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Tomoe Hotaru / Sailorsaturn
More Saturn Info:

Kanji for Saturn

Standing in place of the silent world Saturn, she is the destruction and creation Senshi, Sailorsaturn!


Meaning: Firefly of Earth
Birthday: January 6
Astrological Sign: Capricorn
Blood Type: AB
Hobby: Reading
Sports: Table tennis
Favorite Color: Purple
Favorite Class: World History
Least Favorite Class: Gym
Favorite Food: Nihon Soba
Least Favorite Food: Milk
Hopes To Go To: Florence
Fortune Tells: Flower Fortune Telling
Bad Habit: Hangs head
Skilled At: Wound treatment
Weak Point: Marathons
Favorite Stone: Flourite
Seiyuu: Minaguchi Yuko

Hotaru is a sheltered, lonely girl with no friends. She attends Mugen Gakuen in the sixth grade, and she is twelve years old. Hotaru is a very weak child and any physical exertion causes her to collapse; she suffers from frequent seizures. Hotaru has a strange power of healing. She also has an enormous amount of energy that she uses unconsciously- she even attacked a student once though she doesn't remember the incident at all. The other students are understandably frightened by her and avoid her.

Hotaru lives in isolation with her father, Professor Tomoe, in her home, and Kaori, his assistant; her mother died when she was younger. Originally, her father was good, but during a lab explosion, Hotaru was killed. An entity appeared before Tomoe and said that it could save them. The entity then took over Tomoe's body, and from then on, he cultivated Hotaru so that she could let another entity take over her body- namely Mistress 9, the Messiah of Silence. Mistress 9 manages to take over Hotaru's body for short periods of time; during this time, Hotaru has no memory of what occurs, and it's during this time that she attacks those around her. Hotaru has no memory of these occurences. Mistress 9 also uses her seizures to tell Tomoe to get her more heart crystals.

Mistress 9 Controlling Hotaru

Hotaru finally finds a friend in Chibi-Usa, who she runs into at a park. Hotaru is sitting on a bench when the wind blows Chibi-Usa's hat off; Chibi-Usa runs after it, crying out for it to stop, and Hotaru chases it even though she becomes physically exhausted from doing so and has a seizure. From that moment on, she and Chibi-Usa are friends. Hotaru also heals a cut on Chibi-Usa's leg, to the surprise and delight of Chibi-usa. Later on Hotaru becomes friends with Usagi and the others. However, Haruka-tachi are wary of her, especially after Uranus witnesses Hotaru zapping a daimon with her powers. Uranus warns the Inners to stay away from Hotaru, which they ignore.

When the Inners go to a planetarium, Mimete strikes and releases her daimon. Hotaru starts to have a seizure, and she becomes possessed, the sign of Saturn appearing on her forehead. The Outers then know that she is Sailorsaturn, the senshi of destruction, destined to destroy the world, and they try to kill her, but Chibi-Usa and SuperSailormoon prevent it from happening. Hotaru then disappears. Chibi-Usa tries to save Hotaru by going to her house, but the house is abandoned. Later, Hotaru remembers nothing, but goes to Chibi-Usa's to give her a plant from Tellu as a present; while talking to Chibi-Usa, she realizes that she is being taken over by some other inner force which tells her to take the girl's heart crystal, but she overcomes it. Kaolinite appears and whisks her away.

When Chibi-usa goes back to Hotaru's house as Chibimoon, Kaolinite kidnaps her. Hotaru then swallows Chibi-Usa's heart crystal, but instead of becoming Sailorsaturn as Neptune and Uranus feared, she transforms into Mistress 9. Mistress 9 is an evil entity whose job it is to prepare for Master Pharaoh 90's coming into the world. Master Pharaoh can then bring the Silence, destroying the world.

Mistress 9 keeps the four Inner Senshi from entering Mugen Gakuen, capturing Sailormoon and trying to trick her. Uranus and Neptune manage to enter with the help of Pluto; after killing the daimon that possessed Tomoe, they try to kill Mistress 9, but Sailormoon stands in their way. Mistress 9 then tricks Moon into giving her the Holy Grail by pretending that Hotaru needs it to survive; however, after being blasted by Master Pharaoh 90 after destroying the Holy Grail for its power, Hotaru eventually prevails over Mistress 9, with the help of her father and her memories of her friendship with Chibi-Usa. She becomes Sailorsaturn, returns Chibi-Usa's heart crystal to the girl, then confronts Sailormoon, thanking her for saving her. She then goes off with her Silence Glaive to destroy Master Pharaoh 90.

At the end of Sailormoon S, Hotaru is turned into a baby. Haruka and Michiru take baby Hotaru from SuperSailormoon and return her to her father after a suitable amount of time. However, in SailorStars, baby Hotaru is taken from Tomoe by Setsuna, who senses that her powers will be needed. Haruka and Michiru are attacked by Neherenia's monsters, but Pluto arrives to temporarily save them. The two senshi transform, and Pluto puts Hotaru down momentarily so that she can fight with the others. The three Outers are no match for the enemies until Hotaru mysteriously awakens and uses her power to power them up to SuperSailor form. After the battle, she grows to about 4 years of age. The Outers take her in, living as a family with Haruka-papa, Michiru-mama, and Setsuna-mama, where she rapidly grows, both mentally and physically. Later, Hotaru grows to about Chibi-Usa's age when her senshi spirit (Saturn) revives all of her memories.

In the first arc of SailorStars, after the senshi have been split up by Neherenia, Saturn is with Chibimoon and together they confront the former queen of the Dead Moon. Saturn is willing to be destroyed by the Silence Glaive Surprise, except at the last minute Chibimoon stops her from fully using her powers. Neherenia uses this lull in Saturn's defense to trap Saturn into a mirror like the rest of the Senshi. After the first arc, Saturn disappears until very late into the second arc.

In the second arc, Saturn returns with Sailorpluto to rescue the Sailor Senshi with her Silence Wall. As Haruka and Michiru go off to face Galaxia, Hotaru and Setsuna join them, and they all agree to fight together. Once the Inner Senshi have been killed, Saturn tells the Starlights to believe in Sailormoon, their Princess, before running off with Pluto to assist Uranus and Neptune. The four of them confront the golden queen, and then Galaxia reveals that she was the one who had Saturn awakened for the sole purpose of taking her star seed. As the Outers are no match for Galaxia's power, Uranus and Neptune join her side, giving the impression that they want to remain together alive. Evil Uranus and Neptune then use their powers to take the star seeds of Pluto and Saturn, and then two senshi die. Hotaru is revived after Sailormoon rids Galaxia of Chao's control, and her last scene is with the other Outers as they watch the night sky and wish on shooting stars.

Hotaru in her Mugen Gakuen uniform Saturn has two forms:

Sailorsaturn: [SMS]

SuperSailorsaturn: [SailorStars]

As Sailorsaturn, she has no transformation sequence in the anime. Though she does have one in the SuperS fighting game, for the Sega Saturn only, not the Playstation version, it sucks anyway. (Here's a picture of the transformation, more or less, that I made from that AVI floating around of the sequence.) She uses the Silence Glaive, a long stick with a blade at the end. This gives her several powers:

Silence Wall: A protective move used to block things, like energy blasts, used in SailorStars

Silence Glaive Surprise: An extremely powerful attack that nearly destroyed an entire building in SailorStars. Its full potential was not shown, as Chibimoon prevented Saturn from finishing it. Saturn raises her Silence Glaive and brought it down in an arc while yelling the words. It produces a moment of silence and then proceeds to destroy everything in sight

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