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Sailor Moon S Dub Changes

Notes: The dubbed episode, the sixth in the SMS dub, first aired 6/19/00. The list below is from information by Natabuu, msswan msswan, and Sailor Avalon.

  • The title is "Blinded by Love's Light".
  • "Today, Kaolinite is called Kaori." - Natabuu
  • "The Death Busters call the Daimons by their correct name, but the senshi refer to them as Heart Snatchers." - Natabuu
  • "The Daimon eggs are called Daimon pods." - Natabuu
  • "The name of Lover's Park has been changed to Heart World." - Natabuu
  • "The girls are confused upon seeing Amara and Michelle entering the contest. Amy says, "They're girls and their cousins too."" - Natabuu
  • "Apparently Amara and Michelle are cousins and only entered the contest as a practical joke." - msswan msswan
  • "When the girls see Amara and Michelle, they say:
    "Oh, look! Here come Amara and Michelle!"
    "Oh, great!"
    "Why do you think they've entered the contest?"
    "They're girls, and cousins, too!"
    "Maybe they've decided to enter as a practical joke."
    And later on in the episode, Michelle herself says that they just entered as a practical joke (although neither she nor Amara confirm Amy's statement that she and Amara are cousins)." - Sailor Avalon
  • "Amy's comment after Amara wins the first round is changed to something about her wanting them to win the contest because of their strong friendship (in the original, Ami wondered if they really were in love)." - Sailor Avalon
  • "When Amara and Michelle drop out of the contest, Amara says almost the same thing as Haruka, but says their participation in the contest was just a joke." - Sailor Avalon
  • "For no reason, Umino tripping on the mircophone cord is cut. We see him almost falling but it's then cut to where people begin to laugh, etc." - FutureTrunks4987
  • "Melvin's 'love confession' to Molly was nowhere near as romantic as Umino's was to Naru. He uses a bunch of stupid metaphors, and although it's pretty close to what Umino said, it's not as dramatic/sweet." - Sailor Avalon
  • "The name for today's Daimon, Daiheart, is kept." - Natabuu
  • "Sailor Uranus's and Neptune's speeches went some thing like, "I stand for love and justice! I'm Sailor Uranus/Neptune!"" - msswan msswan
  • "In their intro speeches, both Uranus and Neptune say "I help those who fight for love and justice!"" - Sailor Avalon
  • "Instead of saying that she can find a dancing partner herself, Uranus says "We dance alone!"" - Sailor Avalon
  • "Uranus uses the correct name for World Shaking (without adding her planet name to the attack)." - Natabuu
  • "When hit by Moon Spiral Heart Attack, Daiheart screams out, "Lovely!"" - Natabuu

Notes: The list below is compiled mostly from information from Sailor Avalon and Distant Sailor.

