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Dumb Sailormoon Rumors - Page 11 message forum special

Have you ever been on the message forums in I have. Those people are totally clueless. Sometimes they're right about some things, and other times they're kind of/mostly right about what they're saying, but generally they're just wrong. Most of these come from the area "Sailor Moon Questions" as all the other areas appear to be RPGs. If you ever wanted to know if there are really still people out there who have no idea what's going on, is the place to be.

  • "Yes, I have heard a "Sailormoon 2000" movie coming out. Is this true? Please notify me if u know."
  • "I think you are talking about the Sailor Star Lights...they dont come in till Stars......The season that you just watched was called "Sailor Moon S" after that is "Sailor Moon SuperS" and then there is "Sailor Moon Stars". SuperS has been dubbed and i think you guys are getting it pretty soon down there in the states (im from Canada...we JUST got the dubbed "S" here a few days ago) You guys are aware that Sailor Moon is a show that was originally shown in Japan right? And that the final season (Stars) was shown in 95?" In response, someone wrote: "oh yeah, i know all about how sailormoon has been out since the 80's, and also they are a japanese cartoon. i know all about it!"
  • In response to a question about Usagi and Seiya from "SMStars": "From my knowledge, Usagi and Seyia go out a couple of times. Sailor Uranus and the other outer scouts tell Seyia he can not see Usagi again, because they knew he was Sailor Star Fighter. They really didn't become too good of friends. Seyia was very happy for Usagi when Mamo-Chan came back at the end. Thats all I know."
  • "Okay, is Chibi Chibi Sailor Cosmos or is Sailor Moon Sailor Cosmos? Every site has one of the two answers but which one is right!" Answer #1: "Uh....NO~ ChibiChibi is NOT Sailorchibimoon!!! ChibiChibi is Galaxia's goodself....she sends herself as Chibichibi back when she starts taking "starseeds" to help Sailormoon." Answer #3: "sailor chibi chibi is chibimoon when she is young but when she grows up she turns into sailor cosmos".
  • Person advertising her Neptune site: "Okay, Hi I'm called Michiru or Nerrisa or Michelle or whatever. I'm Sailor Neptune!"
  • "The Truth about Chibi Moon": "The Truth About Chibi Moon The rumours that Chibi is Darien and Pluto child are rubbish and rumour like that etc.. OK guys I have been told to speard this by naeko techi (the creator of sailor moon sailor V I canít spell her name as u can already guess) well I will try to be as accurate as possible, as my computer crashed before I could save the actually document on a disk. But I had read it about 5-6 tIímes as it takes a long tIíme to understand it fully so Iím going to try to make it sIímple for u guys to understand without leaving out the good bits( remind u of a certain company named DIC). Well any way here are the key things to remember so as not to get confused, okay(this wonít be in point form as the mes sage board completely ruins the whole page layout). By the way the are 2 stories of who Chibi is, the one that naeko techi created thatís the manga one and the corny anIíme(tv not by naeko techi) one I will explain both. This is the manga( nako techi one) Point 1- sailor Chibi moon is sailor moon. Point 2-sailor comos is sailor moon. Point 3- sailor comos is sailor Chibi moon. Point 4- sailor Chibi moon is from the future. Point 5- sailor Chibi moon and sailor comos are the same person. Point 6- sailor comos is a name u earn(itís not a name like sailor Mercury, Mars etc.). Well sailor comos(Chibi) comes back in tIíme(to the past) to help sailor moon make the right decision that she( in her past ) got wrong, so why doesnít she come as herself? Well because she comes at a period where the scout have just been up against scouts that where evil( sailor iron mouse etc.). So she know that the only way that they will trust her is if she becomes a poor defenceless child. That everyone will love and wonít suspect. she doesnít tell the others who she is or what she is really doing there. Yes Iím afraid she is not Darien and Serenaís child, sorry to disappoint u. Back to the story well it seem that in sailor comosís time she had an enemy named Chaos this enemy was really bad (didnít mean to sound cheesy) and had managed to trap all the scouts and Darien in the cauldron (I have forgotten what the rest of itís name is) which was this was a gigantic hole in space(my memory is a bit off ) that was the combination of light and darkness(if u played the best ever made rpg of sailor moon ďanother timeĒ A.K.A ďanother historyĒ u will know what the heck Iím on about). And when this light and darkness was together it mean the things inside it could be reborn(not reborn but recreated)for another future. Are u still with me? How did Chaos entrap the scouts Darien in the cauldron simple she took their crystals. So sailor comos went and fought Chaos and won, when Chaos fell into the cauldron so Chaos was trapped in the cauldron too. So this was the big decision for sailor comos should she destroy the cauldron to destroy Chaos BUT this would mean that she would kill Darien scouts too and she choose not to destroy the cauldron so the scout came back but so did Chaos stronger than ever and well sailor comos and the scouts Darien couldnít handle her and there was endless wars and destructions. This is when sailor comos decides to come back in time and changed the decision made, are u with me. Well we are back to the normal time and well Chaos has still managed to entrap the scouts Darien (not Chibi though) in the