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Sailor Moon S Dub Changes

Notes: This is the first episode of SMS dubbed series, aired June 12, 2000.

  • Name Changes: Professor Tomoe is called "Doctor Tomo" (which is probably how non-Japanese pronounce "Tomoe" believing the "e" to be silent, which in Japanese it is not). Kaolinite apparently has her name more or less the same. The daimon (monsters of the day in SMS) are called "Heart Attackers". The "heart crystals" in the episode were referred to as simply "hearts" or "pure hearts". The Negaverse was NOT referred to at all in this episode, though the enemies were called "old enemies". The Talisman became the "object of pure power," or "object of power." Doctor Tomo says that once someone has all the "objects of pure power," he or she will achieve a state of "almightiness."
  • Script Changes: For the most part, the script apparently followed the original a lot. However, all references to the Holy Grail (or Sacred Cup) were eliminated. The scouts still remain Valley Girls and ditzes, one person on a mailing list I'm on remarked that they managed to turn Raye into a total moron; either Serena, Raye, or both referred to everything as "da Bomb" and other bad Americanizations/slang were kept from the previous episodes. Attack names apparently remained the same from the previous dub (though there were only Sailor Moon's anyway).
  • Scene Editings: The weird tiara between scene changes was kept from the old dub, though new symbols appeared as well (hearts and moons). The "heart attacker" had part of her cleavage cropped or made fuzzied when she revealed her black star to get Raye's "heart".
  • Violence Cuts: Kiyan comments: "I noticed a few edits in yesterday's new dub that concern me. I noticed this after watching my original and then the dub.
    The first is that at one point the daimon grabs Sailormoon with the bell rope on her head, then flings Sailormoon into the wall. In the dub, this is cut off early, not showing Sailormoon actually slamming into the wall. The next is that at one point the daimon pulls the same bell-rope trick, this time with the cats. Luna and Artemis slamming into a tree is cut off."

Notes: This is the second episode of the SMS dub (#91 in the Japanese original anime). The following list is modified and added to Immora's and Natabuu's original notes with some additions by Kiyan.

  • The "Holy Grail" has become known as the "Purity Force" and the three Talismans were called the "Three Crystals. Kaolinite's name is "Kaori" and is pronounced "Kay-oh-ree". ("Kaori" is the name Kaolinite uses later on in the series, but at this point in the original anime, she is simply "Kaolinite".)
  • "Most characters referred to the Heart Crystals as Pure Hearts, but the Outers called the girl's a Crystal one time." - Natabuu
  • Lita now apparently has a mother. She claims that she can't keep one of the stray kittens because her mom is allergic to them. Contrary to what is being claimed, Makoto's parents are actually dead, they died in a plane crash a long time ago.
  • "In an interesting reversal from yesterday, Tomoe referred to the Daimons by their correct name. Usagi, however, called today's Daimon a Heart Snatcher (but that could be because she not know what they're called yet and this might be a sort of nickname)." - Natabuu
  • "The daimon's thigh-baring is cut short; you see her grab the end of her skirt, then suddenly you're looking at a star!" - Immora
  • The daimon name was kept.
  • Luna smacking Serena repeatedly to wake her up was kept.
  • "The daimons little shriek when the egg breaks was changed." - Immora
  • Sailor Moon uses "Moon Cosmic Power" to transform. Her new rod is now the "Spiral Heart Moon Sceptre." The original attack name is kept ("Moon Spiral Heart Attack").
  • "When the Daimon was hit [by SM's attack], she (the Daimon) actually said "Lovely!"" - Natabuu
  • Sailor Jupiter used her original Japanese attack name "Sparkling Wide Pressure" but Sailor Mars kept her dub name attack.
  • Sailor Moon's attack speech is "I stand for justice, I stand for love, and I shall punish you in the name of the moon!"
  • Though the animation from the "Tuxedo Mirage" ending is kept, the animation is "quite sped up, Serenity doesn't change to look up at the camera, and it cuts off right on Venus ;.;". - Immora
  • "In Crystal Clear Again, the daimon egg does not use a different screech when it breaks from the original version. Both versions use a squeal that sounds a little bit like a high pitched cat wail, and I believe it is the only time this sound effect is used." - Philip Wood
  • Violence Cuts: "Girl being strangled by Neko-neru's tail, cut. (yet girl being slammed into a door by Neko-neru is kept.) Minako hitting Artemis is cut. At one point the girl's are being slammed into bricks by the daimon. Minako being slammed is cut for some reason, although her's is no different from the others. When Tuxedo Kamen impales the daimon with his cain, the cain actually entering the daimon is cut, although the cain sticking out of the daimon is kept." - Kiyan

