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Sailor Moon S Dub Changes

This is a list of Friday's Sailor Moon S episode's changes and what-not. Thanks goes to Roo556, Barbara, and Seramuun83 for e-mailing in.

  • "They kept Tomoe's first name, Soichi." - Roo556
  • "Terurun is Telulu." - Roo556
  • "No violence cuts were made in Hotaru's memory of the lab explosion." - Roo556
  • "Rini never said that she hated Pluto, in the original, Chibi-Usa says "Pu, Pu I hate you!"" - Roo556
  • "They kept the first name of the school as it was in the original, Mugen." - Roo556
  • "They kept in the part where Mimet uses the tazer on the security guard." - Roo556
  • "They said that the speaker was Russian, but they never mentioned his nationality in the original." - Roo556
  • "Upasacom's name was kept." - Roo556
  • "Mimet says "Stage Fright!" instead of "Charm Buster!"" - Roo556
  • "They keep the part in where Upasacom is standing over the Russian guy, and when they do a close up of him, he's blushing." - Roo556
  • "Venus's attack is back to Love Chain Encircle."- Roo556
  • "Mars says "Fire Ball!" instead of "Burning Mandala" when she is attacking Upasacom." - Roo556
  • "Jupiter says "Sparkling Wide Pressure"." - Seramuun83
  • "Mimet says "It's time for the electric warp!" instead of "Witches electric warp!"" - Roo556
  • "They keep in the part about the person in the warp getting lost forever when the cord was pulled out of the socket." - Roo556
  • "They didn't edit Terurun pulling out the cord." - Roo556

The following is a list of changes in today's Sailor Moon S dubbed episode. Thanks sent to Erika, Motoki, Sailor Minerva, Sailor Avalon, and Seramuun83.

  • "Telulu says she is "pulling the plug on failure" instead of saying, "Goodbye, stupid."" - Sailor Avalon
  • "Rini says that Hotaru is "good to the bone."" - Sailor Avalon
  • "Uranus called the Death Busters the "Bureau of Bad Behavior"." - Erika & Sailor Minerva
  • "Instead of saying they had to find the Dark Messiah, Uranus said that they had to keep the Sovereign of Silence "down"." - Sailor Minerva
  • "They make it sound like Mistress 9 was once awoken when she says she must be restored to her former glory." - Erika
  • "The plants are called "Venus Heart Trap"." - Erika & Sailor Minerva
  • "They call Kaori "Kaorinite"." - Erika
  • "Kaorinite uses acupuncture on Doctor Tomoe; in the original, she gives him a massage." - Sailor Avalon
  • "Kaorinite made it sound like Dr. Tomoe healed her wounds, whereas in the original, she died and was resurrected by Tomoe." - Sailor Minerva
  • "A part of Kaori’s transformation was cut, perhaps because of nudity. A white flash was shown instead of the pinkish colored light flaring around her." - Sailor Minerva
  • "The Teruruns are called the "Telulu Flower" and the "Happy Bloom/Blossom"." - Erika & Sailor Minerva
  • "Telulu tells Hotaru the flower brings happiness; in the original, the Teruru brings good fortune." - Sailor Avalon
  • "Hotaru thinks the color of the flower reminds her of Rini's pigtails." - Sailor Avalon
  • "Instead of being 10 yen, the Tellulan flower was 10 cents." - Sailor Minerva
  • "Trista calls the Garnet Orb her "Garnet Rod"." - Sailor Minerva
  • "Trista says that the flower is harmless, despite the fact that it kills some of the surrounding vegetation." - Sailor Avalon
  • "Mistress 9 was called the "Sovereign of Silence" or just "Sovereign"." - Motoki
  • "Mistress 9 says she wants Rini's "sugary pure heart"." - Erika & Sailor Minerva
  • "When Hotaru turns evil when with Rini, Rini doesn't actually realize she's evil in the original, while in the dub she does. She even comments on Hotaru making her eyes red." - Seramuun83
  • "Serena said Rini asked her to go to the park; in the original she wanted to go for a walk." - Sailor Minerva
  • "Serena says that she is nothing like Rini, and Luna comments, "Is that your final answer?"" - Motoki
  • "The kana/kanji were kept on the flower shop's sign." - Motoki
  • "Trista uses "Star Power"." - Erika
  • "Rini uses "Mini Prism Power"." - Sailor Minerva
  • "Sailor Mini Moon asked if they took Hotaru away to take her pure heart. This doesn’t make sense, as Hotaru was trying to take Rini’s pure heart earlier." - Sailor Minerva
  • "Tuxedo Mask said, "Flower power is supposed to be peaceful," whereas in the original he said, "Flowers provide comfort to people."" - Sailor Minerva & Sailor Avalon
  • "Tellulu called "Hyper-Tellu" "Big Bertha". Could there be a lawsuit for this? ^_^" - Sailor Minerva
  • "When talking about the big plant that she creates to attack the sailors, Telulu doesn't mention anything about an explosion (in the original, Teruru says it will explode)." - Sailor Avalon
  • "Rini, before doing her attack, thinks that she hopes her wand works; in the original, she asks her wand/stick for power." - Sailor Avalon
  • "Sailormoon says "Sailormoon says we will destroy bad weeds"." - Erika
  • "Sailor Moon said "Her name is Tellulu" when looking at the notebook. In the original, Tellulu's fake name was "Teruno Lulu"." - Sailor Minerva