cauldron. So eternal sailor moon(as this time one hasnít earned the name sailor comos yet) fights Chaos with help from Chibi and well she defeats Chaos but this time Chaos falls into the cauldron but eternal sailor moon grabs her bracelet and tries to save her but the bracelet breaks and Chaos falls into the cauldrons and eternal sailor moon is left crying. Well now itís decision time eternal sailor moon is thinking of destroying the cauldron( as Chibi suggested) but her friends are in the cauldron and it would mean destroying them too, which meant they couldnít be reborn(well not exactly reborn) for the future. But then eternal sailor moon turned and said to Chibi ďif I destroy the cauldron my friends will be gone I say I fight for love and justice but what i really I fight for are my friends and when they are gone who will I fight forĒ? So she doesnít destroy the caudron. The Chibi tells her who she is but now she is transformed into eternal sailor moon and she says ďI now realise that the choice I made in my time was the right choice and now Iím not sailor comos u are, u earned the name but I run away from my time but seeing you as eternal sailor moon reminded me of the unmatchable strength of eternal sailor moon now I must go back to my time and try to make things right and try to earn the name sailor comos again but you are the true sailor comosĒ. With this she floats upward kisses sailor moon now comos on the head and disappears. Well there is no continue of this yet as itís thought nako tenchi is still making the rest. Oh that might be the end to the sailor moon manga series. but itís probably not. so you heard the real story but this is now the made up version for the tv series. Galaxia an enemy of sailor moon was fighting Chaos (sailor moon did not witness this) as they were also enemys. But Galaxia won but Chaos managed to get into her body. As the time grew by Galaxia realised Chaos was taking over her body so she sent her star seed( I think this means her child) out into the world to find someone who will nature. It so the seed went out into the universe and it found Serena so it transformed(donít ask me how) in a cute little girl named Chibi moon/Rini/Chibi USA/mini (it varies from what country you are in). Well thatís it thatís how who Chibi / USA/ Rini/mini is on the anime. Well at least u know the truth. Ps If u read this u will probably need to read it twice before u understand it. Think I got something wrong here tell me please as Iím writing this from memory but itís 94.2 accurate. any way please reply to this message board even if itís to say hi that way I will know whether people are reading this message board. Gotta book it laterz Serena~_~*** "
  • For some reason, this gets posted in the "Truth about Chibi Moon" thread: "sailor uranus is a boy and yes ellios appears to chibiusa as pegsus(i no i spelt it wrong sorry.) but he really isnt a horse. the truth is that just as the dead moon circus captured his soul escaped.. he is in fact a guridan of illision(in other words he watches over the dreams of sleeping children on earth.) the moment of his capture is soul was able to escape and he hides in the golden mirror...which is chibiusa's dream mirror... and they fall in love and it is really cute. i no this isnt in great detail but im kind of rushing it so if you have any questions please feel free to e-mail me...."
  • In a thread asking about doing the last season of Sailormoon, someone said that in episode 200, Usagi is nude so they couldn't edit it out or show the episode. Someone answered: "Yes, they are doing eternal episodes, I read it somewhere! (Exciting Exciting!!) Anyways, they edited out the nude Ryoko in Tenchi Muyo, so I think that they will."
  • "Sailor moon started out as manga (comic) books. Naoko Takeuchi was the creator. She showed these pictures of the scouts 2 the tv people.rdiferent from the ones that are on tv today. They had masks and had shoulder pads like the past sailor V. (u can seethem inSailor Moon #2 @ the back of the book.) the creators didn't like it so Naoko mad the "Edited" version of them. (How they look today) And they liked so ever since then sailor moon as been the hit tv series it is today. Byez! -Bunny Waren "
  • "Sailormoon started originally as Sailor V- by manga artist Naoko Takeuchi. Sailor V ran for a few months, Then the author spun of of that to create Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon. After a few Acts it was so popular Nakayoshi offer to make it into an animated show. Then DiC got their hands on it edited it and ruined a lot of the show for the American Audience. The show/manga is Also run in Germany, the UK, France, Italy, and Spanish (as far as I know) It is about Sailor moon ofcourse! Sailor Moon has many forms that we know of and maybe some we don't They are Past: Princess Selenity (Yes with an L, as in Selene Greek goddess of the moon) Present Civilian: Usagi Tsukino (japan) Serena (DiC) Bunny (Mixx) Present Soldier:Sailor Moon Super Sailormoon Eternal Sailormoon Future Queen: Neo-Queen Selenity Future Soldier Sailor Cosmos (Chibi-Chibi)"
  • There's a question asking about why Pluto, Uranus and Neptune appeared. An answer: "I'll tell you why the 3 scouts appeared... Well, Uranus and Neptune came to Earth to search for the 3 Pure Heart Crystals. They were also looking for Sailor Saturn. And Pluto appeared to help them once they found all of the crystals(you'll see it in the later episodes)to find the one who could use yet withstand the powers of the Purity Chalis. id this info. help?" Answer #2: "Sailorneptune & Uranus appeared in the first or second episode in the S series. Pluto appeared way after that."
