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Sailor Moon S Dub Changes

This is a list of changes and comments on today's dubbed Sailor Moon S episode. Thanks goes to the following contributors: Erika, Corey, Jennifer, and Sailor Minerva.

  • "Rini says, "My name is Rini but I get called other names, mostly by Serena," instead of just telling Trista that her name is Rini, and not Small Lady. Pluto calls Rini "Little Lady" and "Little One" then on, but mostly just "Rini"." - Erika, Jennifer & Sailor Minerva
  • "Instead of Pu, Rini calls Trista "Pluto"." - Erika, Corey & Sailor Minerva
  • "When Michelle comes up to Trista afterward, she doesn't imitate Rini's saying "Can I see you anytime?" but instead comments that their friendship is sweet." - Jennifer
  • "When Amara and Michelle start talking to Trista, they say what a nice girl Rini is, in the original they tease Setsuna about her nickname, and later on in the dub the three girls never mention anything about the Messiah of Silence." - Corey
  • "Trista mentions that Rini will take the throne of the Silver Millennium. O_o" - Sailor Avalon
  • "Amara mentions the "rightful heir' to the Purity Chalice, and she seems to be described by the 3 girls as someone who can use it for good or evil, depending on whether or not she is good or evil (in other words, they say there is only 1 Messiah, and that whether she is good or evil will determine whether the Holy Grail is used for good or evil). Michelle also refers to her as the "purity princess"." - Sailor Avalon & Jennifer
  • "Mimet says "Yo" and Professor Tomoe says "Yo" back." - Sailor Minerva
  • "Kaori Night tells Hotaru that its bad for her to be running around, but in the original she was mean to Hotaru and calls her a selfish brat." - Corey
  • "When Hotaru passes out, she has pretty much the same flashback, although her goldfish is called "Bubbles" instead of "Goldie" (just a small thing)." - Jennifer
  • "Hotaru refers to her seizures as "spells"--the word seizure is avoided throughout the whole episode. By the way, her voice is starting to get annoying." - Jennifer
  • "Instead of saying the wind is rustling, Amarah says the wind changed directions." - Sailor Minerva
  • "The daimon name, Utomodachi, is kept, and she still wants to be everyone's friend and runs off when no one will be her friend." - Corey & Jennifer
  • "Uranus says in her speech "There's a way to win a man's heart, but not by force." In the original she says, "You can't take a guy's heart by force, dear." (The first one implies that she knows the way to win a man's heart, therefore making her straight.)" - Corey, Jennifer & Sailor Minerva
  • "When Minimoon shows up, Uranus calls her "peanut" instead of "baka" (fool or dummy)." - Erika & Jennifer
  • "Hotaru does the same stuff to the daimon that she did in the orignal--CWi doesn't try to sugar-coat it or anything." - Jennifer
  • "Of course, Uranus' detransformation is completely cut. After she tells Sailor Moon about keeping Rini away from Hotaru, there's a sound and then she's back in her street clothes." - Erika, Corey & Sailor Minerva
  • "Instead of Uranus telling Moon to use the chalice, Venus does it." - Erika

The following is a list of corrections/changes/comments on yesterday's episode of the day. Thanks goes to the following contributors: Erika, Precia, Athena, Sailor Avalon, and Sailor Minerva.

