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Other Sailormoon Characters

Tsukino Family
  • Tsukino Kenji: Usagi's father. Kenji is a magazine editor.
  • Tsukino Ikuko: Usagi's mother. Ikuko is a housewife who stays at home. She has a tendency to be brainwashed by cute little girls.
  • Tsukino Shingo: Usagi's little brother. Like all little brothers, he's a nuisance to his older sister. Shingo initially hates cats because of a bad experience when them when he was a baby, but after Sailormoon saves him, she persuades him to like Luna. His "girlfriend" is Kayama Mika.

Osaka Naru

Birthday: January 1
Blood Type: AB
Family Members: Mother
Interests: Window shopping
Sports: Volleyball
Favorite Color: Orange
Favorite Class: Japanese history
Least Favorite Class: Biology
Favorite Food: Stewed food
Least Favorite Food: Lemons
Hopes to Go To: Venice
Fortune Tells: Goes with Usagi to a fortune telling house
Small Habit: Dresses up
Likes: Scottish shepherd dog
Dislikes: Frogs

Naru-chan is Usagi's best friend. Well, kind of, at least she is in the first season and in some of R. She has a tendency to be attacked by youma, so Sailormoon must constantly rescue her. She falls in love with Nephrite in the first season, and she gets into a whole bunch of trouble because of this blind infatuation. Naru eventually dates Umino who obviously cares about her deeply and saves her life once. Naru shows up frequently in the first season, less so in R, once in S, none in SailorStars, and once or twice in SuperS, her last main appearance being in the SuperS movie special, "Ami's First Love". She is a single child living with her mother who owns a jewelry store.

Umino Gurio

Umino is the smart, nerdy kid in Usagi's class. He has big glasses with swirls in them, and he basically annoys Usagi and Naru. He becomes Naru's boyfriend after he saves her from one of the youma with a rainbow crystal. He's very commited to her, and he proves his love for her in the S Affection Contest.

Motoki onii-san

Motoki is a friend of Mamoru's in the anime. He runs the arcade that Usagi frequently attends. His girlfriend is Reika, who is an archeologist, and one of the carriers of the nijizuishou. Usagi and Makoto have crushes on him in the first season, but both got over them later on.

Blood Type: O
Family Members: Mom, Dad, Younger sister
Interests: Handicrafts
Sports: None
Favorite Color: Light purple
Favorite Class: English
Least Favorite Class: Biology
Favorite Food: Peach
Least Favorite Food: Freshwater turtle
Hopes to Go To: Vienna
Fortune Tells: Sleeps
Small Habit: Speaks in English
Likes: American Short-haired dog
Dislikes: Snakes

Haruna-sensei is Usagi's teacher in the first season and SMR. She's young and attractive with long red hair, and over all she seems to be pretty unstable for a teacher. Her main purpose is to give Usagi trouble for being late to school. She also gets attacked by an enemy once every while.

Unazuki is Motoki's younger sister, and she works in a cafe as a waitress. She's older than Usagi and is in high school, attending the TA Private Girls' Academy, the same school as Rei. Her main roles are when Usagi gets jealous of her when she's with Mamoru and when her heart crystal is taken in S. Her purity results from wanting to save her first kiss for the special someone in her future that she will know that she is in love with.

Yuuichirou is a character only in the anime. He manages to meander over to Rei's shrine in the first season, where he becomes employed. He has a major crush on Rei, and he often tries to protect her throughout various episodes. Rei, for her part, obviously likes him but won't admit to anything, even though she does kiss him several times and takes care of him after he's hurt by a daimon in S.

Nijizuishou Carriers

The following are the characters who possess the nijizuishou (or rainbow crystals) in the first season, signifying their roles as the seven original youma from the Dark Kingdom:

  • Joe (the UFO catcher machine guy)
  • A minister
  • Yumeno Yumemi (the artist)
  • Urawa (the boy who likes Ami)
  • Rhett Butler (the cat who saves Luna)
  • Reika (Motoki's girlfriend)
  • Rei's grandfather

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