  • "VERY IMPORTING INFO ON DUBBING: Recently we have heard an earful. The companies that are dubbing Sailor Moon into English for Cartoon Network have recently had a financial downfall. Many Anti-Moonies are also convincing the workers that Sailor Moon is not an asset and can do better to be off the air. That is why we are trying to raise money to Save Sailor Moon. Please go to our webpage for more info"
  • "I saw only the Jappanese version(the original one) and do not think that Zoisite is a man.She is deffinetly a girl.She even kissed with Kunzite before she died.I'm not talking about the manga ,only the anime.^.^ What' the truth? Thanks!^.^ And visit my site!!! Love, Bunny" People responded saying that Zoisite is indeed a man. Of course, some had funny ways of putting it: Response #2: "Zoisite is a guy in the anime (Japanese), only very gay. *Usagi*" Response #4: "Zoisite is definetly a MAN~ It's just that in the North American series, they made him into a girl coz it'll be easier for the kids to watch. And the Startlights are defiently females too. They just wear men's clothes to cover up their identity (as singers)"
    Someone else said: "My name is Haruka Tenoh, and I think Zoisite is very much a girl. I have a book on Sailor Moon and it confrims her as a girl. Haruka Tenoh." Some people pointed out that this was an American publication. Someone else said: "*sigh* yup it's true. Zoisite is a guy *originaly* they just turned him into a girl for the american audiences. i was kinda shocked to find out my fav villin was a guy but i accpted it. japanese culture is much more open then american culture. america is soo far behind. two of the scouts are lovers [nep+Ura of course] and the sailor stars when normal are men. when transformed they are women."
  • "i have begin watching sailor moon (well the english version) for at least two years now. not once have i seen a unicorn appeared. and i was wondering if anyone could help me answer this thing about the unicorn. where does it come from?" Response: "The unicorn/pegusus is named Helios. He also appears sometimes as human. He is chibiusa's boyfriend (other then Peruru who looks remarkably like Helios's human form). *Usagi*" Response #2: "that's mini moon's future horse [I reseach it]" Fortunately the last response was actually accurate.
  • "Sailor Animamates? Who are they!?!?0_0 Animal Transformations!?!? I have two more questions to add to this growing list. 1) Who are all the Animamates and how many episodes did they live to wreak havoc on Tokyo and the Sailor Scouts? 2) In the manga Fish/Tiger/Hawk Eye transformed. Why not in the anime? ~Haruka-sama" The first response was overall accurate, I guess, and the second response said: "The Sailor Animates r Sailor Lead Crow Iron Mous Alluminum Can and Tin Cat. They wreak havok in the stars series I don't know haow long though"
  • "OK. I usually don't miss any episodes, but I havnt seen this one. Is there an episode showing when Amara/Haruka was made into a Sailor Scout? I mean, I've read many articles which say and describe when URanus gets her transformation pen. How does everyone know if there wasn't such an episode? I'm confused..."
  • "i just moved and my cable network does not have cartoon network there for i can not watch sailor moon anymore. can some one tell me what happened after the fight between sailor moon and rei's friend and the rebirth of sailor saturn. i would really like to know."
  • "Have any of you seen the SM SuperS Movie? (Black dream Hole) man, i'm soooooooooo happy after i poped in that tape! if u haven't watch it, then the reason i'm happy is cuz ALL of the old voices of the scouts were back in it! yes... even that "braty" voice of Reene. hey, sure i like the new voice of reene but man, i gotta say it sounds TOOOOOOOOOOO freaky sweet! so the more braty she sounds i like it more. and for those of u who keep on complaining at me that Terri quit cuz she pregnant, well i think u should reconsider ur words. cuz if Terri IS, then why would she be back for the Black Dream Hole? and man, i gotta say the old voices do sound MAGNIFICO! i "was" kinda gettin the hang of it wid Linda Ballantyne, but when i heard Terri's voice as SM. MAN! everything just came back to me... "TERRI IS THA ONLY ONE- NO OTHER CAN TOP HER FOR THE VOICE OF SM" don't you agree? so now we can have "new hopes" that those originals-old casts would be back for the SM SuperS "series""
  • This is just.. weird. "help save the scouts: the scout have been napped by the evil king of the negasun ehich once was part of the nega moon!!! he napped them because his 12 sons each fell madly in love with each different scout!!! the scouts will soon be under their command and will become evil when they are married 2 a son they plan 2 have the 1st wedding 3 days from now sailor moon and Jason!!! i need 5 new scouts 2 save them the despertate Sailor Sun" Response #1: "uhhh... sound strange... but um... if you really need help... ---Sailor Uchť I'm Shichi, member of the Witches 11 and the Professor Tomoe Fan Club. Don't mess with me, period." Response #2: "sailor star and sailor comet are cool"
  • "why does sailormoon and sailor mars aways fight?" Response: "sailor moon whines alot and mars cant tolerate it. i cant blame her sometimes. but other times it may be cause mars is jealous cause moon gets most of the glory and gets the spotlight."