Notes: The list below is modified from information from Immora, Natabuu, Philip Wood, and Sailor Avalon with some input from Doris and Topknot.

  • Haruka's name is "Amara" and Michiru's name is "Michelle." "Michelle" sounds like "Michiru" but why "Amara" was selected for "Haruka" is not currently known. "Amara" IS a real name, just that it's obviously very obscure. According to Immora, it can mean either "eternal" or "bitter".
  • Amara is definitely a girl, so she wasn't turned into a boy or anything weird.
  • "So far in the series, references to entrance exams have been removed, despite their inclusion in the dubbed S movie. The study group at the shrine is, apparently, a "study buddy" group." - Philip Wood
  • The "heart crystals" in this episode were called "pure hearts", "crystals", and "pure heart crystals".
  • "Usagi is still being called Meatball Head, this time by Minako." - Natabuu
  • "Scenes of Usagi and Minako fawning over Haruka (thinking she is a guy) were kept true to the original intent. Although, this is kind of hard to believe with her more feminine dub voice." - Natabuu
  • "Lots of American slang and references. "Evil Knievil." "Road rage." "Eat my stuff." Haruka is a... "hunkosaurus." o_O;;;" - Immora
  • "Interestingly enough, the petal sequence and music is kept, and even the Japanese writing when Usagi and Minako first see Haruka. No indication of what it means is provided >D They actually kept lots of references like Michiru being "jealous" and Haruka talking about "pretty girls." But the hand holding was cut out." - Immora
  • "In Driving Dangerously, it would seem that lots of people are picking up on the relationship between Amara and Michelle. Not only Andrew, but the waitress at the restaurant Mina and Serena visit mention that the two seem really close, as opposed to the original, where she just asked them if they wanted a seat." - Philip Wood
  • "The dialogue with the waitress in the restaurant is changed:
    Mina: "Okay. What's the scoop on those 2 in the corner?"
    waitress: "Aren't they sweet? They seem really close." - Sailor Avalon
  • "Strangeness: They ask Michiru if Haruka is her "Prince Charming, a simple yes or no!" Michiru: "Simple no." So, they left it open to interpretation. Shock surprise... but damnit they cut the hand holding. Andrew remarks that they are "the kind that are always together."" - Immora
  • "and Minako refers to them [Haruka and Michiru (Amara and Michelle) being 'attached at the hip'..." - Topknot
  • "Amara talks about finding a Prince Charming and living happily ever after, and Michelle says she's being unrealistic, and says she (Amara) is giving 'love advice' to Mina and Serena. O_o" - Sailor Avalon
  • "'Amara' apparently isn't "good enough" to be one of those people getting "Waved through the finish line by a checkered flag" and junk. They TOTALLY make it sound like she ISN'T a racer @_@" - Immora
  • "And Haruka/Amara's speech about her dream is changed--they left out the part about sacrifices and doing something only she could do, instead saying that she gave up her dream of being a top driver because she wasn't good enough or something." - Sailor Avalon
  • "Kaolinite was actually called Kaolinite this time. Prof babbles about the "Chosen One." Oh yeah, Haruka said about them "there's not really 'us'."" - Immora
  • "There was a violence cut: when Mina and Serena slip on oil in the garage, and run into the cans, the scene cuts out before they actually impact the cans. Although we seem them buried in the cans shortly afterwards, just how they got there is never seen." - Philip Wood
  • Mina used "Venus Crystal Power" to transform.
  • "The close-up of the black star on the Daimon's chest was edited in the same way as in the last 2 episodes." - Natabuu
  • Uranus's attack is "Uranus World Shaking" and Neptune's is "Neptune Deep Submerge".
  • Uranus and Neptune's speeches are episodic rather than the same, as in the original. Today's speech, transcripted by Immora, is as follows:
    Both: "Why don't you try us on for size you jacked up jalopy!"
    Uranus: I'm the wrench in your engine, my name is Sailor Uranus.
    Neptune: Now give us the heart crystal or feel the wrath of Sailor Neptune.
    Uranus: We're here to protect purity and goodness from harm.
    Neptune: Now give us the crystal or we'll harm you!
  • "Later in the episode, when Venus sees Neptune and Uranus, she cries out, "They're Sailor Soldiers?!" Again, this contradicts the previous episode in which the term Scouts was used." - Philip Wood
  • "When hit by Spiral Moon Heart Attack, the Daimon shouted, "The Crystal!" She said this instead of "Lovely" like on yesterday's dub or the original." - Natabuu
  • The daimon does the "death squeal thing" after it is destroyed and the black thing floats away from the daimon egg. - Doris and Immora
  • "The speech is awful. Anyways... at the end, Lita's wondering "Where's the fox where's the fox! RADAR! RADAR!" and when they realize she's a girl, Rei: "He's a hunkerette." Lita: "He's a her!" Haruka: "Sorry to burst your bubble but I'm a girl."" - Immora

