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Awards and Publications

Here're the awards that the SSP has won. Most of these links are no long working, so clicking the URLs isn't recommended. The awards are arranged by date, more or less, from oldest to newest.

This webpage has been credited in the following publications: The Sailor Moon Role Playing Game and Resource Book created by the Guardians of Order (URL mentioned is and Animanga from Mexico, issue number 4, year 3 (May 1997) but the URL was accidentally left out and printed in the following issue.

Winner of People's Choice Awards: Combo Pages 1998
Winner of People's Choice Awards:
Combo Pages 1998

Three Tiers Award of Excellence

TMR Anime Excellence

Honorable Mention for April 1997
Awarded by the Amazoness Quartet

Best Site of the Day
May 4, 1997: PS SM DJ NS CA Ranking System

Sailor Mars Webpage of Supreme Quality Award
"Given to the "The Sailor Senshi Page" Webpage for outstanding work."

The Hotaru Award of Excellence
"Honors an excellent, well-maintained, informative, as well as easily understood web site."

The Tomoe Souichi Award
"Awarded to a page with outstanding fanfics." Awarded by

The ChibiChibi Pinkie Award

Your Homepage Rocks So Much I'm Freaking Out Winner for September 1997

SMFFHQ Fanfic Author of the Month
September 1997

Cupid's Top Ten Award
Winner for August 1998

Serena Usagi's Manga Award: Series 2

The Miscellany's Award of Eminence

The Starlight Award

Pluto Planet Award: Posthumous Edition

Artemis' Site of the Week Award

The Sailor Scout Club of Refuge
Most Informative Site of the Month

Winner of the Ako Senshi Award
December '97

Neo Kingdom's Hall of Fame

The Sailor Senshi Power Award
March 1998

Usagi's Seal of Approval
June 1998

Best Page Runners up
People's Choice Awards: November 1997

The Three Circles' Award of Elegance for a Comprehensive Site
October 1998

A- for the Small Lady's Review

Most Outstanding Picture Gallery Award
Awarded by Lisa Philpott

Voted Best Site by the members of Cosmic Moon Sendings
February 2000

Lovely Site Award
Awarded by The Palace of Moonlight

Over-All Senshi Award for an Excellent Site
Awarded by Realm of the Senshi

Tokyoville's Award of the Moon
Awarded by Tokyoville-Sailormoon

Choubi! to a site with beautiful Haruka and Michiru fanfics
Awarded by Sean Reilly

This is a Supreme Elegant Site
Awarded by JF

Squishy Award
Awarded by Squishy

The Stuffed Fish Award
Awarded by The Stuffed Fish Society Listing

Sailor Anubis's Plenty of Shiney Things Award
Awarded by Sailor Anubis

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