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Pretty Guardian Sailormoon Act 1

Victim of the Day: Osaka Mayumi (Naru's mother)
Monster of the Day: Unnamed youma (3 arms, gelatinous)
Important Events: Very first episode of PGSM. First view of Sailor V and Tuxedo Kamen. PGSM Opening sequence. Preview of Tsukino residence, Crown Karaoke Bar, Juuban Junior High, and the Dark Kingdom. Introduced to Tsukino Usagi, Shingo, and Ikuko (unnamed); Luna; Sakurada Haruna; Mizuno Ami; Osaka Naru and Mayumi; Chiba Mamoru (unnamed); Jadeite; Queen Beryl. First use of cellphone to transform appearance. First use of Heart Moon Broach (it's actually a necklace) and "Moon Prism Power! Make-up!" First appearance of Sailormoon. Moonlight Stick shown for first time, first use of "Moon Healing Escalation!" First time Sailormoon fights back, first romantic encounter with Tuxedo Kamen.
First aired: Saturday October 4 2003
Summary by: Matthew Belanger (mj_belanger@yahoo.caREMOVETHIS) based on translations by Loae666. First written 10.07.03. Last modified 10.14.03.

The series opens with a shot of the full moon in the night sky. Somewhere a security alarm goes off. The camera pulls back to a masked and caped man dashing out of sight. A jewelry store has been robbed; glass viewing cases have been smashed in. The masked man, Tuxedo Kamen, continues running while dropping jewelry. He is startled by something and comes to a halt, slowly approaching forward. Sailor V is posing against the moon on top of a high enclosed walkway bridge. Tuxedo Kamen raises his cane. Sailor V, holding a crescent moon figurine, looks down on him disapprovingly and leaps down; Tuxedo Kamen jumps up; they clash in mid-air. Sailor V lands and turns around, Tuxedo Kamen slowly looks back at her, she grimaces while holding the crescent moon and wags her left index finger in a "No-no" fashion. Tuxedo Kamen, looking emasculated, lunges after Sailor V, she runs forward raising her arms and leaps in acrobatic flips; in mid-air she runs the crescent moon across Tuxedo Kamen's carrying case. She lands and turns around; streams of jewelry fall out of his case which was sliced open by the sharp edges of the crescent moon figurine. Defeated, he throws the empty case down and takes off, Sailor V runs after him while police sirens are heard in the distance.

It is a sunny early morning inside a girl's bedroom. Pop idol Aino Minako's "C'est la vie" plays on the CD alarm clock radio while the girl hides underneath the pink covers. A poster on the wall depicts "Minako Aino" (Western name) posing as a cowgirl. The girl stirs underneath the blankets and reaches out feeling for the CD alarm clock but gives up. A little boy, Tsukino Shingo, watches his sister's hand give up and sighs. He shouts "Usagi! Mom says to wake up!" but she isn't phased, saying she'll wake up when the song ends. He picks up a small clock from her nightstand and throws it underneath the covers. Usagi suddenly sits up in bed realizing the time and asks Shingo if he touched her CD alarm clock radio, he looks down at it and tells her the song is on repeat mode. Usagi jumps out of bed, runs around the room in her red pajamas, turns the song off and dashes out her bedroom door and yelps as off-camera she falls down the stairs. Shingo exits her room - "Stupid Usagi."

The camera pulls back looking upwards at the massive "4-20" Tsukino residence as birds' chirping and early commuter traffic can be heard. "Mama!" Usagi whines in her school uniform as she opens the large solid wooden door to the kitchen, "my lunch, my lunch!" Tsukino Ikuko jumps up from leaning on the counter, "Why do we have to go through this every morning?" as Usagi dances in place impatiently. Usagi runs over to the large wooden table as the TV news program reports on Sailor V. Usagi asks where her father is, her mother points to the television saying he's chasing the Sailor V story. Ikuko runs over from the kitchen with Usagi's lunch as they become transfixed by the news report. Shingo walks in picking up his knapsack and exits to the hallway, waiting for his sister. He lowers his head and inquires just what she's doing, Usagi jumps up remembering she's late and begins to yell in a panic.

