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Sailor Moon S Dub Changes

The following is a long list of changes and cuts in today's monumental (for the series) episode. Many conributions were sent in by Sailor Lyliera, Erika, BLuEbErRy, Barbara, Corey, Mako-P, pointegirl, and Sailor Avalon.

  • "They keep the written characters on the note." - Erika
  • "Mimete says that Eudial is their team leader; in the original, she calls Eudial her "sempai" (someone who has been working there longer, her senior, etc.)." - Sailor Avalon
  • "The message in Eudial's locker is "The woman who usually takes away the snail has a van accident." The message in Japanese is "A snail woman in a wagon will be killed in an accident."" - Erika & pointegirl
  • "The answering machine seems to have Amara's voice, and Eudial says something about calling Amara's house; in the original, I'm pretty sure that it's Michiru's voice on the answering machine. Maybe CWI is trying to make it seem as though they don't live together?" - Sailor Avalon
  • "Amara calls Serena "moon face girl"." - pointegirl
  • "Setsuna's dub name is Trista Meiou, or something like that. ^^;;" - Sailor Lyliera, Erika, Barbara & Mako-P
  • "They don't cut Amara and Michelle holding hands, but instead of "Don't worry, I like your hands" Michelle says "Your hands look clean to me."" - Sailor Lyliera, Erika, Mako-P & Sailor Avalon
  • "Amara tells Serena that she'll regret it if they meet again; Haruka tells Usagi that she'll die if they meet again." - Sailor Avalon
  • "Amara and Michelle use "Planet Power" (About time)" - Erika, Mako-P & pointegirl
  • "The messiah is now the "Ambassador of Good"." - Sailor Lyliera, Erika, Corey, pointegirl & Sailor Avalon
  • "They keep the name of the Marine Cathedral." - Sailor Lyliera
  • "In the helicopter, they cut Neptune putting her hand on Uranus's. Also, when about to enter the Marine Cathredral, when Neptune grabs Uranus's hand it's cut short, to give you the impression she touched her hand." - Mako-P
  • "Neptune reaches for Uranus's hand." - Sailor Lyliera & Erika
  • "Uranus' attack is "World Shaking" and Neptune's attack is "Deep Submerge"" - Erika
  • "They keep the scenes where Sailor Neptune is hit by the arrows." - Sailor Lyliera
  • "Sailor Uranus doesn't say anything about Usagi's looking like the Messiah." - Sailor Lyliera
  • "No cuts were made for violence, I believe. They also kept the line when Neptune says she won't let Uranus die." - Mako-P & pointegirl
  • "Eudial's "shimatta!" as she falls down is changed to just screaming." - Sailor Avalon
  • "After Neptune's talisman is taken, Uranus says to herself, "It's not fair Michiru, you would always indulge in your own world." In the dub it was changed to, "Now you are living in your own world," or something like that." - Dark Faerie
  • "They omitted Uranus' line when she yells "But I don't believe it your powers!" to Usagi." - Mako-P
  • "When Uranus starts to shoot herself, a part when she actually puts the gun to her chest is cut out." - Corey
  • "Talisman are DEFIANTLY called pure heart crystals." - pointegirl

The following is a list of changes and cuts in the episode of the day. Conributions were sent in by Erika, Precia, Mako-P, Sailor Avalon, and Jennifer.

  • "After Uranus "dies," Serena yells "No," but it just isn't a powerful as Usagi's was in the original." - Jennifer
  • "There is a cut where Haruka mentions the Messiah; instead, someone asks out of the blue who the "legendary princess" (the Messiah) is." - Erika, Mako-P & Sailor Avalon
  • "After stepping on all the scout's heads, Venus's line went from "If you don't catch Eudial, I'll never forgive you" to something about making Sailor Moon's head a soccer ball if she doesn't catch her." - Mako-P
  • "Mars attack is "Mars Celestial Fire Surround"." - Erika, Precia & Jennifer
  • "Moon tells Eudial that she has no fashion sense; later, Eudial calls Moon "Goldilocks" and "Moonface"." - Sailor Avalon
  • "The talismans are referred to as "crystal treasures" (although Uranus calls them "pure crystal treasures" once)." - Erika, Sailor Avalon & Jennifer
  • "Pluto's transformation phrase is Pluto Star Power, and body lines are removed from her transformation sequence." - Erika, Precia, Mako-P, Sailor Avalon & Jennifer
  • "When presenting the orb, Pluto calls Eudial a "Wicked Witch" and says "Check it out!" (^_^;;)"" - Precia, Mako-P & Jennifer
  • "As Uranus is explaining the power of the "Purity Chalice," they still show what happens when the Evil Messiah has it without explaining it. She does, however, explain what happens when the "Princess" has the chalice." - Jennifer
  • "When the purity chalice forms, Eudial tells it to "Come to mama."" - Jennifer
  • "At the end, when everyone thinks that Sailormoon isn't the Messiah, Uranus asks Neptune if she's "in" on the new mission (to find the Messiah/one who will save the world/princess/chosen one, etc., etc.). Then both Uranus and Neptune nod in response. ?_?" - Jennifer
  • "The Deathbusters are the "Bureau of Bad Behavior"." - Erika
  • "They change the note by Mimete in Eudial's car to saying something along the lines of "Scream if your brakes have been melted away by acid snails."" - Erika & Precia

The following is a list of changes and comments in today's episode. Information was sent in by SailorDragonKnight, Jennifer, Precia, and Sailor Avalon.

