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Sailormoon Cats - Luna, Artemis, Diana
More Cats Info:

The oftentimes cute and adorable cats of Sailormoon: Luna, Artemis, and Diana. Luna and Artemis were sent from the moon in the past to present-day Earth in capsules where they slept until their arrivals.

Luna & Artemis looking at Diana


Luna is the first cat we see appearing in episode one. She is black with red eyes (though her human form has blue eyes), and she has a yellow crescent moon on her forehead. Luna first meets Usagi in episode one when Usagi saves her from being tortured by little kids. Later on, Luna appears in Usagi's room and speaks to Usagi. She gives Usagi a brooch and the ability to transform into the pretty soldier, Sailormoon. Luna tells Usagi that her mission is to find their Princess and to defeat the Dark Kingdom. Luna helps Usagi find three other Sailor Senshi, Mercury, Mars, and Jupiter. Luna also gives the Sailor Senshi special items in the first season, like their transformation sticks, Ami's super minicomputer, and several items for Sailormoon. She later meets up with Artemis who brings along Sailorvenus.

In the S movie, Luna falls in love with a human, Kakeru, but is unable to express her love because she is a cat. At the end of the movie, Sailormoon uses her power to grant Luna her wish of being human for a short time. Luna transforms into a young, pretty girl and poses as Princess Kaguya in order to help Kakeru. Later on Luna also develops a crush on Yaten in SailorStars (though she doesn't become human :P).

Luna is generally serious and helps keep the senshi, especially Usagi, on track. She often becomes annoyed with Usagi when she goofs off or isn't doing what she's supposed to. She is aptly described as Usagi's guardian and mentor. However, she also has a non-serious side as well. She teases Artemis a lot, and she develops crushes on human men, namely Kakeru and Yaten.


Artemis is the male white cat. He first finds Aino Minako, and he gives her the power to become Sailor V. Later, they meet up with the other Sailor Senshi in Tokyo, and V becomes Venus. Artemis first appears in episode 33 with Sailorvenus.

Unfortunately, Artemis often gets the shorter end of the stick when it comes to abuse. Luna likes to make fun of him constantly. However, he still loves Luna, and he becomes incredibly jealous and hurt when he realizes that she has a crush on someone else in the S movie. They make up, though, so everything's pretty good until SuperS.


Diana is the kitten of Luna and Artemis appearing in SuperS episode 133. She varies from pink to grey, so she's kind of pinkish grey, I guess, and she is VERY cute. One of her habits is calling Mamoru "Mamoru-sama" and Usagi "Usagi-sama" as they are the future King and Queen of Crystal Tokyo.

Diana first appears in SuperS by cuddling up to her father, Artemis, on the street, calling him her dad. Luna and the Sailor Senshi assume that Artemis has had an affair with another cat, and as a result, Luna smacks the poor cat rather harshly. It is not until Chibi-usa finds her that Diana reveals to all that she is the daughter of Artemis and Luna.

The kitties

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