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Pretty Guardian Sailormoon Characters - Sailorjupiter

Kino Makoto is a tall, masculine, tough sports-girl who transfers to Juuban Junior High. She has to wear her brown uniform from her old school because they don't make a size tall enough for her at Juuban. Nothing else is known about her at this time.


Jupiter Power! Make-up: Mako-chan's henshin words to change into Sailorjupiter


Items / Accessories

Bracelet Makoto's miniature sailor guardian bracelet used to transform
Diamond Bracelet Jupiter's large sailor diamond bracelet after she transforms, used for element power attacks
Bobbles Jupiter's hair-tie bobbles to creater her trademark ponytail
Tiara Sailorjupiter's green-jewel tiara
Earrings Pink rose earrings
Collar Sailor collar, 3 white tapes against green
Chest Bow Light pink chest bow with green button
Bead Chain with Ball Jupiter's beaded waist chain with additional plastic ball filled with potpourri; may be used for Flower Hurricane attack
Back Bow Light pink back bow overtop miniskirt
Boots Jupiter's green ankle boots

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