Usagi, along with several girls on bikes, dashes across a bridge on the way to school. Suddenly a plush toy cat falls down from the sky on top of Usagi's head. Usagi yelps, "What's this!? I can't see!" turning around in circles. She grabs onto the cat and flings it to the ground. "Hmm?" She bends down and picks the cat up. She looks around and up to the sky wondering where it came from. She examines the cat as the yellow crescent moon on its forehead glimmers a blue shine. Usagi, looking at her watch, panics at the time and puts the cat on the ledge of the bridge and runs to school. The cat stands up and watches Usagi run off -- "She's it! I've found her!"

"Miss Tsukino!" the teacher of class 2-1 says while stretching Usagi's face in her hands. Usagi - "Yes..." Haruna-sensei complains about her constant lateness and points out there are people like Miss Mizuno who are always 30 minutes early for class, as Ami looks down at her books silently. "Why? Why? WHY? 3 times already this week!" the teacher explains, expressing her disappointment in Usagi. Usagi - "I'm very sorry!" Osaka Naru smiles from her seat, laughing to herself.

After school, Usagi is left to wash all of the desks, groaning about her teacher to herself. Naru peers in from the doorway - "Usagi?" Usagi looks over and asks why Naru's still around, Naru holds up a cloth saying she wouldn't abandon her friend. Usagi gleefully runs to Naru wrapping her in a hug. Naru says they should hurry so that they can go to Crown Karaoke Bar and check out the new Aino Minako CD, Usagi agrees.

Usagi sings "C'est la vie" at Crown while Naru shakes a rattle to the beat. They eat from two trays of food and drinks on the table. Naru tells Usagi about her mother's jewelry show that is being set up at Renaissance Hall, Usagi recalls Naru's mother is a famous jewelry designer, and they decide they should stop by to see the stage. Usagi - "Let's go!"

A sign outside Renaissance Hall depicts "Mayumi Osaka" with pictures of glittery jewelry as music can be heard blaring not far off. Inside, dozens of people are setting up the model runway and practicing as Mayumi oversees production and discusses work with a young man in a green jacket. Naru - "Mama?" Mayumi turns around smiling brightly. She is pleased to see Usagi. Usagi bows - "Good afternoon!" The women discuss how wonderful everything looks and how successful the show will be. The girls watch and idolize the models posing on the runway, particularly their thin waists. The plush cat from earlier walks behind the last row of seats watching the scene, as the crescent moon on her forehead begins to glow red, sensing evil.

In a hallway Usagi distantly follows a group of models after they're done working, trying to listen to them. She comes across a rack full of the models' clothing, picks up a white evening gown "3-2" on a hanger, and holds it against herself in the mirror. She smiles and flips her hair, but her smile fades as she continues to look at the dress against herself. She goes to return the dress to the rack but accidentally walks into a man. She stumbles backward while looking down - "I'm so sorry!" She looks up and sees a young man in a beige jacket looking at her and the dress she's holding, he gives her a stern look and walks past her. She watches him walk away, "What a jerk," but they both turn around to see the young man in the green jacket enter the hallway talking incessantly into a microphone that he can't find one of the models and will search for her, and quickly runs away. Usagi turns back around to see the man she walked into staring at her, and she looks down at the dress embarrassingly. She puts the dress back on the rack explaining she isn't a model. He gives her the once over and mentions not to worry, no one would ever confuse her for one. Usagi looks up and down at herself - "What was that!?" He faintly smiles from the corner of his mouth and turns to walk away. Usagi fixes her hair, "What a jerk!" and runs up to catch him and bashes him in the side as she walks past. He stares at her but hears two of the backstage people talking as they lay out Mayumi's precious jewelry for the show. He stares at the jewelry and mentions he must find the Illusion Silver Crystal. In the runway area, the crescent moon on the cat's forehead continues to emit a red glow, "There's something here..." On the ceiling, we see 3 gelatinous arms crawl out from an opening.