  • "The Messiah of Silence is called the "Sovereign of Silence"." - Jennifer, Precia & Sailor Avalon
  • "Much of the conversation throughout the entire episode is pretty much the same as it was in the original, except for the conversation the Inner Senshi have after Trista leaves. Instead of talking about the importance of finding the real Messiah/Sovereign/Ambassador of Good/Princess/Chosen One, they talk about how bad the world would be if the Sovereign of Silence took over." - Jennifer
  • "When leaving, Mimete describes her target as "totally babe-alicious."" - Jennifer & Precia
  • "The targer's name is Joshua Eda, with the same last name as the original but different first name (original name: Yousaku)." - Jennifer & Sailor Avalon
  • "When the Japanese writing goes across the top of the screen when Serena is staring at Amy, there's no translation for it, although you do hear Serena's thoughts, so I guess that's supposed to be the "translation"." - Jennifer
  • "Rini said, "Hey girlfriends."" - Precia
  • "When Serena's trying to convince Amy to come to the park, she says that they can look for the chalice there, which makes no sense since Serena *has* the chalice." - Jennifer
  • "Amy says that she wants to go to the park to see the movie star; Ami says they should take a break from studying and have fun." - Sailor Avalon
  • "The most important thing about this epsiode is probably that Hotaru's name is *kept*. It's pronounced kind of strangely (probably because it's North Americans pronouncing a Japanese name), but it's still Hotaru." - SailorDragonKnight, Jennifer & Sailor Avalon
  • "When Hotaru has a fit when she first meets Rini, Hotaru says that she's "tired" and the fit is shorter than it was in the original. And when Rini introduces herself, Hotaru comments to herself that Rini looks like a "baby doll."" - Jennifer
  • "The Daimon name "Western" is kept" - Precia
  • "Sailor Moon said to the Heart Snatcher, "Move along, you weird little doggie!"" - Precia
  • "When Rini and Hotaru are hiding in the bushes and Mimete sees them, she specifically targets Rini instead of both Rini and Hotaru, so it looks kind of odd when Rini jumps in the way of Western capturing Hotaru." - Jennifer
  • "Mimete calls Rini "little miss cotton candy" when Western captures her. ^_^" - Jennifer
  • "Uranus uses "Uranus World Shaking" and Neptune uses "Neptune Deep Submerge."" - Jennifer, Precia & Sailor Avalon
  • "Also, Pluto yells "Pluto Deadly Scream," like in the dubbed S movie, and Rini doesn't call her "Pu."" - Jennifer, Precia & Sailor Avalon
  • "Pluto refers to Moon's second henshin (transformation) as a "second power phase"." - Sailor Avalon
  • ""Crisis, make-up" is "Moon Crisis Power" and the attack ("Rainbow Moon Heart Ache") is the same." - Jennifer
  • "In the original, Uranus tells Moon that she can keep the seihai (Holy Grail) for the time being; this isn't mentioned at all in the dub." - Sailor Avalon

This is a list of people who contributed Sailor Moon S dub information for today. These people are: Jennifer, SS Trunks, Erika, and Precia.