  • "Who is the best senshi?" poll. The person who started the poll seemed to know what he/she was talking about. Unfortunately, a lot of other people didn't. This led to a comment: "All of u r wrong Cibi Moon Rules!!!! she's the best charicter in the whole wide world!!!!!!! Sailor Neptune and Uranus r at the bottem of the list with the starlights. The starlights r soo extremily dicustng!!!!! Seiya hits on serena expecting her to fall in love with him/her? (i don't know what to call him should i call her it???) Chibi Moon Rules Uranus drules!!!!!!!!!!" The follow-up for here was: "Oh and the starlights are boys but they transform into girls So they are really are boys. they have to transform into girls there can't be male starlights." Same person who says the "starlights are boys" said about Uranus: "NNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOO way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Huruka (sailor Uranus) is a lespian! Why would you like her she's always being hard on sailormoon. Sailor moon is better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Harka talks dully and she looks like a boy! She stinks" Someone responded: "you don't know much about Japanese culture do you? I mean if I was japanese and I Had a daughter Who was like with a girl Then The culture says That I should Be happy! (I don't mean that I would Actually like it) Just don't make Fun of Haruka! Ta Ta, Sailor Sweet Heart"
  • "I know what's going to happen on the new Sailor Moon episodes: I am a computer hacker. I recently hacked into the main file at sailor moon headquarters! Darian has to marry sailor Mercury because she is the moon princess, not Serena. So together Mercury and Darian have a blue haired child named Darian Jr. and since Darian and Serena never get married, their child no longer exists. This should all happen by August 2nd. Glad to fill you all in!"
    Response #1: "Kids and People of the cyberspace world! This proves what sites can do to a PC Hacker and that's why you shouldn't become one! (and dude? chill out on the chocolate cravings for a while) ~Skye~ p.s. one more thing, (this is for the pc hacker) *SLAP* where the heck do you pc hackers come up with these outlandish stories?!!?"
    Response #2: "You don't know any thing you probly just like mercury or somthing.Because I've beento over 360 sites that say Darean & Sereana get married and the cartoon i'ts self.Any way even if mercury was the moon princess Darean Loves Serean too much too leave her!!!!!!!!!!!! :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( ! "
    Response #3: "How can you say that?!?! I looked into them. The new ones are ripoffs. You need to talk about old, not new!"
    Response #4: "As of now, 9:59PM EST Monday, August 14, 2000 the makers of the website Save Our Sailors ( have proved whoever wrote that about what's going to happen on Sailor Moon AND the exact day it was going to show wrong. If you scroll down to the middle of their website and click on the What Are You Missing Link, it will explain the summaries of each seaon and movie. It DOES NOT say anything about Darien marrying Amy or even marrying anybody. Need more details? Check out the Sailor Moon TV episode guide (Japanese) ( and it gives you the whole scripts of each episode from the beginning of Sailor Moon to the very end. Thank you everybody for your time. I rest my case. And it doesn't matter if you're an hacker or not, it matters where you got your info & if it's true. You should remember not 2 lie, it's easy as 1 2 3! UH DUH!"
    Response #6: "Amy is not the princess! How could Queen Serna mess up her daughter? Idoit!"
    And it just goes on like this for a while. Actually, there are like three or four people who sound reasonable; plus a couple of them sound like they know what they're talking about! Woo!
  • Question on Mina's last name, not Japanese. Response: "Aino... i guess. the dub never mentioned her last name so let's say she's Mina Aino for right now. (Aino was Mina/Minako's last name in the japanese)" Response to the response: "I Dont think that Mina's last name is Mino,or whatever you said. Well,I donno eather!"
