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Sailormoon S Episode 91

Episode 91: "Ai no rod tanjou! Usagi no atarashii henshin"
"The Birth of the Rod of Love! Usagi's New Transformation"
Victim of the Day: Miharu-chan (little girl)
Monster of the Day: Nekonneru ["Neko" means cat]
Important Events: "Professor" used. Enemies named as the "Death Busters". Sailormoon gets the Spiral Moon Heart Rod and a new transformation brooch. Uses "Moon Cosmic Power, Make-Up" and "Moon Spiral Heart Attack" for the first times. "Moon Crystal Power, Make-Up" used for the last time. Ending sequence "Maiden's Policy" used for the last time.
Summary by: Robin based on translations by VKLL. First written 09.01.00. Last modified 10.02.00.

The scientist is in his lab and calls for Kaolinite, who appears, calling him "professor." He asks her if she knows what the objective of the Death Busters is. She replies it's to get the Holy Grail so they can rule the world. He asks her how they'll get the Holy Grail, and she answers by finding the Talismans located in the pure hearts of three certain people. He adds that in order to do that, they need the daimon eggs; he creates a new one and tells it to find a pure-hearted person.

Usagi is having a dream where she's Sailormoon; in her dream, she loses her transformation. She asks why it's happening and falls to her knees. Around her, the other Senshi ask if she lost her transformation because she didn't take enough naps, and Mars says Sailormoon should retire. Usagi gets angry and leaps at Mars, but in reality she's strangling poor Luna. Luna slaps Usagi repeatedly to wake her up. Usagi looks at her compact on her bed, and opens it to stare at the ginzuishou. She asks Luna if she she has to retire from being a senshi. Luna says no and tells her to cheer up, then suggests that Usagi see Mamoru. Usagi protests but goes.

In the park, Usagi and Mamoru are feeding the birds, and Usagi's telling him that she can't fight enemies if she can't transform. Mamoru stands up with his hand on his head, then suddenly tells Usagi he has something to show her. They run down the street towards an old, rundown mansion. They enter the yard through a hole in the wall surrounding the house. Usagi wonders if they should be here, then thinks that Mamoru brought her here so they could be alone together; Mamoru says it's not like that, and she tells him it's okay. She turns to kiss him but kisses a cat instead. She sees that Mamoru's holding a kitten. She says that Mamoru brought her to see the kitten; Mamoru says yes. He tells her that this old house has a lot of stray cats. The cat in Usagi's arms suddenly jumps down and enters the house, and Usagi and Mamoru follow.

Inside, a little brown-haired girl, Miharu, is feeding all the cats. [Note: Miharu is never named throughout the episode, but her name is given in the ending credits.] Usagi's shadow appears on the wall and asks if the girl is helping them; the girl asks who it is, and Usagi comes out and does her Sailormoon pose. Usagi and Mamoru say hi, and Mamoru gives Usagi a bag of cat food. The little girl laughs. She tells them that she's been feeding them, but the cats will soon lose their home because the house will be torn down. Usagi says she'll help take care of them too.

The daimon egg is floating in the air and heads towards an apartment complex. It enters Miharu's room through an open window and inserts itself into a puzzle of a cat.

At the Hikawa Jinja, Usagi's telling everyone about the cats. She says she has to feed the cats and find them owners. All four of her friends can each get a cat. Everyone's surprised. Minako says that taking care of Artemis is hard work already, but when Artemis protests, she punches him and says not to listen to him. Rei whacks her broom at a tree and birds fly out; she says there are too many birds, so cats won't work. Makoto says she's living alone so can't afford a cat, and Ami says entrance exams are taking up all her time. Usagi accuses them of being selfish, but when Ami asks why she can't take the cats in, Usagi says she would, but Luna eats too much. Luna starts to yell but Ami stuffs a sandwich in her mouth. Usagi says that they'll find owners after they feed the cats. Artemis asks what's up with Usagi, and Luna says it's Usagi's latest whim.

