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Item and Object Encyclopedia

This is a listing, with descriptions and explanations, of many of the objects and items found in the Sailormoon anime and manga. Some are important, others are trivial. Click on the object's name to see a picture, if available.

An * by the object name indicates that it is an unconfirmed name of the item. It may be used to describe the object or it may be a name I picked up from another source.

Some information came from Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon, Hitoshi Doi's very informative site. Other information and pictures are credited next to the entries.


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Amulet: The item Professor Tomoe gave to his daughter, Hotaru, in the manga to ease her pain, or so he claims, saying his wife, Keiko, wore it while she was living. It has the ability to comfort Hotaru's fits.

Arm bracelets: The bracelets that the Animamates and the senshi under the control of Galaxia wear. These are the sources of the senshi who wear them's power, and if destroyed or removed, the wearer dies.


Brooch: Usagi's item to transform into Sailormoon in the first season. To activate it, she holds it up and calls out, "Moon Prism Power, Make-Up."


Cauldron: It's not an item, but oh well. In the manga, this is the place where all Star Seeds in the galaxy are born.

Censer: The object that ChibiChibi has, giving off the scent of Princess Kakyuu. ChibiChibi protects it because it has Kakyuu inside.

Cherry blossoms: The lovely, pink flower petals that float across the scene, especially as a cue that the Outer Senshi, specifically Uranus and Neptune, have arrived.

Communicator: Resembles a small, flat computer of some sort, and it enables the Sailor Team to contact each other in the first season of the anime. Picture provided by Mystress Miranda.

Communicator Watch: The Sailor Team receives their watches in the second arc of R. These watches can be used to contact the other Sailor Senshi. Haruka and Michiru have their own watches in S. The Sailor Team also has communicator watches in the manga that they use occassionally.

Compact: What Usagi and Chibi-usa use to transform into their Sailor Senshi selves. Usagi's are the crystal star compact, the Cosmic Moon compact, the Crisis Heart Compact, and an Eternal Compact. Chibi-usa has a Chibimoon compact and a Prism Compact. (I think) the compacts differ from Usagi's first season brooch in that inside they have the ginzuishou.

Crescent Moon Compact: Minako's item that is used for transforming into other people and attacking. When it's open, the mirror inside reflects the true form of the image in it.

Crystal Carillon: Chibi-usa's item in SuperS which Pegasus gives her. It is shaped like a heart with a bell hanging at its end. She uses it to call Pegasus, saying, "Twinkle Yell." Picture provided by Mystress Miranda.

Crystal Disk: The computer disk Ami received when she first appeared from her cram school. Name from Katrina Caudle.

Crystal Key: The object that Sailorpluto gives to Chibiusa that allows her to travel back and forth through time.

Cutie Moon Rod: The rod that Sailormoon receives from her mother, Queen Serenity in R, along with her power-up. Sailormoon uses it to defeat her enemies, saying, "Moon Princess Halation."


Daimon egg: What Professor Tomoe creates in his labratories that hatch daimons, the main monsters in Sailormoon S.

Dark Hedges: Statues Esmeraude has Safir create in her likeness in order to grow off of dark energy. She originally plans on having them grow in certain negatively energized points, thereby creating a gate through which the Black Moon family can take over the Earth with. Name from Katrina Caudle.

Deep Aqua Mirror: The Talisman that belongs to Sailorneptune. It has the ability to see the true image, can in a sense 'fortune tell,' and it also serves the owner as just a plain hand mirror (though in the manga, it has the spiffy ability to repair itself if it breaks). When together with the other two Talismans, it summons the Holy Grail, and in the manga, it calls upon Sailorsaturn.

Droid jewel*: What is left of the droids after they die. Once killed, a pile of dust falls to the ground, a jewel a fading black moon in it turning dull.


Energy panel: The item that Safir steals from the black crystal in order to prevent it from growing and in an attempt to stop Wiseman from further manipulating him and his family. Name from Katrina Caudle.

Eternal Tier: The scepter that Eternal Sailormoon uses in her healing powers, such as "Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss." It breaks towards the very end of SailorStars.


Fan: The red fan that Esmeraude takes with her whereever she goes, waving it in front of her face arrogantly or to hide her embarrassment.

Fire Buster I and II: Eudial's specially designed machines that shoot out fire. Eudial was currently applying for patents for her inventions. Fire Buster I was so strong that it was able to deflect Sailormoon's attack, but Venus's Love-Me Chain made a whole in it. Eudial's improved Fire Buster II could actually break through Sailormoon's attack.

