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Sailor Moon S Dub Changes

The following are some changes and notes on the SMS dub. The comments and changes were submitted by visitors to this site. Due to the fact that many people have submitted information, I can only credit those whom I borrow from heavily or quote directly.

General Comments
  • There are New Voice Actresses for Serena, Amy, Mina, Pluto, and Rini. Most of the other VAs are the same, except Raye's first VA came back, so Raye's second VA now does Mina. Most people say that Neptune and Uranus's VAs sound bad, that they sound too much alike and are too deep, and that Uranus sounds much too feminine.
  • Japanese Background Music was KEPT. For those of you who thought the new BGM was bad, it's actually the original BGM from the Japanese episodes. This move shocked a lot of fans, most of whom were pleasantly surprised.
  • "Note about all these episodes: Whenever they show the "Sailor Moon" title screen, like when returning from commercials or introducing the episode, there are kana characters scrolling down the left side of the screen. However, these characters don't say "Sailor Moon", they say "Sailor Venus"." - Distant Sailor
  • Ending: The ending of the episode features the same animation from the original Japanese ending sequence that has "Tuxedo Mirage". (Though to be picky, the original Japanese SMS episodes 90 and 91 have the ending from SMR, "Maiden's Policy", and the "Tuxedo Mirage" ending doesn't start until episode 92). The animation is the same as the Japanese one, except the music is NOT "Tuxedo Mirage". Instead, DIC's SM intro song is played but the BGM only, no vocals.
  • Toonami: Though Toonami doesn't make the episodes, the commercials call the Sailor Senshi "Pretty Soldiers".

Specific Episodes

Episodes have been split to five episodes per page. Click the episode title to view its individual changes, cuts, etc.

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