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Sailor Moon S Dub Changes

Notes: Today's list contains information contributed by Sailor Avalon and Odango.

  • "Mina says that she wants to be offered flowers and asked to a ball (Minako said the same thing, except for the part about the ball). She also says something about a 'blue knight,' maybe I misheard?" - Sailor Avalon
  • "Asai is now called Jamie." - Sailor Avalon
  • "Professor Tomoe says his favorite sport is standing over his experiments (in the original, he said it was 'stepping stone')." - Sailor Avalon
  • "When Mina talks to Jamie on her way to school, he says she is early and she says "maybe I have a reason to come early now," he replies "I'm flattered." In the original, he said she was usually late and she said that she wasn't anymore, or something like that." - Sailor Avalon
  • "Mina calls Amy a teacher's pet, and (if I heard correctly) calls her "Your Majesty" once, too." - Sailor Avalon
  • "Mina's special receive isn't given a name, and in the fight with the daimon, the senshi use the term 'catch' a lot, instead of 'receive' (which would make more sense)." - Sailor Avalon
  • "The conversation between Mina and Amara is a little confusing. At first, Mina asks if Amara has a boyfriend, but then uses 'someone special' and then, throughout the rest of the conversation, 'friend' (the whole conversation can be found at" - Sailor Avalon
  • "Amara is rather "defensive" when Mina mentions Amara having no boyfriend." - Odango-chan
  • "Sailor Moon's one liner "Go on!" makes no sense after Sailor Mars retrieves the victim's pure heart crystal and gives Sailor Moon the cue to finish the daimon off." - Odango-chan
  • "When the daimon dies, it just screams (in the original it said a cheer)." - Sailor Avalon
  • "Mina tells Jamie that she will personally give Venus his message; in the original, she said that she would if she somehow happened to meet her." - Sailor Avalon

Notes: Today's list contains information contributed by Sailor Avalon and Angel Daisy.

  • "They kept Usagi/Serena's birthdate correctly; they just didn't mention the year." - Angel Daisy [Note: They never say the years in the original anime or manga either.]
  • "They left in Serena's act of brutality on poor Darien after he forgets her birthday, rather than editing it out and leaving only a shot of a red faced Darien (i.e. "Day of Destiny")." - Angel Daisy
  • "When Amara and Michelle stumble upon a sobbing Serena, the dub makes it out as if Amara wants to hook up with Darien; in the original, Haruka wanted to "date" Usagi with an annoyed Michiru looking on." - Angel Daisy
  • "Zoycite's dub voice, one of my favorites from the dub, could not laugh in this episode if her life depended on it." - Angel Daisy
  • "Serena's new dub voice is not a very good actress in this episode; very unconvincing." - Angel Daisy
  • "The part when Serena is running down the street to meet Darien to see if he remembered her birthday was a nice part but cloverway cut a part inbetween it. In the part while she's running down the street Amara and Michelle are in a cafe watching her,they are drinking tea and talking."
  • "Darien thinks June 30th is the anniversary of his first date with Serena, Mamoru thinks that it's the anniversary of the first time they met." - Sailor Avalon
  • "When Amy gives Serena her present and tells her what it is, Serena says she'll use it right away and Raye says that she (Serena) is always thinking about studying." - Sailor Avalon
  • "When Serena tells Amara and Michelle about her fight with Darien, Amara says that if Darien is free she might "scoop him up" because he's the perfect height and they both love to ride motorcycles. (aah, poor Haruka, she has to have THAT for a dub counterpart X_x)" - Sailor Avalon
  • "Mina asks Serena if she can "sense" when Darien's birthday is (Minako asksif she knows it). When Serena is guessing, she says that October 10th is hermother's birthday (Usagi says that October 10th is Health-Sports Day)." - Sailor Avalon
  • "The daimon tells Serena, "Your powers are useless against mine," which doesn't make much sense unless the daimon somehow knows that Serena is Sailor Moon (which wouldn't surprise me considering all the other flubs, like people saying U&N are cousins ^^;)." - Sailor Avalon
  • "Uranus refers to Serena as "Moonface" and says that she's "a nice kid." Right before that, Neptune's line about Uranus being unsure of what to do if Usagi has a talisman is changed to her (Neptune) saying that the problem with their mission is that they have to take crystals from people they like." - Sailor Avalon

Notes: Today's list contains information contributed by Angel Daisy and Sailor Avalon.

