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Sailormoon Super Episode 93

Episode 93: "Usagi no akogare! Yuubi no tensai Michiru"
"Usagi's Idol! Graceful Genius Michiru"
Victim of the Day: Igarashi Takuzo (violinist)
Monster of the Day: Ookatubu (Octave)
Summary by: Robin based on translations by VKLL. First written 09.01.00. Last modified 10.02.00.

Usagi rings the doorbell to Mamoru's apartment, all cheerful and peppy. She tells Mamoru from outside the door that she's made him some cookies. She looks into the bag with the cookies and sweatdrops. She says if he loves her, then he won't mind one or two burned cookies... or three or four. She starts to laugh in embarrassment. After no answer from inside, she tries the door and enters the apartment.

There's classical music playing, and Usagi comments how adult the atmosphere is. She picks up one of the books lying on the coffee table in the living room and tries reading the title. However, she gets confused and laughs when she can't understand the title (it's about genetic engineering). She says that Mamoru is an advanced college student. Usagi suddenly drops her bag of cookies by accident, and the cookies spill all over the table. She falls to her knees and says that burned cookies don't fit with Mamo-chan.

Mamoru, coming back from buying a drink, sees Usagi on the ground crying. He asks her what's wrong, and she starts to bawl harder, saying that she's not good enough to be Mamoru's wife. Mamoru notices the cookies on the table and eats one (painful). He says they're not so bad, and Usagi should be the way she is now. Usagi hugs him happily.

Usagi and the girls are at a park, and Usagi's telling them what happened the other day. Rei says that Mamoru ate all the burned cookies? Makoto and Minako hope that his stomach is okay, and Usagi gets mad at their comments, but Ami tells them to stop. Usagi looks at her hopefully, thinking that Ami will defend her, but Ami pragmatically says that since the cookies were burned, they were baked all the way through so wouldn't cause food poisoning. Usagi drops her head while Rei snickers. It looks like Usagi is about to throw a huge tantrum, and everyone is shielding themselves from her, but Usagi pops up cheerfully and says that today she's in a good mood.

Usagi then proceeds to try to cutely seek everyone's help- she asks Ami to help her with genetic engineering (flubbing it at first), then asks Makoto to teach her cook, Minako to assist her with English (Minako says "Why?" in English), and Rei to show her how to wear kimono. Usagi's determined to get them to help her become the perfect wife to Mamoru. Minako and Makoto make up excuses about being busy, then run away as fast as they can (while Rei gives them a dirty look for chickening out). Ami stands up and says that before genetic engineering, Usagi needs to study chemistry and biology first, but Rei shuts her up, saying it's only Usagi's current whim. Usagi wants to know what that means, so Rei tells her that she's tried to teach Usagi how to wear the kimono so many times before but Usagi still doesn't get it. She doesn't want to teach such a dumb girl anymore- she sticks out her tongue at Usagi. Rei then pulls Ami away. Usagi gets mad and sticks her tongue out at Rei.

Luna tells Usagi that everyone already tried helping Usagi, but Usagi got bored, so they all became tired of her whims. Luna notices that Usagi's crying (for real), and Usagi runs off. Luna wonders if Usagi was serious this time. Usagi's by herself, saying how stupid Luna is (for not understanding). She hears violin music, then sees an outdoor auditorium. On stage, Michiru is playing her violin. Haruka's sitting in the front row, tossing a lemon up in the air and catching it. The two discuss their mission.

Haruka says that there's definitely a weird air in Juuban which becomes stronger when the enemy attacks. Michiru says that there's no use in rushing things since they only have some memories of their previous life. Their mission is to find the three Talismans to call the Holy Grail which they will give to the true owner. Haruka wonders who the owners of the Talismans are, and Michiru says that when the Talismans are taken from them, the owners die. Haruka replies that in order to save the world, some sacrifices have to be made.

Usagi approaches the stage, in total awe of Michiru. Michiru notices Usagi and says, "Haruka", who turns around. Usagi exclaims that Michiru is the ideal princess. Haruka's surprised, recognizing her as the "odango atama" she met before. Michiru asks if Usagi wants anything, and Usagi says she was just admiring Michiru's violin performance and her princess- err, adult like air. Haruka laughs, then tosses her lemon into the air towards Michiru; the lemon hits the violin, and Michiru bounces it as she continues to play, twirling around on stage. Usagi watches in surprise/awe. Haruka gets up and leaves, saying that she's feeling upset and needs to clear her head. She says bye to "odango atama" and drives away on her motorcycle as Usagi calls to her that she's not "odango atama". Michiru then catches the lemon in her hand without looking @.o;;; Usagi sweatdrops.

Usagi and Michiru are walking in an art museum, Usagi holding Michiru's violin case. Michiru says that Usagi is "Tsukino-san", but Usagi tells her to call her "Usagi". Michiru says "Usagi" and Usagi replies, "Hoi!" then blushes, embarrassed. They both laugh. Usagi asks Michiru if she's going to be a violinist in the future, and Michiru says she's not sure. Usagi says she's the same, but then a boy comes up to Michiru, asking her if she's Kaioh Michiru, the artist of the painting. He's pointing to a beautiful picture of waves in space; next to the picture is a placard saying "Kaioh Michiru" and the title of the piece, "Space". Usagi is shocked. The boy says he's a fan of Michiru's paintings. Usagi realizes that Michiru isn't the same as her, that she has so many talents that she can't choose her future. However, Usagi won't give up.

