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Sailor Moon SuperS Dub Changes

Notes: Episode changes are contributed by Motoki, Sailor Minerva, Zessoku, and Iris.

  • Today's episode is "Much Ado About Kitten."
  • "Darien suggests that Rini should be an actress, which wasn't mentioned in the original." - Sailor Minerva
  • "Serena said that grades won't affect Rini's social life in addition to saying they don't affect finding a husband." - Sailor Minerva
  • "In the S episode, where it showed Hotaru on a cross, they cut that. But today many crosses were shown, and the senshi made their speeches standing in front of a huge one." - Motoki
  • "Juuban Church was called "First Church."" - Sailor Minerva
  • "Luna says she's not mad, but in the original, she said that there was no reason for Artemis to hide his crush on the nun." - Sailor Minerva
  • "Serena says that Artemis might leave the Sailor Scouts, whereas in the original, she said that Artemis might leave home." - Sailor Minerva
  • "Darien asks if the kitten (Diana) said "Daddy" where Mamoru asked if he just saw the kitten talk." - Sailor Minerva
  • "Artemis just asks Luna to let him explain, whereas in the original, he said that the gray kitten must be her child." - Sailor Minerva
  • "Diana's voice is a little strange-sounding and high-pitched like Fish Eye's voice." - Sailor Minerva
  • "Diana's VA sounds older than her parents', but is forcing her voice higher. Very annoying, which is a pity since the original Diana was **Very** cute. Diana's VA sounds almost as if she has a lisp at some points." - Motoki
  • "Diana's voice is cute. At least one of the cats gets a decent voice." - Iris
  • "Zirconia is officially a guy." - Zessoku
  • "Hawk's Eye told the other two in the Trio that it was their fault (that Zirconia lectured them), whereas in the original, he just accused Tiger's Eye of being the worst in the Trio." - Sailor Minerva
  • "Tiger's Eye says, "Mission real possible" and some corny joke about how dreaming of Pegasus should be a habit for the nun. Habit, get it? -_-;;; In the original, he said it would be satisfying to overcome such a just and pure woman." - Sailor Minerva
  • "Rini said that she thought the nun was so beautiful that no one's boyfriend would be able to resist, whereas in the original, she thought the nun should be her mother." - Sailor Minerva, Zessoku
  • "Some dialog was changed in today's episode. When Mina yells at Artemis, she yells about his liking the nun rather than his being a father. Can't have the kiddies wondering where babies come from outside of marriage, after all." - Iris
  • "In that same scene, they keep the "Minako" sign on Mina's door, but their names are pretty closely related anyway." - Iris
  • "Mina asks Artemis who took care of him to get him to confide in her, where in the original she asked him who his owner was, and he said that Mina was his friend, not owner (therefore making him confide in her, since friends shouldn't keep secrets)." - Sailor Minerva
  • "Minako doesn't give Artemis a lecture on his irresponsibility in having a child and not knowing it (as in the original), but just elaborates on how he is a liar." - Sailor Minerva
  • "Raye and Lita want Luna to ask Artemis where the kitten came from, so Serena should let Luna have the snacks to cheer her up. (Is CWI suggesting that food is the only solution to sorrows? That sets such a good example.) Then Serena says she can't help if she's hungry, because then she would be depressed. In the original, the girls think that since Artemis has a child with someone else, that he has left Luna, and Usagi asks if Luna and Artemis were dating. CWI doesn't seem to be emphasizing that Artemis has a child. ^.^;" - Sailor Minerva
  • "Instead of preaching at Tiger's Eye about the love of God, as in the original, the nun talks about being the music teacher for the choir. (Does the dub always have to be purged of anything closely resembling religion?)" - Sailor Minerva
  • "When Tiger's-eye and the nun are talking in front of the church, they talk about a children's choir that will perform at the upcoming wedding instead of God's love and sin. Oddly enough, there is no children's choir. Oh yeah, I forget--even though she's a nun, the whole religious aspect can't be shown. Odd how a nun doesn't even talk about her beliefs. It also makes the nun sound more like she'd rather have kids than be a nun, which isn't true." - Iris
  • "The nun says that kids fulfill dreams, and Tiger's Eye says that he's there because he needs her dream, before grabbing her. In the original, he said that he should be forgiven because he's going to commit a sin." - Sailor Minerva
  • "Artemis thinks that he has to find the kitten to find out why she thinks he's her father. In the original, he wondered how he could be her father without being married." - Sailor Minerva
  • "The nun begged Tiger's Eye to stop, saying that she could get him into one of their self-help programs. (Why would she be clutching the cross then?) Then Tiger's Eye said she hurt his feelings by implying that he needed help. Then Tiger's Eye says that dream time is over, and yells for Pegasus to come out. In the original, the nun was praying for God to help her, and Tiger's Eye said he was just joking and that he watched too many movies, then says that her prayer was too far away to reach her master." - Sailor Minerva
  • "They cut Artemis scratching Tiger Eye's face." - Zessoku
  • "When Venus comes to the chapel, she calls Artemis "Benedict Artemis," although in the original she was sticking up for him." - Iris
  • "Sailor Venus said to Tiger's Eye in her speech that his "Judgement Day" had come. The dub goes from avoiding religion to adding it. -_-;;;" - Sailor Minerva
  • "Tiger's Eye called Sailor Venus a "bleached blond," but in the original he called her an ugly girl." - Sailor Minerva, Zessoku
  • "Sailor Venus doesn't say she'll deliver "divine punishment" in her speech as she did in the original. The dub can't seem to make up its mind in this episode whether it wants to encourage Christianity or not." - Sailor Minerva
  • "Venus used, "Venus Love Chain Knockout."" - Motoki, Iris, Sailor Minerva
  • "Serena and Rini are still using, "Moon Cosmic Dream Action."" - Motoki
  • "Kigurumiko's name is kept." - Zessoku
  • "Kigurumiko doesn't mention she's changing into a kangaroo, she just says she's transforming." - Sailor Minerva
  • "Tiger's Eye mutters about Zirconia being mad at him where he said he'd send the nun to "her beloved God" in the original (right before Artemis scratches him on the hand)." - Sailor Minerva
  • "Moon and MiniMoon's speech ended with, "...In the name of the Moon, get lost!"" - Motoki
  • "The Scouts say stuff about the choir and the roses needing the nun, and how they were the bad guys' worst nightmare, whereas in the original they said for the bad guys to repent their sins, because the church was sacred although it was rival to the shrine." - Sailor Minerva
  • "Tuxedo Mask says that Kigurumiko should pick on her own species, and to leave the cats and the dreamer alone. In the original, he said that she had a poor mind, and shouldn't disturb a pretty girl's prayer." - Sailor Minerva
  • "Diana calls Rini "Princess Rini" instead of Small Lady." - Sailor Minerva
  • ""Moon Gorgeous Meditation," was kept." - Motoki
  • "Luna said to Artemis, "You sure got your bell rung," right before the bells started ringing. Hahaha. -_- In the original, she said that Artemis really needed her." - Sailor Minerva
  • "Also, here's a list of the new voices of SuperS (two of whom aren't actually new): Jason Barr, Robert Bockstael, Tony Daniels, Deborah Drakeford, Jennifer Gould, Daniela Oliveri, Benji Plener, and Rowan Tichenor. I'm not sure *who* they voice, though." - Iris