  • The title of this episode is "Thorny Weather".
  • "Darien said Rini needed the bunny bookbag for outings instead of a picnic as in the original." - Sailor Minerva
  • "Serena wants Darien to take her to the open house at the botanical society (I'm pretty sure that in the original she just wanted him to go on a picnic with her)." - Sailor Avalon
  • "They keep the written characters on the note Rini gives to Hotaru." - Erika
  • "When Kaori Night answers the door and takes the bunny backpack, she's even meaner than she was in the original. She mutters something nasty about Rini under her breath as she closes the door (I think something about Rini being a brat), calls Hotaru "Miss Grabby-pants" when Hotaru takes the backpack, and firmly objects to Hotaru going on the picnic with Rini, none of which she did in the original." - Precia, Athena & Sailor Avalon
  • "They don't say anthing about Tomoe being to busy with his research to spend time with Hotaru. Instead he says it'll be good for her to spend time with someone her age." - Erika
  • "They change Mimet's favorite rose color from pink to red." - Erika, Precia & Sailor Avalon
  • "At the botanical gardens, as they're called in the episode, Trista refers to the Death Busters as the "Heart Snatchers"." - Athena & Sailor Minerva
  • "Darien’s classmate the botanist is his “old friend.” In the original, the botanist was his classmate." - Sailor Minerva
  • "They give the botonist a name: Kenny Biashi." - Erika & Precia
  • "Darien introduces Serena as his "good friend"." - Erika
  • "Darien says the family is more like a tribe instead of saying the guy has more kids than last time." - Erika & Sailor Avalon
  • "The botanist is breeding "a pure-heart rose"." - Erika
  • "When Mimet sees all of Kenny's kids running by, she comments, "Rugrats," instead of "So many?"." - Athena & Sailor Avalon
  • "They change the peppers Serena made to salad." - Erika & Athena
  • "They change Mimet asking Darien to show her around to her asking him to be an advisor to her on a book she's writing." - Erika
  • "They change the roses from being resistant to disease to being able to cure diseases." - Erika
  • "The botanist said he had roses from all over the world. In the original, the botanist said he had most of the roses in Japan." - Sailor Minerva
  • "Mimet calls the daimon a "demonae"." - Sailor Avalon
  • "They keep the daimon's name, Ubara." - Erika
  • "Chibimoon calls herself a pretty sailor soldier of love and justice. Moon says the same thing." - Erika
  • "Mimete was EXTREMELY annoying in this episode." - Erika
  • "Moon's speech is almost in reverse order of what it was in the original. She says, "I'm the pretty sailor, I'm the soldier of love and justice, I'm Sailor Moon! And I'll punish you, in the name of the Moon!"." - Athena
  • "Mimet tells Sailormoon she hasn't seen the last of her. In the original she says she had a bad feeling about this job from the start." - Erika
  • "Michelle says that she is 'stumped' about the power she felt nearby." - Sailor Avalon
  • "At the end, in the cheesiest moment of the show, Rini tells Hotaru "The rainbow is for you, Hotaru." Blech." - Athena

The following is a list of changes in today's Sailor Moon S dubbed episode. Information sent in generosly by Sailor Minerva and Miakarayne.

  • "In the beginning, Neptune, Uranus, and Pluto said they came from the "past" whereas in the original they were "reawoken"." - Miakarayne
  • "Characters are kept on the sign Mimet blew her nose with. No explaination is given." - Miakarayne
  • "Amy doesn’t say anything about being in the way of the Outers as in the original; she just talks about the Outers’ independence." - Sailor Minerva
  • "Shun Hayase’s name was kept." - Sailor Minerva
  • "Serena got mad at Rini for not getting Hotaru anything. In the original, Serena got mad at Rini for not making Hotaru any tea. Rini said that Serena should make herself useful and that she flunked cooking class. In the original, Rini says Serena should learn to make tea because she doesn’t learn anything in school." - Sailor Minerva
  • "Hotaru said that she felt welcome in their house. In the original, she said that it was nice how Serena and Rini had so much love for each other.
  • "Serena says that she and Hotaru aren’t criminals. In the original, she asked why all those guys were chasing after two pretty girls." - Sailor Minerva
  • "The daimon’s name, Undokai, was kept." - Sailor Minerva
  • "Mini Moon said "reliable is not your middle name" to Sailor Moon. In the original, she says that Sailor Moon can’t do it alone." - Sailor Minerva
  • "Shun said "You’re the first person who’s taken my words seriously." In the original, he said Hotaru was the first person to listen to him with their heart." - Sailor Minerva
  • "Got our closest glimps of "Tuxedo Mirage" in the background music kept at the end ^_^" - Miakarayne

The following is a list of changes in today's Sailor Moon S dubbed episode, shown Thursday, July 20th. Information was given by Motoki, Erika, Sailor Minerva, Jennifer, Roo556, and Sailor Avalon.

