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Chiba Mamoru / Tuxedo Kamen
More Tuxedo Kamen Info:


Birthday: August 3
Sign: Leo
Blood Type: A
Favorite Color: Black
Favorite Food: Chocolate
Least Favorite Food: None
Favorite Subject: Physics
Worst Subject: None
Hobby: Reading
Dream: Unknown, but he becomes a king, so who cares?

Chiba Mamoru is your normal, everyday college student at the Azabu Institute of Technology by day. At night, he's sometimes his alter ego, Tuxedo Kamen, the caped and masked hero who intervenes in his girlfriend's affairs and saves her a couple of hundred times.

Tsukikage no Knight

Mamoru's girlfriend is Tsukino Usagi or Sailormoon. In his past life on Earth during the Silver Millennium, he was Prince Endymion, lover to Princess Serenity. However, he died on the moon (he was killed by Queen Beryl), and Queen Serenity had him reincarnated on Earth. In the future (30th century), he is King Endymion of Crystal Tokyo, husband to Neo-Queen Serenity, father of Chibi-usa.

When Mamoru was a child, his parents died in the car accident (the car fell off a cliff). The accident also took away his memory. He has no idea who he really is. Since he has no family, Mamoru lives alone in an (obviously expensive) apartment. In the first season, Mamoru meets Usagi when she accidentally throws a crumpled up piece of paper at his head. In episode one, he arrives as Tuxedo Kamen for the first time to save inexperienced Sailormoon from a youma. The weird thing is, he doesn't know he's Tuxedo Kamen until much later in the season.

Mamoru's memory returns after he saves Sailormoon from Zoisite's attack. Sailormoon remembers that she was Princess Serenity in her past life, and he remembers that he was her love, Prince Endymion. Badly wounded, Mamoru is then captured and brainwashed by Beryl, becoming evil Prince Endymion. He also runs around as evil Tuxedo Kamen with his black roses; though he works for the Dark Kingdom, he has some sense of fair play with regards to the Sailor Senshi and does rescue them once in a while. He also is at odds with Kunzite. Sailormoon actually revives his memories as Mamoru-san with her "Moon Healing Escalation", but he is immediately brought back to the Dark Kingdom for a double dose of brainwashing. In episode 46, Sailormoon finally manages to confront Beryl, only to find that she'll have to fight evil Prince Endymion, whose only thought at this point is to kill her. He regains his memory again after he touches Sailormoon's locket, but dies saving her, then comes back to life after Serenity defeats Beryl.

In the first arc of Sailormoon R, Mamoru has no memory of his role as Tuxedo Kamen or his experiences with the Sailor Senshi. Instead, a new hero, Tsukikage no Knight arrives. This turns out to be really an esscence of Mamoru's soul, and he rejoins Mamoru's body after Mamoru remembers his past as Tuxedo Kamen, Prince Endymion, etc.

In the second arc of Sailormoon R, Mamoru receives strange visions of impending doom for Usagi if he continues being with her. As a result, he dumps Usagi in order to protect her, and he tries to avoid being near her though he repeatedly comes to her aid as Tuxedo Kamen. After Usagi has the same dreams as Mamoru, they get back together. Mamoru also has a strange bond with Chibi-usa, the mysterious girl who dropped from the sky, though he doesn't know why. He feels protective of her, and sometimes he has glimpses of a crystal palace when he touches her hand. Later, when Chibi-usa takes him and the Sailor Senshi to Crystal Tokyo, he discovers that Chibi-usa is his future daughter and that he will become King Endymion. Tuxedo Kamen helps to save the present and future when he and Usagi, as Neo-Queen Serenity, convince Black Lady (the person Chibi-usa becomes after being brainwashed by Wiseman) that she is loved and cared for.

In Sailormoon S, he doesn't really do that much aside from saving the Sailor Team every once in a while. With Usagi, he does, however, create the Spiral Moon Heart Rod. And after Chibi-usa's heart crystal is swallowed by Hotaru late in the series, he uses his life power to keep Chibi-usa alive by linking them together. Mamoru doesn't do very much in Sailormoon SuperS either beyond what he normally does. In SailorStars, he experiences misfortune twice- once when he is kidnapped by Neherenia and rendered as lifeless as a doll, and the other time when he is killed by Galaxia on his way to Harvard in the United States. He is saved in both cases by Sailormoon.

Tuxedo Kamen

As Tuxedo Kamen, he throws red roses, which are used mainly for defensive purposes such as stunning enemies. He also has a cane that he uses. As Tsukikage no knight, who is in the anime only, he throws white roses and has a sword-knife, and he wears a ridiculous white Arabian outfit.

An interesting observation about Mamoru is the fact that he has no apparent well paying job that he keeps (he has many single jobs such as working as a waiter at a resort), yet he has a car, a motorcycle, and a big apartment with a large screen TV. Where his roses come from is another unknown phenomenon, though in the Sailormoon Sound Drama (the Sound Dramas are self-parodies), he notes in his diary how he is worried about how roses are becoming more expensive in Japan.

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