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Dumb Sailormoon Rumors - Page 6

  • The S season is the retelling of the story in the Bible. Usagi is the virgin Mary. When she goes into Master Pharoah 90, what you don't see is Hotaru disappearing, Usagi getting pregnant, and then giving birth to her, which is why she's all weird looking at the end of that episode, and that's why she appears holding a baby. Hotaru is the Dark Messiah, as said throughout the series, just like in the Bible. Okay, someone's applying a LITTLE too much religion to the series... Yeah, no one's doubting it IS based on Christianity, but it's not about this!
  • The Starlight are girls in the anime too, just really flat-chested. So flat chested that they can get away with running around in trunks bare-chested... right...
  • Mamoru is a model, which is where his money comes from. This is a DIC invention AFAIK.
  • Mako-chan is actually confused about her sexuality, which is why she was attracted to a lot of guys, one girl (Haruka), and a dog. ... Would brush this off except for the dog part... ick...
  • Sailor Mercury's bubbles tickle people. Hee hee! That tickles! Hee hee hee! *Tickle Me Elmo starts to vibrate*
  • The Four Sisters aren't really sisters. They're brothers. Right, they're just incredibly well endowed.
  • The reason Sailor Mars has such a bad temper is because her spiritual powers causes her to have her period all the time, therefore constant PMS. Say what?
  • Sailor Mars has an attack called Hot Flashes, in which she flashes the enemy in order to distract them so Sailor Moon can kill them. "In the name of the moon, I will MOON you."
  • In Japan, because of nudity and violence, Sailormoon was considered hentai. DiC, since they liked the story of Sailormoon, cut out all of the hentai scenes and changed some dialogue so that the show could be watchable for American kids. Which is why Sailormoon in Japan and around the world is shown to little girls... because everyone knows that showing hentai to little girls is good... whatever...
  • Haruka's last name is Teniou. Tenoh, Tenou, or Ten'ou.
  • Sailor Uranus uses the power of earthquakes in her attacks. o_O;; "World Shaking" creates a ball of energy that runs along the ground... that's not really an earthquake though, for all the perty pictures cause everyone's standing up fine as she does it.
  • Sailormoon was cancelled in 1997. It wasn't canceled, it just ended. No more manga, no more anime.
  • The Outers use "[Planet] Star Power, Make-Up!" to transform. Urgh.. I've seen this one in fanfics, on webpages, and more recently in Cloverway's crap-tacularly inconsistent dub. "Star Power" is used in R and S ONLY by the Sailor Team (the four original Sailor Senshi). In the original anime, the Outers use "[Planet] Planet Power, Make-Up!" For some reason, Cloverway decided that the Outer Senshi could use "Star Power" too... just for the heck of it.
  • Sailor Pluto, along with the other Outer Scouts, use the talismans to control space. Space.. the final frontier... to go boldly where no Sailor Senshi has gone before... with our Talismans, we will eventually conquer space! Hah!
  • Sailor Pluto, deeply in love with Darien, tried to sacrifice herself to save him, but Neo-Queen Serenity saved her. "When did *this* happen, Setsuna-san?" Setsuna: ".... All right, I admit it! He was about to kill himself on cholestoral by eating an egg! I tried to take it instead! But Neo-Queen Serenity got there before I did... poor queen.. she died instantly..."
  • Shinozaki is Makoto's boyfriend. Which is why Makoto spends the entire five seasons yearning after different boys- because she has a boyfriend, and in Japan, mothers encourage their daughters to drool after any and all men and women in order to form lasting "friendships." In the West, we'd see this as a sign of sluttiness, but in Japan, it's not seen that way. The parents are merely happy that their children gain so much "experience."
  • Pluto has to live in the Netherworld for eternity to protect the Door of Time. That's why she like.. leaves and stuff... Netherworld?
  • Hotaru's father was taken over by aliens and the demonic force of Mistress 9 possessed her. Is this like "The Astronaut's Wife"? Yeah, the Death Busters are aliens, but this is like... overly dramatic. ONE daimon entered Tomoe's body, and Mistress 9 is inside Hotaru waiting for when she can fully awaken.
