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Sailor Moon S Dub Changes

This is a list of changes in today's Sailor Moon S dubbed episode (run Friday, June 28th). Information was e-mailed in by Motoki, Sailor Minerva, Precia, Sailor Avalon, Jennifer, and MiakaRayne.

  • "No cut when the daimon bit Jupiter's bow/chest, as i thought there might be." - MiakaRayne
  • "The Silence was called "the Deadly Silence" and later, "the Deafening Silence"." - Motoki
  • "Mistress 9 said, “Hotaru is no longer with us,” whereas in the original, she said that Hotaru was dead." - Sailor Minerva
  • "Uranus used "World Shaking"." - Motoki, Precia & Jennifer
  • "Neptune used "Deep Submerge"." - Motoki, Precia & Jennifer
  • "They cut out an up-close picture where Neptune was being strangled by Mistress 9’s hair and Neptune told Sailor Moon she wouldn't respect her if she gave in." - Sailor Minerva
  • "I believe that when the hair wrapped around Neptune and Uranus' necks the actual act of choking is cut." - Precia
  • "When Neptune and Uranus were trapped in Mistress 9's hair, Uranus told Moon to forget about them, but Neptune yelled desperately "Sailormoon!" in a way that made her seem to want Sailormoon to help them, when we know she doesn't." - Motoki
  • "When Moon sees Hotaru's father, she asks him is he's Hotaru's father, even though she's already met him; in the original, she is surprised but recognizes him." - Sailor Avalon
  • ""Papa" is changed to "Daddy"." - Sailor Avalon
  • "Sailor Moon said that she thought it was possible to save the world without anyone getting hurt, whereas in the original, she said that she thought it was possible for the world to be saved without an innocent person like Hotaru being sacrificed." - Sailor Minerva
  • "One of the bigger changes is Uranus and Neptune's yelling at Moon when Moon is deciding whether or not to give the Purity Chalice to Mistress 9. In the original, Neptune yelled, "You aren't the Messiah! You have no right to decide [what to do with the Holy Grail]!" In the dub, she yelled, "It's [as in Mistress 9's pretending to need help] a trick, can't you see that?" So whether or not Uranus and Neptune know that Moon is the Sovereign is questionable, but in the original they did *not.* That's what the next episode is for." - Jennifer
  • "Tomoe seems to know what the Purity Chalice is; in the original, he doesn't." - Sailor Avalon
  • "Mistress 9 said that the Purity Chalice contained the purest heart, whereas in the original, she said it contained the strongest emotions of love, hatred, happiness, anger, and sorrow." - Sailor Minerva
  • "When Moon was holding out the purity chalice, Neptune and Uranus just shouted "No!" instead of telling Sailormoon that the Sacred Cup wasn't hers to give." - Precia
  • "Mistress 9 said that the only way for Sailor Moon to defeat Pharoah 90 when they had the purity chalice would be for her to produce a heart more pure than that of the chalice. In the original, she said that Sailor Moon would have to have a stronger chalice than theirs." - Sailor Minerva
  • "Master Pharaoh 90 is just called Pharaoh 90." - Precia
  • "When Pharaoh 90 is approaching, Uranus asks Moon if she's happy, just like in the original." - Precia
  • "Mistress 9 didn't shout for Hotaru to die, but just told her to "leave." She also didn't say "Damn you."" - Sailor Minerva
  • "Uranus and Neptune don't say that all their hard work was for nothing when Mistress 9 disappears--they just moan. Also, Dr. Tomoh's memories of pre-possessed Hotaru have her say more than just "Papa," but that's nothing big." - Jennifer
  • "When Saturn appears, she says explicitly that she will be destroyed when she destroys Pharoah 90. Her voice actress seems to be the same as Mistress 9's, but different from Hotaru's. Saturn still says that she is not Hotaru." - Jennifer & Precia
  • "Uranus just said, "The Sailor Scout of Destruction, Saturn." In the original, she said, "The Sailor Senshi of Destruction has ressurected."" - Sailor Minerva & Sailor Avalon
  • "Saturn said she was "happy" to do her deed of destorying the core of the evil, and dying herself as well." - MiakaRayne
  • "Saturn seems less depressing and less serious than she did in the original. Her power was less of a "duty" to her, but more as a privilege." - MiakaRayne
  • "Sailor Pluto said after Pharoah 90 was destroyed, "Sailor Moon, if you find the real sovereign..." In the original, Neptune and Uranus remembered her saying, "If you find the true Messiah..." This didn't really make sense, as Pluto never said this to Sailor Moon before, and Pluto wasn't actually there to say something." - Sailor Minerva
  • "Moon used "Moon Crisis Power Tranform" when attempting to transform into Super Sailor Moon." - Motoki, Sailor Avalon & MiakaRayne

