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Sailor Moon SuperS Dub Changes

Notes: Episode comments are contributed by

  • "Super Sailor Moon says, "On behalf of the moon." instead of "In the name of the moon"."
  • "The panty shots where Super Sailor Moon, Super Sailor Chibi-Moon, and Sailor Mercury are hanging on the swings is kept."
  • "When the monster is destroyed she cries out, "I don't want to play with you anymore.""

Notes: Comment came from Peace54378

  • "The voices came in too early for the samurai girl (I forget her name) and Raye, Mina, & Lita at the very beginning of the episode. You can see their mouths moving silently when they should have been talking." - Peace54378

Notes: Today's episode comments are contributed by FutureTrunks4987.

  • "The scenes with FishEye's bare chest are all kept, but I think they made the scenes fuzzy(kind of like Makusi in SMS epi. 1)."
  • "It look like CWI censored FishEye's butt(with blue underwear). But I am not sure, yet."
  • "Chibi-Usa says, "Pegasus, Protector of Dreams"(I finally noticed that)."
  • "In "Clothes Call" Serena introduces herself to the fashion designer as "Serena Tsukino"! At last she has a surname." - MoiraRose

Notes: Today's episode comments are contributed by FutureTrunks4987, Manda Puu, and MoiraRose.

  • "FishEye tells TigersEye and HawksEye that they shouldn't fight over him." - FutureTrunks
  • "Minako calls TigersEye and HawksEye, "Freaky Geeks"." - FutureTrunks4987
  • "Sailor Venus uses an attack called, "Cresent Beam of Anger (or something like that)"." - FutureTrunks4987
  • "When Diana had told Artemis why she was spying too, Usagi had told her that she would get to see her first example of two-timing. Serena had told dub Diana that she would get a funny scene." - Manda Puu
  • "When Mina collapses, they cut Artemis's concern for her." - Manda Puu
  • "In "Double Trouble" Hawks Eye and Tigers Eye have English pseudonyms when dating Mina. Tigers Eye is called 'Jack' while Hawks Eye is called 'Charlie'." - MoiraRose

Notes: This episode's comments are contributed by FutureTrunks4987.

  • "Miya is called such names like, "crabby"(HawksEye) and "Umbrella Lady" (Serena)."
  • "Miya tells HawksEye to get a haircut."
  • "A little was cut out during the scene where Diana is thrown to the ground/couch/whatever she fell on."
  • "Sailor Mini-Moon says, "The Champions of Justice and Dreams.""

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