  • In Sailor Stars, whenever somebody's Star Seed is removed, they become a Sailor Zombie. (This was in the guestbook of the now-infamous "Sailor Moon For Dummies.") A Sailor Zombie? "Want your brains!" How come none of them ever said that, huh? And how come they never were decaying before our eyes, huh? And how come-
  • Saturn's Powers according to a moron: Saturn Death Ribbon, Saturn Silence Glaive, an energy shield, and an energy sphere that can destroy an entire planet. There's a Death Ribbon? REALLY? Cool! I mean... I'd just smack that baby on random people's foreheads and BOOM! Down they go. Dead as a doornail.
  • In Sailor Stars, Sailor Galaxia and the Sailor Animates are searching for the golden scouts. Who are the twin sisters of the Starlights. The golden scouts are Stardestroyer, Starsoother, Starfeeler, and Starcrusher.
  • "Seiya, Yaten & Taiki are Brothers, princes to Serena's Court. When Luna and Artemis found out that there were Brothers on the Sailor Scouts- they thought they had gone wacko. Yet they remembered Queen Serenity's story about 3 Brothers that would represent their world in Serena's Court. These 3 could Transform into Scouts of a Different Uniform- Sailor Starlights. Eventually, Serena would become part of their Team-STARLIGHT SAILOR MOON- and get to wear a modification of their Uniform. Now, I focus on me- Sailor StarFighter. I am Seiya, one of the Brothers. Using the STARLIGHT FIGHTER POWER ROD, I transform from a Human Male into Sailor StarFighter. Carrying great Power, I still need to learn how to command it- including my Starlight Battle Commands. You see me wearing the headset up TOP. Yaten is Sailor StarHealer, one of us who uses the Starlight Power to heal others of injuries. Taiki is Sailor StarMaker, one who can Restore using the Starlight Power. I use the Starlight Power to provide Defense Capacity to the Scouts- especially to my Brothers. You also see in the above pic Serena in the top Right Corner- that's her as STARLIGHT SAILOR MOON, one of the Original Sailors in a New Capacity." Rebo-chan says: "The picture the author is reffering to has the three Starlights, plus ETERNAL Sailormoon. Now, it's quite easy to see that the Starlights aren't men in the picture, considering their fuku...And ANOTHER moron who assumes Starhealer heals things :P" That's a good summation."
  • Setsuna's English name is Susanna. Rebo-chan: "Oh Susanna! Oh won't you cry for me?"
  • Hotaru's English name is Jane. Considering that like... Hotaru's dub name is Hotaru.. that would make sense.. especially in Mixxzine, where Hotaru is called "Hotaru" for the manga translation... I mean, geez, Jane!
  • Hotaru is 16 when she is first introduced. She's 12. Big misconception.
  • Hotaru goes to Juuban Junior High School. In SMS, she goes to Mugen Gakuen. In SailorStars the manga, she attends Chibi-usa's elementary school.
  • Chibimoon and ChibiChibimoon are the Chibi Scouts! "We're short, we're short, we're really really short, short short short, short short short, we are the chibi scouuuuts!"
  • In the future, Chibi Usa is Moon Princess Serena. Except that she's born on Earth... making her a moon princess called Serena... makes absolutely no sense to me.
  • Usagi's English names are Victoria and Celeste. Maybe in a non-English dub. Though I agree with Rebo, it's pretty hard to have two dubbed names at once...
  • Sailor Moon uses the Ginuishou. Ginzuishou.
  • Rei hates Usagi. Which is why Mars repeatedly tries to save and protect Sailormoon. That means Mars is trying to use reverse psychology on Sailormoon by proving her hatred through saving her life.
  • Rei's English names are Dana and Rae. Okay dokay.
  • Rei's favorite food is Vegetarian Pizza. Yum yum. For the record, this says "Rei", not "Raye".
  • Ami's English names are Blue and Amy. "What's your favorite color, Usagi-chan?" "Well... I always liked Usagi." "Rei-chan, what's your name in English?" "It's Red and Black. Cool, huh?"
  • Makoto's English names are Sara and Maggie. Okay, I'm really starting to think that the person who made this info up can't tell the difference between English and, say, any other languages.
  • During one of the Seasons, Luna gets to be human for a while. Later, all the cats become humans. I don't think a movie counts as a season, nor does the manga count as anime.
  • Yaten has a crush on Luna. Ya got that reversed, sweet pea.
  • SOS is the sole reason Sailormoon exists in the US. All the more reason to destroy SOS... heh heh... Seriously though... It's all bull.