  • The name of this episode is "Lita Borrows Trouble".
  • "At the beginning, Serena and Lita's conversation is changed a little. Lita says she wants to show her softer side so people won't be afraid of her, and Serena says that people have to look up to her because she's so tall." - Sailor Avalon
  • "Opening dialouge between Serena and Lyta is basically unchanged from the original-- with a few tiny differences. Serena requests that Lyta bring "cookies with marshmallows on the top" instead of just roast-beef sandwitches, which I don't think Usagi asked for.. Lyta says she cooks to show her "soft side", while Mako-chan said that she cooked so she wouldn't be seen as too much of a tomboy. While Usagi simply commented her on her femininity and left it at that, in the dub Lyta says that Serena is complimenting her because she "wants extra cookies". Basically, Serena comes off as being greedy for food, while in the original Usagi was being really sweet." - Distant Sailor
  • "When Amara hits them with her bike, Serena says something about sueing her, and Amara says if Serena sues her, she'll lose her bike (Haruka is concerned about Usagi hitting her head)." - Sailor Avalon
  • "After Amara almost runs over Serena, though, the diolouge changes completely. When Serena gets up, she says: "I'll call my lawyer!" Amara replies, "Please don't! I'll lose my wheels." She also asks if she should call an ambulance. ;) Instead of just staring, Lyta says "Amara is so cool!", which seems out of place considering that Amara nearly ran her over a moment before. It is a flash back to the trailer for this episode in the Japanese, in which Mako-chan says over and over "Haruka-san is so cool!"." - Distant Sailor. Correction made by Chun Wong.
  • "Serena is afraid that Lita wants Amara to be her new best friend, instead of being afraid she wants to date her. A few lines are added in in the scene where they walk by Kaolinite, with Serena talking about Michelle being Amara's best friend." - Sailor Avalon
  • "In the original, Usagi is angry at Mako-chan because she appears to be attracted to Haruka. In the dub, Serena is angry at Lyta for thinking Amara is cool when her reckless driving endangered them." - Distant Sailor
  • "Instead of saying that she's distracted and has a lot on her mind, Amara says something about how she doesn't have many friends and shouldn't hurt the few she has (implying that Serena and Lyta are her freinds)." - Distant Sailor
  • "Instead of reminding Mako-chan that Haruka is female, Serena asks Lyta if she's trying to make a new best friend (implying that she's replacing Serena as her best friend). Their nervous laughter is over the idea of Lyta replacing Serena, not over Mako-chan's apparant crush on Haruka." - Distant Sailor
  • "When Amy, Lyta, and Serena are walking to school, Amy also talks about how cool Amara and Michelle are, which I don't think happened in the original. Serena is less suspicious of Lyta wanting to return the scarf than Usagi was, but she still picks up the "best friend" arguement again: "Amara's already got a best friend-- Michelle!"" - Distant Sailor
  • "When the daimon runs away, Serena and Amy say something about being able to catch up with it (in the original, Usagi just says something like "what the heck was that?")." - Sailor Avalon
  • "When Serena gets upset about Lita going for a drive with Amara and Michelle, Amara offers to let her come along. Serena says no because she thinks Amara is a bad driver; Amara then says they're going to go get ice cream and Serena is upset and asks them to bring her back a doggy bag." - Sailor Avalon
  • "Michelle tells Lita that she and Amara are cousins. She also says that she is a 9th grader and that Amara is old enough to have a driver's license (although that might be a lie)." - Sailor Avalon
  • "In the car, Amara introduces Michelle as her cousin. Michelle explains that the two of them "grew up together" and are so close that they can almost "read each other's minds. Sort of like you and Meatball Head." Lyta replies that Serena always comes through for her and is a good friend. Amara is as evasive about her driver's lisence as she was in the original. ;)" - Distant Sailor
  • "The conversation at the temple is almost completely different, the girls talk about wasting time. Amy's line is about the same, though. The conversation with Lita after that is changed, too, with Serena saying that Lita got her in trouble and the others saying something about Lita seeing cute guys there." - Sailor Avalon
  • "Instead of telling Mako-chan not to give up on boys, Serena, Mina, and Raye chastize her for going out without them. Lyta replies that Amara and Michelle are really nice." - Distant Sailor
  • "The part where the daimon shows its star is cut." - Sailor Avalon
  • "Instead of saying "Jupiter Thunder Power" "Sparkling Wide Pressure" or "Jupiter Thunderclap Zap", Sailor Jupiter said, "Supreme Thunder Crash!" when she attacks the daimon that attacked her earlier." -
  • "Lita seems to be upset with Uranus and Neptune because they didn't save her (Makoto is upset because she thinks they hid while Haruka and Michiru were hurt), and calls for help while her heart crystal is being taken (Makoto just screamed, I think)." - Sailor Avalon
  • "...close to the end Makoto [note: she means Lita because this happens in the dub] (as sailor jupiter) said something about how could you leave me like that for them to take the crystal. Well that just gives away that Makoto is sailor jupiter and her "friends" are the rest of the senshi." - Dani
  • "At the end when Lita is bandaging Amara she thinks about how she looks up to her and wants to be with her, which doesn't work very well with the 'best friends' issue that has been showing up throughout the episode." - Sailor Avalon
  • "At the end, when giving back Amara's scarf, Lyta thinks that "I'd like to be a wonderful person like her, so strong and calm. I hope having her scarf made some of her rub off on me!" (or something like that)." - Distant Sailor
  • "At the end, the girls are talking about Luna waking Serena up by plugging her nose, when in the original they were talking about Makoto." - Sailor Avalon. Correction made by Chun Wong: "it's not plugging her nose, they talk about Luna clawing Serena's nose to wake her up in the morning. Then Raye says that she should try that on Serena when she falls asleep in study buddies."
  • "At the very end, when imitating Amara in the mirror, Lyta says "yeah!". I think she was silent in the original." - Distant Sailor
  • "In this episode, Lita called Sailor Neptune and Uranus Sailor Soldiers, not Sailor Scouts. Also, in Sailor Moon's intro, she called herself and the rest of the inners Sailor Soldiers too." -

Notes: Today's list contains information contributed by Sailor Avalon and Distant Sailor.

  • "The biggest change in this episode was Amy's acting--it was horrid compared to Ami's, and almost made Serena's acting (or lack thereof) look good. X_x In many places, the expression her voice conveyed clashed with the expressions on her face, and she made some of her lines sound completely stupid." - Sailor Avalon
  • "The teacher, when he talks to Amy, says something about 'taking care of' Serena, by finding her a tutor so she won't bother Amy anymore." - Sailor Avalon
  • "The kana characters that appear behind Serena while she's eavesdropping were kept, but there was nothing to indicate what they meant." - Distant Sailor
  • "The daimon eggs are called "daimon pods". Professer Tomoe tells one to "come to Papa!"" - Distant Sailor
  • "When Amy is talking about having a dream, she says something about her dream of being a doctor being like a plan and not a dream. She also says that people who have dreams have passion and spirit (in the original, she says that people who have dreams shine)." - Sailor Avalon
  • "Darien says he is more afraid of needles than anything else; in the original, Mamoru just says that he _really_ hated them (daikirai). In response, Amy says something about thinking he was a tough guy." - Sailor Avalon
  • "Michelle says that Amy was a dolphin in her previous life; Michiru says Ami was a 'mizu no sekai no hito' (person of a/the water world) in her previous life." - Sailor Avalon
  • "When Serena is stopping the others from asking Amy questions, the part where 'datte dame nan damon' is written behind her is cut out." - Sailor Avalon
  • "Amara approaches Amy on her motorcycle and says that her "cousin wants to race again". In the original, Haruka referred to Michiru as her "partner". Michelle also refers to Amara as her cousin. They're laying it on a bit thick!" - Distant Sailor
  • "Amara and Michelle both refer to each other as 'my cousin.' At the end, Amy says that Tuxedo Mask is her type (Ami says that she won't lose)." - Sailor Avalon
  • "In the original, Ami swims her hardest during the second race because she's sick of running away from things and wants to do her best. In the dub, she swims her hardest because she wants to be good at something non-academic." - Distant Sailor
  • "The daimon keeps its name, "Dovelin"." - Distant Sailor