Flute: The musical item that Ail always carries around, playing on it to either call Cardians or just because as Seijuurou. Also items used in the SuperS movie by the fairies to call Bonbonbabies; Peruru gives his to Chibimoon at the end.


Garden Crystals: the crystals that appear in the Garden tended by SailorPhi and SailorChi. There is also a large Garden Crystal that has all the Sailor Crystals Galaxia has stolen absorbed into it.

Garnet Orb: the third Talisman, a jewel possessed by Pluto, and is kept atop her Garnet Rod. With the two other Talismans, it can summon the Holy Grail. In the manga, it also performs another function, which is to call forth Sailorsaturn.

Garnet Rod: the staff that Pluto carries around with her and which carries the Garnet Orb on top of it. She uses the Rod to whack enemies, to be used with her "Dead Scream" and "Chronos Typhoon attacks", and to control the Door of Space and Time. Sometimes referred to as the Time Staff.

Ginzuishou: the mystical silver crystal. This is the main source of Usagi's power. Queen Serenity of the Silver Millennium used it to send the senshi to the future and seal the Dark Kingdom away. Usagi gains it later on in the first season, attaching it to her Moon Stick, and it becomes more important for her in the remaining seasons, used in her transformations, in the foundation of Crystal Tokyo, et cetera. However, if Usagi uses the ginzuishou to its fullest potential, she will die, similar to her mother's death and her deaths in episode 46 and the R movie. In the manga, the desire for the ginzuishou is the reason all the enemies attack Earth.

Ginzuishou statue*: This is the object that both the Sailor Senshi and the Dark Kingdom thought may be the actual ginzuishou described above. It was presented by Princess D, and it was in actuality merely a crystal statue that is in the shape of the first princess of the D country.

Goggles: the eye mask that Sailormoon initially receives in the manga when she first transforms. With them, she can see through false identities or see someone in trouble (like Naru). However, gradually she uses less and less of it, and by the end of the Black Moon (R) manga, she doesn't ever use it again.

Golden Crystal: the crystal that the Dead Moon Circus is after for its power. It is found in the horn of Elios, the Pegasus, who hides in the dreams of people. In the manga, it is inside of Mamoru.


Heart Buster*: the gun that the Witch, Eudial, designed in order to take out the heart crystals of her victims.

Heart Crystal: the crystals that Neptune, Uranus, and the Death Busters are after. Heart crystals are found in pure people, and three special ones encase the three Talismans inside of them. However, without the heart crystals, their owners die. In the manga, the heart crystals can be used to describe the transformation crystals that the senshi get in the Dream arc, though they are called by the names of 'Planet Crystal,' ie 'Mercury Crystal' and 'Mars Crystal.'

Henshin stars: The transformation stars that the Three Lights use to transform into the Starlights. The henshin stars are also used in their attacks.

Henshin Sticks: Transformation sticks, transformation pens. Ami, Rei, Minako, Makoto, Haruka, Michiru, and Setsuna use these objects to transform into the Sailor Senshi. Haruka, Michiru, and Setsuna only have one, but the four members of the Sailor Team have three different ones.

Holy Grail: The sacred cup which is called forth by the Three Talismans in the anime to give Sailormoon her power-up to become SuperSailormoon. The person who can use it is called the Messiah, and that person can use the power of the Holy Grail to save or destroy the world. However, it is destroyed at the end of the Sailormoon S anime by Mistress 9. In the manga, the Holy Grail is created from the power of the 8 Sailor Senshi, called for every time Sailormoon wants to become SuperSailormoon; it is not destroyed, but by the Infinity arc of the manga, as the Outer Senshi leave, it can no longer be summoned, since it needs all eight Sailor Senshi present. In the manga, there are also two Holy Grails, one for Usagi and one for Chibi-usa.


Jakokusuishou: The Black Crystal in R. The Black Moon family plans on letting it grow with negative, dark energy, in order to allow it to open up the Black Gate and allow the world to be destroyed.

Jupiter Wreath: A wreath of laurel that Jupiter receives after powering up to become SuperSailorjupiter in the manga. She uses it when she attacks with her 'Jupiter Oak Evolution.'


kurozuishou: This is the black crystal that Nephrite creates in the first season in order to track down the ginzuishou. After his death, Beryl gives the kurozuishou to Zoicite in order to find the carriers of the ninjizuishou.


