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Mina / Sailor Venus

Age: 14
Birthday: October 22
Likes: Sports, dance
Dislikes: Show-offs
Hobbies: Playing games
Special Strengths: Leadership
Favorite Food: Any pasta
Favorite Color: Orange
Favorite Animal: Birds
Favorite Subject: Gymnastics
Voice Actresses: Stephanie Morgenstern, Emilie Barlow

Mina is the popular Sailor V, but her past is never mentioned since DIC cut out an important episode on her history that was part of her character development. Hence, most people think she has no personality whatsoever which is really wrong. She is the owner of Artemis.

Mina has the following articles:

  • Transformation Pen
  • Communicator
  • Star Transformation Pen
  • Communicator Watch

As Sailor Venus, she has several powers and attacks:

Venus Power: Her first transformation phrase

Venus Crescent Beam Smash: NA version of "Crescent Beam"

Venus Meteor Shower: Dub name for "Crescent Beam Shower"

Venus Star Power: Her second transformation phrase. Misnamed "Venus Crystal Power" in the third episode of the SMS dub.

Venus Love Chain Encircle: The name for "Venus Love Me Chain"; a chain of hearts attacks the enemy

Super Venus Love Chain: Super Sailor Venus' attack. Also called "Venus Love and Beauty Shot".

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