  • "They called Tokyo Tower by its real name, not something fictional." - Angel Daisy
  • "The inners call Uranus and Neptune 'weasels' and 'vultures' (in the original, they called them 'hyenas')." - Sailor Avalon
  • "Amara says "Hi there, girlfriend!" to Serena. X_x" - Sailor Avalon
  • "Michelle says that Serena has passionate opinions; Michiru says that she is kind (yasashii)." - Sailor Avalon
  • "Kaolinite calls Serena "Serena-Moonface-girl." ^o^" - Sailor Avalon
  • "They did an English version of the original Japanese background song that played during Serena's ride with Amara and Michelle." - Angel Daisy [Note: Original Japanese song is "Ai no Senshi"]
  • "They failed to translate/edit those Japanese written banners and signs all behind Sailor Venus and Sailor Moon during their speeches." - Angel Daisy
  • "Venus (disguised) calls Kaolinite a 'tacky tart.'" - Sailor Avalon
  • "The kanji and kana saying 'the real one,' 'this is how it should be done,' etc. during Venus and Moon's speeches are left in." - Sailor Avalon
  • "The scene where Uranus and Neptune say they have to go appears to be cut out (Neptune's voice says they have to leave, but a few seconds of animation seem to have been cut out), even though the part with Kaolinite shattering the glass is left in." - Sailor Avalon
  • "Neptune makes a really stupid joke ("Say 'good night,' Kaori Night!" (or is that Kaori Knight?))" - Sailor Avalon
  • "Where the daimon had originally called Venus violent, she said something about Venus having to pay her deductible." - Sailor Avalon
  • "When Venus attacks the daimon with her chain, she doesn't give an attack name, and Serena just says that she's overplaying her role (Usagi says there's no attack like that)." - Sailor Avalon
  • "Right before the daimon dies, she says 'there's no insurance for this!' while in the original she says they were lying." - Sailor Avalon
  • "After the daimon dies, Kaolinite says "Rats! I've got morons on my team!" (in the original she just said the daimon was dead)" - Sailor Avalon
  • "Venus calls the pen a 'disguising pen.' I've forgotten the dub name for it, isn't it called the Luna Pen or something?" - Sailor Avalon
  • "Sailor Uranus said "World Shaking" without "Uranus" attached to the phrase. - Angel Daisy
  • "Sailor Mars left out "Celestial" in her "Mars Fire Surround" attack." - Angel Daisy
  • "Sailor Jupiter said "Supreme Thunder", which is what she says in the original anyway." - Angel Daisy
  • "When Moon and the inners are doing the Sailor Planet Attack, Moon says "Sailor Planet Attack" twice, once by herself and once with the others (in the original, she says "now" and then says "Sailor Planet Attack" with the others)." - Sailor Avalon
  • "When Sailor Neptune askes Uranus why she helped the others at the last minute, Uranus replies that she remembered what Sailor Moon said in the car about sacrifices; Serena technically said that, not Sailor Moon. We assumed Sailors Uranus and Neptune have yet to truly discover Sailor Moon's identity, but it seems they already know (despite a latter "all identities revealed" episode)." - Angel Daisy
  • "Kaolinite's last (for now) words are something like 'this can't be!' In the original, she screams "Kyouju!" ("Professor!")" - Sailor Avalon
  • "Tomoe says that Kaolinite is dead; in the original, he just said "Kaorinitekun wa . . ." so it's left up to the viewer to assume she's dead. Also, he pronounces Eudial's name yu-JI-al." - Sailor Avalon
  • "Doctor Tomoe pronounced Eudial's name as "Eu-geal" at the end of the episode on the phone." - Angel Daisy

Notes: Today's list of changes/cuts contains information contributed by Sailor Avalon and several others. Information on Mini Moon's VA is from Meg: ""Cool thing- The new voice of Rini in the new dubs will be voiced by a girl who works for the radio station i listen to. Her DJ name is Sugar Baby, and she's 19 and she sound like she's 6, naturally. I've seen her at promotionl events and she's about 4'11. She did a lampoon on the song The Real Slim Shady, and made a song called The Real Sugar so funny it's being played more than the actual song!"
The post was originally in the "Moonie Pet Peeves" section in the "Okay, More Voices" thread on the message board [at A Sailor Moon Romance]."

  • "Eudial just calls Maya a drummer, she doesn't mention the word 'taiko' at all. Also, Professor Tomoe doesn't say that the new daimon are Eudial's idea (in fact, he makes it seem like they're his idea)." - Sailor Avalon
  • "The festival is referred to as the 'kimono festival.' The girls are excited about wearing kimonos, but don't mention that they will be yukatas (probably because most people wouldn't know what a yukata is?)." - Sailor Avalon
  • "The girls are concerned that Raye is interviewing Maya to be her new best friend. No mention is made of gender-benders." - Sailor Avalon
  • "Raye is helping Maya because Maya has stage fright and it has been getting worse lately." - Sailor Avalon
  • "Instead of just saying 'okuyakusama' (customer), the waitress has dialogue-- she asks if Raye lost something, and if what they're doing is a new teen craze, and says she has to get to work. When the coffee falls on Raye's head, she (the waitress) is worried that she's going to get sued." - Sailor Avalon
  • "Raye is the member of an entertainment committe for the festival. Serena says that Raye should have asked Chad instead of Maya." - Sailor Avalon
  • "Serena wants a ticket to the festival and Raye says she can get her in for free; but in the original Usagi wants to play a drum and Rei says she has a drum for her to play. The latter makes more sense because of Rei's devilish expression." - Athena
  • "At the festival, Mina says that working with kids is fun, Serena asks her to trade places, and Mina says that Serena's shriek is perfect for attracting crowds." - Sailor Avalon
  • "The three little boys are rude to Mina, but don't call her any English equivalent of 'obasan' (or was it 'obaasan?')." - Sailor Avalon
  • "When Amara and Michelle are walking away, after catching the goldfish, Amara says that Michelle gave the goldfish away to a little kid (even though Michelle is clearly holding it!), and Michelle says they don't have time for a pet." - Sailor Avalon
  • "Raye and Serena talk about Maya's nervousness and about giving her a pep talk." - Sailor Avalon
  • "When Eudial is trying to get Maya to come out, she calls her "Maya the drummer." I don't remember whether or not Maya's last name is ever mentioned." - Sailor Avalon
  • "Moon calls Eudial a "slimy, heart-snatching creepotress."" - Sailor Avalon
  • "The Heart Snatcher appears to be called Soyer or Soiyer. Instead of saying its name, it has dialogue." - Sailor Avalon
  • "Eudial is from the 'Bureau of Bad Behavior' (although when Tomoe calls, both the 'Bureau of Bad Behavior' and 'Witches 5 research' is mentioned).
  • "In her intro speech, Neptune says "Neptune's my name and saving heart crystals my game!" She also later says that Maya's heart crystal isn't pure." - Sailor Avalon
  • "Uranus says they shouldn't help Moon and Mars because they should give them (Moon and Mars) the chance to prove they're 'real scouts.'" - Sailor Avalon
  • "Mini Moon is the champion of 'justice and togetherness.'" - Sailor Avalon
  • "When Serena asks Rini why she came back, Rini says she came back to Earth to be a Sailor Scout (see, she is an alien! ^_~)." - Sailor Avalon

