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Sailor Moon SuperS Dub Changes

Notes: These changes are for the first SuperS dubbed episode, first shown September 26, 2000. Changes and comments are contributed by TCBCA, Motoki, Steve Murphy, and Iris.

  • "Andrew has a new VA." - Motoki
  • "Elizabeth has a new VA." - Motoki
  • "The worst thing about this episode (and possibly the whole SuperS series) is that Pegasus's voice actor sounds about 30 years old. With Rini's (relatively) new little-kid sounding voice, the two of them together just seems extremely wrong, even more so than his being a horse. ^_^" - Iris
  • "The Amazon Trio called Zirconia, "Master Ziconia," (pronounced "Zih-koh-nee-ah")" - Motoki
  • "Pegasus is still Pegasus with a new subtitle: the chosen one" - Steve Murphy
  • "All Bad Guy's name's were kept (Zirconia, Tiger's Eye, Hawk's Eye, Fish Eye)" - Steve Murphy
  • "Zirconia is now an old man, Fish Eye is now a girl, and they went back to Elizabeth. Also, they made Moon Gorgeus Meditation into Moon Super Moon Target and they called Helios The Golden One and Pegasus." - Sailor Starfire
  • "Serena wonders if Rini was reading her romance books, while Usagi wondered if Chibi-Usa was reading Mama's." - Motoki
  • "At the begining, they cut out the kewl scene transaction where Serena changes Rini's shirt to the park to where she lifts her arms and is kept the same then the stars change it." - Sean Murphy
  • "Most of the dialog is unchanged, except Rini makes all these comments as she meets Pegasus for the first time, whereas in the original she didn't say anything." - Iris
  • "Excellent dubbing in all of the speeches (SuperS is the only season i own completely in Japanese)" - Steve Murphy
  • "As expected by many people, Fish Eye appeared to be dubbed as a girl. No biggie there." - TCBCA
  • "Still not sure about Fish Eye yet. To me it sounds like a guy doing a girl's voice, but the speech in the bar was kept about their 'tastes', so you don't know if it is a guy or girl" - Steve Murphy
  • "Fisheye might be a woman. It's actually hard to tell. The voice is so high that it sounds almost like a man speaking in falsetto, and Fisheye isn't given a definite sex. When Fisheye comments that none of the women look nice, Tiger's-eye comments that "your tastes are different from ours." But the same ambiguity was in the first episode with Amarah and Michelle, and then that whole cousins thing came along, so there's no definite way to know." - Iris
  • "Zirconia is a man (he sounds like a mixture of the muppet Animal and Yoda), despite the dress he'll wear for the whole season. Maybe it can just be a toga." - Iris
  • "The monster's name was kept (minus the "-chan" suffix), "Karakuriko."" - Motoki
  • "The lemure's name seems to be the same." - Iris
  • "Tigerseye said that Tuxedo Mask had a rather, "Midnight Vampire," look (if I heared correctly) instead of saying that he was "womanized"." - Motoki
  • "Tiger's Eye called Tuxedo Mask a Disco Phantom (i think)" - Steve Murphy
  • "All the violence was kept; Mini-Moon getting the crap kicked out of her and almost clawed, Sailor Moon dodging the sword from Karakuriko (name kept) and then Tiger's Eye moaning and forcing himself upon Andrew's sister (who was made nameless)" - Steve Murphy
  • "Moon Gorgeous Meditation seemed to be called "Moon Silver Moon Target". Yes, that was two moons, not a big typo. O.o I certainly hope that I heard wrong!" - TCBCA
  • "SuperMoon shouted, "Moon, Super-Moon, Target!" when she attacked with her new scepter." - Motoki
  • "Also, Sailormoon's attack sounds like "Moon Super Moon Target." Riiiiiight. I really hope that isn't the permanent name." - Iris
  • Note by me: SuperSailormoon originally does not say her attack name for the first few episodes. It's nameless.
  • "Ending was changed slightly. New animation on Tuxedo Mirage (the end with Tuxedo mask, Princess Serena, and the two together followed by the mask appearing on the music box with Princess Serena)" - Steve Murphy
  • "The lemures are referred to as a 'remules'/'remles' in both "Baiting the Trap" and "Dreams Take Flight"." -

Notes: The episode changes for September 27, 2000 are contributed by Iris, Precia, Motoki, and Steve Murphy.