  • "Only True Sailor Moon Fans Can Answer My Question Think U R 1 Of Them Dare Enter!!!!! hi sorry about the wierd message. it's the only way i can get people to come but the question i needed answered is from the episode VR MADNESS SEASON 2 the part when the monster comes to life in the vr place and hits darien and then Moonlight knight appears yet darien is still shown lieing on the floor.Which makes serena say "Moonlight knight and darien aren't the same person" well how is that episode explained aas we all know moonlight knight is darien i need and explanation my bro thinks that the answer is all in the title of the episode, u know virtually reality Madness so darien being there when moonlightknight is means that darien is a virtual reality thing!!! well i don't know that's why im asking u coz i don't want to believe my bro please don't make me have so help me out!!! keep it sweet laterz serena~_~***"
  • Another question about who ChibiChibi is: "If u sailor fans are that good answer the hardest question EVER!!!! I'm serious!!!" Response #1: "Listen, Chibi Chibi is believed to be Serena's second child(even though Serena really does have a second child in the manga) or Rini's child.She is Sailor Galaixa's star seed.(i don't know what a star seed is) and she is Sailor Chibi Chibi in Sailor Stars, and grows up to Sailor Cosmos." Response #2: "Chibi-Chibi is actually Princess Serenas second Daughter. She dropped out of the sky just like Rini. She is also Sailor Galixa's Star seed." Response #3: "Hey chibi chibi is sailor galaxia's(princees fireball,the sailor starlight's princess) star seed When her body was being taken over by evil she sent chibi chibi to find sailormoon Sailor_Pluto34" Response #4: "Chibi Chibi is Sailor Galaxy's heart seed or whatever its called. What she has to do is kill someone and collect heartseeds. When she has all the powerful and good heartseeds she will rule. She has to destroy Chibi Chibi because then she'll destroy herself." Response #5: "ChibiChibi is sorta like ChibiUsa (Rini), but of course, she is NOT Serena's future daughter! She is actaully the most powerful form Sailormoon can ever get to (so sorta like her end? the best?). ChibiChibi doesn't transform into SailorCosmos (also known as Sailormoon..i know, this is confusing) until Sailormoon is almost defeated...THEN she jumps in, helping her, guiding her..... This is only my may not be too clear....also I think SailorCosmos doesn't appear in the animated series.....she only appears in the comics...this is only a guess, so pls tell me if I'm wrong! :) Anymore questions? Ask me!" There were responses that were actually right though.
  • I can't believe there is an entire message board that people actually POST in. This one is run by "amyisgorgeous", aka Vince Corazza: "Hey, I am looking for young ladies that meet the physical and personality descriptions of all of the Sailor Scouts... They must have an acting experience. Plus, I need proof that they meet the descriptions! I don't know why they gave me this job, but DiC Entertainment, Inc. and Cloverwai, Inc., once industrial enemies, have teamed up in the creation of the all new Sailormoon S series, after the 38 episodes Cartoon Network is airing. They need you to fit the personality description because it is easier to act that way! They need you to fit the Physical Description so that they don't have to look for new actors/actresses when they make thier movie for SailorMoon S, which will be out in January 2001... So if you are interested in one of these parts... please tell me! Along with an affidavid or porfolio of acting experience and proof of your personality & physical match! You can paste on a picture if you use html! Thanx! ~Vince Corazza"
  • "Okay, why isn't Usagi's dad mentioned in Sailor Moon? When I say dad, I mean her father on the Moon Kingdom. We've all seen Queen Selenity, her mother, but where's her dad?" One answer: "I have an explanation for you. Mamoru is like an orphan right. Well, usagi can find her dad when mamoru finds his." Another answer: "I heard there was a king but that he died. I remeber reading it on a website but I don't remeber where the info came from. Hope that helped!"
  • Someone asked what Hotaru's attacks were. Another person answered: "Saturn Planet Power, make up! Sailor Saturn never gets a henshin sequence in the anime." which makes no sense. Then the person continues: "Death Reborn Revolution Sailor Saturn uses this attack when she tries to destroy the world in Sailor Moon S. Fortunately the attack was stopped before completion. Countless pink ribbons streak from her Silence Glaive, shredding everything in their path."
  • More theories on ChibiChibi: "Chibi-Chibi is Galaxia starseed in the anime. In the manga she is the future reincarnation of sailor moon sailor cosmos but she deguised herself because two of the same person cannot be in the same time. I think this is right."
  • "I just watched the episode where Uranus and Neptune give baby Hotaru back to her dad. They battle with Moon, and then say that they are leaving. IS THIS THE END OF THE BEST SCOUTS????? Do they come back, and if so, how far down the line? I mean, the show lacks when they are not there. Sob...cry." Answer One: "You dont see them at all in Super S but you do see them on and off in Stars!!!!!" Answer Two: "There are 3 parts of sailor moon. the first part past, the second part is repeting, and I bet you there's gonna be another part of sailor moon which is the 3rd part!I knew that because I've seen all 3 parts of sailor moon before in Thailand. I just came to America last year. And Japan is close to Thiland, so that's why I've seen it 7 years ago when I was about 5 years old! The first part is Sailor Moon, The 2nd part is Sailor Moon R, AND THE LAST PART IT SAILOR MOON SUPER. BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
  • People exclaiming happily over SuperS being shown. One girl: "Hey Galaxia, DITTO!!!!!I love SM!!I want to find out who these star people are, I heard from one site that they were boys .Seriously, why would a boy have the features of a girl?"
  • "Has anyone ever heard of Kou Usagi? My friend mentioned it saying that it she was another daughter of Usagi. The name sounds like it could be Seiya & Usagi's daughter. I'm still puzzled about it cuz i thought Usagi just had Chibi-Usa. Can someone please tell me if Kou Usagi exists or not? If she does please let me in on some info about her. Thanx"

    Cartoon Network Special

    Cartoon Network may be showing Sailor Moon S and Sailor Moon SuperS on their station, but the people who maintain the Cartoon Network official webpages sure haven't watched the series at all. All profiles are what Cartoon Network had on their page as of 11/08/2000 (unless otherwise stated).

