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Sailormoon S Puzzle Game


The point of this game is to get the three Talismans (the Deep Aqua Mirror, the Space Sword, and the Garnet Orb) before your opponent does. You can initially play as Sailor Moon; Sailor Mars; Sailor Mercury; Sailor Venus; Sailor Jupiter; Sailor Chibimoon; Sailor Uranus; Sailor Neptune; Sailor Pluto; or Tuxedo Kamen.

Playing the Game

To win, you must get each Talisman to drop all the way your playing field to the end, where they drop off. You only get one Talisman at a time. To find them, you must clear the hearts off your playing field so that a Talisman drops down. To clear the hearts, you have to match up hearts of the same color. To clear them, simply press whatever keyboard button matches the "B" button (it varies from emulator to emulator and on the options you selected if you did [3rd choice down on the title screen]). Once cleared, other hearts from above it drop down. If it so happens that there are other matching colored hearts that fall down where your Luna-P is, those will automatically be cleared. The more automatic clears you get, the more hearts will pop up by rows at the bottom of your opponent's playing field. The light-blue hearts are hearts you must turn over. To turn them over, simply have your Luna-P jump on them (using the up, down, left, and right keys).

Tip: If a Talisman appears at the top of your field, make it drop down as quickly as possible. If your opponent gets many automatic clears and adds more hearts to the bottom of your playing field, the Talisman will be pushed back up off the playing field. The sucky thing is, it will NOT reappear if you clear more lines. You have to find it all over again.

The Playing Field

There are many items that appear in each level. The levels get progressively more complicated with the new items. The old items still do appear afterwards; in other words, you just get more items as you go along.

  • Transformation heart brooch = This is the first item that appears. If you selected a senshi other than Sailormoon, then you will fight Sailormoon first. This is the only item in her round. In order to use this, you must select this with the "B" button (it will turn gray if chosen), then pick a heart. All the hearts of the same color as the one you picked will disappear. For instance, if you activate the brooch, then select a yellow heart, all the yellow hearts on your field will disappear.

  • Heart Rod = This appears along with the Transformation heart brooch in Sailormars' stage. This is what you select to use your special senshi attack. If you are anyone but Mercury and Neptune, if you have Professor Tomoes (see below) in your field, the attack will destroy all of them. With Neptune and Mercury, the attack will both hurt the opponent while killing the Tomoes.

    • Sailor Moon: Moon Spiral Heart Attack = This attack creates a heart on the opponent's side that clears out all the objects underneath it, Talismans included. If there is a Professor Tomoe on Sailormoon's side, the attack will kill those instead of attacking the opponent. This is really good if you are lucky or else you have a lot of wands. The more wands you have, the better chance you have of nailing a Talisman.

    • Sailor Mars: Burning Mandala = Sends out flames that randomly hit the opponent's side, burning anything they hit, including Talismans. If there are Professor Tomoes, Mars' attack will kill those intead of attacking the opponent. You don't have very good odds of hitting a Talisman with Mars on the later stages, you have better chances of hitting a special item however.

    • Sailor Mercury: Shine Aqua Illusion = Freezes the opponent's hearts so that they are temporarily unable to turn over if they are light blue. Attack simultaneously destroys Professor Tomoes. Pretty good; the only problem is, if the person has a pink gem and an already turned over blue heart, they can still turn over all the hearts anyway. Still, this attack saves time by taking care of both playing fields.

    • Sailor Jupiter: Sparkling Wide Pressure = Sends electric currents on the opponent's field, temporarily disabling the hearts. If there is a Professor Tomoe on Jupiter's side, the attack will zap them instead. A pretty worthless attack; even though it's annoying to have hearts that won't clear out, they don't really do anything that important.

    • Sailor Venus: Venus Love-Me Chain = Sends out hearts that clear out special items on the opponent's playing field. If there are any Tomoes on Venus's side, she will destroy them instead. Okay attack, I don't really think much of it. It does sort of slow down some of opponent's attacks, and when you're fighting really annoying senshi like Chibimoon, that can be a bonus.

