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Dumb Sailormoon Rumors and Myths

Ayakashi Sisters, Moon, Chibi-usa

Welcome to the first and original Dumb Rumors page. You might've come across dumb rumor pages on other sites (many of which have comments, formats, or titles VERY similar to ones I use), but the Sailor Senshi Page was the very first Sailormoon webpage to have this section. It's probably also the longest rumors page on the web as well. I mention this because this section makes my page special, I think, and it was one of the most original ideas I've had... well, ever. (That and it annoys me that other webpages have copied the idea, especially if they try to sound like *they* created the idea with, "This is my most popular section! Please send in more!")

The page, as you may note, contains a long list of ridiculous rumors and information about Sailormoon found on various webpages, mailing lists, newsgroups, personal accounts, et cetera. I did not make any of these rumors up, nor do I believe any of them to be true. The text in Italics are my comments or whoever else I attribute credit to; half the time I'm serious and trying to correct the info, but the other half I'm mocking the rumors (and I try to make the sarcasm so far-fetched that it's obvious.) If you have any questions because I'm not good at sarcasm, please feel free to ask me about it.

I have received e-mails from people trying to somehow justify the rumors I have listed here. I didn't make up these rumors, but I'm pretty sure most of them apply to the anime. Please don't try to say, "But in the manga so and so happens" or "If you think about it, it could be this way if you really stretch..." Please also look through my website before e-mailing me. I've had a few people trying to explain things to me that I already know and state on my webpage. However, if you *know* that one of the rumors comes from a certain manga translation, dub modification, or something similar, please do inform me of that because it helps.

I no longer accept submissions for the Dumb Rumors page. I think there's enough material here already, and I don't know what else anyone can come up with that hasn't been said already.