    Cartoon Network's summary of the Sailor Moon series:

    "Sailor Moon is the story of Serena, a junior high school student who discovers that she has mystical powers and is destined to protect the world from the evil Queen Beryl and the fiends of the Negaverse.

    Gradually, Serena assembles a team of Sailor Scouts to help her battle the forces of darkness in the name of Queen Serenity of the Emperium. Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, Sailor Venus and Sailor Jupiter form the main components of the team. Sailor Moon is first given her powers by her cat, Luna, who was a trusted advisor of Queen Serenity, and sticks with her through thick and thin.

    The Sailor Scouts must take on the dwellers of the Negaverse while dealing with the problems of adolescence at the same time. Bad grades and crushes at Crossroads Junior High can be just as perplexing as the forces of evil: it's not easy being a pretty soldier. All the while, Serena moves slowly towards her destiny, to save the universe as NeoĖQueen Serenity in the name of the Moon. This is the story of the one called Sailor Moon."

    I think they revised this profile from when I last saw it, since I remember it said before that Luna took the "form" of a cat as Queen Serenity's advisor, as if people randomly assume the forms of felines just because.

  • From Cartoon Network's website (as of May 22, 2000): "Darien Chiba is an older student who comes into contact with Serena at Crossroads Junior High. Though Serena is a poor student and a little on the ditzy side, Darien can tell that she is a good person. After a chance encounter, the two begin to form a friendship. Though he keeps a cool veneer, Darien has a crush on Serena-and the feeling is mutual. As a result of living alone with no family, Darien is often very quite and reserved.
    Darien is also the superhero Tuxedo Mask, who frequently ends up crossing paths with the Scouts, often helping them in their battles against the Negaverse. Darien received his powers from his cat, Artemis, who along with Serena's cat, Luna, was one of Queen Serenity's trusted advisors in the Emperium. Darien's favorite attack is a rose that he hurls at the enemy. His destiny is to become Sailor Moon's husband and help her to save the universe and revive the Emperium." Uh... what? They meet outside Molly's mom's jewelry shop, and unless a jewelry shop is actually a junior high school, that makes no sense. Plus "older student" is a bit vague- how about just saying he's in college? If you define "friendship" as always taunting each other when you see each other, then yeah, of course they're friends. And what is UP with that "crush on Serena" crap? Yeah, I'm sure Artemis just neglected to tell everyone, "By the way.. you know that guy in the tuxedo with the fetish for throwing flowers? I gave him those powers. He's Darien, if you didn't know." And what the HECK is an "Emperium"? There is no such word. It's called an EMPIRE.
  • As of 11/08/00, the major Artemis mistake was corrected, but the rest of it was left: "Tuxedo Mask: Darien Chiba is an older student who comes into contact with Serena at Crossroads Junior High. Though Serena is a poor student and a little on the ditzy side, Darien can tell that she is a good person. After a chance encounter, the two begin to form a friendship. Though he keeps a cool veneer, Darien has a crush on Serena Ė and the feeling is mutual. As a result of living alone with no family, Darien is often very quiet and reserved.
    Darien is also the superhero Tuxedo Mask, who frequently ends up crossing paths with the Scouts, often helping them in their battles against the Negaverse. Darien's favorite attack is a rose that he hurls at the enemy. His destiny is to become Sailor Moon's husband and help her to save the universe and revive the Emperium."
  • "Chibi Moon is the youngest member of the group. Like Sailor Moon, her real name is Serena, but she prefers to be called Rini. Because she is just a little girl and filled with energy, Chibi sometimes gets on Sailor Moon's nerves. Sailor Moon is often forced to discipline Chibi, reluctantly assuming the role of mom. How appropriate. Unbeknownst to Sailor Moon, Chibi is actually Sailor Moon's daughter. Using her control of space and time, Sailor Pluto sent Chibi Moon back into the past to protect her mother. But from what? Chibi Moon carries a magical object called the Luna Ball, which allows her to contact Sailor Pluto for information and advice." Actually Chibi-usa doesn't like being called Chibi-usa, she just gets used to it, and people think it's cute. And her name isn't "Chibi". Yes, it's just SO appropriate that Sailor Moon assumes the role of mom because "unbeknowst" to Sailor Moon, they're mother and daughter. And all this occurs BEFORE Rini becomes a Sailor Scout. And no, Pluto doesn't send Chibi-USA, or rather RINI, (NOT Chibi Moon) back to the future to protect her mom, she doesn't KNOW Serena's her mom, remember? Geez.
  • Sailor Venus: "Although the last member of the Scouts, Sailor Venus was actually the first Sailor Scout to discover her alternate identity. Mina began practicing her battle skills as Sailor Venus before any of the other Scouts came to realize their powers. Mina's cat, Artemis, bestowed her with a Transformation pen that helps her to transform into Sailor Venus. One of her special powers is the Venus Crescent Beam. She creates the beam of energy from her crescent moon symbol. It is then released through her fingers as a beam of light. When she's not fighting the Negaverse she's a student at Grass Valley Jr. High. As if being a famous Sailor Scout with her own video game and plush dolls were not enough, Mina also hopes to become a famous singer one day." Grass Valley Jr. High. Is that ever said in the dub? >.< At first I thought it said "Sweet Valley"... gack.
