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Sailor Moon SuperS Dub Changes

Notes: This episode's comments and changes were contributed by Sara Hendrickson and FutureTrunks4987.

  • "In the original, Fisheye said he saw Pegasus - not the person who dreamed of him. He also said they should stop collecting beautiful dreams. In the dub, Fisheye saw the person with Pegasus." - Sara
  • "Zirconia twisting Fisheye's heart (Or whatever freakishly weird thing she did ^.^) was kept in." - Sara
  • "Raye said Serena was trippin'. ^.^" - Sara
  • "The lemure's name was kept." - Sara
  • "Mars uses "Mars Mega Fire!" X.x" - Sara
  • "HawksEye being shot is kept and not many censors on his chest." - FutureTrunks4987
  • "The monster said he was sent to take out the trash." - FutureTrunks4987

Notes: This episode's comments were contributed by FutureTrunks4987.

  • "The Amazoness Quartret are now called, the Amazon Quartret."
  • "Zirconia said, that the 'Amazon Quartret' called him names like, Zirc, Zirco, and Zirc the Jerk."
  • "I wasn't sure if there were any censors or changes on the poster for the "Dead Moon Cricus" to see if the Circus logo was still there (my dish started to screw up during today's episode ><)."
  • "Queen Nephrenia calls the "Dead Moon", the Dark Moon. I kept in mind before they began airing SuperS that may of used the word, "Nega" Moon again."

Notes: This episode's comments are contributed by FutureTrunks4987 and Sara Hendrickson.

  • "Ami's attack name, "Mercury Aqua Rhapsody" is kept!!" - FutureTrunks4987
  • "In the dub episode "Heartfelt Melody," there were actually kinda major censors in the nude Ami shots. They kept the shot of her falling, but they cut that butt shot. In the second scene, instead of the shots of Ami nude were replaced by the opening scene of Ami listening to the music. They left out the shot where the illusion Supersailormercury splashed onto Ami, instead they cut from Mercury flying to Ami to Ami looking upwards. Also, there were a mistake - she yelled "Mercury Star Power!" to transform, even though in later episodes she uses 'Crystal Power!'" - Sara Hendrickson

Notes: This episode's changes are contributed by VHikariKamiyaV. I don't know the episode title though.

  • "At the beginning of the episode, Kyusuke (I don't know his English name! x.x) didn't say anything about the birds coming from Siberia."
  • "Rini and co. reconized Hiroki from their school."
  • "Hiroki said the name of his airplane was the St. Louis."
  • "Momo (yet another forgotten English name!) hit Kyusuke saying that he wasn't encouraging him. In the Japanese version, she hit Kyusuke because he "didn't understand anything about a boy's romance." O.o;;; I'm getting the list of changes from the summary of Hitoshi Doi's."
  • "Kyusuke's dub name is Kelly and that Momo's dub name is Mellany." - Manda Puu
  • "The course of Pegasus and Rini's conversation wasn't changed very much."
  • "Chibi-Usa got angry at Usagi for not knocking when entering a lady's room, but Rini got angry at Serena for simply not knocking."
  • "Nehelenia said for Zirconia to kill the Scouts, whereas Neherenia told Zirconia to be ready for them."
  • "When deciding who would take the target, CereCere suggested Rock-Paper-Scissors."
  • "BesuBesu (is that her English name?) said for the girls to enjoy their spa time, if I remember correctly. In the Japanese version, VesVes said for them to enjoy their bath time."
  • "Amy pretty much says the same thing about the design of the plane when she sees the design as her Japanese counterpart."
  • "English Kyusuke still mentioned the Wright Brothers."
  • "Pegasus was so close to mentioning the name of the "Dream World"!"
  • "Hiroki still asked Rini if she had a stomach ache when she was crying. ^-^"
  • "Rini still noticed BesuBesu floating on the ball. ^-^"
  • "How did Mini Moon transform without Serena there? O.o"
  • "Nooo... The return of Pink Sugar Heart Attack as that Bell!"
  • "BesuBesu called on Remles PaoPao, which is the same Lemure name in Japan."
  • "Super Sailor Moon never called Mini Moon stubborn."
  • "Super Sailor Mars attacked with something that sounded like "Mars Flame Shooter!" or "Mars Flame Shot!"."
  • "Moon and Mini Moon's conversation after Moon pushes Mini Moon down is basically the same thing."
  • "This time, Mini Moon said, "Please Pegasus! Protect people's dreams!""
  • "When Pegasus is floating after Moon destroys the Remles, he says something about Rini believing in him, whereas in the Japanese version, Pegasus says for Chibi-Usa to believe in her dream."

Notes: This episode's changes are contributed by Erika Stallings.

  • The name of the episode is "Rini's Little Rhapsody".
  • "The Dead Moon Circus is called the Dark Moon Kingdom."
  • "At the beginning of the ep. they call the Golden Crystal the Golden Mirror then call it the Golden Crystal."
  • "Watashi ni Naritakute has been changed to an english adaption."
  • "Rini tells Pegasus she can't wait for anything except for dessert."
  • "Neherenia also calls the Dead Moon Circus the Dark Moon."
  • "They change the Amazoness Quartet conversation. In the original VesVes calls Zirconia a dried squid. In the dub she calls her a dried octopus. In the original CereCere says she hates dried squid. In the dub she says she wants to be a fairy princess. In the original PallaPalla says she's scared. In the dub she says she wants to sleep."
  • "In the original they call Rini's crush a doggy-face then a horse-face. In the original it's just a horse-face."
  • ""Tenou Haruka to Kaiou Michiru" is playing in the background at the restaurant."
  • "They change the speeches of the inner senshi slightly. In the original Venus says JunJun is bothering Chibi-Usa's love for two-timing. In the dub Venus says "Even if his face is fuzzy it could still work."
  • "In Rini's speech she says "My friend Pegasus"."

Notes: The changes for this episode that originally showed on Cartoon Network on November 9, 2000 are contributed by Sara Hendrickson.

  • "The saying about the spiderwebs and dew drops is kept the same."
  • "Serena says she didn't want to get out of bed so early on a Sunday; and Usagi says that it's sad running marathons on Sunday mornings."
  • "Mako's line in the arcade was changed. In the original she wondered if Motoki ever cleaned the center, although I didn't quite catch her English line. ^.^;;"
  • "Instead of the joke about spiders and clouds, Mina says that Serena's on the "dark side.""
  • ""Sailor Team no Theme" was given English lyrics."
  • "It seems the dub is calling the Dead Moon Circus the "dark moon"; it's been that way for several episodes now."

Notes: The changes for this episode are contributed by FutureTrunks4987.

  • "Queen Neherenia calls the Sailor Senshi "Sailor Snoops"."
  • "The kids at the end of the episode cried out, "Moon Cosmic Dream Action" repeatedly instead of Moon Crisis Make-Up."
  • "Jun Jun in the America dub said that Queen Nehelenia had the Golden Crystal and her mouth only opened once, which looks stupid, since I don't even think she said a word in the Japanese version."

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