  • Setsuna goes to Mugen Gakuen High School. Anime: Nope. Manga: University.
  • Hotaru's English Name is Heather Thomas. Her name means "Soldier of Death and Rebirth". That's a pretty deep meaning for "Heather Thomas."
  • Saturn's Japanese name is Hataro. Hataro-what?
  • "Hataro's" least favorite food is Buckwheat Noodles. Michiru: "Well, now, Hotaru-chan! You've changed your least favorite food! I'll be adding a LOT of milk in everything for you now!" Hotaru: ".... waaaah...."
  • "At one point, Sailor Saturn's body was inhabbited by an evil demon named Mistriss 9 whose only purpose was to bring silence to the world." Inspired by Rebo: "Be very, very quiet... Don't wanna disturb Mistress 9's beauty slee-" "YOU'RE DEAD!" "Oh cr-" ***BOOM!*** "...."
  • Several of the Inner Scouts developed crushes on Haruka. Minako and Usagi had crushes on Haruka under the assumption that she was a guy. When they discovered otherwise, they gave up the crush and from then on looked to Haruka as an older, maturer "friend" I guess. Ami never had a crush on Haruka, Rei never had a crush on Haruka, and Makoto, contrary to popular belief, wasn't in love with Haruka.
  • Michiru's English name is Michelle Waters. Her Japanese name is Michru. What a dumb name... Um, both of them... "Mich-ru" and "Michelle Waters."
  • Haruka's name means "Soldier of the Heavens". Except for the fact that her name's "Tenoh Haruka" and not "Tenno Senshi".
  • Setsuna's name means "Soldier of Revolution." Rebo-chan: "What is this, "Shoujo Kakumei Setsuna?""
  • Dead Scream wipes people out of the timeline. Um... okay... Wouldn't want to mess with that chick... being wiped out of the timeline and all... cause, after all.. you're DEAD.
  • Amy has the strongest willpower of all the Scouts. Is this some sort of sorry excuse for the fact that she's not the physically strongest senshi or something?
  • "Shine Aqua Illusion - in this attack, Sailor Mercury uses a single drop of water to create a stream of water, that she wields much like a lasso. The stream first encircles Sailor Mercury, then shoots out, encicling the enemy and freezing him or her in place." Rebo says this isn't "Mercury Aqua-Me Chain."
  • Amy's attacks are mostly defensive because she doesn't like violence. Oh... I'm sure she enjoys a good butt-kicking like the others every once in a while... One's aptitude towards violence does not mean that one can make pre-given magic powers into defensive maneuvers, rather than offensive ones. I sense another attempt at an excuse for Mercury's weakness.
  • Amy doesn't like killing the enemy, she prefers healing him or her. Since when did Amy turn into Serena? I mean, Ami into Usagi?
  • Usagi's English name is Serena Crystals. Yeah.
  • The only reason the scouts get mad at Serena is because she's is so different from when she lived on the moon. Like, you know how they were annoyed with her before they even discovered she was the moon princess? They KNEW it, baby, they were just hidin' it... Sly folk, them scouts... All that stuff about not remembering their past? They knew, yes, they knew...
  • Mamoru goes to school at Azabo Institute. Azabu.
  • Sailor V fought evil all over Europe. See the U-S-A in your Chevrolet! Oh wait, this is Europe.. um... See Europe in your Smart Car...
  • Mina used to be a movie star. Which is why she aspires to be one again and works so hard to get breaks... Because, like, her past as a movie star doesn't help her any now.
  • Makoto's English name is Lita Johnson. I wonder where these random last names come from.
  • The only scout taller than Lita is Uranus. Except for like... pluto... and Starmaker... But only those three!
  • Raye's parents don't show up much on the show. Right. They show up three times to be exact- if you slow down episodes 30, 99, and 200 so that they're reaaaallly reaaaalllly slooow, not stopped but reaally slowwww, and you squint REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY hard, you can see them all the way in the background, usually behind a tree! Honest to God! Try it!
  • The Outer Scouts were seeking the three talasments. To create the Holly Grailmint to make Serena's breath smell better.
  • Sailormoon is a Chinese show. Which is why, originally, it takes place in Japan with Japanese named characters all in Japanese with Japanese signs and references throughout the anime, and why it was originally created in Japan by a Japanese mangaka.