  • "Maybe someone should explain to CWI that it's okay *not* to use a pun in every episode title." - Iris
  • "Fisheye is still rather ambiguous, but a little more feminine-sounding than yesterday." - Iris
  • "Still not sure about Fish Eye, since they changed the dialogue from saying his types are different to something about him needing a nap." - Steve Murphy
  • "When they were in the bar, Fish's Eye says something about wanting to ride the Pegasus. In the original, Tiger's Eye wanted to ride him also. In the dub, he seemed to be making fun of... Her? Him? It?" - Precia
  • "Reika stays as Rita. I think she fell off her horse in the original at one point, but she didn't in the dub." - Iris
  • "Rita's name is still Rita, not changed like Lizzy to Elizabeth. Rita definitely has a new actress." - Precia
  • "When Darien calls Serena, the dialogue is changed. In the original, the reason [Mamoru] didn't call was because he had told [Usagi] he would be real busy with school. In the dub, he blames it all on Serena being on the phone." - Steve Murphy (Note: In the original Mamoru also says that though he was busy, he tried calling Usagi but always got busy signals. She should talk less on the phone.)
  • "Tiger's-eye's voice sounds like Darien's." - Iris. (Note: Someone commented Tigerseye sounded like Jedite.)
  • "Most of the dialogue is the same. Tiger's Eye even calls the scouts pumpkins!" - Precia
  • "Same as yesterday, Tiger Eye refers to the Scouts as Pumpkins, which was in the original. He then calls Mini-Moon a frog, which I don't think was in the original." - Steve Murphy
  • "All of Rita's conversations were changed (the first one with the group about Andrew, the one with Rita and Rini, the one with Tiger Eye, and the final one where she comes up after eavesdropping)." - Steve Murphy
  • "CWI is keeping the dream mirror sequence in *full,* and Tiger's-eye sounds just as much, if not more, like he's raping his victim as he looks into her dream mirror. I see a controversy on the horizon." - Iris (Note: The whole "rape" imagery in the original anime is not accepted by everyone; some people claim it, others don't.)
  • "They changed the attacks from the Amazon Trio. Yesterday, they made it seem like they were being tortured, but in today's, it made it seem like Rita just didn't want them examining her dream." - Steve Murphy
  • "Funny thing, though: when in this episode, they show Minimoon's full transformation (I don't think she dances around as long, thank God), they kept the Japanese singers in the background singing "Chibimoon!" while she transforms." - Iris
  • "During Rini's transformation, her "suggestive lines" were erased." - Motoki
  • "Mini-Moon had her original speech. "I am Sailor Mini-Moon. And on half of the future moon, I'll punish you!"" - Steve Murphy
  • "The Monster of the Day is the same." - Steve Murphy
  • "The lemure's costume was nearly as revealing as the daimon in Episode #199, but it wasn't edited, as far as I could tell." - Motoki
  • "They kept a lot of the violence though. All of them being tortured by the whip and stuff like that." - Steve Murphy
  • "Also, Sailormoon's as-of-yet unnamed attack in the original is "Super Moon Target" instead of "Moon Super Moon Target" today." - Iris
  • "Yesterday, when the MOTD was killed, she said 'Lights Out!!!!!', which is close to the original, 'Stage Out!!!!' (Said in English). Today it was something about her show being over." - Steve Murphy
  • "The ending theme was extended. Yesterday, it began with Tuxedo Mask becoming Prince Darien, but today, it was extended, starting with Princess Uranus and Princess Neptune, which is gunna make some people wonder why the duo is not in SuperS." - Steve Murphy

Notes: The episode changes for today are contributed by Iris and Sara.