Notes: Today's list contains information contributed by Sailor Avalon.

  • "When talking about the sailor soldiers, Kaolinite doesn't mention Tuxedo Mask, even though a picture of him is shown."
  • "In the original, after the race Ami says that she was so excited, she forgot an English word; Amy says that she was so busy reading her book, she didn't see who won the race."
  • "Michelle uses the word "dude," and calls Amara "cuz." >_<"
  • "When she's hiding with Amara in the bushes, Serena says something about missing the bus; Usagi says something along the lines of "it's like being in a man's arms.""
  • "Neptune's speech: "Wherever and whenever there is evil, the tide of planet Neptune roars and I, Sailor Neptune, will drown evil.""
  • "Both Kaolinite and Sailor Moon seem to know that Uranus and Neptune are related, although it's not really clear how the heck they would know that (the same way that Amy knew Amara and Michelle were cousins, maybe? ^_~). Also, both Amara and Michelle refer to each other as 'cousin' when no one else is listening, so there's no way the cousins thing can be a cover-up on their part (more like a cover-up on the part of CWI, grr. . .)."
  • Kaolinite insults Uranus and Moon: "It looks like one of you is walking an untrained dog, only I can't tell which one is the dog!" In the original she says it looks like a "sad three-legged race.""

Notes: This list is compiled by Odango-chan and

  • "Chad and Raye's grandfather both have new voice actors. Chad no longer has that obnoxious surfer-dude accent." -
  • "They let Chad know that Amara was already a girl when he saw her with Raye; but in the original, Yuuichirou/Chad confused Haruka/Amara for a guy. In the dub, Chad assumes that Amara is up to no good when he sees her with Michelle one night; the original has Yuuichirou assuming Haruka is being a two-timer." - Odango-chan
  • "Although Chad is still concerned for Raye's health, most of his reasons for following her seem to be somewhat selfish--he seems more concerned about Raye not noticing him than Raye's lack of sleep. He figures out immediately that Amara is a girl, making his reason for fighting Amara very odd and never really explained." -
  • "Cut scenes: When Amara and Michelle are talking in the moonlight, they cut off the scene right after Amara walks away with her back to Michelle, not showing when Michiru came up from behind Haruka and Haruka took her hand. It just cuts back to Chad looking irritated for an inexplicable reason." -
  • "After Chad fights Amara, he is angrier that Raye won't go out with him, even though he knows that Amara and Raye aren't dating (???). In the original, Yuichiro wanted Haruka to break up with Michiru so "not to hurt Rei's feelings anymore" or something to that effect." -
  • "Tomo calls Kaolinite "Kaori" and "Kaorinite," so maybe her name is "Kaori Night" or something." -
  • "Kaori refers to the daimon as "darling," but the daimon calls out "To-Den" (her original name) as she dies." -
  • "When Serena comes up from behind Chad, she says that he should try to get Raye to go out with him, instead in the original, where Usagi says that Rei wants to marry him." -
  • "They leave in the original Japanese song that played in the original episode as Chad/Yuuichirou leaves the Shrine with Raye/Rei after him." - Odango-chan
  • "After Chad runs from the temple, the other girls tell Raye to go after him because "she loves him," but that seems to be an exaggeration from her actual feelings." -
  • "Sailor Mars says "Mars Fire Surround" rather than "Mars Celestial Fire Surround"." - Odango-chan
  • "Sailor Jupiter's attack is left as "sparkling Wide Pressure"." - Odango-chan
  • "Raye's chants (in Japan rin, pyou, tou, sha, kai, jin, retsu, sai, zen) are "I am flame, flame is the light, I am fire, fire is sight, flame, fire, sight"" -
  • "How would Amara know Chad is a former rock band player?" - Odango-chan
  • "Although most of the scene with Haruka and Michiru embracing is cut, Amara and Michelle are shown in the background (in the top right corner, while Chad is in the foreground looking angry) right after the cut, and are quite obviously embracing, so someone screwed up--either they should have cut it all out or not cut it out at all, but doing what they did makes the cut obvious and suggests that Amara and Michelle are a little incestuous. ^_~ Oh, and in the end of the episode, Raye says that Chad is special and that they should have a heart-to-heart." - Sailor Avalon

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