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Sailor Moon SuperS Dub Changes

Notes: This episode's comments and changes were contributed by Sara Hendrickson and FutureTrunks4987.

  • "Robert's name was kept." - Sara
  • "Did anyone besides me notice the HUGE amount of valley slang in this episode? They used everything from buggin' to wicked cool. ^.^;;" - Sara
  • "Instead of being at soccer till 4:00, Robert was there till 3:00. Not a big difference, but oh well." - Sara
  • "Serena says she has to tell Rini about Pegasus wrecking the street, Usagi says she'll tell her friends." - Sara
  • "FishEye's comments about Robert's arms and legs being nice and smooth were omitted." - Sara
  • "In the original, FishEye wanted to muscular players to shoot the ball right into his heart; in today's dub, she called the muscular players "total hotties."" - Sara
  • "Instead of "Deadly Double Sailor Kick!" it was something along the lines of "Super Sailor Kick."" - Sara
  • "Mawashitaro (The lemure's) name was kept." - Sara
  • "When the scouts gain their power-up, they each use aweird attack name. It's their usual with things like "Mega," "Super," etc. attached to it." - Sara
  • "Minako says that summer isn't over; Mina says that summer's about to begin." - Sara
  • "Oh, I have to make one small point: In the original, Chibimoon's Pegasus-speech thing was always the same. ("Please, Pegasus! Protect everyone's dreams!") In the dub, it seems to vary from "Please Pegasus! Protector of dreams!" to "Please Pegasus! Protect people's dreams!"" - Sara
  • "Super Sailor Moon calls FishEye, "Fish Breath"." - FutureTrunks4987
  • "Pegasus tells the Sailor Senshi that they will become, "Super Sailor Scouts"." - FutureTrunks4987
  • "The Super Sailor Senshi called their attacks with different names, let's hope they don't continue to use those names. They're so stupid I can't even remember them." - FutureTrunks4987
  • "HawksEye calls TigersEye his, "bro"." - FutureTrunks4987
  • ""Robert" says he like's Rini's name." - FutureTrunks4987
  • ""Kelly" makes a comment about the girls, but I don't remember it >.<" - FutureTrunks4987

Notes: This episode's comments were contributed by FutureTrunks4987.

  • "Amy doing CPR on Sammy is kept."
  • "Sammy drowning (scene where TigersEye tears a hole in the boat) is kept."
  • "The scenes where the lemure bangs her chest are pretty much kept."
  • "The Scene where TigersEye throws the log at Sammy is kept."
  • "The Amazon Trio call Zirconia by, 'Sir'."

Notes: This episode's changes were contributed by Bao.

  • "The play, Gizelle, keeps its name."
  • "The ballet teacher, Yamagishi, says in the dub that Fisheye was too good to play the part. In the original, he said Kiriko had been practicing for a long time."
  • "Mina says that the ballet sounds phat."

Notes: This episode's changes were contributed by Bao.

  • "Amethyst Princess Lubina is called Duchess Rubina."
  • "The title music that plays is actually the title music from the S season."
  • "In the original, Lubina called Mamoru Mamo-chan-san (Usagi and Chibi-usa call him Mamo-chan and Lubina thinks that is his name). In the dub, she just calls him Darien."
  • "While the lemures, Elephanko, keeps her name in the dub, it is difficult to understand a word she says. I think she still talks about her family, but not about her brother, Gummario."

Notes: This episode's comments were contributed by Erika Stallings.

  • "Instead of Minako saying that no one can be too flashy at a dance, Mina says something about a contest for the best dance."
  • "Superior Sparkling Thunder" is used instead of "Super Supreme Thunder"."

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