  • Usagi's family name is Tuskino. Right. Usagi really means "elephant" in Japanese. It goes along with her last name, "Tuskino", which proves her role as the African legendary princess, Dancing Elephant Girl, 1000 years ago.
  • A Saturn section: "When she gets reborn from the explosion Mistress 9 reborns Saturn with her soul so Mistress 9's soul is in Sailor Saturn. Rini becomes her friend when she becomes older. But the soul of Mistress 9 is still in her and makes her evil. She gets into battles with the sailor scouts with her very powerful power. She is the powerfulest scout because of this with the power to destroy the earth. She gets revived by Sailormoon because she does not want to hert Rini. She again turns into a baby but after a little while quickly grows back into her original height and age. Her weak body is not really a problem. She has sholder length, black hair and looks young for her age. She doesn't like milk and her favorite subject is history. She hates Ph.Ed. because she gets tired very easily. Her favorite colour is purple." All I can say is... "powerful power"?
  • Hotaru was reborn as a baby after the explosion in her father's lab. And after she became Saturn at the end of SMS, she was reborn as Mistress 9.
  • Michiru's family name is Kaio. Kay-o.
  • Michiru has a very stubborn and very spoiled attitude. I KNOW! God, that bitch! Being so mean to all the Inners! Letting Usagi play with her violin! Giving the senshi free tickets! Comforting them and giving them advice! What a meanie! Now, Usagi, THERE'S a girl who never acts spoiled! And Rei, Minako, and Makoto are NEVER stubborn! Not one bit!
  • Sailor Neptune is too serious, see can't seem to live life, and have fun like Usagi can. You mean Sailor Mercury, right? Though I'll agree, being a world-famous and accomplished violinist and artist isn't REALLY living life. It's so boring! What with traveling all around the world! Who wants that? And having a gorgeous, devoted girlfriend? What a boring life!
  • Setsuna lives in the Silver Millenium. She only sends her soul to Earth... if you pass your hand through her body, it'll go right through.. right, smacking through- um.... Setsuna: "What are you touching me there for, HENTAI?!" ****BOOM!*****
  • "Hotaru's father was conducting an exparament in his lab when he broke though some kind of dimensional wall. Hotaru was standing close by and was watching, during this time an evil demon sprit from that dimension entered Hotaru's body. From that point on awakening Sailor Saturn would mean the end of the world. The evil spirit now had 1/2 of her possesed, and also her father Professor Tomoe. If saturn was to awaken this evil sprit would controle the vast amounts of power that the Saturn scout possesed, and nothing could stop it." Which is why the world was ay-okay when Saturn did wake up. As for the evil spirit controlling 1/2 of her body, everytime Hotaru was splashed with cold water, she would turn into Mini-Mistress 9 and create havoc until she was splashed with hot water, which would reverse the effect and make her turn back into Hotaru.
  • Haruka has a very large bust, but she straps it down and hides it under mens clothes. Very large, I agree. I mean, she's busting out of the seems if she doesn't strap 'em down. Look at her in her senshi uniform- see? She's practically pouring out of the suit!
  • One of the reasons why Haruka acts and dresses so male is because of all the male sports that she participates in. Meaning that if you decide to play a "guy" sport, you'll naturally become a guy.
  • One of Uranus' attacks is "Deep Submerge." This attack fully demonstrates Uranus's command over her element earthquake.
  • Uranus' element is Earth. That's why she's the soldier of flight and wants to become the wind... because her element is earth... Right...
  • "When Hotaru was a little girl her father was performing an experiment on makeing a link to an alternate dimensiontion, her father was nice enough to allow her to watch the test. Unfortunately once Tomoe had activated the experement, there was a giant explosion and this link to another dimension was sucessful. Hotaru's body was volated and taken over by another evil force. This evil force only emerges when it sees fit to give out orders, it has a dark voice which talks though Hotaru and transmits into speakers that Tomoe has setup for her (I don't exactly understand what the speakers are for). Hotaru's father Professor Tomoe wears glasses, and one of his lenses has a pagan symbol on it which the evil force has placed on him to keep control of him." Hotaru-chan.. violated?! Eww...
  • Setsuna's family name is Meio. It's "meow" since Setsuna is part cat.
