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ChibiChibi / SailorChibiChibi
More ChibiChibi Info:


ChibiChibi is the mysterious little girl who arrives in the second arc of SailorStars. She resembles Chibi-Usa and Usagi in carefree innocence and odango hairstyle, and she uses Chibi-Usa's method of hypnotism to get what she wants, such as getting Usagi's mother to believe that she and Usagi are sisters. She only says "Chibi Chibi" or copies whatever anyone else says.

Incredibly cute, she loves to eat food as much as Usagi. She often is oblivious to what is going around her, at least on the outside. She charms vicious dogs and throws expensive porcelin dolls into the air without care.

ChibiChibi is also Sailor Senshi, SailorChibiChibi or SailorChibiChibimoon, and she is the one who leads Kakyuu to Earth using the chalice. She also gives Eternal Sailormoon a new powered-up attack.

Her true identity is revealed in episode 200 as the hope of Galaxia's star seed; the star seed was released when Chaos was infused into Galaxia. Eventually ChibiChibi found Sailormoon on Earth. She gives Sailormoon a sword to defeat Galaxia, the sword actually being herself, though Sailormoon initially refuses it. However, when she is used in self-defense, the sword breaks; ChibiChibi's still body appears in front of Princess Serenity before vanishing. Once Chaos is released from Galaxia and the star seeds are returned to their owners, ChibiChibi appears in Prince Endymion's arms in front of Sailormoon. She smiles at the Sailor Senshi, then disappears.

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