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Lita / Sailor Jupiter

Age: 14
Birthday: December 5
Likes: Romance novels
Dislikes: Cheaters
Hobbies: Cooking
Special Strengths: Strong, athletic
Favorite Food: Cherry pie, meatloaf
Favorite Color: Green
Favorite Animal: Horse
Favorite Subject: History

Lita is Sailor Jupiter. She longs for her old boyfriend, Freddy, and compares all men to him. Her long-time friend is Ken (though he appears for one episode). One of the most talked about edits they made with regard to Lita was in the Snow White play episode where the Scouts are vying for the part of Snow White. In the original, Makoto says she should be the star because she has the largest breasts; DIC thought that was unsuitable and had Lita say that she should play Snow White because she had the most talent. In the SMS dub, she claims to have a mother, but in the original anime, both her parents are dead (they died in a plane crash).

Lita/ Sailor Jupiter has the following items:

  • Transformation Pen
  • Communicator
  • Clip-on, throwable Rose Earrings
  • Star Transformation Pen
  • Communicator Watch

As Sailor Jupiter, she has the following powers/attacks:

Jupiter Power: Her first transformation phrase.

Jupiter Thunder Crash/ Supreme Thunder Crash: Actually Jupiter Thunder Crash, NA name of Supreme Thunder.

Jupiter Thunder Dragon: An electrical dragon let out by Jupiter.

Jupiter Star Power: Jupiter's second transformation phrase.

Jupiter Thunderclap Zap: Jupiter's attack where she throws some electrical energy. Also called "Sparkling Wide Pressure" (the attack's original Japanese name), "Supreme Thunder Crash", and "Jupiter Thunder Power" in the SMS dub.

Superior Sparkling Thunder: Super Sailor Jupiter's SuperS attack. Also called "Jupiter Oak Evolution".

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