  • "They called Shinkuishu Jaku (I think that's the right spelling) Crazy Eight's." - Roo556
  • "Rini said "I know you let me win that game," instead of saying that they should play a game Hotaru is good at." - Sailor Minerva
  • "They keep Tomoh's odd laugh when describing creating the most powerful daimon--by the way, he uses the word "daimon" to describe it." - Jennifer
  • "Japanese characters are kept on the books Mimet uses to create the youma." - Motoki
  • "When he finds out that his house was in all these different dimensions, he thinks that Mimet caused it. In the original, Tomoe didn't really care how it happened, or at least didn't comment on it." - Jennifer
  • "Rini says "Unless I'm buggin' there's something wrong with this house"." - Erika
  • "Rini calls the Scout's "girlfriends" again." - Motoki
  • "Mercury says, "This place is giving off major vibes.” In the original she said, "It seems a dynamic shock has connected this house with another dimension."" - Sailor Minerva
  • "They never mentioned the part about the house disappearing in a certain amount of time." - Roo556
  • "They change Moon's speech a little. In the original she says if Tomoe doesn't know who they are she'll punish him. In the dub she says tell us info or we'll punish you." - Erika & Sailor Minerva
  • "Dr. Tomoe called them Scouts. =(" - Sailor Minerva
  • "Mars call Moon "Meatball Moon Brain"." - Erika
  • "Moon says that while the others are breaking down the door, she'll be working on Plan B, and later says that the teleport was her Plan B. In the original, she says she'll be just watching while the others attack." - Sailor Avalon
  • "Amarah says that Hotaru "has a connection to the nega-forces." I just have one thing to say: NOOOOOOOO!!!" - Jennifer
  • "Sailor Teleport is "Sailor Teleporting"." - Erika, Roo556 & Sailor Avalon
  • "Rini told Hotaru NOT to let go. This makes her seem like a selfish brat, because Hotaru is falling over the edge too. In the original, Rini told Hotaru TO let go, making her seem unselfish." - Sailor Minerva, Jennifer & Roo556
  • "Venus's attack is "Venus Love Chain", close to the original name." - Erika, Jennifer, Roo556 & Sailor Avalon
  • "Hotaru called herself a freak instead of saying she never should have been born in this world as in the original." - Sailor Minerva & Sailor Avalon
  • "Moon tells Hotaru "We can't leave you like last year's clothes!"." - Erika & Jennifer
  • "Mercury gives Hotaru a "Planet Power Promise." Well, at least she didn't use a pun like "Scouts' honor"." - Jennifer
  • "Luna said that Tomoe didn’t seem to be worried instead of Artemis saying there was only thirty minutes left as in the original." - Sailor Minerva
  • "The daimon's name, Uikasaman, is kept." - Jennifer
  • "The daimon said it was fun to play games so she wouldn’t let them go. In the original she said she didn’t like violence." - Sailor Minerva
  • "Artemis said a pun about his hair turning white from worry instead of Luna saying there was 10 minutes left." - Sailor Minerva
  • "Instead of saying "checkmate" like in the original, Mercury said that she had the daimon’s queen." - Sailor Minerva
  • "When Rini and Hotaru challenge Uikasaman after all the Scouts are captured, Rini chooses a "card game." The daimon knows exactly what card game that is since there are only about 100 million card games." - Jennifer
  • "At the end, Moon comments that Rini saved them even though a few minutes before, everyone credited Hotaru. Rini says to herself that she should believe in herself, just like Hotaru. In the original, Chibi-Usa comments that she and Hotaru make a good combination." - Jennifer
  • "Michelle said that Amara was glad the Sailor Scouts came out fine. In the original, Michiru said that Haruka had more faith in Sailor Moon than her or Setsuna." - Sailor Minerva

This episode first showed on 9/13/00 during the second run of Sailor Moon S on Cartoon Network. It was not shown during the first run. These comments are from Motoki, Athenia45, and FutureTrunks4987.

  • "The daimon's costume (or lack of, rather) was the reason why Cartoon Network didn't run the episode in it's original slot. To satisfy them, Cloverway added a blue bikini top on her skantily clad chest. But it looks asthough her skin just changes colors, because there is no black outline/boundary around the top." - Motoki
  • "The Silence Glaive was called the "Silence Scythe."" - Motoki
  • "Moon used, "Rainbow Moon Heartache Attack!"" - Motoki
  • "Uranus used, "Uranus World Shaking."" - Motoki
  • "Neptune used, "Neptune Deep Submerge."" - Motoki
  • "Pluto used, "Pluto Deadly Scream." (and yelled it, too)" - Motoki
  • "Neptune called Rini, "Little Lady," not "Small Lady."" - Motoki
  • "The term 'Sailor Scout' was never mentioned in the episode, 'Sailor Solider' was used every time. Let's just hope this trend continues!" - Athenia45
  • "Mars refers to the monsters as 'Daimon Monsters'." - Athenia45
  • "The scenes with the Grim Reaper card (the scenes with Hotaru - Messiah in the shadows) are kept." - FutureTrunks4987
  • "More edits were made after CN sent the episode back, usually the S episodes last to 19:30 minutes. This is episode is about 40 seconds shorter." - FutureTrunks4987
  • "Uchoten asks, "Are you chickens ready for a fright?"" - FutureTrunks4987
  • "If CWI were going to keep Uchoten without the bikini top, it would still be strange for her to say, "I'm all dressed up."" - FutureTrunks4987
  • "The scene where the messaih jumps at Rei and nearly kills her with her glaive is kept." - FutureTrunks4987
  • "Most of the scenes with Uchoten throwing stars at people were cut." - FutureTrunks4987
  • "The guy throwing the chair at Mimete is kept." - FutureTrunks4987

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