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Sailormoon Last Dracul Jyokyoku Review

The Sailor Senshi
Sailormoon and Tuxedo Kamen
  • Tsukino Usagi/Sailormoon
  • Chiba Mamoru/Tuxedo Kamen
  • Mizuno Ami/Sailormercury
  • Hino Rei/Sailormars
  • Kino Makoto/Sailorjupiter
  • Aino Minako/Sailorvenus
  • Tenoh Haruka/Sailoruranus
  • Kaioh Michiru/Sailorneptune
  • Meioh Setsuna/Sailorpluto
  • Tomoe Hotaru/Sailorsaturn
  • Chibi-usa/Sailorchibimoon

The Enemies
  • Count Dracul
  • Professor Tomoe/Undead Berserk
  • Death Ramia
  • Deathpar
  • Deathpi
  • Deathpu
  • Deathpe
  • Death Nightmare 1
  • Death Nightmare 2
  • Death Nightmare 3
  • Death Nightmare 4

Unfortunately, I haven't yet seen the musical and can't comment, but I am getting a copy soon. The 500th performance, by the way, was the 500th performance of the Seramyu altogether; this occurred on January 15, 2000 at 3 PM during the preformance of Last Dracul Jyokyoku.

Anyway, the video guide is nice, though it's not like the Shin Densetsu Kourin one in that it doesn't show too much of the actresses practicing or trying out. There are some scenes of the new Sailormoon, Kanbe Miyuki, practicing with the others though.

The special program is very nice, full colored with special congratulations from Takeuchi Naoko with pictures just for the Seramyu and comments from every single actress who played a Sailor Senshi for all previous musicals as well as special comments from the current cast. The program also has pictures of all of the previous cast members; the current cast members each have one page dedicated to them. The page has one entire body shot of them in costume, a smaller head shot of them out of costume, their statistics, and then a new anime picture of the senshi they play (only for the Sailor Senshi). There's also some pictures and info on the people who work behind the scenes as managers and trainers and writers, etc. Included in the program are the statistics of the Sailor Senshi with anime pictures and very cute SD versions of the new anime pictures on the cast stats. The program makes me wish I had more programs.

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