The following is a list of changes in today's Sailor Moon S dubbed episode. Thanks sent out to Erika, Motoki, Sailor Minerva, Corey, and Sailor Avalon.

  • "They refer to the Mugen Gakuen ID as an assignment book." - Sailor Avalon
  • "Mugen Gakuen is called "Mugen High" though in previous episodes it was "Mugen School"." - Motoki
  • "Amy says that she automatically gets to take the next round of tests since she had a high score on the previous round; in the original, Ami says that she already signed up to take the test." - Sailor Avalon
  • "Serena says that the test is happening on a Saturday." - Sailor Avalon
  • "In the beginning the girls are talking about getting into Mugen High, they said they needed tickets, but in the original they said they needed Security Passes. (Why would anyone want to watch someone take a test anyway? 0.o)" - Sailor Minerva & Corey
  • "Kaorinite said that Serena was probably a spectator. In the original, she said that not all students were very smart, but that they all were enthusiastic about the exams, providing pure hearts." - Sailor Minerva
  • "Viluy became Biruet." - Sailor Minerva
  • ""Cut the flirt act useful," was what Biruet said to Kaorinite. In the original, she said Kaorinite shouldn't fool around, but should collect pure hearts." - Sailor Minerva
  • "The students wanted to get "scholarships into good universities." In the original, they were studying hard to accomplish their dreams." - Sailor Minerva & Sailor Avalon
  • "They change the Rei/Usagi speech. In the original Rei said it was too late for Usagi. In the dub Raye said she could do anything, which doesn't make sense with the angry look on Rei's face." - Erika
  • "Julie said "I’ve been buggin’ to meet ya."" - Sailor Minerva
  • "Julie Bidou was Yuri Bidou's fake name." - Erika & Sailor Minerva
  • "Ami is "Amy Mizuno" though in previous NA episodes, she was "Amy Anderson"." - Motoki, Corey & Sailor Avalon
  • "In the original Viluy said Usagi must be smart if she was friends with Ami. In the dub she said she must be cool if she's friends with Amy." - Erika
  • "In the original when Usagi makes her joke Viluy laughs, but in the dub Julie is very rude saying "Haha funny, NOT!"" - Erika
  • "Julie says that students at Mugen can teach with the supervision of a teacher (in the original, there was nothing said about supervision)." - Sailor Avalon
  • "Amy said leaders had to encourage people whereas in the original, she said that leaders had to understand people with poor academics." - Sailor Minerva
  • "Kana/Kanji are kept on all signs/books." - Motoki
  • "Mercury's intro is "I am a Soldier of Wisdom," though Biruet calls her a Scout in the same scene. Same with Moon's "I am a Pretty Sailor Soldier of Love and Justice."" - Motoki
  • "The terms "Scout" and "Soldier" alternate." - Erika & Motoki
  • "Kaorinite said "You’re in over your head." In the original, she said, "It's my job."" - Sailor Minerva
  • "Virul says her nano computer reacts to changes in her pulse, like a mood bracelet; Viluy seems to say/punch commands into it." - Erika & Sailor Avalon
  • "“Mosaic Energy Blasters” was Biruet’s attack, whereas in the original, it was "Mosaic Buster"." - Sailor Minerva & Sailor Avalon
  • "Moon calls Biruet a "science shrew."" - Sailor Avalon
  • "Instead of Viluy saying Super Sailormoon, Biruet says "You won't defeat me."" - Erika
  • "Uranus and Neptune use Planet Power." - Erika
  • "Uranus and Neptune's attack name are the original names." - Erika