Notes: The list below is modified from information from Immora, Natabuu, Tony Garza, and Sailor Avalon.

  • Notes on the meaning of "Amara": According to Immora, "in Spanish it means "she will love" (Amor) if it is meant for a girl. And now, the traditionally accepted meanings of the girl's name "Amara." In German, "eternal." In Greek, "unfading." In Latin, "beloved." In Spanish, "imperishable.""
  • "According to dialogue, Uranus and Neptune's mission is to find the "Purity Chalice, the source of the Purity Force" and "return it to its proper home where it belongs."" - Immora (The "Holy Grail" has become the "Purity Chalice".)
  • "Kaolinite is called "Kay-oh-ree-nite." The daimons are referred to throughout as "heart snatchers."" - Immora
  • "Darien's book is titled "Contemporary Analysis of Classical Composers and Their Works" (why the heck did they change the title of his book!?) The dialogue when Haruka leaves on her motorcycle is changed-- she says something about Beethoven, Serena doesn't know what a Beethoven is, so Michelle tells her o_O;;;" - Immora
  • "In the orignal Usagi is practicing to be a good wife for Mamoru, and she wants lessons from Ami in Physics, Lessons from Makoto in cooking, Lessons from Minako in English, and lessons from Rei in being a priestess. But in today's dub she wanted music lessons from Amy, lessons on baking pies from Lita, a english tutor from Mina, and world history/culture lesson from Raye." - msswan msswan
  • "Serena misused the term hang loose. She said it while shown holding up her thumb, index, and pinkie finger. "Hang loose" is a Hawaiian-originated phrase associated with holding up only the thumb and pinkie finger." - Natabuu
  • "Serena says that Michelle looks like a jewelry box princess with a guitar and Amara corrects her, saying it's a violin." - Sailor Avalon
  • "When Michelle spots Serena watching her, she goes "Meatball alert!"" - Immora
  • "Later, after seeing Michelle play, Amara left and called her Miss Beethoven, I don't think that was in the Japanese version." - Tony Garza
  • "Both the terms Pure Hearts and Pure Heart Crystals were used." - Natabuu
  • "Interesting to note they kept the "M. Chiba" notebook and "Michiru Kaioh" namecard, probably confused all the kids that can read ;) The Talismans are referred to as "pure heart crystals" the whole time." - Immora
  • "In her conversation with Serena, Michelle says she (Michelle) isn't good enough to be a violinist; Serena asks her if it takes a long time to be good at violin and Michelle tells her it takes a long time and then says something about it being for nothing because of destiny. No mention is made of either of them 'losing their way' as in the original, and at the end of the conversation Serena says (to herself) that Darien would like Michelle but she doesn't want to introduce them." - Sailor Avalon
