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Sailormoon S Episode 92

Episode 92: "Sutekina bishounen!? Tenoh Haruka no himitsu"
"A pretty boy?! Tenoh Haruka's secret"
Victim of the Day: Kameda-san (mechanic)
Monster of the Day: Sutearingu (Steering)
Important Events: The second Sailormoon S opening is modified to include Uranus and Neptune. Tenoh Haruka and Kaioh Michiru's first appearances are in this episode. Sailoruranus and Sailorneptune reveal themselves. "World Shaking" and "Deep Submerge" are named and shown with full attack sequences. "Tuxedo Mirage" is first used as the ending song and sequence.
Summary by: Robin based on translations by VKLL. First written 09.01.00. Last modified 10.02.00.

Usagi is walking towards Rei's shrine saying she has to go there to study again. She stops in front of the Crown Game Center and tells herself she can't go in; since everyone's studying so hard, she has to skip playing games until after the entrance exams. She walks by, then runs back screaming, "What?!"

Inside, Minako is telling Motoki about Artemis eating caramel. They're laughing so hard that they don't notice Usagi coming up behind them, getting angrier and angrier, until she blows up at them, causing Minako to fall down. Minako then sees Usagi. Usagi yells at Minako, telling her that everyone is supposed to be studying hard, so why is she here? Motoki tells Usagi that he asked Minako to come in to take a break from studying; Usagi tells him he's being too nice. Minako grabs Usagi's arm and tells her that they're only young once, and if they fail the entrance exams, they'll regret that they didn't play more and study less. She flubs another expression, "Haste makes waste." Motoki gets a weird look, muttering that the girls should probably go study, but Minako drags Usagi off to play video games.

They're playing a race car game, but Usagi's losing badly. Minako's doing well, lapping Usagi, and then Usagi's car crashes, and she falls out of her seat. A young man enters the arcade. Meanwhile, Minako tells Usagi to try again, but Usagi thinks they should go to Rei's. Minako says then who will take care of F-1 racing? Usagi says not her.

The young man, a handsome blond with green eyes, says then can he race in her place? Some still shots of the blond are shown, with cherry blossoms and "oohing" music in the background. Usagi and Minako have the same expression on their face, then get heart-eyes over how handsome he is. Minako shoves Usagi out of the seat and tells the boy to sit down. He asks Usagi if she'll hold his school folder, and Minako says Usagi'll hold anything he wants.

Minako's excited about having such a cool guy with her. The game starts, and Minako takes off, wondering if the blond is impressed with her skill. She and Usagi sweatdrop when they notice that the blond hasn't even started yet. Usagi points out that the game has begun, and the blond says he knows, but he has to give Minako a handicap. Minako gets angry and drives faster, but then the blond starts to play and begins to catch up with Minako. He then passes her. Usagi is impressed, but the blond continues speeding up, making Minako wonder how fast the game can go, and finally the blond laps Minako, who's so shocked her car crashes.

Minako's horrified at how badly she's done, but the blond says that actually she did pretty well, and such a "kawaii" girl has good "game sense". Minako's pleased at the compliment while Usagi has a "Whatever" look on her face. Then a beautiful sea-green haired girl arrives, saying, "Sorry I'm late, Haruka" to the blond. The girl is wearing a school uniform of the same school as Haruka. Usagi and Minako stare at her in shock at how beautiful she is.

Haruka says, "Ja matta," then tells Usagi, "Odango atama, next time I'll play with you." Usagi happily agrees while Minako has the same "whatever" look Usagi had earlier. The sea-green haired girl comments to Haruka as they're leaving that he's become friends with those girls; Haruka asks her if she's jealous, and she says "Maybe." He replies that they're cute, like kids.

Usagi and Minako watch them go. Usagi says they're both beautiful, and Minako says that the blond's name is Haruka. Motoki tells them he's seen them around a lot, and Minako wonders at him being here. He tells her that he *does* work there, and Minako says, "Oh" while Usagi gets a weird, confused look on her face (very cute).

