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Raye Hino / Sailor Mars

Age: 14
Birthday: April 17
Likes: Meditation
Dislikes: TV
Hobbies: Reading
Special Strengths: Dedication to Causes
Favorite Food: Vegetarian pizza
Favorite Color: Red
Favorite Animal: Panda
Favorite Subject: Classical Literature
Voice Actresses: Katie Griffin, Emilie Barlow

Raye is kind of mean, but protective of Serena, though a lot of dialogue was changed so that Raye appears to be super-nasty woman quite often. She lives with her grandfather at the Cherry Hill temple.

Sailor Mars has the following items:

  • Transformation Pen
  • Communicator
  • Star Transformation Pen
  • Communicator Watch

Sailor Mars has these powers/attacks:

Mars Power: Her first transformation words.

Mars Fireball Charge: Her ofuda attack which DIC made related to being Mars.

Mars Fire Ignite: Her attack, the English dubbed name name for "Fire Soul". Sporatically called "Mars Firestar Flash".

Mars Firebird Strike: The NA version of "Fire Soul Bird"; a giant firebird appears to attack.

Mars Star Power: Her second transformation phrase.

Mars Celestial Fire Surround: Another of her attacks, but the SMS dub sometimes drops the "Celestial" part.

Mega Mars Fire: Her attack as Super Sailor Mars. Also called "Mega Mars Fire Rings Blast" and "Mars Flame Shooter".

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