Love letter: The item in the SuperS movie special ("Ami-chan's First Love") that causes Ami to break out into hives. Also found in the manga story that the anime special was based upon.

Luna-P: The floating ball that Chibi-usa has in her possession. It resembles Luna (though she is distraught over that fact), and it has the ability to turn into or create other objects for Chibi-usa when she says "Luna-P Henge." It also does several other useful/strange things, such as copy Chibi-usa in clothes and manners at times (wears an apron in one ep and bows along with Chibi-usa in another), and in R, its yellow crescent moon becomes and upsidedown black one under the influence of Black Lady.


Mars Arrow: The item in the manga that Sailormars receives after her powerup into SuperSailormars. She uses it when she does her "Mars Flame Sniper" attack.

Mercury Lyre: The item in the manga that Sailormercury receives after her powerup into SuperSailormercury. She uses it with her "Mercury Aqua Rhapsody."

Miniture supercomputer: Exactly what it says it is, there isn't exactly anything more you can call it. It belongs to Sailormercury, and she uses it to analzye things and situations.

Moon Kaleidoscope: SuperSailormoon's weapon in SuperS, and yes, it really is a kaleidoscope. SuperSailorchibimoon has the Chibi Moon Kaleidoscope (but uses it more so in the manga). To use it to destroy her enemies, Sailormoon yells, "Moon Gorgeous Meditation" (and Chibimoon says the same in the manga). Picture provided by Mystress Miranda.

Moon Stick: The item Luna gives to Sailormoon in the first season in order to heal her enemies, and it also can track down the owners of the nijizuishou. It is the sign of the leader of the Sailor Senshi, and it becomes more powerful when the ginzuishou is used with it. Moon says "Moon Healing Escalation" when using it to 'refresh' the nijizuishou owners and to destroy Queen Beryl. In the manga, the Moon Stick is used to heal people under the Dark Kingdom's control (brainwashed) and to defeat Queen Metallia.


Nijizuishou: Otherwise known as the seven rainbow crystals. They are the crystals that the Dark Kingdom is searching for, because when they are brought together, they create the ginzuishou. They are found inside the seven strongest youma of the Dark Kingdom.


Ofuda: Those anti-evil scrolls Rei throws, chanting, "Rin, pyou, tou, sha, kai, jin, retsu, sai, zen. Akuryou taisan!"


Pink Sugar Heart Rod*: (Refered to as Moon Rod in the manga.) The rod that Chibimoon has in S as an attacking item. It lets out cute, annoying little hearts to 'hurt' the enemy but usually only slaps or spanks them... when it actually works. It is apparently minorly defective.

Pendant: This is the object that Princess Serenity gave to Prince Endymion on the moon. Mamoru has it in the first season, and later he drops it as Tuxedo Kamen. Sailormoon picks it up and keeps it, and it eventually becomes the symbol of their love for each other. It is shaped like a star and plays music when opened. Sailormoon uses it in episode 46 to revive Mamoru's memories. The manga counterpart of this is the star-shaped watch of Mamoru's that he accidentally drops into Usagi's lap; however, it doesn't serve as anything other than their feelings for each other and as a telling symbol to Usagi of Mamoru's condition as it ticks. (When he comes back to life under Metallia's control in tankubon 3, it begins to tick.)

Pen: The transformation pen Luna gives Usagi that allows her to transform into other people. She says, "Moon Power... ni nare!"

Puppet Part: The part of the puppet with the symbol of the Dead Moon circus (its forehead part) that Haruka takes with her in the SuperS TV special. The puppet had controlled its owner and was trying to drain Haruka's energy when Neptune stopped it and saved her friend. Haruka, as Uranus, used her World Shaking on the puppet and destroyed it, saving only the part mentioned above.


Ribbon: The yellow ribbon that Kakeru gives to Luna in the SMS movie to display his affection for her.

Ring: The heart shaped ring that Mamoru gives to Usagi in SailorStars before he is to go to the United States. In the manga, it's an engagement ring, and in the anime, it's more of a promise ring.

Rose: The flower objects that Tuxedo Kamen throws in order to stun enemies or to attack them.

Rose earrings: Makoto/Jupiter's clip on earrings. She can throw them, as she did at Zoicite in Sailormoon. They play an important role in SailorStars, when after Neherenia attacks her while she protects a brainwashed Usagi, her earring falls off and jogs Usagi's memory.


Sailor crystals: In the manga, these are more advanced and more special forms of star seeds, through which Sailor senshi for each planet in the universe are created. Galaxia is after the Sailor Crystals of each Sailor Senshi in order to become more powerful.

