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Pretty Guardian Sailormoon Characters - Sailorluna

"Pretty Sailor soldier of love and all things small, Sailorluna! In the name of the Moon, I'll punish you!"

Previously unknown to the Sailor senshi, Luna can transform into a human girl named Nekono Luna. She does this in order to train the Sailor senshi to become stronger, so that they can defeat the Dark Kingdom and change Dark Mercury back into Sailormercury. Some debate has arised that Luna is not a real Sailor soldier since she transforms with the Lunatia L in order to change her appearance much like Usagi does to change her clothes, etc. Since Sailorluna does not have a jewel button at the center of her chest bow like the other Sailor soldiers and does not have any attacks it would appear that she is not technically a Sailor soldier. In any event, as Sailorluna she has cat ears that give her superior hearing and a cat tail, but when she reverts back into a girl she looses her cat ears, although her hair color still remains dark blue. Much like a regular cat, Luna is afraid of dogs and is easily distracted by small toys such as balls. Luna seems to be able to change back into a plush toy cat at will or when she is striked at.


Luna Prism Power! Make-up: The phrase Luna shouts as she transforms using the Lunatia L, although the phrase doesn't appear to be necessary like for the other girls


Items / Accessories

Lunatia L Luna's transformation cellphone, punching 672 in sequence changes Luna into Sailorluna
Luna Mirror Luna's mirror, use unknown at this time
Watch Luna's watch, use unknown at this time
Belt Luna's belt, use unknown at this time
Moon Pendant An intricate necklace, use unknown at this time
Luna Moonlight Stick Similar in appearance to Sailormoon's Moonlight Stick, can change into other objects/weapons
Tiara Sailorluna's purple-jewel tiara
Earrings The same star and crescent moon earrings that Sailormoon has
Choker Sailorluna's yellow choker, with a crescent moon
Collar Sailor collar, no white tapes, completely dark blue
Chest Bow Yellow chest bow with a white cat-like bell and dangling yellow beads
Mitts White mitts with a fuzzy white trim
Back Bow & Miniskirts Dark blue back bow overtop Sailorluna's yellow top miniskirt and frilly purple underlying miniskirt
Boots Sailorluna's dark blue velvet-like boots with white fuzzy trim

* Special thanks to Aisasami and Hoshiko for preview information used on this page

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