  • "Moon used "Rainbow Moon Heart Attack" though in previous NA episodes she used "Rainbow Moon Heart Ache"." - Erika, Motoki, Corey & Sailor Avalon
  • "Sailor Moon never mentioned that the power source was on Biruet’s wrist and that was where she aimed for." - Sailor Minerva
  • "Does Anyone else notice that in one of the scenes at the end, Mars' brooch is yellow?" - Corey
  • "Kaorinite thought, “Serves her right, she was arrogant,” about Biruet, whereas in the original Kaorinite thought that she wouldn’t have to make a special plan to get rid of Viluy." - Sailor Minerva & Sailor Avalon
  • "Tomoe doesn't mention knowing the true identities of the sailors." - Sailor Avalon
  • "Haruka said that the scout's strong feelings for Hotaru had kept the Outers from eliminating the Sovereign of Silence. In the original, she said that Amy’s kindness had kept them from destroying Hotaru." - Sailor Minerva

The following is a list of changes in today's Sailor Moon S episode. Much appreciation goes to Erika, Sailor Minerva, Motoki, and Jennifer.

  • "Mugen Gakuen is called "Mugen School" instead of "Mugen High" as in previous NA episodes." - Motoki
  • "Very little is cut in the scene in the bathtub between Serena and Rini--they even still show Rini topless! They only cut about two seconds when Serena is standing up, so nothing big." - Motoki & Jennifer
  • "Rini's dream only has one small change. It doesn't show Hotaru on the cross from a distance, but it does show her being attacked by all the hands and disappearing, so it's harder to tell that she's on a cross." - Erika, Sailor Minerva & Jennifer
  • "Cyprine said that the gathering of students giving away the pure hearts was a "private gathering." In the original, she said, "entry of non-students into this building is forbidden."" - Sailor Minerva
  • "Cyprine and Puchiral have the original names." - Erika
  • "Cyprine claims to be the last and best of the Witches 5, which I don't think has been mentioned in the dub before except for the sign on the door. Later, though, she says she's from the "Bad Behavior Bureau."" - Erika & Jennifer
  • "Cyprine calls the Death Busters the "Heart Snatchers."" - Jennifer
  • "When Serena transforms, she adds "transform" to "Moon Cosmic Power" *before* the shot of everyone yelling "make-up!" In that shot, the Inner Scouts all yell "Planet Power!"" - Erika, Sailor Minerva & Jennifer
  • "Kaorinite called Sailor Mini Moon a "Powder Puff."" - Sailor Minerva
  • "The attacks:
    Mars: "Mars Celestial Fire Surround"
    Venus (1st time): "Venus Love Chain Encircle"
    Jupiter: "Sparkling Wide Pressure"
    Pluto (yelled): "Pluto Deadly Scream!"
    Mercury: same as always in dub for both
    Venus (2nd time): "Venus Love Chain!"
    Moon: "Moon Tiara Magic!"
    Mars: "Mars Fireball Crash!" (this is for "Fire Soul") - Jennifer
  • "Dr. Tomoe called Rini’s heart being taken a "celebration," whereas in the original, he called it a "ceremony."" - Sailor Minerva
  • "They didn't change the fact that Tomoh uses his middle finger to push up his glasses. I don't know how many people noticed that he does. ^^;" - Jennifer
  • "Once again, the Dark Messiah was called the "Sovereign of Silence," and she introduced herself as "Mistress 9."" - Sailor Minerva, Motoki & Jennifer
  • "When Mistress 9 awakens, there's a voice-over of Mercury explaining what must have happened to cause Mistress 9 to awaken in place of Sailorsaturn--I don't think that happened in the original." - Jennifer

