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Pretty Guardian Sailormoon Characters - Sailormoon

"For love and justice, I am the pretty Sailor Guardian Sailormoon! In the name of the moon, I'll punish you!"

Tsukino Usagi is your average junior high school student with not-so-average grades. She comes from a well-off family, which includes her stay-at-home mother Ikuko, journalist father, and little brother Shingo who regularly ends up waking her when she's late for school. Usagi attends Juuban Junior High in class 2-1 headed by "Miss Haruna" with her best friend Osaka Naru and fellow classmate Mizuno Ami. Usagi idolizes pop idol Aino Minako, flashy models, and anyone with grades higher than hers (meaning everyone), and loves to sing at Crown Karaoke Bar. One day a stuffed toy cat fell out of the sky on top of her head while running to school, the cat turned out to be Luna and gave Usagi the ability to transform into Sailormoon to save her friend Naru from Naru's mother, who had been taken over by a youma sent from the Dark Kingdom. Sailormoon was then saved by a mysterious man named Tuxedo Kamen when Dark Kingdom general Jedeite threw a sharp crystal shard at Sailormoon attempting to kill her. Sailormoon's mission (as given by Luna) is to find the rest of the Sailor Guardians and the Princess in order to defeat Queen Beryl, leader of the Dark Kingdom, but Usagi isn't taking everything as seriously as she should. Since she became Sailormoon, Usagi's destiny has been forever changed.


Moon Prism Power! Make-up: Usagi's transformation phrase to become Sailormoon

Moon Tiara Boomerang: Sailormoon takes off her tiara which changes into a flat boomerang shape; when thrown at enemies paralyzes them for a short while

Moon Twilight Flash: Blasts of sparks emit from the Moonlight Stick engulfing and destroying youma

Moon Healing Escalation: Sailormoon's words to heal people inhabited by youma


Items / Accessories

Cellphone Communication device plus camera to transform Usagi's appearance
Heart Moon Broach Acts as a small necklace when Usagi isn't transformed (as shown); becomes a large broach held in the center of Sailormoon's chest bow
Lipstick Activates the Heart Moon Broach when swiped across it
Moonlight Stick The Moonlight Stick used to heal people and destroy youma; holds the Illusion Silver Crystal
Illusion Silver Crystal The Illusion Silver Crystal is the rightful property of the past Royal family of the moon; In her past life Usagi was the Moon Princess so the crystal belongs to her, but Queen Beryl is after the crystal's power so she can destroy the Earth
Hairclips Feather-design hairclips and reflective odongo clips
Tiara Sailormoon's red-jewel tiara embossed with crescent moon design, used for Sailormoon's boomerang attack
Earrings Star and crescent moon earrings
Choker Sailormoon's choker, from the manga
Collar Signiature collar used as a transition in the opening sequence, 3 white tapes against blue
Chest Bow Dark pink chest bow complete with large Heart Moon Broach
Back Bow Dark pink back bow overtop Sailormoon's miniskirt
Boots Sailormoon's dark pink plastic boots

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