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Pretty Guardian Sailormoon Characters - Sailorvenus

Aino Minako is a very popular singer who just released her second album "Venus" with her hit song "C'est la vie" (a pun on "Sailor V"). At night she is secretly the ally of justice Sailor V. Nothing else is known about her at this time.


Venus Power! Make-up: Minako's henshin phrase to change into Sailorvenus


Items / Accessories

Bracelet Minako's miniature sailor guardian bracelet used to transform
Diamond Bracelet Venus' large sailor diamond bracelet after she transforms, used for element power attacks
Hair Bow with Beads Venus' red hair bow with heart button and several bead chains that stream down her hair
Tiara Sailorvenus' orange-jewel tiara
Earrings Small gold button earrings with dangling piece
Collar Sailor collar, single white tape against orange
Chest Bow Navy blue chest bow with yellow button
Wink Chain Venus' wink chain that dangles midway down her miniskirt; may be used for Wink Chain Sword attack
Back Bow Orange (not yellow!) back bow overtop miniskirt
Straps Venus' orange strap shoes

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