This is a list of changes and comments in today's dubbed episode of Sailor Moon. Information was e-mailed in from Sailor Minerva, Motoki, and Sailor Avalon.

  • The title is "Second Chance"
  • "In the beginning, dialogue is added between Moon and Uranus and Neptune (Moon tells them to take the baby)." - Sailor Avalon
  • "Luna said "What’s up, girl?" to Serena." - Sailor Minerva
  • "Artemis said that Rini didn't want to burden Serena with her worries because Serena would overreact. In the original, Artemis said that Chibi-Usa was sensitive to others' feelings and she knew crying would put pressure on Usagi." - Sailor Minerva & Sailor Avalon
  • "Sailor Moon says that she felt Hotaru's warmth, and that they understood each other, so she did know that she held Hotaru, whereas in the original she just knew she held something warm." - Sailor Minerva & Sailor Avalon
  • "Kanji/Kana are kept on Tomoe's/Tomoh's hospital room." - Motoki
  • "The rather suggestive romantic stance between Haruka and Michiru is kept. Amara puts her hands on Michelle's shoulders, as if she was to lean in and kiss her." - Motoki
  • "Amara said that the baby looked so calm for her fate and liked Michelle, whereas in the original, Haruka teased Michiru, saying she looked like a picture-perfect mother. Michelle replied that babies like anyone who takes care of them, whereas in the original, Michiru said that there’s nothing wrong with acting like normal parents." - Sailor Minerva & Sailor Avalon
  • "Michelle called Hotaru a "sweet pea," as did Dr. Tomoe." - Sailor Minerva & Sailor Avalon
  • "Amara said "Let’s blow this pop stand."" - Sailor Minerva
  • "Rini calls Trista "Pluto" instead of "Puu"." - Motoki
  • "Pluto said both Mistress 9 and Sailor Saturn were evil sides of Hotaru and now Hotaru had "returned from the past to start over as a little baby," whereas in the original, she said Hotaru had two personalities, and now that the evil one, Mistress 9, had been destroyed, Hotaru had been reborn." - Sailor Minerva
  • "Dr. Tomoe said that Hotaru wanted Rini's hat back, whereas in the original, he said that Hotaru wanted to touch her." - Sailor Minerva
  • "The senshi act as though they are sure that Hotaru is alive, whereas in the original, they didn’t know if she was alive or not." - Sailor Minerva
  • "Amara calls Serena "sailor Meatball"." - Motoki & Sailor Avalon
  • "Serena is referred to as the future queen of the Moon Kingdom (why the heck they would change it, I don't know)" - Sailor Minerva
  • "Neptune and Uranus said "Star Power" when transforming instead of "Planet Power." - Sailor Minerva & Motoki
  • "Lita says that Uranus and Neptune are jealous because they didn't get to save the day; Makoto says that she and the others knew they were stubborn before. She (or someone else, I don't remember) also calls them "traitors"." - Sailor Avalon
  • "The senshi shouted "Transform" instead of "Make-Up"." - Sailor Minerva & Sailor Avalon
  • "Serena said "It’s freakin’ me!" - Sailor Minerva & Motoki
  • "Uranus said that Serena was a "spineless jellyfish." - Sailor Minerva
  • "Serena says that they are all linked by the gift of Planet Power." - Sailor Avalon
  • "Neptune and Uranus tell Moon that if she wins a fight with them, they will allow her to be queen; in the original, they tell her that if she wants them to change their position, she has to beat them." - Sailor Avalon
  • "Neptune used "Neptune Deep Submerge"." - Sailor Minerva & Motoki
  • "Uranus used "Uranus World Shaking"." - Sailor Minerva & Motoki
  • "Tuxedo Mask called the senshi "Sailor Scouts"." - Sailor Minerva
  • "Uranus and Neptune say that they had to know who their true leader was before leaving, although they also mention finding the true Sovereign (in the original, they say that their mission is completed because they have found the true Messiah)." - Motoki & Sailor Avalon

