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Rini / Sailor Mini Moon

Rini is the daughter of Neo-Queen Serenity and King Endymion and comes from the future. She appears in the episode "Serena Times Two", and though the episode never makes it clear that Rini's real name is supposed to be "Serena", whoever wrote the script must've thought the episode title to be enough. "Rini" is a shortened form of "Serena" or is supposed to be. The dub also makes it seem that "Rini" is just her "code names" and her "real" name is "Small Lady". Rini becomes Wicked Lady, an evil adult form, working for Negamoon until Serena and Darien turn her back into Rini. Rini returns in the Sailor Moon S dub as Sailor Mini Moon.

She has the following items:

  • Luna Ball
  • Crystal Key
  • Brooch
  • Pink Moon Stick
  • Crystal Bell/Crystal Chime

As Mini Moon, she has the following powers:

Moon Prism Power: Her transformation phrase to become Sailor Mini Moon.

Pink Sugar Heart Attack: Mini Moon's single attack where outlines of pink hearts appear out of the Pink Moon Stick (sometimes) and hit the enemy (sometimes).

Moon Cosmic Dream Action: Rini's transformation words with Serena to transform into Super Sailor Mini Moon.

Crystal Twinkle Bell: Super Sailor Mini Moon's words to call Pegagus.

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