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Pretty Guardian Sailormoon Characters - Sailormercury

"Pretty guardian of knowledge and water, Sailormercury! In the name of the planet Mercury, I'll punish you!"

Mizuno Ami is the "genius girl" in Usagi's class at Juuban Junior High. She tends to keep to herself since people only talk to her to suck-up to her mother, a well-known gifted doctor. Ami's often seen eating sandwiches and studying from a book on the roof of the school. One day Usagi decided to befriend her and lent her her copied "Aino Minako" album. Luna discovered Ami was also a Sailor Guardian and Usagi told Ami right away; Ami wasn't sure if she believed her but told her she wouldn't want to be a guardian anyway. Later on, when Ami's Alt Seminar Instructor turned into a youma and attacked her, Ami decided she did want to be a guardian, simply so that she could fight alongside Usagi. Luna threw Ami her guardian bracelet and she became Sailormercury.


Mercury Power! Make-up: Ami's words to become Sailormercury

Mercury Aqua Mist: Water collects in front of Mercury as she spins and sprays outward exploding youma into water particles


Items / Accessories

Bracelet Ami's miniature sailor guardian bracelet used to transform
Diamond Bracelet Mercury's large sailor diamond bracelet after she transforms, used for element power attacks
Tiara Sailormercury's blue-jewel tiara
Earrings Mercury's 3 button earrings on each ear after she transforms
Collar Sailor collar, 3 white tapes against blue
Chest Bow Light blue chest bow with blue button
Back Bow Light blue back bow overtop miniskirt
Boots Sailormercury's blue plastic boots... I think they're waterproof

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