  • "At the beginning, when Tomo is talking to Mistress 9, 9 sounds more like an older woman and not at all like Hotaru, unlike in the original, where I think Hotaru and Mistress 9 have the same voice actress. In short, the new Mistress 9 voice is just nowhere near as cool." - Jennifer
  • "Serena and Rini's fight in the tub at the beginning is cut short and replaced with a scene of the house. Rini pushes Serena down, but you don't see Serena get back up and push Rini down." - Jennifer & SS Trunks
  • "They refer to King Endymion as King Darien." - Erika & Jennifer
  • "They say the Outers have been sent from the future. They were supposed to say Pluto was an agnet from the future." - Erika
  • "The Outers use "Star Power"." - Erika & Jennifer
  • "They don't mention the mission being too hard for even Mars or Venus." - Erika
  • "They make about the same speeches about their guardian planets, without mentioning the word "deity." But when they explain the presence of the Death Busters, they make it sound like the Death Busters made it past them, not that the Death Busters came between the time of their deaths and their awakenings." - Jennifer
  • "The Death Busters are the "Heart Snatchers"." - Jennifer
  • "When Tomo calls, Mimete's reading her manga aloud is cut out, so she picks up the phone almost immediately (unlike the original, where the phone rang about ten times)." Jennifer
  • "They change the guy's name. Serena was supposed to say there's Micheal. Saying Chad really made no sense." - Erika & Jennifer
  • "Mimet is actually reading a manga, not a novel" - Precia
  • "The Dark Messiah is the Soverign of Silence." - Erika
  • "They call Kaori "Kaori Night"." - Erika
  • "Ukon Katakuri, the manga artist target of the day, is named Charles Henry Clark and is a writer, not a manga artist." - Erika & Jennifer
  • "Serena comments that Rini should have gotten one of Clark's books instead of whatever book Rini got Hotaru. In the original, Chibi-Usa bought Katakuri's latest manga for Hotaru." - Jennifer
  • "Lita makes lip-shaped cookies, so she's worried Rini's new friend might take them the wrong way. In the original, Mako said that had she known that Chibi-Usa was going to be taking them to a boyfriend, she would have made them more aggressive." - Erika & Jennifer
  • "The daimon name, Book-Henshyu, is kept." - Jennifer
  • "They don't say anything about Rini and Hotaru going to the arcade. They just say they're going somewhere else." - Erika
  • "They change Moon's speech." - Erika
  • "Neptune's attack is "Deep Submerge", Uranus's is "Uranus Worlld Shaking", and Pluto's is "Pluto Deadly Scream"." - Erika & Precia
  • "Venus's attack is "Venus Love Chain Harness" [Note: I'm pretty sure, that her chain wraps around the enemy's arm instead of attacking her, so maybe that's why they changed the last word?]" - Erika, Precia & Jennifer
  • "Moon Crisis Make-Up is "Moon Crisis Power", and it takes so long that it takes up half the transformation." - Erika & Jennifer
  • "Super Sailormoon uses "Rainbow Moon Heart Ache"." - Erika

This is a list of Sailor Moon S dub information doe today. Information was sent in by Jennifer, Aimee Anderson, and Mako-P.

  • "The idol singer target of the day, Ginta Araki in the original, is Jonah Araki with the nickname "Velvet Voice," which he didn't have in the original." - Jennifer
  • "His song, "New Crisis Love" in the original, is "Blue Crisis Love" in the dub. Either way, it doesn't really make sense." - Jennifer
  • "Mistress 9 talks about being restored to her "former glory," which implies that she's brought Pharaoh 90 somewhere else or had been to Earth before." - Jennifer
  • "When Professor Tomoe was looking at the magazine, in Japanese he read, "I love Arakiís sexy, suntanned body." This was changed to him talking about how Jonah wouldnít be worrying about suntans anymore." - Aimee Anderson
  • "They replace the term okake with maniac." - Mako-P
  • "Apparently, the girls know Mina is out to try out for the movie. In the original, they thought being an okake was silly and didn't say anything about Mina studying to be a maniac." - Mako-P
  • "Mina answered different questions. The judges asked how she would cry, and she said she would use onions. In the original, they asked what she would do if she had to do a kissing scene, and she said she wouldnít tell her parents! Then, they asked her if she could look like she was in love, and she said that everyone was in love with Jonah. In the original, they asked what she would do if a director asked her out to dinner and she said she would eat anything but mushrooms!" - Aimee Anderson
  • "Amara proves to be QUITE nasty (^_^) when she says about Mina "I don't think she'll make it." In the original, Haruka says "Well, it's a small world," because Minako is up onstage." - Mako-P
  • "Once again, Mistress 9 was called the Sovereign of Silence instead of Messiah." - Aimee Anderson
  • ""Mimi" didnít mention anything about eating eggs in her speech." - Aimee Anderson
  • "Mimette didnít say anything about "being a good girl" when they showed Eudialís old locker with flowers, making that being showed meaningless." - Aimee Anderson
  • "In the dub, Venus tells Mimet that she isn't a true fan of Araki's. In the original, Venus says "You know the rules! Okake aren't supposed to interfere with their idols!"" - Mako-P
  • "The daimon name, originally Utahime, is just Uta." - Mako-P
  • "Mimete seems to be referring to the Death Busters as the Bureau of Bad Behavior."
  • "When Venus transforms, Cloverway shows her breasts have slight nipples, unlike DiC, which blended out everything. (Play tape in slow motion or pause.)" - Aimee Anderson
  • "Mimet's "Charm Buster" name is kept." - Mako-P
  • "Venus uses "Venus Love Chan Whip!" this time." - Mako-P
  • "Moon attacks with her tiara using "Moon Tiara Action"." - Jennifer
  • "The scouts knew that Mina was at the auditions, and she asked Artemis if he told, and he shakes his head. In the original, Sailormoon says "Someone told us Sailorvenus was an okake of Araki's." And Venus snaps at Artemis "Talkative cat!"." - Mako-P

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