  • Sailor Pluto: "Sailor Pluto, also known as Setsuna, is the mysterious guardian of the Gates of Time. Little is known about this Sailor Scout. Serena and the rest of the team first encountered Setsuna on a mission to the future, when they learned that she has the power to control the course of time. Since it is very dangerous to tamper with the time stream, Sailor Pluto is extremely devoted to her duties and does not materialize very often to aid the Sailor Scouts. When she does, it is usually in a moment of crisis. Sailor Pluto’s age is unknown, but she has lived a long time and has much wisdom to offer. Because of this, she is a valuable ally. Despite the dangers of time travel, Sailor Pluto is responsible for sending Chibi Moon into the past to help her mother, Serena. Chibi Moon communicates with Sailor Pluto through the use of the magic Luna Ball."
  • Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus: "Sailor Neptune and her cousin, Sailor Uranus, arrived on Earth with a mission: to find three mystical talismans. These magic items, when combined, were rumored to form the Holy Grail. Sailor Moon and the rest of the team were unaware of this mission when they first met these two new Sailor Scouts, and almost made needless enemies of Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus before they discovered that they were allies. Sailor Neptune, whose real name is Michiru, is a quiet, but brilliant, girl. As Sailor Neptune, she has the power to control water. Her close friend and cousin, Sailor Uranus (also known as Haruka) is the more athletic and outgoing of the two. Sailor Uranus has an unusual schoolgirl persona. When the Sailor Scouts first laid eyes on her, they thought she was a boy! Mina was even overheard saying: "This person is the ideal man." When she found out that Haruka was actually a girl, she was really surprised! As Sailor Uranus, Haruka has the power to control earth." This is wrong on so many levels.
  • Luna: "Together with fellow feline Artemis, Luna is responsible for gathering the Sailor Scouts. After uniting them, she serves as a guide for Sailor Moon. Luna is more than just your average house cat: she talks, types and has magical powers! While Luna initially discourages the advances of Artemis, eventually she relents and the two cats have a kitten named Diana." Luna: "Okay, FINE, you horny little creep. I'll sleep with you.. but just for ONE night." Artemis: "YAY!"
  • Sailor Moon: "Sailor Moon is the star of the show. Her name is Serena, and she is destined to save the universe. While attending Crossroads Junior High, Serena is visited by a cat with the power to speak: Luna. Luna befriends Serena and gives her a brooch that allows her to tap the power of the Emperium by saying the words "Moon Prism Power!" When these words are uttered, Serena becomes Sailor Moon, champion of goodness.
    Serena has problems at first adjusting to the differences between high school and being a pretty soldier. But she finds strength in her friends, particularly her best friend Raye, who becomes Sailor Mars. Raye and Serena fight all the time but are very close. Gradually, the Sailor scouts form, and it is at that point that Serena's true destiny begins to unfoldÖ"
  • Sailor Mercury: "Sailor Mercury is the smartest of the Sailor Scouts and is also known as the technical whiz of the group. She employs the Mercury Bubble Blast as her special attack in battles. Mercury, otherwise known as Amy in her schoolgirl persona, is one of the quieter Sailor Scouts, but when she chooses to speak her words carry a great deal of force. Mercury is the most clearĖheaded of all of the Sailor Scouts and is often the one to whom the rest of the girls turn for advice."
  • Sailor Mars: "Sailor Mars, also known as Raye Hino, is the fourth Sailor Scout to be discovered. Even though they attend different schools, Raye is Serena's best friend. Raye attends a private school where she does well but doesn't excel. She is feisty and angers easily, easily the most independent of the Sailor Scouts. Raye likes to be the center of attention and can often come across as arrogant, but she always sticks by her fellow Scouts in times of need. Luna gives Raye a pin that gives her the power to transform into Sailor Mars. Raye lives with her grandfather at the Cherry Hill temple, where she is a priestess. There she can call upon the sacred fires to show her truth or tell a fortune. Raye's destiny is to become one of the legendary Sailor Scouts and help Sailor Moon in her neverĖending battle against the fiends of the Negaverse." Because, after all, we have to repeatedly point out that Raye is Serena's best friend, because otherwise we stupid Americans just won't be able to figure that out, what with all the DIC warping her personality and whatnot. And we have to know that she doesn't "excel" in school, even though none of the scouts except Amy or the "Outer Scouts" do to begin with so it's irrelevant; we must know she gets a "pin" rather than a "pen"; and we have to know that no matter how many times the "Negaverse" is destroyed, it'll just keep coming back."