Outside, they wait as Haruka drives up on her motorcycle. Haruka tells Michiru that she thought about trying to find the enemy's base but thought that would be difficult; Michiru hushes Haruka, then they turn to see Usagi playing Michiru's violin. The sound is so bad that everyone around is covering their ears. Michiru has her hand on her forehead, and Haruka only says, "Oi oi".

In a cafe, Haruka and Michiru are with Usagi, who's going through her umpteenth sundae, and has apparently been telling them why she wants to play the violin. She says that she wants to do it for Mamoru but can't play well. Michiru tells Usagi not to give up, she looks nice trying, and everyone makes progress that way. Usagi feels better, and Michiru gives her tickets to a violin concert.

In the Death Busters' lab, Kaolinite has found a new target. The professor lets out a new daimon egg.


Usagi and Mamoru are heading towards the concert hall all dressed up. Usagi is thrilled with "Tuxedo Mamo-chan". Mamoru asks Usagi if she's not pushing herself to go see a violin concert, but Usagi says she's the future princess. The other girls arrive with Luna and Artemis. Usagi's miffed at them, but they all apologize for their behavior and join the couple.

Inside, the daimon egg plants itself into the violinist's violin. The violinist thinks he hears something and turns around. When he sees nothing, he shrugs and returns to his primping.

Haruka and Michiru are in the concert hall in balcony seats. They look around with their binoculars and spot Usagi-tachi. Haruka comments that Mamoru's good looking, and Michiru says good for Usagi, being a young girl with such a nice guy. Haruka says that Michiru sounds like an old woman; Michiru says, "Really?" and Haruka nods. The lights dim and the concert starts.

On stage, Igarashi Takuzo, the violinist, appears and begins to play a piece. Usagi's too busy drooling over Mamoru to pay attention, so Rei smacks her and hisses at her to face forward. They get into an argument until everyone around them hushes them. All the girls and Mamoru face forward, sweatdropping.

Suddenly the violin begins to make bad sounds, and everyone covers their ears. The violin turns into a singing daimon shaped like a violin, Octave, which proceeds to play its own strings with its bow. The sound waves from the bad music cause everyone to pass out, including the violinist. Octave takes the violinist's heart crystal and runs out. Mamoru tells the senshi to get out, which they do. They transform outside.

Octave flies out of the hall, destroying the windows of the building. Sailormoon tells it to stop, and the Sailor Team introduces themselves while giving their usual speech, but all of them pose and say, "We'll punish you". The daimon sings some more and plays its strings; the sound waves freeze the senshi who then fall to the ground. The daimon concentrates the sound waves coming from its mouth into a deadly beam which starts towards Sailormoon. Before it can reach her, a rose flung by Tuxedo Kamen hits the daimon's hand holding the bow, stopping the beam. Octave picks the bow up again, then shoots more waves at Tuxedo Kamen. Sailorjupiter tries using "Sparkling Wide Pressure" but Octave jumps and the attack hits the building instead. Mercury tells them to be careful since there are still many people inside.

Sailormoon and Venus yell at the daimon, but it sends out more sound waves until Neptune's "Deep Submerge" hits it. Sailoruranus and Neptune appear, accompanied by their cherry blossoms and signal music. They introduce themselves again (shortened version). Tuxedo Kamen asks who they are, and Uranus and Neptune say it's none of their business. All they want are the Talismans. The Sailor Team is a bit pissed. In the meantime, the daimon recovers and shoots more soundwaves, this time at Neptune. Sailormoon yells, "Watch out" and knocks Neptune out of the way. Neptune says, "Thank you", which causes Sailormoon to blush. Uranus, upset, uses "World Shaking" to stun the daimon. Sailormoon then uses "Moon Spiral Heart Attack" to defeat it.

Sailoruranus says that the ending scene was taken away from her (by Sailormoon). Neptune shows Uranus the heart crystal, and Uranus says it's not the Talisman. Jupiter demands to know who they are, and Mercury asks what the Talismans are. Uranus laughs and says if they want to know, then they should find out themselves. She's about to toss the heart crystal back to the violinist, but Neptune stops her, saying that musicians have delicate hearts so they should return it carefully. They then leave before the others can stop them. Mars grumbles about them, but Sailormoon says that Uranus and Neptune seem to be good.

Afterwards, the girls are walking home. Usagi's disappointed that they missed out on the concert, and Mamoru offers to treat her. Usagi is happy, but Luna asks what about becoming a better wife? Usagi says she'll start tomorrow. Rei, hanging on Mamoru's arm, asks him to treat her too, so he agrees. The other girls crowd around him too, and Usagi jumps around them telling them to get away from her Mamo-chan. On a bridge above, Haruka and Michiru watch the girls. Michiru says that they're cute, and Haruka agrees.

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