The Rumors

  • ChibiChibi is Rini/Chibi-usa's daughter.
  • ChibiChibi is Serena/Usagi and Seiya's daughter from an alternate universe.
  • ChibiChibi is Princess Kakyuu.
  • ChibiChibi is Diana in human form.
  • ChibiChibi is Princess Kakyuu's daughter.
  • Galaxia is Princess Kakyuu.
  • The Starlights are a band of sisters who turn into guys. In the anime, they're originally females from Kinmoku who take the form of men on Earth that revert to their female forms when they transform. In the manga, they're always female.
  • Haruka/Alex/Erica and Michiru/Michelle are lesbians who have a kid named Hotaru/Helen/Christine together. Explain to me how two girls can have a kid together by sexual intercourse.
  • Hotaru was kidnapped by Tomoe at birth and was physically abused by him. Tomoe's her legitimate father.
  • Makoto/Lita is a lesbian/bisexual. She isn't.
  • Minako/Mina and Rei/Raye are lesbians together. This is due to a manga misinterpretation.
  • Haruka and Michiru are 'just friends.' Don't make me laugh at explaining this one.
  • DIC only made 'small' changes/edits to Sailor Moon. See episodes 45 and 46 in Japanese and compare it with Day of Destiny from the dub.
  • There are more/less than 5 seasons of Sailormoon. There are five and only five seasons.
  • The last season of Sailormoon is called Sailormoon Super Stars, Sailormoon Stars, or Sailormoon Eternal. It's called Sailormoon SailorStars.
  • Haruka is a guy who turns into a girl. No, she's only a girl.
  • Haruka is 18 in SailorStars or S. She's 15 in S, 16 in SailorStars.
  • Sailor Moon and the scouts are from California. Try Japan.
  • Sailor V is from France. In the anime, Sailor V fought in England. France was never mentioned at all, though in one of the foreign dubs, she was from France.
  • That's the Eiffel Tower in SM. It's the Tokyo Tower.
  • DIC created Sailor Moon. Takeuchi Naoko created it, not a North American company.
  • Death Ribbon Revolution can destroy the world. It can't, it's only in the SuperS fighting video game, and there it is simply a normal attack (or else it's just "Reborn" and not "Ribbon", I'm not sure, I'm relying on others' knowledge).
  • SuperS stands for 'SuperStars,' 'SuperSix,' 'SuperSenshi,' et cetera. It simply stands for SuperS, as in more than one Super.
  • Haruka's "Space Sword Blaster" is "Crystal Attack," and Michiru's "Submarine Reflection" is "Aqua Mirror Reflector." You know, it's pretty hard to imagine where the heck these bad attack names came from, other than "Crystal Attack" from a bad VKLL sub.
  • Haruka, Setsuna, and Hotaru in the Stars anime use "Planet Crystal Power, Make-Up" to transform. No, they don't. Only Michiru ever says it, and that's in her SailorStars single CD, not in the anime. The other three Outer Senshi never use that phrase in the anime either.
  • In English, Haruka's name is Alex/Erica, Michiru's is Michelle, Setsuna's is Sharon/Susan, and Hotaru's is Victoria/Christine. Haruka's name in the dub is "Amara" and her doll name is "Corrin". Setsuna's name is "Trista", and Hotaru's name is "Hotaru."
  • Diana is Artemis and Luna's ADOPTED daughter. Um, yeah, right... They just *happened* to adopt another talking cat that has a human form and a crescent moon on her forehead and belongs to the same royal family.
  • Princess Kakyuu And Yaten are married. Erk, no... I don't know where that ever came from...
  • Chaos is really the truly evil side of Sailor Moon. Sailormoon doesn't *have* an evil side.
  • There are 800 Sailormoon episodes. There are 200 and only 200 episodes.
  • Michiru is not involved with Haruka, but Haruka is in love with her, and Michiru has to shove her away. Okay, that's saying that all their little 'talks' and obviously couple scenes are totally irrelevant.
  • The Starlights became guys to get girlfriends. No, they become guys to find their princess, Princess Kakyuu.
  • Chibi-Moon can use her Luna P to turn into other people including Senshi and use other Senshi attacks. I wonder if *that's* how she and Mamoru... Yeah, right. If she could do that, she wouldn't be so pathetic with her Pink Sugar Heart Attack, she'd blow people away with her World Shaking.
  • Haruka is the only male scout/senshi. Maybe in France but not in the original Japanese anime and manga. First, she's not male, and second, the Three Lights are male in Earth form in the anime.
  • Ami and Rei are lesbian lovers. I thought the pairings were Minako and Rei, Rei and Usagi, or Makoto and any other girl? New one. Anyway, no, all the senshi are heterosexual except for Haruka and Michiru.
  • There's a new season called Chibi Moon, all about Chibimoon in the future. There isn't one, dearies.
  • Sailormoon is mentally retarded. She's not very stable or bright, but she's a very long shot away from retarded.
  • Sailorsaturn is the oldest of the senshi. That title is given to Pu, Sailorpluto.
  • There is a Sailor Diana who is the human form of that ADORABLE kitty. There is no SailorDiana, in either the anime or the manga.
  • Sailor V is really Sailor JUPITER before she met up with the senshi. The V stands for Venus as explained in the Sailor V manga.
  • Hotaru is Haruka (whom she calls Seiya) and Michiru's daughter. I addressed this already, except for the Seiya statement, which I think is really, really weird. X_x Haruka is Sailoruranus, Seiya is SailorStarfighter.
  • Mistress Nine is Hotaru's evil older sister. Mistress Nine is the entity that possesses Hotaru's body.
  • Uranus and Neptune have a child together (not Hotaru). Yeah. Right.