Notes: Today's episode changes are all contributed by Sailor Minerva.

  • "The book is called The Moonlit Pegasus."
  • "Elizabeth says, "I felt like it was my romance when I was reading the story." In the original, she said that she wished she fell into such deep love. Amy said that anyone who read it would be moved, whereas in the original, she said that she didn't need any reasons for liking it, she was so impressed. Raye thought that if Amy liked the book, she should check it out, but in the original she was worried that she was behind everyone."
  • "The book seemed to be classified as a "story," and Tomoko was never published until her book. In the original, the book was not called just a story, and I don't think it was implied that Tomoko didn't have anything published before her book. (I think her short stories may have been published before. The wording there is a little hard to translate, and I can't really tell with subs.)"
  • "Raye said that she needed one book for reading, one for keeping forever, and one book (with the autograph) for showing off, whereas in the original, she said she needed one for preservation, one for personal use, and one to use to brag to everyone. Luna then says that Raye must do everything in three's then, whereas in the original, she said that Rei has a bad habit of bragging. (Doesn't "doing things in three's" sound just a little ecchi?)"
  • "Tomoko doesn't mention that she doesn't have anymore dreams (so she can't write as well) as in the original, but just says that she can't write anything as good as The Moonlit Pegasus."
  • "Lita says that the rude boys who took Tomoko's homework were "doing homework for their bully-and-dumb-wimphead courses." In the original, she said that she should at least kick them a few times."
  • "Lita just says that Tomoko's crush is #25 and he's nice, whereas in the original she asked Tomokko if she liked the athletic type." vLita tells Tomoko that she should send in excerpts of her story to magazines to catch the soccer boy's attention, whereas in the original, Mako told her to send in stories. Once again, it seems that Tomoko has written one in the dub, where it was multiple stories and a book in the original."
  • "Tiger Eye is "Joe Handsome" from "Dream World Publishing," whereas in the original he is from Dead Publishing."
  • "Sailor Jupiter's transformation is a little touched-up with dark green almost the same color as her skirt to hide her backside."
  • "Sailor Moon said, "Did you say explode?" instead of "I don't want to blow up" as in the original."
  • "They don't translate the title of the book (Illusion of Pegasus)."