    • Sailor Uranus: World Shaking = Sends a yellow ball that temporarily destroys a random column on opponent's side with everything in that column. If there are any Tomoes on her side, Uranus will kill them instead. A pretty good attack, especially if you're lucky and get the column with a Talisman in it.

    • Sailor Neptune: Deep Submerge = Causes the opponent's side to not refill hearts after they are cleared for a temporary period of time. Simultaneously destroys Professor Tomoes on Neptune's side. The plus side is the double whammy of Neptune's attack - you can annoy the crap out of your opponent by having them not able to refill their hearts, thus making them wait until they can get new stuff to drop down, plus you get rid of the annoying Tomoes.

    • Sailor Pluto: Dead Scream = Redraws the middle line separating the two playing fields. Attack will kill Tomoes before attacking opponent. Pluto kind of sucks if you ask me. Her attack isn't incredibly useful as an offensive move, unless a Talisman is on the opponent's side and you redraw the line (it only redraws it one column to the side from the middle) and happen to pick up the Talisman.

    • Sailor Chibimoon: Pink Sugar Heart Attack = Creates really really really annoying stupid pink umbrellas on opponent's side. Umbrellas stay in place until they are either pushed off the playing field, are destroyed with arrows, or are turned over by Chibimoon. If you can't do any of those, you're basically screwed, especially if a Talisman falls on top of one of the umbrellas. Attack will destroy Tomoes if there are any on Yamhead's side. Chibimoon's really annoying attack makes her one of the best players to use, especially in the early stages when there are no arrows. Even after arrows come in, you're pretty hard pressed to find any pointing the way you want at the exact row the umbrella is at.

    • Tuxedo Kamen: ?? = Tuxedo Kamen throws a bunch of roses then jumps onto opponent's playing field and blocks opponent's view. Pretty darned annoying, but you can get around that. The roses will kill Tomoes if there are any on his playing field.

  • Pink Gem = When used in combination with different colored hearts, they do several things. To activate it, press B. It should glimmer if it has been activated. Next you choose a heart:
    • Blue heart = Turns over all the unturned hearts on your screen.

    • Red heart = Turns over all the turned hearts on your opponent's screen.

    • Yellow heart = Clears the last line on your field.

    • Green heart = The items and hearts on either side of the midline will switch places (meaning you get what your opponent had and your opponent gets the items you had, but that's just in the columns directly touching the midline).

  • Arrows = They clear whatever is in their way. They do not destroy Talismans or Professor Tomoes, and they stop whenever they run into either of these things. Useful for clearing hearts in your field or for destroying special items on your opponent's field; also are your main hope for killing the Green eggs before they hatch.

  • Green Egg/Melon Thingy = These are what give birth to the Tomoes. They can be destroyed with arrows, turned over, or pushed off the playing field. They start to wriggle eventually, meaning a Tomoe will be born soon, so either move some hearts underneath it or kill it off quickly. Moving hearts underneath the eggs buys you extra time; they'll stop wiggling until some seconds later, when they'll start up again. Get rid of them as soon as possible.

  • Professor Tomoe = The black thingy with eyes. Really fricking annoying creatures that, when coming into contact with a Talisman, disappear with the Talisman. They cannot be killed with arrows. If they are at the bottom of the field and you use a Pink Gem plus a yellow heart, they will NOT fall off the screen. They canNOT be turned over. The only way to get rid of them is to have them take your Talisman or else use a Heart Rod and use your attack on them.

That's pretty much the game in a nutshell. With practice, you'll get better and faster. If you're confused, you'll get it eventually. Ready to play? Good, have fun. Oh yeah, there's the obligatory spoiler stuff. If you want to know what happens when you beat the game and what you can do once you do, move on to the Spoilers Page for the inside scoop. If you would like to find out what happens on your own, then just don't click the link. Simple enough?

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