  • Setsuna is from the future. Rebo: "Again, the same person who said Setsuna's in the Silver Millenium. Oh, the pains of indecision!"
  • Chibi-Usa's nickname is "Chibi." Um.. hate to break this to you.. but "Chibi-usa" is the nickname... Though I will say that Haruka and Michiru call Chibi-usa "Chibi-chan".
  • Pluto is the tallest scout, standing at 5'9. WHERE are these heights coming from?!
  • The Holy Grail is the central power of the Moon Kingdom, and Sailor Moon uses it to transform into Super Sailor Moon. That's why there was so much fuss over the Moon Stick and the ginzuishou and all... 'cause, those weren't REALLY the main items of the Moon Kingdom, the Holy GRAIL was. Betcha that the Inner Scouts knew about that one too... They're just playing dumb... they're so clever...
  • While Pluto isn't as physical as the other Scouts, she can be seen bashing the living crap out of enemies with her staff. Rebo: "They used that phrase "living crap." It was a funny quote."
  • Naoko was forced to make the Senshi wear short skirted sailor fuku by her male supremicist editor. Rebo-chan says: "Actually, Naoko was the one who begged Kodansha to LET her use the short-skirted Sailor Suits, while Kodansha had wanted them to be longer."
  • "After a Lunar Eclipse that happens once every one million years, Queen Beryl broke free from a seal that kept her locked in the "Dark Kingdom". Queen Beryl's band of evil consists of the main leader "Queen Metallia" and her four dark knights Jadeite, Nefiyte, Zoisite, and Kunzite. They immediately attacked the Moon Kingdom with a vengeance and killed everyone." Um.. what the heck?
  • "Princess Serenity's mother, Queen Serenity called upon the power of the Empyream Silver Crystal to lock Queen Beryl away for another millennia. By doing this Queen Serenity also gathered up all the dead corpses left over from the attack including her doughtier and Prince Endymon. She then sends everyone far into the future to be reborn as human offspring with different families. Queen Serenity then died on the moon, her soal to now linger there for the rest of time to keep eye over Earth." Um... That's a really bad mixing of the dub and original.. and while I'd concede some of it's right, what the heck's with the "dead corpses" description? I mean... gross!
  • Queen Serenity assigned two guardian cats to watch over the Princess, these gats were also given massive weapons in case evil ever came forth to put the Princess in harm. "I will kill you.. with my massive weapon claws! Mreow!" Or better yet, Luna and Artemis in mechs...
  • Sailormoon's element is Pure Moon. As opposed to what? A non-pure moon? A normal moon? And how's the moon an element?
  • "Usa"/"Chibiusa" means breast. "Usa" means bunny. :P "Chibi" means little/short.
  • Oh yes, and Sailor Tian has this to say about the Sailor Mercury being the mother of Hotaru- "Only TRUE Mercury fans would know!"

    The following rumors are... weird... They're obviously just made up, but they are pretty amusing if you think weird stuff is funny.

  • Raye and Hotaru had a thing for each other, Haruka in love with Ami, Hotaru, Setsuna, and ecpessialy Michurii. Another little group included: ChibiUsa, Hotaru, Chibi Chibi, and Michurii. Serina and Darien. Lita, and the three starlights. Luna, Diana, Artamis, Minerva, and Cupid were a little group. A while after that Chibi Usa and Chibi Chibi would fight over Darien (who had just dumped Serina) and Heilos; finally Chibi Usa got Heilos and Chibi Chibi got Darien. Raye dumped Hotaru for Setsuna. Haruka only saw Ami every first Thursday of the month and saw Michurii all the rest of the time. Serina then had Yaten. Hotaru had Lita. Starfighter and Starmaker (I forgot their names) were in love. And everyone got married exept Mina. She got tired of all the mussy stuff where she met a cute trillionare named Nathanel. Everyone became jeliuos of her. Raye put a red bow in her hain to look more like Mina. Haruka tried to grow her hair out to look like Mina. Serina tool her meatballs down cut her hair and changed her bangs to try to look like Mina. Everyone exept the boys tried to look like Mina. Mina and Nathanel have everything they could ever want including eachother and they lived happily ever after. But as for everyone else they ended up working at a car was for a $1.00 a day. Okayy....
  • Everyone knows that ChibiUsa & Heilos did IT and created Chibi Chibi. Oh, I could think of a few people who don't know that... Chibi-usa, for one... Helios... ChibiChibi... Naoko Takeuchi...