At a coffee shop, Haruka and the green haired girl are at a booth with drinks. The girl says that she can feel the sea becoming stormy again; they should be careful. Haruka agrees. Usagi and Minako, meanwhile, are spying on them. Usagi asks Minako if she thinks the two are a couple; Minako tells her that she believes Haruka is her ideal man. Usagi freaks and says that Haruka already has a girlfriend, but Minako points out that they haven't asked him. She says she's ready for love and drinks a glass of water, then slams the glass down on a waitress's tray. The waitress asks them to sit down, but Minako puts her finger on her lips and says, "Shh." The waitress is confused.

They follow Haruka and the girl across a bridge, then stop, kneeling down at the corner. Usagi says that she really thinks the two are a couple, and Minako says she doesn't have to be here. Usagi complains that she's interested in Haruka too, and Minako yells at her that she already has a boyfriend, Mamoru. Usagi thinks that's true but...

Haruka and the girl stop in front of Tunino Service, a car repair shop, and the girl leaves. Minako takes this as a sign that they're not a couple since they separated. Haruka enters the garage and calls out, "Kameda-san." A young brown haired man pulls himself out from underneath a car and sees Haruka, saying Haruka has returned. Haruka says he's sorry to interrupt, and Kameda says he'll be done in a bit. Usagi and Minako watch from outside.

In the Death Busters' lab, the Professor asks Kaolinite if she's found a pure hearted person. Kaolinite says almost, and the scientist releases a new daimon egg to find a target. It sets itself in the steering wheel of the car Kameda is working on. Outside the garage, Minako tells Usagi she can go to Rei's shrine now, but Usagi protests that she's interested in Haruka too.


Haruka watches Kameda work on the car some more. Minako's skirt makes a small sound, and Haruka smiles without turning around. He says, "Koneko-chan [kitten], how long are you going to keep hiding?" Minako and Usagi show themselves, embarrassed. Minako says, "How did you know?" while Usagi says "Nyan nyan" (the sounds of a cat).

Haruka goes out of the garage and looks over the bridged area. He says, "Tenoh Haruka, first year of high school" (10th grade). Minako and Usagi are confused until Haruka says they wanted to know about him, right? At this point, Minako and Usagi start doing exactly the same things (like twins). They both put their hand behind their head, saying that's right (Minako leading, Usagi echoing). Haruka asks if there's anything else they wanted to know? They ask who that girl he was with is, what his relation to her is, and if she's his girlfriend. Haruka's surprised, asking if they mean "Michiru". Minako and Usagi get out handkerchiefs and wonder if his usage of "Michiru" means that they're close. (Using given names without any suffix means closeness.) Haruka says yes, but that they're much more than that. Usagi and Minako lie on the ground, a picture of a broken heart above them. Haruka kneels down and tells them not to give up though, they still have a chance. Minako says, "Hai!"

Michiru arrives telling them not to be fooled, Haruka uses those lines on every cute girl he sees. Haruka says it's not like that, but Michiru isn't giving in, saying maybe she should take Haruka's lunch with her, and the two tease each other for a bit. Minako interrupts, demanding to know of Michiru if Haruka is her boyfriend. Usagi adds that she should say "Yes" or "No". Michiru says, "No", and the two blonds are thrilled, saying they still have chances with Haruka. Minako yells at Usagi that she already *has* a boyfriend, Mamoru. Usagi thinks that Minako's acting strict like Rei today.

At the Hikawa Jinja, Rei sneezes (^-^) and wonders if she has something. Makoto wonders where Minako and Ami are, and Ami says she's worried since both of them aren't here. Rei says they probably saw some handsome boy and are following him around. Ami at first disagrees, even though it's likely- Then all three hang their heads, thinking that's what happened.