That night at Renaissance Hall, Mayumi talks to Naru on her cellphone, apologizing that she'll be working late again. Naru says that's okay and offers to make her some food and bring it to her tomorrow, Mayumi asks for Naru's famous pork cutlet sandwich and thanks her. She ends the call, "Good night." As she walks away, the 3 gelatinous arms rise up from a lower level and follow Mayumi, she turns around in shock as she is captured.

At the Tsukino residence, Usagi yawns as she lies down in bed, "Gooodniiiight..." She closes her eyes but something feels different, she looks over and sees the plush cat sitting next to her pillow. "The cat from this morning? Why...?" Usagi picks it up and sits up and lays it in front of her. "Usagi!" a voice says. Usagi looks around the room confused. The cat stands up and Usagi looks down in disbelief. "Usagi!" Usagi screams and pushes the cat away and runs out of bed. She fumbles and opens the door but the cat blocks her way, "Don't be afraid, my name is Luna! I've been looking for you." Usagi looks down in shock and her mother yells what's wrong. Usagi doesn't know how to answer. Luna - "Please! Listen to me!" Usagi makes up her mind, "Nothing!" Usagi goes to sit down at her table and Luna jumps up on top of it. She explains that a great evil is on the move on the planet and that she has to find the princess and her four guardians, of which Usagi is one. Usagi - "What? A guardian?... Oh, I see! A dream! This is a dream." Usagi goes back to bed. Luna - "W-w-wait, Usagi!" Usagi hides under the covers counting sheep. Luna can't believe that a normal girl like Usagi is a chosen guardian, but her crescent says it's true. Luna realizes Usagi isn't going to listen, so she leaves a special cellphone on her window ledge that her crescent moon creates for Usagi to contact her with when she believes her story. Luna tells her to stay away from Renaissance Hall since it's dangerous before departing out the window. Usagi pulls the covers off her face and looks over to stare at the cellphone.

The next morning, Mayumi enters an office kitchen to find Naru waiting at the table. She tells her unauthorised personnel are not allowed. Naru laughs and says "Mama, what are you talking about?" Mayumi laughs, saying she thought she was someone else, and asks what she wants. Naru holds up a bag and says she had to bring her this. Mayumi asks what it is. Naru reminds her that they talked about it last night. Mayumi turns around eerily, "Oh, of course..." She approaches Naru but Naru begins to step away from her, asking her to tell her what's in the bag since she asked for it. Meanwhile, Usagi wakes up from her slumber. She looks around the room and sees the cellphone still resting on the window ledge. She looks down, hoping it wouldn't be there, but then jumps up from her bed, "Saturday, no school! Mama, I want to go shopping!" and runs out the bedroom door. Back at the office kitchen, Naru is still stepping back. Mayumi tells her she's very busy and to just give her the bag, reaching out. Naru pushes her arm away, "You're not my mother! Who are you!?" "Your mother!" she says. Naru yells "No!" pushing the bag at Mayumi and runs away. Naru runs into the open stairway of Renaissance Hall with Mayumi following hot on her trail. Naru runs into the young man in the green jacket, "Please help! Something's wrong with my mother! My mother..." The young man's eyes flash green and he turns into Jadeite. Naru gasps, stumbling backwards, but Jadeite knocks her unconscious with his power. Jadeite orders Mayumi to gather the jewelry-obsessed energy from the show audience for Queen Beryl, and Mayumi nods as the 3 gelatinous arms emit from her body. From outside the building Luna can see the 3 arms through the window and realizes there's trouble. She goes to turn around but a pink purse falls on top of her from above. She looks up and sees Usagi clinging from a tall metal figure trying to get into the building. Usagi's leg slips and she falls down crushing Luna. Luna - "Usagi, what are you doing?" Usagi - "I couldn't get in, so..." Luna - "Anyway, get off of me." Usagi - "Oh, sorry." Luna gets up, "Why are you here? I told you it's dangerous." Usagi tells her she somehow knows Naru is in trouble, and Luna replies it's because she's a guardian, and Luna thinks she understands why now. Luna tells her they can save Naru together, and from her crescent moon comes the Heart Moon Broach and lipstick.

