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Sailormoon S Episode 90

Episode 90: "Chikyuu houkai no yokan? Nazono shinsenshi shutsugen"
"A premonition of world destruction? The new soldiers appear"
Victim of the Day: Hino Rei (Sailormars)
Monster of the Day: Mikuuji
Important Events: Sailormoon S opening sequence #1. Appearance of the new enemy. Kaolinite is named. "Holy Grail", "Talismans", and "pure no kokoro" are mentioned. "Daimon egg" and "daimon". First daimon appears. "Moon Princess Halation" used for the last time. Appearance of the new soldiers (in shadow).
Summary by: Robin based on translations by VKLL. First written 09.01.00. Last modified 10.02.00.

Rei has a premonition: the Sailor Senshi and everyone else is made out of stone while the world around them is eerily black and purple. Rei thinks that they can't stop this from happening. She sees a bright light that nearly blinds her and asks if it's the Messiah. If it is, please help them. The light divides into three stars which disappear as Rei tells them to wait. A black force devouring everything makes its way through the city, destroying all buildings and people, then the Sailor Senshi.

Rei suddenly wakes up to hear Usagi snoring and drooling on the table next to her. She's inside the Hikawa Jinja studying with the other girls. They ask her what's wrong, and she says nothing. She sets Usagi up, then says she just had a weird dream. Usagi says she had a strange dream as well, going into detail about how she went to the hospital from overeating on ice cream, and how Mamoru ate too many dumplings, and how they met in the kitchen. Everyone sweatdrops. She asks them if the dream was weird. Ami agrees that it's weird, just that they have more important things to be doing.

When Makoto asks if Usagi did well on their last test, Usagi thinks "Not very well," but laughs and says she hope her score is more than zero. Ami looks very serious and tells her that they're in their third year of junior high (9th grade) and their high school entrance exams are coming up. Minako says that they have to catch up on everything they missed before, then screws up the saying, "It's no use crying over spilled milk". Ami tells Usagi not to remember what Minako said since it's wrong and says the correct phrase; Minako and Usagi start talking about what Minako said, then the girls go back to studying while Rei is silent, remembering her vision.

The scene switches to a weird lab with rows of test tubes. A man in a white lab coat with strange glasses holds a test tube with a weird, embryo-like object inside a pink liquid. He pours it into a beaker with green liquid, and the embryo begins to grow until it breaks the beaker. It floats in the air, now an egg. The man calls for "Kaolinite" and a red haired woman in a lab coat appears. The scientist tells her that he's completed his daimon egg, which can find the pure hearts in people. Kaolinite repeats, "Pure no kokoro?" (Pure hearts) The scientist explains that the object of his desire, the Holy Grail, is created when the three Talismans are brought together; the three Talismans are found in the pure hearts of certain people. When he can get them, he can get the Holy Grail which he can use to take over the world. He starts to laugh hysterically, and the egg floats through a pipe to above ground, and Kaolinite vanishes (leaving her lab coat behind).

Usagi is in school where she gets her English test back. She got a score of 5. As she's walking home from school, she wonders how she can tell her parents about her grade, then wonders what Rei would say if she saw the results. Usagi stops walking in the middle of the street as she worries, not paying attention to anything else. Rei, who is coming from the opposite direction, isn't paying attention either and runs into her, their foreheads hitting painfully.

The two go to the park to put water on their foreheads. They exchange the blame, and then Rei mentions that Usagi must feel pretty bad after her test score. Usagi gets mad, but Rei says that Usagi has other strengths other than her grades, so it's alright. Usagi is surprised, saying Rei's not acting like herself. Rei thinks about her vision, then says, "Really?" She then asks Usagi what her dream is.

The two sit down, and Usagi says she doesn't know what her dream is, so what about Rei? Rei goes through her list of wants: being a singer, songwriter, model, seiyuu, and... She pauses and blushes. Usagi asks what else, and Rei turns even more red, laughing and whacking Usagi on the back really hard. She says she doesn't want to say that she wants to be a wife, and Usagi, in pain, mutters that Rei is already saying it. Rei comments that Usagi and Mamoru will get married in the future, and then Usagi turns red and embarrassed. Rei says but Mamoru should be embarrassed because of Usagi's bad grades; Usagi gets depressed again. Rei says studying isn't everything, but for the sake of Mamoru, Usagi should study more. She then leaves, telling Usagi to cheer up, since that's one of the things she's good at. Usagi watches her leave, thinking that Rei really does care about her even though she doesn't act like it.

The daimon egg is floating over Tokyo, then begins to glow black and sinks down over the Hikawa Jinja. It floats towards a tree and enters it. The tree is engulfed in a pink/black light. Kaolinite, in a skimpy red dress and red heels, floats above, saying that the one with the "pure no kokoro" should appear; right on cue, Rei arrives, passing by the tree.