At the garage, Haruka, Michiru, Minako, and Usagi are watching Kameda. Haruka tells them that Kameda-san's dream is to be a great automechanic, so he likes coming to his garage because he can imagine being at a race track. Michiru tells the girls that Haruka's dream is to become a top driver in motorsports, but Haruka interrupts, saying that used to be his dream. Usagi asks what his dream is now, and Haruka says, "To do what only I can do," at any cost, even if he has to lose something. Michiru looks at him sadly and puts her hand on Haruka's. Minako says that Haruka's really cool, and Usagi agrees but says Haruka's not as cool as Mamoru.

Inside, Kameda finishes up his engine work and goes to test out the car. He puts his hand on the steering wheel, and suddenly the car is engulfed by red light. Usagi and Minako freak out. Haruka yells "Kameda-san!" and jumps up, but Michiru pulls him back, giving him a look, and Haruka says, "I know." The car turns into a racecar daimon, "Steering", and yells, "Jack Up", capturing Kameda and holding him up with car jacks. Minako and Usagi rush towards them but slip on spilled oil into more oil cans. The daimon then takes Kameda's heart crystal and drives off to see Kaolinite. Usagi and Minako get out of the oil can pile, Minako yelling, "Haruka-san!" but is disappointed that he's gone. Usagi says now's not the time, and they transform into Sailor Senshi.

Meanwhile, the daimon is zooming along happily but notices it's being followed by Haruka and Michiru on a motorcycle. Haruka asks Michiru if she's ready, and she says that she is; the motorcycle drives up on the side of the wall (uh huh), then into the air. The daimon screams as the motorcycle comes crashing down on it. Haruka and Michiru are nowhere to be seen. Steering is dazed, saying how grateful it is that it's wearing a helmet. A bicycle bell is heard, and Venus on a bicycle and Moon standing in front are nearby. They tell the daimon they can't forgive it for taking the pure heart of Kameda, and Sailormoon does her typical speech. Venus gets mad at her for trying to take all of the spotlight when *she's* the one who had to pedal. Moon says that Venus is very uptight today.

The daimon says that it won't let them get in its way, and sharp spikes pop out of its wheels and body. Sailormoon and Venus freak a bit at this. Some cherry blossoms float by as cool violin music starts up. Two voices tell the daimon to stop, and a woman with short blond hair and green eyes, in a dark blue uniform, introduces herself: "Invited by a new age, I'm the magnificent Sailoruranus." The second senshi, a woman with sea-green hair, blue eyes, and sea-green uniform, says, "Also invited by a new age, I'm the elegent Sailorneptune." They tell the daimon that they're after the Talismans and can't let it have the heart crystal.

Sailorvenus and Sailormoon are surprised. Sailoruranus then uses her "World Shaking" attack on the daimon, and Neptune follows up with "Deep Submerge." The daimon is stunned, and Venus tells Sailormoon now is her chance. Sailormoon uses "Moon Spiral Heart Attack" on Steering, who turns back into the car (on its side...) and a daimon egg. Sailorneptune and Sailoruranus examine the heart crystal and determine that it's not the Talisman. Sailoruranus tosses the crystal to Sailormoon, telling her to return it to the owner. The two new senshi then leave.

Back at Crown Game Center, Rei, Makoto, and Ami have joined Minako and Usagi. Rei is criticizing them for chasing after a hot guy instead of going to the study session; Ami says what's important, though, is that they check out the new Sailor Senshi. Rei says that Luna and Artemis are looking into it. Michiru walks in with a blond haired, green eyed girl. Minako leaps up and asks Michiru where Haruka is. Michiru says that Haruka's right here. Rei leaps onto Minako's back, and Makoto jumps on Rei's back, and the two of them wonder where the cute guy is. Minako asks, "Where?" Michiru smiles and points her hand at the blond girl. Minako looks past the girl, then back again, finally centering on the blond. She screams, realizing that Haruka is a she, which Rei and Makoto say. Haruka says that she never said she was a man. Minako falls to the ground, crushed, as Ami says they don't have time for this, and Usagi says that she said all along that Mamoru was better.

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Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon 1992 Takeuchi Naoko, Kodansha, Toei Animation, TV Asahi, and Bandai. This is only a fan page and is not intended to infringe on any rights.

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