Inside, the models are finishing getting dressed and putting on Mayumi's jewelry. Usagi and Luna watch from a window. Luna tells her to try taking a picture with the cellphone. Usagi takes it out and holds it up, first acting as a mirror and showing herself, but she presses a button and it acts as a camera showing a model through the window. Usagi takes a picture and suddenly her hair, clothing and make-up have transformed to look exactly like the model's. Usagi gasps in disbelief as Luna explains the power of the cellphone. Usagi, holding Luna, gracefully walks toward the security guard in front of a back entrance and he opens the door for her as she smirks giddily. Luna can't help but giggle.

On the stage the show has just ended and the audience and models are clapping for Osaka Mayumi, who walks up to the front of the runway. She raises her hands and purple gas floods the room, causing everyone to collapse. "Stop right there!" Usagi enters the room. Mayumi - "You... why isn't the gas affecting you?" Usagi - "That's because... because... Luna, why?" Luna - "It's because you're a guardian!!" Usagi - "Oh yeah, because I'm a guardian!" Mayumi - "A guardian?" The 3 arms appear out from Mayumi. Usagi - "Luna! What is that!?" Luna - "A youma!" The arms swipe at Usagi who runs out the door into the stairway opening. The arms continue to claw and Usagi falls to the ground. Luna - "Usagi, now's your chance!" Usagi - "Right! Moon Prism Power! Make-up!" Usagi transforms into Sailormoon and introduces herself, "For love and justice, I am the pretty guardian Sailormoon. In the name of the moon, I'll punish you!"

Jadeite hides behind a wall, "Sailormoon? Who is she?" Sailormoon looks down at her uniform in awe, feeling her hair and bow. Sailormoon sees the arms coming after her and runs away scared, swiping at the arms when they swipe at her. She falls down, "No no no!" Luna tells her not to worry, she should know how to fight because she is one of the chosen guardians, and the red jewel in Sailormoon's tiara sparkles. Sailormoon, looking determined, stands up and fights the youma, twirling gracefully out of its way and landing several kicks, and jumping high to avoid the swipes. She jumps down to the main level and the Moonlight Stick flips out from within the Heart Moon Broach. Sailormoon grabs ahold of it, "Moon Healing Escalation!" The youma screams and disappears, Mayumi flails her arms about before falling to the ground unconscious. Sailormoon looks at the stick in amazement, "I did it!" while jumping up and down. Luna congratulates her and Sailormoon runs in her direction. Jadeite appears from behind a wall and flings a large ice shard at Sailormoon. Luna - "Look out!" Sailormoon looks around to see the shard about to hit her when Tuxedo Kamen runs across and pushes her to the floor. The ice shard impacts itself into the ground. Sailormoon looks up at Tuxedo Kamen in bewilderment, he stares emotionless. Sailormoon - "Um..." He holds out his hand and pulls her to her feet. He tells her he didn't find what he was looking for, but she put on a good show. He departs and she yells out for his name. "Tuxedo Kamen." Sailormoon becomes enchanted with her rescuer. Naru wakes up from sitting at the office kitchen table. She isn't sure what happened or how she got there.

The Dark Kingdom emanates a purple hue. A ball of fire appears overtop a podium topped with crystal shards. A woman with long fingernails plays with the fire. She opens her eyes, "Who is that who interferes with my plans?" Queen Beryl takes the flames into the palm of her hand where they disappear. "Unforgivable..." A large mass of purple energy collects out from her body.

Sailormoon stands at a harborfront looking at the shoreline. "I'm... Sailormoon..." Luna jumps up next to her, "That's right, you're one of the guardians that protect the princess." Luna tells her it's only begun, and images of Sailormercury, Sailormars, Sailorjupiter, Sailorvenus, Sailor V, Jadeite, and Tuxedo Kamen flash on the screen. Sailormoon - "I don't know if worried or excited, but my heart is pounding." The camera pulls back on the two of them staring into the distance.

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Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon 1992 Takeuchi Naoko, Kodansha, Toei Animation, TV Asahi, and Bandai. This is only a fan page and is not intended to infringe on any rights.

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