  • Today's episode is "Sweet Dreams."
  • "TigerEye says that HawkEye prefers the "mommy-type" or something like that. ^.^;;" - Sara
  • "Rini calls her mother "Mama-Ikuko", so I'd guess that CWI decided to keep her name." - Sara
  • "Ikuko's dream was changed. In the original, she wanted to see ChibiUsa and Usagi married to men they like so she could add wedding pictures to her collection. In today's dub, Ikuko's dream was to be a wonderful mother." - Sara
  • "Serena's mom seems to be named Ikuko. When Hawk's-eye first meets her and Rini, he says that his mother's name was Ikuko, and Rini and Serena's mom gasp. Then Hawk's-eye goes into this bizarre list of Eastern European names." - Iris
  • "The whole 'mother' thing with HawkEye was kept, except he didn't mention wanting to taste a homemade lemon pie." - Sara
  • "Rini said that Serena was really "bent up." ^.^" - Sara
  • "Most of the dialog is the same. Amy refers to Rini as a "brat," although oddly enough, she's trying to explain that Rini isn't all bad. When at the end, Rini and Serena are fighting over the size of their pieces of pie, Rini makes a remark about Serena's grades. In the original, I think Chibi-Usa made a comment about Usagi's weight." - Iris
  • "Serena makes up for her minimal siren-y yelling during S in today's episode." - Iris
  • "Hawk's-eye sounds vaguely British." - Iris
  • "Tony Daniels (the dub voice of Jedite) is back in the cast, so whoever said Tiger's-eye sounded like Jedite is probably right." - Iris
  • "Fish-eye sounds like a man speaking in falsetto who is simulatenously using helium; I can't tell whether Fish-eye's a man or a woman, so Fish-eye will just be an "it" for a while." - Iris
  • "The lemure sounds extremely Bostonian (Britain, Boston, Eastern Europe, Japan, Canada...we just have an international buffet in today's episode). She was probably voiced with Molly's voice actress." - Iris
  • "All the violence is kept - Scouts getting blown up, Sailormoon shoving HawkEye away, Minimoon almost getting slapped, etc." - Sara
  • "In the original, Chibimoon didn't call to Pegasus - she just wished for someone. In the dub, she wished for Pegasus to help them." - Sara
  • "Sailormoon's attack name (Moon Gorgeous Meditation)was kept." - Sara
  • "Minimoon transforms using "Mini Prism Power."" - Iris
  • "Sailormoon yelled "Rainbow Moon Heart Attack!", colliding with the SMS dub attacks. " - Sara
  • "Sailormoon attacks for the first time using "Rainbow Moon Heart Attack," a mixture of her two S attacks." - Iris
  • "Serena and Rini transform with "Moon Cosmic Dream Action!" ^.^;;" - Sara
  • "Moon and Minimoon's new tranformation is "Moon Cosmic Dream Power." How "Cosmic Dream Power" came from "Crisis" I have no idea." - Iris
  • "Minimoon's carillon is now the "Crystal Bell"." - Sara
  • "Minimoon yells almost the same thing as Chibimoon did to call upon Pegasus, except she yells "Crystal Twinkle Bell!" (It sounds like she says 'bell' in the original...soooo...) " - Sara
  • "Minimoon's call for Pegasus is "Crystal Twinkle Bell." Moon's attack, however, stays as "Moon Gorgeous Meditation."" - Iris
  • Discrepencies with Mini Moon: "Sailor Chibi Moon's attack is NOT "Crystal Twinkle Bell" or "Twinkle Bell" as of what Sara said. The attck is "TWINKLE YELL!!" Yell not Bell." - and "The person that told you that Minimoon's Carillon is now called the "Crystal bell" was incorrect, it is called the "Crystal Chime."" - Athenia ( (Note: I have no idea who's right or wrong... so whatever...)

Notes: Episode changes and comments are contributed by FutureTrunks4987: "I'm not sure that many things were cut or change since I never got to see this episode in Japanese :(. I took notes on some things the characters said and that I am not sure were in the original."

  • "HawksEye calls Zirconia, "Old Grand Zirconia", and later TigersEye calls him, "Grand Zirconia"."
  • "TigersEye calls Umino, "Strange Looking Acnousous(I can't spell) Person", and then, "Disgusting Repulsive Creature"."
  • "In the library, TigersEye was holding a book called, "Cherry Boys"."
  • "When Naru doesn't remember TigersEye, she says, "I'm drawing a blank.""
  • "When Naru leaves the girls at the temple, Rei says, "Maybe I was too Hard on Her.""
  • "The scenes where TigersEye trying to kiss Naru and Naru slapping TigersEye were kept."
  • "TigersEye asks Naru, "Didn't anyone tell you not to talk to Strangers?""
  • "The monster is named, "Juggling Jackel" and I am not sure if this is her name from the original."
  • "ChibiMoon is still using, "Crystal Twinkle Bell"."
  • "TigersEye calls Tuxedo Kamen, "Mr. Bad Fashion"."
  • "The monster says, "I guess that's all folks!!" when she is destroyed."
  • "I also have a comment for the episode "Baiting the Trap". Sailor Mini Moon used Crystal Twinkle Bell and Sailor Moon used Moon Gorgeous Meditation for their attack names, and Moon Cosmic Dream Action for their transformation phrase." - Peace54378

Notes: Today's episode changes are contributed by Sailor Minerva, Sara, and Iris.