  • Sailor Jupiter: "Physically strong and a natural leader, 15-year-old Lita is a powerful athlete who towers over the other Sailor Scouts. Lita shares Serena's passion for food and always enjoys cooking. She is an avid reader of romance novels and claims the horse as her favorite animal.
    When the antenna in Sailor Jupiter's tiara appears, she can unleash a powerful electrical storm that has the fury of an overpowering thunderstorm."
  • As of 2/9/01: Sailor Saturn: "Hotaru is a quiet girl whose power to heal makes her a target of ridicule at school. Her fellow students think she's "gross." Ignoring their harsh words, Hotaru's instead focuses on her aspirations of someday becoming a nurse or doctor. But did Hotaru ever imagine she'd become a Sailor Scout? As a normal teenager, Hotaru is weak and often sick. As Sailor Saturn, however, she wields a powerful explosive attack called the Silence Glaive Surprise. Sailor Saturn also uses her healing ability to aid her fellow Scouts. After a terrible incident in her father's laboratory, Hotaru's body is possessed by the evil Mistress Nine, and only the Sailor Scouts have the power to save her."
  • As of 2/9/01: Artemis: "Artemis belongs to Mina, or Sailor Venus. Mina didn't know she was a Sailor Scout until Artemis helped her discover her special powers. Having trouble telling Luna and Artemis apart? Luna is the cute black cat; Artemis is the cute white one. Artemis is also a bit sillier than the more serious Luna. If you ever forget what color you get when you mix black and white, look no further than Artemis and Luna's little gray offspring, Diana."
  • As of 2/9/01: Queen Beryl: "Queen Beryl is the central villain from the first series of Sailor Moon. A truly evil tyrant, Queen Beryl was given control of the Negaverse in the absence of its true ruler, the vanquished Queen Metalia. With the help of the four wicked generals under her command, Queen Beryl attempts to resurrect Queen Metalia and conquer Earth. But her chances are slim if the Sailor Scouts have anything to say about it."
  • As of 4/15/01: "Pegasus appears in Chibi Moon's dreams to ask her for help. He is the protector of the magical realm of dreams and conducts his communication with Rini in secret. Pegasus' real name is Helios, and he is trapped in the dream world where he guards the Golden Crystal. Helios gives Rini a Dream Globe so that she can talk to him when she is alone. Occasionally, Helios is able to assume human form and materialize on Earth to help the Sailor Scouts."
  • As of 4/15/01: "Diana is the progeny of Artemis and Luna. She is a gray kitten and takes after her parents. Diana first appeared when she arrived from the future to help the Sailor Scouts." First off, kids are looking at this site, right? So why use "progeny"? Even adults wouldn't use "progeny", they would use "daughter". And second, what exactly is it that Diana helps the scouts do? She's a little kitten, and aside from some clawing maybe and telling Chibi-usa to do stuff, it's not like she transforms into Sailor Diana or anything.
  • As of 4/15/01: "Neo Crystal Tokyo: Neo Crystal Tokyo is the Crystal Tokyo of the future. In the 30th Century, Neo Queen Serenity and King Endymion rule Crystal Tokyo. Destined to be together for all time, Neo Queen Serenity is the Serena of the future, and King Endymion is Tuxedo Mask." Wow. I did not know that Tokyo's real name was "Crystal Tokyo." But since obviously "Neo Crystal Tokyo" is the "Crystal Tokyo of the future", that means present Tokyo actually is "Crystal Tokyo", what with all the crystal everywhere and all.
  • As of 4/15/01: "Alan and Ann, the Doomtree Twins, are aliens from another planet. Disguised as students, the twins search for human energy sources to feed the Doom Tree, an alien life form that is the source of their power. In truth, the twins are just partners, but they masquerade as siblings on Earth. It is up to the Sailor Scouts to stop these villains before it is too late." It's so refreshing to see Toonami supporting incest. It's not even that they could have watched the dub to see that even then, they're obviously lovers or anything. No, they had to be made twins. Okay, so technically there's bound to be some incest going on- they come from the same mother tree and all, but it's more of an Adam and Eve thing than a... I'm not even going to try to compare that.
  • As of 4/15/01: "Rubeus is an evil inhabitant of the Dark Moon of the Negaverse. The wicked Wiseman, ruler of the Dark Moon, sent Rubeus from the future to do his vile bidding." You think all the "evil" and bad adjectives is going a little overboard? Evil inhabitant Rubeus doing the vile bidding of the wicked Wiseman. Yeah, we kind of understood that he's a bad guy. "Rubeus has only one mission: to destroy Crystal Tokyo so Wiseman can take over the Earth. Rubeus brings four dark sisters from the future with him to help accomplish this task. During the course of his evil quest, Rubeus kidnaps Sailor Moon and Chibi Moon (he calls the young Scout rabbit)" She's not a scout at this time, people. Can you PLEASE WATCH THE SERIES before writing pages about it? And no, he didn't kidnap them, they WENT to him because he kidnapped their friends! Geeez. "in an attempt to cast the Dark Moon's hand over the Earth."

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