  • "In their conversation in the restaurant, Michelle is rather cruel in her choice of words, saying "You might even get to the point where nobody's ears get hurt." Michiru was much nicer about Usagi's lack of talent in violin playing, saying that she looked nice when she was trying." - Sailor Avalon
  • "Some stupid changes: Raye's dialogue keeps implying she likes Darien-- she says he "looks like such a guy!" in his suit and she tells Serena she isn't smart enough for him." - Immora
  • "Haruka/Michiru dialogue changes: Balcony scene--
    Amara: "There they are, Serena and her peanut gallery."
    Michelle: "That must be Darien."
    Amara: "You're drooling, Michelle."
    Michelle: "Oh can't I look?"
    Amara: "Mmmhmmm."" - Immora
  • "In her speech to Octave (or whatever this daimon is called in the dub), Moon talks about bad music and mentions wishing she had her earplugs; in the original, she was upset because Octave interrupted her romantic night." - Sailor Avalon
  • Uranus and Neptune's speech for this episode:
    Uranus: "Lured by your off-key singing, Sailor Uranus joins the show."
    Neptune: "We'll take over from here, Sailor Soldiers."
    When Moon saves Neptune, Neptune exclaims "You saved my life!" And in the end, Michelle makes some comment about the girls (I can't understand what word she says but her tone makes it sound not nice!) and Amara agrees "No kidding!" - Immora. Correction made by Chun Wong.
  • "Uranus says "All right. Enough song and dance" right before attacking the daimon. X_x" - Sailor Avalon
  • "Conflicting with both the R season dub and episode 91, Sparkling Wide Pressure was called Jupiter Thunder Power." - Natabuu
  • "The monster's voice gave me a headache and it's breast shot was partially edited. I think they tried to just show the star and the moment it came into view it switched to the guy." - Tony Garza
  • "Weirdness-- daimon sings instead of saying "Lovely!" And the heart crystals make no sound whatsover o_O Y'know, the sparkling sound... it's gone. O_o" - Immora
  • "Moon says that Uranus and Neptune are on their side; in the original, she just said that she thought they weren't bad guys." - Sailor Avalon
  • "At the end of the episode, Michelle calls Serena a 'big dweeb.'" - Sailor Avalon
  • From the end of the episode, scripted by Tony Garza:
    Serena: Bummer, I wanted to enjoy the concert.
    Darien: Maybe another time, wanna get some pizza instead.
    Serena: Yeah! I'm starved.
    Luna:One track mind.
    Artemis: What did I tell you Luna.
    Serena: Be quiet furballs or else no anchovies.
    Luna and Artemis: Sorry.
    Rei: Darien, did I ever tell you you look like a total guy in that suit?
    Serena: Of course I have told him, he's my boyfriend, now get your paws off him, get off, get off, he is MY boyfriend!!! ect.
    Michelle: They're sweet. [Note: Other people say she calls her a "dweeb"; in the context of the comment, "dweeb" makes more sense]
    Amara: No kidding.

Notes: "Swept Off Her Feet" is the fifth SMS dubbed episode and first aired 6/16/00. The list below is compiled from information from Natabuu, Sailor Avalon, and msswan msswan.