This is a list of changes and comments in the last dubbed episode of Sailor Moon S. Information was sent in by Motoki, Precia, Sailor Minerva, and Sailor Avalon.

  • "Kana on Rini's first letter was kept." - Motoki & Sailor Avalon
  • "Rini said the letter said, "Hi sweetie. We miss you terribly. We’d love for you to come back home. Hope you’re doing okay. Can’t wait to see you and your smile. Love, Mommy and Daddy." In the original, the letter said, "Small Lady, how are you doing? We're very lonely without you. Please come back soon, I'll be waiting. Mom. P.S. Dad is waiting for you too."" - Sailor Minerva & Sailor Avalon
  • "Mina asked if the letter was all messy with mistakes and misspelled words. In the original she asked if it was all written in Hiragana." - Sailor Minerva & Sailor Avalon
  • "Raye said to Mina, "Stop dissin' her, girl!" when she commented on Serena's bad spelling and handwriting." - Motoki
  • "Artemis called Rini a "tough cookie."" - Sailor Minerva
  • "Serena calls Darien clueless; if I remember correctly, Usagi says that Mamoru isn't romantic." - Sailor Avalon
  • "Lita suggested they have a big "blow-out" that Rini wouldn’t forget." - Sailor Minerva
  • "While sitting on the swing-set, Rini spoke a whole sentence without moving her mouth. You coud tell she wasn't thinking it, because Serena heard her and replied." - Motoki
  • "Serena says that Rini was also able to wear the dress (the one that she put on the bunny); I don't think Usagi says that." - Sailor Avalon
  • "Serena said the future was closer to here than they’d think, whereas in the original she said home is a lot closer than heaven. Rei got mad at Serena and said Serena was no expert on time travel. In the original, Rei got mad at Serena for talking about something she didn’t know about." - Sailor Minerva
  • "The daimon wanted "pure hearts", not "heart crystals"." - Motoki
  • "When Rei starts to sing, she says, "It’s show time!" In the original, she said that she wanted to liven up the party." - Sailor Minerva
  • "Rei called her tape "super-hot" and said she recorded it at her uncle’s studio. She also said "hope you dig it."" - Motoki & Sailor Minerva
  • "Lita gives Rini cookies and tells her not to break them on her way home; Makoto gives Chibiusa a dish she made and tells her she can heat it up and eat it with her parents when she gets home." - Sailor Avalon
  • "Artemis used the proper term for a SMS monster, a "daimon"." - Motoki
  • "The Scouts called themselves the "Sailor Scout Team"." - Motoki & Sailor Minerva
  • "Mars used "Mars Celetial Fire Surround", Jupiter used "Sparkling Wide Pressure" and Venus used "Venus Love Chain Whip"." - Motoki & Sailor Minerva
  • "Sailor Moon wished for the "Purity Chalice" whereas in the original she wished for the Holy Grail." - Sailor Minerva
  • "Sailor Moon said she could protect her friends with a caring heart, whereas in the original she said she could protect others if she had a pure heart." - Sailor Minerva
  • "Mini Moon's speech was "I stand for love and justice, too. And now I'll stomp all over you!"" - Motoki & Precia
  • "Mini Moon said they were pathetic without her, whereas in the original she said they couldn’t survive without her there." - Sailor Minerva
  • "The Kanji/Kana were kept on Rini's second letter." - Motoki
  • "At the end, Mini Moon said "So that’s that. I’m back to stay." In the original she said that it was the end, and bye for now." - Sailor Minerva

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