  • There is a season called SH. The S stands for secretisem and the H stands for homasectual. It's where all the scouts have sex with each other but keep it a secret. I can't tell if this was originally spelled bad or the sender just botched it up...
  • Darien is a playboy. He has done IT with the inners, the outters, the neos, and the members of the royal family such as: Serina, Rini, Sailor Cosmos, Chibi Chibi, and the starlights too. But he likes Serina most thats why he choses to keep it secret. I'll just say that there's no such thing as any neo senshi, and the royal family doesn't include Cosmos, ChibiChibi, or the Starlights...
  • When Serina is Neo Queen Serenity, She is approxamently 5,000,000,000,000,000, years old! That's old... I mean, really old... That's like older than the Earth itself, isn't it?
  • Haruka and Michurii were lesbians way back when they were born, in fact if both of their fathers weren't gay they would not have been. Whoever made this up should be smacked around... a LOT. I'll lead. Anyone else wanna focus their anger/stress/tension on the creep who came up with this?
  • Darien has a secret love affair with Setsuna. He only married Serina because Setsuna told him how cute and odorable Rini was going to be. Heh... That'd be funny... Setsuna, the crafty one as always, decides to ditch the future king by hooking him up with a lie about his future kid...
  • When Chibi Usa became Wicked lady she and Prince Diamond had sex and made Chibi Chibi. But they decided she was a reject and used the dark cristle to send her into the future so someone else could have her. "Wow, I look almost exactly like my 'mom'! I'm a reject! I'll go into the future... meaning two years ahead! Maybe then my 'mom' will love me!"

  • Sailormoon is an animated show that originated in the 80s. Wow! This is the first rumor I've found by myself ever since I started the rumors page! Hurray! ^.^ Anyhow... last I checked, the year 1992 was early 90s.
  • "Stuff*true stuff* people don't know--- The Sailor DD's appear at the end of Stars. There are four, and they're Rini's friends from the future. They are also the star seeds of Rini, Serena, Christine*Sailor Saturn* and Michelle*Sailor Neptune*. The first DD is Sailor StarlightChibiMoon. She's eight, the second youngest DD. She's the star seed of Rini, and very weak as a Scout. Her attacks are Pink Princess' Freezing Kiss, Pink Starlight Tiara and Starlight Tiara Stardust. Her fuku looks like Super Sailor ChibiMoon's, but she has this star pendant she uses to transform. She goes around as Usaka Michi and says 'Starlight Pink Crystal Power, Make-up' to transform. She's also Sailor StarlightEternalMoon's future daughter. The second DD is Sailor StarlightEternalMoon. She's 15, the second oldest of the DD's. She's the star seed of Serena, and the leader of the DD's. Her attacks are Starlight Moon Healing Kiss, Starlight Eternal Tiara and Star Eternal Revoulution. Her fuku looks like Eternal Sailor Moon's, only without the pink little puffy shoulder things and stuff. She goes around as Tskino Chibi and says 'Starlight Eternal Moon Power, Make-up' to transform. She's also the DD's princess, Princess Chibi Serenity, before the first three DD's found her. *They were searching for their princess to make the Eternal Star Scepter, which Sailor StarlightEternalMoon uses in her attacks* The third DD is Sailor StarlightChibiSaturn. She's four, and the youngest.. even though she's the most powerful. She's the star seed of Christine, basically her chibi form. Her attacks are Starlight Reborn Energy, Starlight Silence Glaive Wall and Starlight Saturn Energy. Her fuku looks like a cross between ChibiMoon's Super fuku and the manga Saturn Eternal fuku *without the petal shoulders or whatever*. She goes around as Kou Chibi Chibi and says 'Starlight Saturn Crystal Energy, Make-up' to transform. The fourth DD is Sailor StarlightNeptune. She 16, and the oldest. She's the star seed of Michelle. Her attacks are Starlight Submerge, Starlight Ocean Shaking and Star Neptune Revoulution. Her fuku looks like Neptune's, and kinda like a cross between Neptune's Super fuku and ChibiMoon's original. She goes around as Kaiou Ruru and says 'Starlight Neptune Power, Make-up' to transform. This was in my guestbook. Why the person made it up and felt s/he had to share it with me, I don't know.

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