  • "Elizabeth (Unazuki) says to Serena, "What's up, dawg?"" - Natabuu
  • "Elizabeth (wasn't she called Lizzy before?) now has a brother named Paul." - Sailor Avalon [Unazuki is Motoki's younger sister. They never mentioned any other siblings.]
  • "Amara and Michelle both mention their first kisses. . . Michelle's was with Brad, the cutest guy in school. (Is it just me, or is someone trying a little too hard to make Michelle seem straight? X_x)" - Sailor Avalon
  • "In their conversation right after they leave, Michelle says something about girls growing up quickly and changing from kissing stuffed animals to kissing boys. Michiru says something about she and Haruka not having time for love because of their mission." - Sailor Avalon
  • "The Daimons are called Heart Snatchers." - Natabuu
  • "The heart snatcher is also referred to as a 'heart wrecker' and 'thief of hearts.'" - Sailor Avalon
  • "Kaolinite is called Kaorinite." - Natabuu [Note: Kaori Night or Kaori Knight? But "r" and "l" are pronounced the same in Japanese.]
  • "In the scene with Tomoe and Kaolinite, Tomoe says "First kiss. . . how about kissing your heart goodbye?" (in the original he said something about not having kissed anyone in years)" - Sailor Avalon
  • "Heart Crystals are referred to as Hearts, Pure Hearts, Crystals, and Pure Heart Crystals." - Natabuu
  • "The nameplate outside Elizabeth's apartment is unchanged." - Natabuu
  • "Elizabeth, when looking at the picture of her and her boyfriend, asks him to kiss her and make her dreams come true (Unazuki wondered if she was being to sensitive about her first kiss)." - Sailor Avalon
  • "Uranus is now a heart specialist. ^_~" - Sailor Avalon
  • "Unlike in the original, Raye wonders if Elizabeth isn't home _before_ Serena stops ringing the bell. This doesn't fit as well with the animation, in the original the others were kind of ignoring Usagi until they finally told her to stop." - Sailor Avalon
  • "The scene when Elizabeth tries to kiss Makoto is basically unchanged. What she says is changed to "My first kiss. Kiss me Michael." (Michael is the dub name of the guy she likes.) I had originally thought that she said, "Kiss me Mako." In the end of the episode, this scene is explained as if Elizabeth actually thought that Lita was Michael. After the Heart Crystal is returned, Mina says, "I hope her eyesight returns to normal."" - Natabuu
  • "Elizabeth mistakes Lita for a guy named Michael (IIRC, that was the name of her boyfriend that she mentioned before), and I think mistakes Serena for a guy named James. 'daredemo' is interpreted as 'any guy' (although that's probably what Unazuki meant anyway, since she appears to be just interested in guys)." - Sailor Avalon
  • "Raye refers to her Shinto-based seal as magic." - Natabuu
  • "When Elizabeth was in her bed saying, "Kiss, I want to kiss" Raye used her anti-evil spell and said, "Evil Spirit Begone!" which is more accurate to akuryou taisan; unstead of "Mars Fireball Charge"." - msswan msswan
  • "In the original when Sailor Moon and Neptune and Uranus were fighting over the crystal the conversation went like this:
    Sailor Moon said, "Give it back. If I don't return it, Unazuki-chan will die!"
    Sailor Uranus said, "I know. There will have to be some sacrifices."
    Sailor Moon asked, "Why?"
    Sailor Uranus said, "It's not something you would understand."
    Sailor Neptune added, "It's our mission."
    Sailor Uranus said, "We have to get it."
    But in the Dub conversation went like this:
    Sailor Moon: "Give me back the crystal. If you dont Elizabeth will die."
    Sailor Uranus: "No!"
    Sailor Moon: "But why"
    Sailor Uranus: "You wouldn't understand."
    Sailor Neptune: "It is our mission."
    Sailro Uranus: "GRAB IT!" - msswan
  • "When hit by Spiral Moon Heart Attack, the Daimon screams, "Ddddaaaaaooooooo."" - Natabuu

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