The following is a list of changes, cuts, and comments on the SMS episode of the day. Today's list contains information contributed by Sailor Avalon, Hinagiku-chan, and Mink.

  • "Apparently this is taking place in the 21st century, not in the 20th as the original did." - Sailor Avalon
  • "Mina says she read Serenity's letter with her imagination, because it is made up of symbols with only a few letters." - Sailor Avalon
  • "The dialogue between Rini and the first boy she meets is changed a little. Most of it is left in, but the part where in the original the boy said something about an elephant and Chibiusa freaked is cut out." - Sailor Avalon
  • "Sailor Moon S originally was aired in Japan around 1993 so it was still the 20th century; the dub calls it the 21st century to suit modern times and these episodes being "brand new"." - Hinagiku-chan
  • "They used the correct motive of why Neo Queen Serenity wanted Small Lady to come to the 21st century: make new friends for the future." - Hinagiku-chan
  • "The boy in the park -- he was acting stupid in the dub, instead of acting like Crayon Shin-chan, as in the original. A series called Crayon Shin-chan did exist around the time Sailormoon had been airing (for a long time, almost the same length), and it's a short comedy for kids, with a little perverted side, but nothing ecchi; because it's just a little kid of course... ^_^; Anyway, that explains the Shin-chan doll that Rini found in the dub. Shin-chan acts a little... erm, odd, which explains why the boy was acting weird. It also explains why Chibiusa was a bit grossed out in the original; Shin-chan is a kind of a perverted kid who likes looking up women's skirts and is quite quite stupid. ^_^; The elephant act routine was also cut out (which was what Shin-chan used to do in his show.)" - Mink
  • "Tamasaburo is a female. Rini thinks she looks nice and wants to be her friend, but makes googly eyes over her, and says it was fate that they met. The change was probably made because of the crossdressing in the end, but Chibiusa's feelings for Tamasaburo seem similar to Makoto's feelings for Haruka in a previous episode, so the dub doesn't seem to have much consistency with what is changed to erase suggestions of homosexuality." - Sailor Avalon
  • "Tamasaburo is referred to as "master" a few times, mostly by Rini." - Sailor Avalon
  • "As usual, all the kana are left in (the 'kawaii' above Rini's head, the kana on the takoyaki stand, and the kana that appear next to Serena, Rini, and Darien's feet)." - Sailor Avalon
  • "The takoyaki is now popcorn." - Sailor Avalon
  • "Rini says that Amara and Michelle are 'the best cousins in the world.' Serena tells her to 'zip it' and says 'They're not your real cousins, you already have a complete family!'" - Sailor Avalon
  • "Rini refers to the odango at the tea ceremony as 'candies' (if I heard correctly)." - Sailor Avalon
  • "Sailor Mini Moon introduces herself as an 'apprentice Sailor Scout.'" - Sailor Avalon
  • "The name of the Heart Snatcher is Tagarma." - Sailor Avalon
  • "Uranus's attack is "World Shaking," but Neptune's is "Neptune Deep Submerge."" - Sailor Avalon
  • "Uranus and Neptune's speeches both involve the phrase 'out of the future and into the present,' which doesn't seem to make too much sense." - Sailor Avalon
  • "When Neptune looks at Tamasaburo's crystal, she says there is no pure heart crystal. Apparently the dub has switched their term for 'talisman' back from 'pure heart crystal with power' to just 'pure heart crystal.' O_o" - Sailor Avalon
  • "After the daimon has been defeated, Tamasaburo says "That girl has a really good heart" (in the original he said "cool")." - Sailor Avalon

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