Sapphire crystal: The crystal that Galaxia in the manga has, noted to be the most destructive crystal in the universe.

Silence Glaive: Sailorsaturn's deadly pole arm, essentially a long stick with a blade on top. It is extremely powerful and dangerous, and Saturn uses all her attacks with it ("Death Reborn Revolution," "Silence Wall," and "Silence Glaive Surprise.")

Soul Mirror: Also called "Dream mirrors," these are the mirrors that all people possess. The Dead Moon Circus exploits their victims and look at their soul mirrors in order to see if the Pegasus, who is found in people's dreams, is hiding there. When they don't find Pegasus, they attempt to destroy the Soul mirrors.

Space Sword: One of the three Talismans; its owner is Sailoruranus. It has a very hard blade, able to cut through anything. When brought next to the Garnet Orb and the Deep Aqua Mirror, the three Talismans create the Holy Grail in the anime and awaken Sailorsaturn in the manga.

Spiral Heart Moon Rod: The rod Sailormoon receives in Sailormoon S. This is created by the love of Usagi and Mamoru, or Prince Endymion and Princess Serenity. Moon says, "Moon Spiral Heart Attack" to use it, or "Rainbow Moon Heartache" as SuperSailormoon.

Scepters and Staffs: There are a number of these throughout the anime and the manga held by certain villains and also by some allies as well. Mimete, Cyprine, and Ptilol in the anime possess staffs; in the manga, Phi and Chi also have these items. ChibiChibi and Cosmos both have staffs/scepters. Petz is given one by Rubeus in SMR to use against the Senshi.

Stallion Reve: This is the object that Pegasus gives to Chibi-usa in order to keep in contact with her. It is sort of like a ball on a pedestal, and the ball glows and a miniture Pegasus appears to talk to Chibi-usa. Usually he gives her advice and tidbits of wisdom.

Star Seeds: In the anime, these are what the Animamates are after. The Sailor Senshi have the star seeds that they are after, and eventually they take all of them except for Sailormoon, the Starlights, and Chibichibi's. In the manga, the star seeds are what all life comes from, including all planets and people in the universe. The cats have particularly strong star seeds.

Stone Sword: the sword that the Sailor Team finds on the moon in the manga. Sailorvenus immediately latches onto it, particularly possessive of it. It is incredibly strong, being able to chip diamonds, and it easily dents things. Venus uses it to kill Queen Beryl.

Sword of Sealing: the sword in the anime that ChibiChibi turns herself into; she gives herself as the sword to Princess Serenity in order to defeat Galaxia with, who has been infused with Chaos.


Taioron Crystal: In the manga, this is the source of all the power of the Tau Ceti System. Master Pharaoh 90 and the Death Busters wish to make it more powerful, and then they can take over the world.

Talismans: The three Talismans are the Space Sword, owned by Uranus, the Deep Aqua Mirror, whose owner is Neptune, and the Garnet Orb, which Pluto possesses. They are the objects that the Outer Senshi are searching for in both the anime and the manga. In the anime, they are sealed within pure heart crystals, and they must be extracted from the owners at the expense of their life. When together, they produce the Holy Grail, the sacred cup. In the manga, when the three Talismans react together, it signals the rebirth of the senshi of silence, Sailorsaturn.

Tarot Cards: The cards Ail and Ann use to create their monsters, the Cardians, to gather energy for their tree, the Makaiju. In the manga, the Three Lights use them to warn Usagi of Galaxia, and Sailor Kakyuu uses them in one of her attacks, the "Starlight Royal Straight Flush" attack.

Tiara: What all the senshi possess on their foreheads. Initially, Sailormoon uses this as her main attack in both the anime and the manga. In the manga, she receives several types of tiara in the first story arc that vary in their uses.


Umbrella: Maybe you would call this a parasol instead, but since there are no "U" entries, I've put it here. :) Chibi-usa spins her umbrella in order to hypnotize people into believing what she wants. Black Lady in the anime uses an umbrella too. Also, ChibiChibi floats down from the sky using an umbrella.


Venus Chain: One of Venus's main weapons in the manga.

Violin: The instrument that Kaioh Michiru plays. Also used in the manga by SailorStarNeptune with her "Submarine Violin Tide."

Visor: Another of Mercury's items that appears in front of her eyes when she touches her earring. It is used to scan things, and it has been said to print German in the R movie, but I don't know for sure.


Whip: Karaberas's main weapon for attacking.

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