  • "Kobayashi's name was shortened to "Koby" (or however it's spelled) but Saori's name was kept." - Sailor Minerva
  • "Saori's name was kept. Kobayashi's I'm not too sure on. He was called "Koby" throughout the episode, though when Rini is running, she calls him by his original name." - Sara
  • "Darien's classmates, Saori and Kobayashi, have the same names as in the original." - Iris
  • "Saori's remark about Kobayashi being nasty was dropped." - Sailor Minerva
  • "Rini says that Darien told Serena to get off him, whereas in the original, Chibi-Usa says that Mamo-chan is hers (implying that Usagi should get off)." - Sailor Minerva
  • "Darien introduces Saori and Koby as classmates, whereas in the original, he said they were friends from the university." - Sailor Minerva
  • "The dialogue in one part was entirely changed. In the original, Kobayashi asked Usagi "How are you?" meaning "How old are you?" She replied (in the original) with saying she wanted another cake, and then Kobayashi said he didn't want to know about her appetite, and she said she was 15 1/2. This was changed to "Koby" asking Serena how old she was, and she said she was old enough to be eating a lot of cake. Then he said that she looked so young that he was wondering, and she replied that she was 15." - Sailor Minerva
  • "Serena says she's 15; Usagi says she's 15 and a half." - Sara
  • "Serena said "like." Ugh." - Sailor Minerva
  • "Don't the people doing the dub realize it's more politically correct to say "police officer" instead of "policewoman"? -_-;;;" - Sailor Minerva
  • "Tiger's Eye had a "French" accent. I guess he couldn't be a dumb American tourist. ^_~;" - Sailor Minerva
  • "TigerEye speaks in a really bad French accent... the original time is also kept: 5:30." - Sara
  • "When Tiger's-eye comes up to Saori to ask the time, he uses French instead of English, but just for "Excuse me" and "please" (I can't write French, so I'm not going to try) and speaks with a French accent. When Saori answers, he says that he missed his tour guide and that he can't find his way around (I believe I heard) Rome by himself. He's more lost than he thinks. Later, when he comes again, he counts "one, two, three" as "un, duex, trois," I guess to go with the French thing, except he dropped the accent." - Iris
  • "Tiger's Eye never asks for Saori's name like in the original (when he's asking her out to dinner)." - Sailor Minerva
  • "Tiger's Eye just said he would "get" Saori, whereas in the original, he said he would get Saori by force." - Sailor Minerva
  • "Darien said he "cared" about Saori instead of saying he loved her so much. He also said he had a lot in common with Saori, whereas in the original, he said he just realized he was in love with Saori. " - Sailor Minerva
  • "Koby says that Darien and Saori are a nice couple, but doesn't say that they're called the "best couple" at the university like in the original." - Sailor Minerva
  • "Koby also says that Saori might not be so interested in Darien if he had an "intellectual match." In the original, Kobayashi said that he'd have a chance with Saori if Darien had an "official girlfriend."" - Sailor Minerva
  • "Rini never mentions that Saori is sexier than Serena. ^_^; " - Sailor Minerva
  • "Saori asks if Darien likes the tie, and when he wonders who for, she starts saying for him, when she's cut off by Tiger's Eye. In the original, she asks if it's strange, and he asks if she means the tie, and she says she means if she is strange." - Sailor Minerva
  • "Tiger's Eye says, "Un, deux, trois," instead of, "One, two, three."" - Sailor Minerva, Sara
  • "I think there was a slight violence cut where Tiger's Eye stops Darien and pins him with the knives." - Sailor Minerva
  • "Saori says that Tiger's Eye could get off lightly if he stops his crime of assault with a weapon early, but in the original, she says that Tiger's Eye should stop right then while his charge is a minor one." - Sailor Minerva
  • "Pooko-chan is shortened to "Pooko."" - Sailor Minerva
  • "Pooko says Minimoon is turning blue, whereas in the original, she said Minimoon was ugly." - Sailor Minerva
  • "Pooko says that Darien is next when she is suffocating Serena, whereas in the original she said that she would kill Mamoru next." - Sailor Minerva
  • "As with previous episodes, the transformation is "Moon Cosmic Dream Action" (what's wrong with Moon Crisis, Makeup, or even Moon Crisis Power?) but the attack is corrected, as with the last couple episodes, and is "Moon Gorgeous Meditation" like it should be." - Sailor Minerva
  • "Saori says that the tie suits Koby better, but in the original, she said she couldn't just throw the tie in the garbage." - Sailor Minerva
  • "ChibiUsa's dream remains relatively the same, except for one line. In the part where Mamoru is rubbing Saori's hair, the line is changed from "I love her so much - see?" to something about he and Saori having much more in common than he and Serena." - Sara
  • "The Amazon Trio called Saori a teacher's pet, goody-two-shoes and other insulting names. ^.^" - Sara
  • "The dialog is pretty much unchanged, but the mallspeak is beginning to return. Saori referred to Darien's apartment as "tight" during a discussion of how clean it was. When did "tight" become a synonym for "clean"?" - Iris
  • "When Tiger's-eye looks in Saori's mirror, he calls, "Pegasus, where are you? Come out, little horsey!" and stuff like that." - Iris
  • "The transformations and attacks are the same as they were in the dubbed episode from Thurday." - Iris
  • "No violence cuts as far as I can tell--they keep the balloon girl's suffocating Sailormoon (I belive the word "death" was even mentioned), Darien's being slammed into the stairs when Tiger's-eye throws him with the whip, the knives being thrown at Darien and pinning him to the ground, and Darien's stabbing the lemure." - Iris

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