This is a list of changes and comments on today's SMS dubbed episode. Information was sent in by Erika, Motoki, Precia, and Sailor Avalon.

  • "Master Pharoah 90 is just called "Pharoah 90"." - Motoki
  • "Pharoah 90 is called the ruler of differeent dimensions." - Erika
  • "The Holy Grail is called the "Purity Chalice"." - Motoki
  • "The inners all shouted "We are one" after their normal phrase. It's so odd sounding that they do that. Why can't they just tack 'transfrom' on the end of them? That could clear up so many bugs like that." - Precia
  • "Uranus says nothing about there not being a true messiah." - Erika
  • "The Deathbusters are called the "negative forces"." - Erika
  • "The soldiers say something about "Planet Power protecting them"." - Erika & Sailor Avalon
  • "Jupiter asks Mars if she has a "cramp"." - Erika
  • "Jupiter uses "Sparkilng Wide Pressure"." - Erika
  • "Mars uses "Mars Fire Ignite"." - Erika, Motoki & Sailor Avalon
  • Venus uses "Venus Cresent Beam Smash" but shows the Venus Love-Me Chain animation." - Erika & Sailor Avalon
  • "Mercury uses "Mercury Bubbles Blast" ("Shabon Spray")." - Motoki
  • "They cut out the part where Neptune puts her hand on Uranus' in the helicopter." - Precia
  • "Pluto says her mission as Time Guardian is over and when she stopped time, Pu really said, "If I can meet the true Messiah...," but in the dub Pluto says "If you can find the real Sovereign..."." - Erika & Precia
  • "When Mistress 9 began to open that warp hole to pull Sailormoon through, Tomoh asked what was with her hand. I guarentee he did not say that in the original. The real Tomoe is smart enough not to ask Mistress 9 stupid questions." - Precia & Sailor Avalon
  • "Moon being choked by Mistress 9 is kept, though in the first season Sailormoon being choked by Tuxedo Kamen is cut." - Motoki
  • "The Sailor Power barrier is called the "Sailor Box"." - Erika
  • "Mistress 9 says "...capeche?" to Doctor Tomoh, and the daimon (yes, he called it a daimon) that came out of Tomoh said that Uranus and Neptune would be saying "Adios Amigos."" - Motoki
  • "Uranus uses "Uranus World Shaking"." - Erika & Motoki
  • "Neptune uses "Neptune Deep Submerge"." - Erika & Motoki
  • "Pluto tells Uranus and Neptune to use their treasures, instead of just saying "talisman" (or, since it's the dub, "treasure"/"crystal treasure") as she does in the original." - Sailor Avalon
  • "When Uranus uses her Space Sword, she simply says "Uranus!"." - Motoki
  • "After Uranus and Neptune fight the daimons Pluto talks to them. That wasn't in the original." - Erika
  • "Mistress 9 says that Hotaru is taking a long nap." - Sailor Avalon

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