon interrupts saying she won't let any of them have the heart crystal. She can't forgive them for taking the heart crystal of a pure girl who dreams about her first kiss, so in the name of the moon, she'll punish them. The daimon says it's another tick. Sailormoon jumps towards it, but the daimon blows her back with a "Strong Wind." Neptune and Uranus jump down to kick it, but the daimon tells them they're "dusted," throwing its dustbags at the two senshi, who narrowly miss them.

Uranus and Neptune land on their feet, but Sailormoon falls on her face. Uranus and Neptune try to attack the daimon again, while Sailormoon watches thinks she has to save Unazuki. The daimon blows Uranus and Neptune back again, then stands on top of a car pile and says they'll all die together. Just then, a rose flies into the daimon's head, causing it to drop the heart crystal. Everyone looks up to see Tuxedo Kamen sitting on a rocking horse on a junk pile (as well as a Tuxedo Kamen doll). Tuxedo Kamen tells Sailormoon to show the daimon the power of justice, and Sailormoon uses "Moon Spiral Heart Attack" to defeat it.

Afterwards, Sailormoon remembers to get the heart crystal. She runs towards it, but Neptune yells that she won't let Sailormoon take it. She and Uranus run after her. Uranus grabs Sailormoon into a headlock, preventing her from climbing the pile to the heart crystal. Sailorneptune is about to get it, but Tuxedo Kamen flings a rose which knocks the heart crystal to the ground. Neptune jumps up and blocks Tuxedo Kamen's oncoming attack. Sailormoon cries that they have to let her get the heart crystal or else Unazuki will die. Uranus says she knows but there have to be sacrifices. Sailormoon wants to know why, but Uranus snaps that she'll never understand. Neptune says it's their mission. Uranus then flings Moon to the ground, which distracts Tuxedo Kamen, and Neptune jumps to the crystal.

Neptune examines it, then exclaims that it's not the Talisman. Uranus says, "What?!" and Moon lunges for the crystal. Neptune lets her take it. Moon holds it protectively and tells them they can't have the crystal. Uranus and Neptune look at her for a minute, then Uranus says, "Do what you want" and they leave. Tuxedo Kamen and Sailormoon watch them go in confusion. Jupiter, Venus, and Mercury run up calling, "Sailormoon." Sailormoon smiles at them and tells them they should hurry to Unazuki's place.

Sailorneptune is sitting on top of a car pile, Uranus standing behind her. They're staring at the moon. Neptune wonders if the girl, Unazuki, is alright, and Uranus says she's probably fine. Neptune then says that she's sort of glad that Unazuki's heart crystal wasn't a Talisman, but Uranus gets upset, saying what is she talking about? No matter what happens, they'll get the Talisman. Neptune reluctantly agrees, saying that's their mission.

At Unazuki's apartment, Usagi holds the heart crystal over Unazuki's body. It fades back into her chest, and Unazuki's skin color returns to normal. Everyone is relieved. Makoto says now Unazuki won't try to kiss anyone, and Minako says that should be for lovers only. Usagi says that's right, kisses are special, and she quotes Michiru saying that in 15th century Italy, couples who kissed were to get married. Minako gets a "look" on her face and slyly asks if Usagi knows anyone who does those special kisses all the time? Usagi sweatdrops. Ami, holding a stack of books, agrees and says they should be thinking of studying instead of dating. She tells everyone that they should start the study meeting, and everyone says, "Now?!"

Mamoru is on the balcony outside staring at the moon. Usagi comes out and smiles at him. Mamoru says Unazuki is alright, and Usagi agrees, saying her dream is as well. Mamoru says, "First kiss..." and Usagi says that Unazuki-chan's dream is wonderful. She adds that she feels happy because she protected that dream, then says just kidding in embarrassment, but Mamoru is smiling at her. They lean towards each other to kiss, but before they do, Usagi asks Mamoru if he remembers their first kiss. Mamoru turns red, and turns away. Usagi looks at him, puzzled, and asks him if he doesn't remember. He says, "Well..." and Usagi says that a first kiss is special! Mamoru tries to change the subject, saying how beautiful the moon is, and Usagi says, "Mamo-chaaan!"

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