  • ChibiUsa is Princess Kakyuu. Wait a minute here... If she's Usagi's kid, and she's Princess Lady Serenity in the future, how can she be the long lost red haired princess of the Starlights with a non-crescent moon on her forehead?
  • The Starlights are manly looking women who grow big boobs when they transform. I can't believe anyone actually said this like that. How lame.
  • There is a real Sailor Earth. Not unless there's some unknown lost season of Sailormoon, there isn't. Mamoru represents Earth, and I think some people have been reading too many fanfics and that there are way too many fanfic based webpages.
  • Pluto and Endymion had a love affair. I don't think so. Pluto, in the manga, *might* have had a secret love for King Endymion, but she sure as heck didn't have an affair with him.
  • The end of the whole SM manga is that the whole story, all of SM, is Usagi's dream. Gotta be some really long dream... That'd be a dumb ending, actually.
  • Tigerseye is the reincarnation of Nephrite. I'm sure he is, that's what happens to *all* Sailormoon anime villains, they are reincarnated... I mean, ChibiChibi's the reincarnation of Queen Beryl, Diana's the reincarnation of the evil SailorEarth, and CereCere is the reincarnation of Bob.
  • The Starlights are searching for Sailor Moon. Princess Kakyuu, not Moon.
  • Seiya is the son of Yaten and Sailor Star Maker. Ewwww.
  • Seiya is Tuxedo Mask. Augh, you mean Tuxedo Kamen's a woman?
  • Yaten is Elios. And Yaten's a flying horse?
  • Haruka is Yaten's twin *brother.* Haruka's related to a flying horse?
  • Hotaru is Setsuna's little sister. Setsuna and Hotaru aren't related.
  • Reeny is Serena's mother. You know, I'm my own grandmother too.
  • Reeny is Princess Kakyuu. Beeeep. Try again.
  • All the technicolor-haired senshi (including Reeny) belong to a cult. Cult? What cult? The Moonies?
  • Bunny's name in Japanase is Uranai Sukino. Yeah. Sure it is.
  • Aruka hates Bunny, and usually Bunny get's on Aruka's nerves. First off, it's "Haruka," and Haruka doesn't hate Usagi. She's very kind and flirtatious with Usagi actually.
  • Hotaru inherited some strange dark power from her father. You mean deities invading a person's soul is genetic? Cool.
  • Michiru wants Aruka to find a boyfriend. Yeah, Michiru's just Haruka's lover temporarily until Haruka can find herself a man.
  • Ami's IQ is of 5000. I didn't even think you could reach 300...
  • Susana (Setsuna) was thrown out of the Time World. Okay...
  • Neflyte is kewl and drinks Coke. No fair! No Coke advertising! We Pepsi Drinkers of the world protest.
  • Ami was in love with Mamoru like a long time ago but she failed a test and couldn't be with him. Failed the test of love, maybe? Poor Urawa... Ami's a two-timer!
  • Reenie/Reeny/Rini is Sailor Renie Moon. No, she's Sailor SuperDuperTiniWeenieVerticallyChallengedMoon! Though... the Irwin toys call her "Rini" when she's clearly Chibimoon.
  • Haruka is in love with Taiki. I certainly hope not. That's disturbing to think about.
  • Sailor Cosmos in the manga is actually Yaten. Whooo. Someone else who doesn't read the manga. Hmm, too bad you don't even have to read the manga to get this one. Cosmos is actually ChibiChibi by the way.
  • Haruka can change from a guy into a girl whenever he wants. Hey, that's an insult to Haruka-sama! Comparing her to the Three Lights?
  • The Kou brothers wear wigs. Must be pretty heavy wigs. (I always thought Taiki was balding...)
  • Galaxia is Mimete reincarnated. Nah, that's Iron Mouse who Mimete is reincarnated into. But you're on the right track! Galaxia's Bob's sister, Bobbette's, reincarnation.
  • Princess Kakyuu is actually Princess Selenity's sister, but she was kicked out of the Moon Kingdom. Yah, I mean, you can see the resemblence and all that, right down to the crescent moons on their foreheads-
  • Minako and Artemis has are lovers. Ewww.
  • Luna and Artemis, when they're are human, in an episode, are turned into bad guys; Luna is Zoicite, and Artemis is Jadeite. Yeah. Just maybe.
  • Mistress9 is Saturn's mom. And what a mother she is.
  • Hotaru and Chibi-usa are "more than just friends." That's really really really sick, something I don't need to think about, something some of you perverted fanfic writers need to stop fantasizing about.
  • Naru is really Sailor Earth in disguise, but she just don't want to admit it because of this really long story about her not wanting to hurt her friends and her being the princess of Earth or something. There's no possible way. I mean, she's not even named Terra or anything!
  • Haruka and Michiru aren't lesbians because in reality, Sailor Uranus had a twin brother who loved Sailor Neptune and some really weird story about their past. This BS, my friends, was concocted by those wonderful Moonies at SOS. If you don't believe me, go visit their page, it's on the dang thing in some form...
  • Chibichibi is Naru. I thought Naru was Sailor Earth a few minutes ago...
  • Pluto's attack is "Yaga Scream." What the heck is a "yaga?"
  • SailorMoonX is the name of the new season that stars Chibimoon. Any relation to SailorMoon H?
  • Uranus and Neptune got married and had Saturn and Chibi-Chibi. I'm sure they did, and they are also the real parents of Usagi, Rei, Ami, Mako, Minako, and Setsuna too.
  • Hotaru (Sailorsaturn) is SailorStarHealer (Yaten) since she can heal other people. I'll only point out that Starhealer doesn't heal anything.
  • Hotaru is really a Negaverse Villan in disguise. Yeah, she's really Earth/Naru/ChibiChibi. Hotaru is never "disguised", she's just unknowingly possessed, and that's by Mistress9, not a "Negaverse" villain.