Usagi is sitting on some steps going over her grade. Mamoru walks towards the stairs as Usagi wonders what Mamoru would say if he saw the test score. Mamoru looks over her shoulder and says, "That's terrible!" and Usagi says, "Exactly," then realizes Mamoru is there. She screams and rushes away with her test score, laughing nervously and trying to make light conversation. Mamoru isn't fooled and says, "Usako..." Usagi tries to explain that the Senshi are going to Rei's everyday to study, which Mamoru agrees with, and says that she hasn't been able to study lately because of the Black Moon. Mamoru softens a little but says that they should stop going on dates for a bit. Usagi says they don't have to do *that*, but Mamoru tells her good luck and walks away, while Usagi gets teary-eyed over her misfortune.

Rei is praying in front of the fire at the Hikawa Jinja, trying to figure out what her premonition was about. But she can't feel anything (because of interference with the daimon prescence?) and goes outside. She tries getting her fortune, reads it, then ties the paper to the tree outside. She hopes nothing happens and her friends will be safe. The tree is surrounded by light, and Rei pulls back in alarm. The tree turns into a daimon, introducing itself as Makuuji and says that it wants Rei's pure heart. Rei says she has to get away from this area so that her grandfather won't be involved. She runs off with the daimon chasing her. Kaolinite floats in the air, amused.


Rei is backed up against a wall by the daimon, who launches its hands at her. The hands turn to stone and pin her wrists wrists against the wall. New hands form on the daimon, and Makuuji tells her, "Your fortune is bad luck!" Kaolinite tells the daimon that Rei might have the Talisman so get her pure heart. Rei says, "Daimon?" and Makuuji calls its name and opens its shirt, revealing a black star on its chest. A black beam shoots out of it and hits Rei in the chest, who screams. While the daimon gets the pure heart out, Kaolinite says she will go search for other Talisman candidates.

Usagi is walking with Luna towards the Hikawa Jinja, saying she'd rather be out on a date with Mamoru than studying. Luna disagrees, but Usagi turns around and Luna pounces her, saying she promised everyone that she'd study. If she doesn't go, Luna will claw her. Usagi complains Luna doesn't understand a girl's pure mind, but Luna counters by saying it's a lazy one. As they're heading up the stairs, they hear Rei screaming and go investigate. They see the daimon with Rei, and Usagi freaks, but Luna says to transform which Usagi does.

Sailormoon gives her usual introduction and tells the daimon she can't forvive it for attacking a girl with a pure heart. Makuuji agrees, saying that's what it wants. The daimon tells Sailormoon her fortune is bad luck and attacks by using the bell rope on its head to wrap around her legs and throw her against the wall. The other three girls appear with Artemis and are about to transform, but the daimon tells them their fortune is bad luck, then shoots vines out of its head which traps them against trees so they can't move or transform. Sailormoon is still recovering from the attack, and Luna says the daimon is stronger than previous enemies. The daimon mocks Sailormoon, but then a rose is thrown at the daimon's head. Tuxedo Kamen appears above a cherry tree and makes a speech, while Makuuji asks if he wants it to tell *his* fortune? Tuxedo Kamen tells Sailormoon "Now," and Sailormoon uses "Moon Princess Halation".

However, the daimon counters with "Very bad luck triangle" which goes through "Moon Princess Halation" and knocks the Cutie Moon Rod out of Sailormoon's hands. Everyone is shocked, and Makuuji launches itself at Sailormoon, trapping her against a tree and using its teeth to yank off Sailormoon's brooch. Sailormoon detransforms into Usagi, and the brooch falls off. Usagi says this can't be happening, and then the daimon throws a vine at Tuxedo Kamen, who falls off the wall. Luna and Artemis try biting the daimon, but it throws them off.

The daimon then proceeds to take out Rei's heart crystal; Rei faints, and Usagi screams her name, remembering how Rei was telling her what her dreams for the future were. The daimon grabs the heart crystal, saying that the Talisman must be in it. Usagi says she won't forgive it, but the daimon snorts, saying that humans are pathetic. Suddenly an orange ball hits it from behind, followed by a blue water ball. The daimon dies and turns back into an egg, which shatters and a black spirit disappears from inside.

The vines and bonds on the senshi are released. Rei falls to the ground, and the senshi run to her side trying to wake her up. Meanwhile, two figures dressed in sailor uniforms sit in a tree and examine Rei's heart crystal. One says it's not the Talisman, while the other says the enemies picked the wrong person. The first says they've wasted their time and throws the crystal back. It floats in front of Rei as the others stare at it, then it vanishes inside of Rei, who awakens a minute later. Usagi starts to cry, she's so relieved, and keeps asking Rei weird questions about her health ("Do you have trouble breathing?" "Do you feel itchy?") Luna and Artemis notice the two mysterious senshi jump out of the tree and leave. They wonder who they are.

Meanwhile, the mad scientist says to Kaolinite that their target didn't have the Talisman. Kaolinite agrees and adds that there was unexpected interference with her plan, but she'll be on guard next time. Back at the Hikawa Jinja, Usagi says that another war is starting up.

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Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon 1992 Takeuchi Naoko, Kodansha, Toei Animation, TV Asahi, and Bandai. This is only a fan page and is not intended to infringe on any rights.

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