Miharu goes to her room followed by two cats; she's not allowed to have cats in the apartment, but they're so affectionate, she says it's okay until her mother comes back. They run around in her room and knock off pieces of her puzzle; Miharu puts them back in, and as she completes the puzzle, it turns into the cat daimon, Nekonneru. Nekonneru says it will get the Talisman from Miharu's pure heart, and Miharu tries to run out of the room. Nekonneru swings its tail at her, wrapping around her neck and choking her, but Miharu slams the door on the tail. The tail falls into puzzle pieces on the floor. Miharu and the cats run away. Nekonneru opens the door and lets the puzzle pieces turn into her tail, then vanishes. Miharu and the cats make it to the old house where she closes the door and falls to the ground in relief. However, she hears a cat meow and bells, then sees Nekonneru appear on the patio outside. She screams.


The senshi are outside of the house on an old swing set feeding the cats. Usagi says Miharu isn't showing up today. Rei says that the cats are so cute, maybe she'll ask her grandfather if they can keep one. Usagi says why not all of them, but Makoto reminds her it's not a super sale of cats. They all laugh, but the kitten in Usagi's arms looks up in alarm.

Inside the house, Nekonneru bursts through the patio doors, and Miharu screams. The cats all jump out of the senshi's hands and run inside. The girls wonder what's going on. Inside, the door collapses and Miharu falls into the hall. She's up against the wall, and the daimon lifts up its skirt to reveal a black star on its left thigh. A black beam shoots out of it and hits Miharu, who screams. Four cats launch themselves at Nekonneru, but it throws them to the ground.

The girls see the daimon, and Usagi tries to transform but can't. The other four girls transform into Sailor Senshi, then tell the daimon to stop. Mars and Jupiter use their attacks, but Nekonneru reflects them with its tail. Usagi and the cats run out of their hiding spot but the daimon throws them against the wall with its tail. Nekonneru then takes Miharu's heart crystal. It's about to leave when an orange ball hits it, followed by a blue ball. It falls to the ground in puzzle pieces.

Two senshi in shadow stand near the window, commenting on how easy it was to beat the daimon. They examine the heart crystal, then say it's not the Talisman and return it to Miharu. They turn to leave as the puzzle pieces start to remerge into the daimon. The other girls are shocked, and Venus tells the two senshi to wait. If they're really Sailor Senshi, help them fight together and finish off the daimon. The first senshi says that their job is just to find the Talismans, not to fight with the other Sailor Senshi; the second woman says that it's their own problem so they should deal with it on their own. They leave.

Nekonneru then attacks the Inner Senshi with its tail. Usagi has her arms around Miharu protectively and cries out, "Minna!" as they lay on the ground. The daimon wraps its tail around Usagi's neck, choking her, but Tuxedo Kamen throws a rose at the tail, which turns into puzzle pieces. The daimon tries using its tail against Tuxedo Kamen, but he uses his cane to break it into pieces, then stabs the daimon in the stomach. The daimon only laughs and breaks the cane, using its claws to slash Tuxedo Kamen. He throws another rose and tells Usagi to escape, but she refuses. She grabs his hand and tells him she'll fight with everyone together; they stand, holding hands, and close their eyes. Nekonneru jumps at them but is blown back by a pink light surrounding them. Mamoru and Usagi turn into Prince Endymion and Princess Serenity, and a new rod appears between them, the Spiral Heart Moon Rod; Usagi's old brooch transforms into a new heart shaped one. The daimon is angry, now, and Artemis tells Usagi to transform. She does, using "Moon Cosmic Power, Make-Up," and then her new attack, "Moon Spiral Heart Attack," kills the daimon.

Afterwards, Sailormoon is happy that she can transform again. Later, the girls are trying to decide how to deal with the cats. Usagi says she's found owners and assigns each of the other girls various amounts of cats. They say they can't take them and start tickling her with fuzzy plants. Usagi suddenly gets a brilliant idea: give them to the Animal Kingdom (from a Sailormoon R episode). The others ask why she didn't think of that sooner and wave the tickly plants. Usagi turns and runs.

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