Notes: Today's episode changes are contributed by Sara, Iris, and

  • "Fisheye says "You're buggin'" in respone to Tigereye, and Hawkeye agrees with an "As if." Stupid valley slang." - Sara
  • "Instead of the little boy (I can't spell ^.^) saying to Morino-sensei (whose name was kept) that she was stubborn and that's why she couldn't marry, he told her that she was a mean teacher and no kid wanted her." - Sara
  • "Still not sure about Fisheye, though he could be male. The comment about him not liking women was kept in, and Tigereye calls him and Hawkeye "Dudes."" - Sara
  • "Topless ChibiUsa was kept, and so was the oblivious "What?" comment. ^.^" - Sara,
  • "They cut out Rini being topless, as was predictable, but she is still shown taking off her shirt, and Pegasus turns away, blushing." - Iris
  • "And I finally figured out who voices Pegasus. It's Robert Bockstael, the voice of Diamond from the R season, who just so happens to be in the cast." - Iris
  • "Fish Eye has to be a female in the dub. Tiger's Eye was kind of asking Fish Eye out, LOL - I don't think they would have a guy in love with a guy in the dub." -
  • "FishEye is a female. I heard HawksEye or TigersEye (I don't remember which one) say, "I don't think SHE'S listening." So FishEye is definitely a female." - Barbara Eckles

Today's episode changes, cuts, and quotes are contributed by Marci,, and Motoki.

  • "When Darien leaves the room to take a bath, he tell Diana that even future kings need relaxation time. She blushes because he didn't actually say that. He actually invited her to join him!! ^_^" - Marci
  • "I knew they were going to cut the nude shot of Darien!!! In the original, Rei walked in on Mamoru, and after a closeup of his startled face, there is a butt shot when he jumps into the tub. :-D However, in the dub, the ep showed Raye leaving the bathroom immediately after the closeup." - Marci, Motoki
  • "*Usagi and Rei's conversation in Rei's room was kind of stalled. The fact of Raye seeing Darien naked wasn't brought up until the very end of the conversation, where as Usagi almost guessed it right away." - Motoki
  • "In the original, the source of the smoke was the cooking at a restaurant, not another floor of the apartment building. Dumb change!!!" - Marci
  • "Mina says, "I don't want to be a Crispy Critter!!"" -
  • "Chad has a new VA. His VA from SMS isn't his VA anymore." -
  • "Grandpa Hino has his original dub VA from Season 1." -
  • "TigersEye calls, FishEye, "Fish"." -
  • "Grandpa Hino says, "Mi Casa, Su Casa". which is spanish for, "My home is your home." but I don't remember Rei's grandfather being mexican." -
  • "Rei calls Serena, "Little Red Maniac Hood." -
  • "Darien asks Chad, "Hi, you're Chad, the former rock star, right?" -
  • "Chad promises Grandpa Hino, he would do double chores, stop humming rock songs, and shave his head. -
  • "Rei calls Serena things such as, "Ninja Nerd" and "Meatball Head". -
  • "Serena asks Rini if she was reading her romance novels again. -
  • "I think the monter's name was Miss Agako or Misagako. -
  • "When being destroyed, the monster cries, "No." and then her name." -

Notes: Episode changes, cuts, dialogue snippets, etc. were submitted by,, and

  • The title of this episode is "Phony Fairy." Umm... That seriously could have a double meaning.
  • "In the dub, FishEye is 100% female. FishEye wonders what kind of 'Girl' that guy would like." -
  • "What is Fish Eye? Girl or guy? Tiger and Hawk call it first a he and then a she." -
  • "FishEye asks the guy if there's something on her face." -
  • "FishEye showering was kept. sick. No breasts either." -
  • "They didn't cut the shower scene with Fisheye, like I thought they would, they didn't even erase body lines!" -
  • "Nude butt shot and chest was kept in the shower." -
  • "Artist's name was kept, and so was monsters." -
  • "Mina said the Mr. Kitikata (Sp?) is "fine"." -
  • "Hawkeye and Tigerseye were talking about "Lifelines O_o" -
  • "The scene where Kitikata (or whatever his name is) on top of FishEye was kept. I don't think that is good for little kids to see." -
  • "I'm not sure I remember but when FishEye begins the little Dream Sequence Kitikata discovers FishEye is a male." -
  • "Lita says Raye is more like a gnome."" -
  • "Diana smelling Fish was kept. So was Fishy Fairy by Serena." -
  • "In the original, Mini-Moon's attack was 'Twinkle Yell", not Bell." -
  • "Tiger Eye calls Fish Eye-"Fish"." -
  • "All other dialogue was kept, except for when Rini is talking to the artist. They were talking about a girlfriend, not marriage." -

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