  • The Sailor Senshi used to be evil and work with the Negaverse. Until the Good Fairy came down and said, "Little bunny foo foo I don't want to see you doing scooping up the field mice and bopping them on the heads," and they turned good.
  • Chibichibi is 400. How does she keep that youthful complexion?
  • The Starlights are Outer Senshi. Someone stop me from murdering whoever said this!
  • Chibichibi is one of the Outer Senshi. I know we all want to be Outer Senshi but...
  • Chibiusa is nicknamed Pink Lady. Small Lady is the name that everyone in the future calls her. Pink Lady is part of her manga attack phrase.
  • Minako's last name is Amo. Amo?
  • Serena is actually Serenity, but she just tells everyone it's Serena so she doesn't have to explain it. That's really smart.
  • The Amazoness Quartet and the Amazon Trio were the original Inner and Starlights before Seyia, Yaten, Taoki, Usagi, Ami, Rei, Makoto and Minako showed up. Well, yah, the Trio crossdresses and the Lights are transsexuals... Blah, the Trio members are really animals with human forms, the Quartet lived in the amazon, and none of them are senshi or will be (unless you count the quartet in the manga, and then they're senshi in the future).
  • Neherenia is Mamoru's sister. Yup, and Neherenia's SailorEarth too, and she has this really spiffy henshin after she shouts, "Earth Crystal Power Make-Up!" and her fuku's black and grey...
  • Sailormoon and her daughter, Chibichibimoon, are in a lesbian relationship. Bwahahaha!
  • Sailorvenus is the true ruler of the Moon Kingdom, Queen Serenity, but she gave it up to Sailormoon because she wanted to pursue archery. What the hey? So when Queen Serenity and Venus are hanging around together, they're like... the same people. And this Queen Venus lady decides to give up her all powerful throne where she's virtually controlling most of the galaxy just because she wants to learn how to shoot arrows through apples?
  • Sailormars is from Cuba. Aren't we all?
  • There are 400 hidden episode in which Usagi admits to being bisexual, gets pregnant, admits to being a lover with Minako, and then is murdered by the ghost of Queen Beryl. Usagi's been a busy gal, though one wonders how Minako got her pregnant.
  • Makoto and Ami are really lesbians. They hide their relationship very well by pretending that they're actually heterosexual. They even chase guys to throw everyone off their tracks! Those sly devils...
  • Sailorpluto is really Queen Serenity, but she hides her identity to avoid confronting Sailormoon. Egads! So that means that Sailorvenus is really Sailorpluto who is really Queen Serenity and they're all the mother of Sailormoon.
  • All the Senshi can turn into males, and they do in missing episodes to pursue heterosexual relationships with each other. What's with these missing episodes? How'd they get lost and end up in the people who make up these rumor's houses? Do they fly there? Hitchhike? I don't get it.
  • Usagi and Rei are actually lovers, and the only reason Usagi married Mamoru was to fulfill her duties as the Queen of Crystal Tokyo. Someone's been reading a bit too much Rabies, me thinks.
  • Chibi-usa is in love with ChibiChibi. But ChibiChibi's just sooooo cuuuute...
  • Sailor Chibimoon is from the Negaverse. Negaverse Smegaverse. Even Yamhead doesn't hail from NASM-badly-named villain groups.
  • Starhealer is in love with Starmaker. I always thought it was fishy the way they never looked at other girls that much...
  • Hotaru is Mistress 9 AND Master Pharaoh 90. Look, Mom! I can be two people at once! Just like Queen Serenity/Pluto/Venus!
  • Hotaru is originally (born) evil and turned good, not the other way around. 'Fraid not. Hotaru's born good, becomes possessed (evil), dies, and is reborn good... Unless you believe we're born with a clean slate, or if we're born inherently wicked. There's philosophy for you.
  • Sailor Venus's parents died in England and that's why Mina(ko) became Sailor V. Minako's parents are alive and well; that's kind of why one of her problems is her mom (and the police).
  • The Starlights/Three Lights are brothers. No, they're not. I belive Takeuchi-san herself said they weren't. But the whole "Is Kou their first names or last names?" debate is too complicated to go into.
  • The Amazon Trio are brothers. Like the person who sent me this rumor said, how can a fish, a hawk, and a tiger be brothers?
  • Haruka and Usagi are in love in the manga. They aren't. Haruka loves Usagi as she loves her princess; Usagi loves Haruka like she loves all of her friends.
  • Elios and Chibiusa got married in the future. Hasn't ever been established.
  • Tuxedo Kamen is one of the Inner Senshi. Does he look like he runs around in a short skirt?
  • Haruka is a hermaphrodite in the manga. She's always been a girl, and one of her distinguishing characteristics isn't that she has the sex organs of both genders. Also, Takeuchi-san said that only females can be senshi, and that's why she was upset when the anime turned the Starlights into transsexuals. That directly suggests that Haruka can only be female, and the line in the manga that says that Haruka is a senshi of both genders, male and female, is meant to be taken symbolicly, not literally.
  • The Silver Millennium is a time period that occurred 1000 years ago. This is true for the dub only. The Silver Millennium is a place, actually, and as far as I know, it never said in the original anime or manga when it occurred, just sometime in the past. If it did say in the original anime or manga when the Silver Millennium existed, feel free to correct this with proof. :> I still don't know why you would name a place using "Millennium," but whatever. :)

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